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How Can I Take College Courses In High School

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Taking College Classes During High School | How it Works

College courses are very different from high school courses. In most cases, the work is more abstract, there is more of it, and the pace is faster. You will need to show initiative and self-discipline. And, unless you take your class in the summer, you will need to work around your high school scheduleand keep up your grades.

Who Can Earn High School Credit From Online French Courses

Though requirements vary from state to state, many American high schools require students to take at least two consecutive years of a foreign language.

When you consider that foreign languages such as French are useful in business relations, these schools seem to have the right idea! But what happens if your institution doesnt offer the language you want?

Or what if you live in a state with a foreign language requirement, but youre homeschooled and your parents dont speak a second language?

Well, this is the 21st century. The internet is here to save the day!

Dont Go Overboard Moocs Dont Guarantee An Admit

More and more high school students are taking advantage of MOOCs to help them earn college credit, gain insight into schools, and learn more about different subjects.

But, dont sign up for too many online courses to gain an edge in admissions.

Schools that weigh interest in their decision-making process often track the number of times a student has been in contact through tours, high school visits, college fairs, email, and online interaction. In fact, a few institutions go as far as to examine how long a student has spent on their website and on specific landing pages. So, dont just assume that doing an online course from Harvard or MIT will actually improve your admission chances at those highly selective colleges.

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How To Find Out If Classes Are Available

The first place to check is with the high school guidance counselor. They are experts at whats happening at local colleges and whether or not the high school has a relationship with any of those institutions that permits students to earn college credits at a reduced cost. If the student has the desire to explore a particular program at a certain university, it may be worthwhile to contact the college directly to see if they have some kind of program that permits high school students to take online programs.

Drawback #: They May Not Always Be Fulfilling

Which Law School Courses Should I Take?

Sometimes, community college classes aren’t challenging, in fact, in some cases high school students feel that the community college classes they take are easy, especially when compared to AP or other advanced classes. If you are used to rigorous classes, there’s a chance that you will find your community college classes too easy, especially if you are taking introductory classes. This may result in you not learning as much as you’d like to.

A good way to reduce the chance of this happening is to ask the school for a syllabus of the class or classes you are interested in taking. Syllabi will usually include the topics students learn and major assignments, and they can help you get a better idea of what the class will cover and how quickly it will cover it.

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High School Combined Online

Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility that online learning gives you in select high school courses. You can study from home, overseas, while working or travelling, or wherever you happen to be. You can also work at our downtown campus, where instructors are available on a drop-in and by-appointment basic between 8:00 and 4:00 Monday through Thursday.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to be very responsible to keep up with your course. It’s best if you have strong time management skills, intermediate computer skills, and are able to work independently.
  • Communication with your instructor is by Microsoft Teams audio/video chat, telephone, email, and face-to-face at our downtown campus.
  • You’ll be able to access your courses through D2L and make use of unit guides, assignments, media, and other resources.
  • You will be required to meet weekly deadlines.
  • There are opportunities to participate in collaborative peer work through discussion boards and in-person seminars in some classes.
  • In Science, you will take part in interactive labs in the science courses. These help you understand the experiment procedures.
  • You can buy your textbooks online through the College bookstore.
  • You have 16 weeks from the start date to complete your course.

Most high school courses listed in our calendar will be offered in Combined Online during the Fall 2021 term.

Minimum Technology Requirements for COOL Classes

Students must have access to a desktop,laptop or tablet that:

Consideration #: Which Classes Will Be Useful For College

Another thing to consider when choosing community college classes is which classes will help best prepare you for college. If you already know what you plan on majoring in, then you may want to take classes related to that field of study. For example, if you know you want to be pre-med, check out your community college’s biology or human physiology classes.

If you are not sure what you’d like to study in college, almost all majors are required to take at least one math and one writing class, so courses in those subjects will likely be useful later on.

However, don’t assume that you will automatically get college credit for the community college classes you take because some colleges have very strict policies about transfer credit. Even if you don’t receive college credit, remember that taking community college classes is still useful because they strengthen your college applications and help you be better prepared for future college classes.

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What Class Selections Do I Have Choice Over

It might sound like a lot of your high school experience has already been preprogrammed. But actually, you get to decide much more than you think!

Even for mandatory required classes, you still have some say over whether you take them standard, honors, or AP. Not only that, but there is even some choice in the core curriculum. This is particularly true in science and history classes because those are not cumulative and so do not follow the standard progression. The most choice, of course, is in your electives.

Here are your options, from least to greatest choice.

Standard Honors Or Ap/ib

High school students can take free college classes

With the choice to challenge yourself, comes yet another question. Should you take the standard, honors, or AP version of a class? It all depends on your skill level and ability in each subject. To find out how you measure up, you can talk to a teacher to see whether in their opinion you are ready for a higher level course or, if your school offers this, you can take a placement test to see whether you qualify for honors.

If you are deciding between honors and AP, AP is the better bet for improving college applications. If you do well on the AP test, this national comparison will help colleges understand your skill level, and potentially either give you college credit or at least to the ability to place into a higher level college course.

If you are having trouble , let us help you make that decision with our explanation of the differences between the two.

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Students Who Need Summer School

If you didnt pass a French class during the regular school year, you may need to take a summer class to graduate on time.

But what if your school doesnt offer French in the summer? Or what if your family has already planned a long vacation during the summer months?

If you fall into this category, taking an online French course for credit is probably your best option.

How Can A High School Students Use Online Classes To Further Their Education

If youre ambitious, you might want to take advantage of online education options even before youve earned your high school diploma. While youre probably not ready to actually apply to online colleges, there are still ways to use online classes to get ahead in your education. Two common ways are to enroll in no-credit courses or to use online high school-level courses to take classes outside your brick-and-mortar school.

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How To Enroll In Community College Classes

After you have decided which class you want to take, you need to begin the enrollment process. Before you enroll, talk to your academic adviser at your high school to learn if this class will be included on your transcript or if you will be able to use it to substitute for another course. You may need to provide them with a course description or syllabus to review. You should also ask them if your high school will cover the costs of the class, and, if so, how and when they will do so.

Next you need to enroll in the community college. This process varies by school. Some only require you to fill out basic information about yourself, especially if you will only be taking a few classes. Others require the same enrollment process a full-time student attending the school goes through, which may mean filling out an application and submitting test scores. This process can take up to a few weeks, so give yourself enough time to complete it before classes start.

Once you are enrolled, you can sign up for the class you want to take. Remember that, as mentioned above, oftentimes high school students have to wait until after current college students have had a chance to select their courses before they are able to sign up for classes.

Benefit #: They Can Help Your College Application Stand Out

" If I Take College Classes in High School, Can l Still ...

Having college classes on your transcript is a great way to strengthen your transcript and your college applications. Your community college classes may be included on your high school transcript, labeled in such a way to show they are college-level classes, or, if not, you can include your community college transcript with your applications.

Taking community college classes in high school shows that you can take initiative, are hard working, and have strong academic skills, which are all qualities colleges like to see in applicants.

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Take College Classes In High School

You can earn college credits in high school with Carlow Universitys College in High School program.

Through CHS, you can take college-level courses at your high school or Carlow University. Upon successful completion , you will earn college credit, which will be recorded on a Carlow University official transcript.

College in High School options include:

  • Courses offered at the University that are open to high school students
  • Courses offered by your high school and taught by University faculty
  • Courses co-taught by your high school and University faculty
  • Carlow-approved courses offered at your high school

Harder Classes Or Higher Gpa

When you realize that you can get much better grades in lower level courses, you’ll really be tempted not to take a particularly challenging course load in favor of getting straight A’s.

But actually, this is a mistake. If you are getting straight A’s in standard-level classes, to colleges this will look like you are coasting through rather than challenging yourself. Because colleges will always look at your GPA in context , they will look at this negatively.

Coasting: fun for three-person sleds, terrible for high school.

Generally speaking, you should push yourself to take the highest level class that you can reasonably get a B or higher in each year. This is especially true in classes that you are interested in, that are your strengths, or that you see yourself pursuing in college.

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Sample College Requirements For Admissions

The table below shows minimum course recommendations for a sampling of different types of selective colleges. Always keep in mind that the “minimum” simply means you won’t be disqualified immediately. The strongest applicants typically exceed the minimum requirements.

2 yrs 1 year art and another college prep elective required

In general, it isn’t difficult to meet these requirements if you put in a little effort as you plan your high school courses with your guidance counselor. The bigger challenge is for students applying to highly selective schools that want to see high school coursework that goes well beyond minimum core requirements.

Always keep in mind that your high school record is the most important part of your college application. When selecting classes, you may be handicapping yourself on the college admissions front if you take the easy path.

For Tech Center Students

Can students take high school & college classes at the same time? Montgomery College Dual Enrollment

VT Tech Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment courses are taken at a high school or technical center location. Some Vermont high school and technical center teachers have been approved to teach actual Vermont Tech courses. This is an excellent opportunity for students who do not live close to a Vermont Tech campus location, but who have the academic ability to participate in college-level courses and get an early start to college.

Fast Forward

Vermont high school students enrolled in selected partner programs at their local career/ technical center are eligible for Fast Forward Tickets. The tickets let students earn college credit for one or more courses for $100 each and two courses tuition free. Each of the 17 Vermont Technical or Comprehensive High Schools currently have dual enrollment agreements in place or are working on future agreements. for a listing of Career/Technical Centers in the state and more information on the career pathways available.

Vermont Technical College: , 442-8821

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General Educational Development Tests

Another way to get your high school equivalency is by registering to take General Educational Development tests. GED tests cover five different subject areas. A person must pass all five tests to get their GED certification .

To find out more about getting a high school diploma or GED high school equivalency certification, contact your provincial or territorial department of education:


Taking College Classes In High School

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Taking college classes in high school can boost your college admission chancesand give you inexpensive college credit. Sound interesting?

Taking a college class while you are in high school shows colleges that you are serious, motivated, and willing to challenge yourself. Even better, it offers you an invaluable advance look at college academics and college life.

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Best Interactive Courses: Kaplan

Kaplan offers pre-licensing courses in all 50 states and a wide range of options for how interactive you want the exam prep courses to be. We also like the eight-hour bootcamp that helps new real estate agents with their first year of licensure. However, it does have a higher price point compared to a few others on our list, and the website is not as user-friendly.

  • Instructors are practicing real estate agents

  • Access and interact with instructors

  • Continuing education classes are competitively priced

  • Pricing is higher compared to other companies

  • Interface is slightly dated and not as user-friendly

  • Shipping of learning materials not included in course prices

Founded in 1938, Kaplan is one of the largest online education companies, with a presence in over 28 countries. Their online courses are mostly instructor-led in a mix of live and on-demand formats. Its a great fit for those who prefer a more traditional approach to studying but also want the flexibility of online learning.

Pricing for Kaplan pre-licensing courses varies depending on your statefor instance, courses for pre-licensing in New York start at $379, whereas pre-licensing in Georgia starts at $299. Online options include home study , on-demand, and live classes.

Kaplan demonstrates success in the competitive Texas market with an overall pass rate of 74.97%.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

US students can now get federal money to take college ...

The International Baccalaureate Program uses a similar approach to Cambridge AICE but assesses different content areas and takes around two years to complete. Graduates receive an internationally recognized diploma that demonstrates proficiency and skill in three core elements and a single subject as chosen by each student. Options include math, science, or the arts. Only approved schools can administer IB diploma programming.

IB exam sections are scored on a 1-7 scale and include in each course or program area. IB combines individual assessment scores to calculate a final diploma result. Diploma-seekers need at least 24 points.

Over 3,000 colleges and universities throughout the world accept IB diploma transcripts, but as with other methods of earning college credits in high school, individual policies vary.

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How Does High School/college Dual Enrollment Work

  • Online college classes are delivered entirely online though USG colleges and universities
  • Textbooks and online tutoring at no cost
  • Online college courses are available in full 16-week sessions as well as accelerated eight-week sessions in fall, spring and summer
  • Students can earn up to 15 credit hours per semester

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Consideration #: Which Subjects Does Your High School Recommend

Your school may already have a list of community college classes that previous students have taken and enjoyed, and they may also have a list of community college classes that they give credit for or accept as a substitute for a particular high school class.

If your high school has recommendations, this can make choosing which courses to take easier, because you will already have some idea of what classes other students have found useful. This information is also helpful if you are looking to get high school credit for your community college class.

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