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Is American College Of Healthcare Sciences Accredited

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Estimated Total Annual Expense For Tuition

Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at AUHS! | California Nursing School

The 2021-2022 estimated minimum total annual expense for tuition in an undergraduate degree program at ACHS is $8,928 based on the tuition rate of $372 per credit hour .

Tuition does not include registration fees, course materials including textbooks and supplementary materials, or shipping of course materials. Please note these figures may vary depending on transfer of credit accepted.

Read more about the current projected maximum cost for ACHS undergraduate programs including textbooks, materials, and tuition online here.

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Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

This tuition rate applies to all undergraduate Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs. Please refer to each course listing under Academics for an estimate of the total course price including tuition, textbooks, materials and shipping for each course. To calculate the price for a Program simply look at each total course price for each of the courses in the Program you are interested in.

2021-2022 Undergraduate Tuition Rate effective July 1, 2021: $372 per semester credit

Corporate Training And Group Discounts*


The following groups currently qualify for a group tuition rate:

  • Members of the Alliance International Aromatherapists 10% tuition discount
  • Members of American Herbalists Guild 10% tuition discount
  • Members of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy 10% tuition discount
  • Members of Natural Products Association 10% discount

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Choosing The Ideal Institution

Choosing the institution is the primary and one of the most essential steps for a student to succeed in life. Dorene believes that firstly, students should select an institution that has the values, mission, and curriculum that cater to their requirements. Moreover, that institution should offer tuition options designed with the students financial wellness in mind. Lastly, Dorene adds that students should choose an institution that provides advising and coaching, helps them identify their goals, and offers the best program to help achieve those goals.

About American College Of Healthcare Sciences

TypeControl of Institution – Public/Private


Student PopulationNumber of Students attending College


AccreditationAccreditation is the process by which the quality of learning at various educational institutions are evaluated. Read More.


Religious AffiliationIndicates religious affiliation for private not-for-profit institutions that are religiously affiliated.

Not applicable

On Campus HousingDoes the institution provide on-campus housing?

Do you dream about serving people through the field of medicine? Are you looking for a holistic medical education? Do alternative healthcare methods interest you?

You won’t have to go futher than American College of Health Sciences for any of that. With the vision of providing leadership in holistic health eduation, this institution which was established in 1978 takes many measures to realise the vision. As the college charts out their mission and learning outcomes in a clear and elaborate way, you can trust them for holistic approach to their teaching. ACHS are striving to foster competence, professionalism, and knowledge of natural medicine through the programs they are offering.

With unique areas of studies such as aromatherapy, herbal studies among other such diverse fields, ACHS brings to you the world of alternative health care. It also offers courses that will help you understand nutrition and nutrients in a holistic manner.

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Improving The Students Learning Experience

ACHSs Center of Excellence in Teaching, Technology, and Assessment continuously reviews new technologies for adaptation which keeps the college at the forefront of online learning. Last year, the college invested in a new curriculum development tool that illustrates how its institutional learning objectives can be aligned to specific course-level outcomes. Moreover, ACHS has migrated to a new student information system with modern automation so staff can spend more time working with and supporting students and less time on routine procedures. The new student information system also increases our students autonomy to complete tasks and access important documents.

We Are Founded On A Global Heritage

NANP Approved Program Highlight – American College of Healthcare Sciences

Founded in New Zealand in 1978, ACHS opened its doors in the United States in 1989. Today, ACHS remains one of the few accredited colleges specializing in online holistic health education, offering undergraduate and graduate certificate, diploma, and degree programs and professional continuing education.

Our flexible, online programs, highly qualified faculty, diverse student body, and commitment to exceptional online education make ACHS the perfect choice for you. Your ACHS education is accredited by the DEAC and recognized throughout the holistic health community. Learn more about our history.

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American College Of Healthcare Sciences Is Nationally Accredited

We were unable to verify if American College of Healthcare Sciences is “regionally accredited”. However, we do see that they are “nationally accredited”. Schools with this type of accreditation are predominantly for-profit and typically offer vocational, career or technical programs. If this does not match your needs, make sure you contact the college about the possibility of a regional accreditation.

Graduate Tuition And Fees

This tuition rate applies to all graduate Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs. Please refer to each course listing under Academics for an estimate of the total course price including tuition, textbooks, materials and shipping for each course. To calculate the price for a Program simply look at each total course price for each of the courses in the Program you are interested in.

2021-22 Graduate Tuition Rate: $578 per semester credit

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Costs Not Covered By Tuition

  • Registration fee: $200 per program, payable at enrollment. Students enrolling in single courses pay a registration fee per course, based on $30 per credit, not to exceed $200 per registration.
  • Computer: Each student will need a computer with internet access that meets the minimum technology requirements (view requirements at
  • Recommended reading: All required textbooks are itemized in the Total Course Price. Faculty may provide additional optional recommended reading purchase is not required.
  • Additional fees apply per course for required course materials and textbooks, and any required lab materials.

Achs Programs Are Among The Few Accredited Programs In Integrative Health And Wellness Available In The Us

TIL about " University of the People" , a tuition

We offer programs perfect for anyone at any step of their education and career journey. Earn a Certificate in Aromatherapy and add this powerful healing modality to your arsenal of wellness tools. Help support your clients with a Diploma in Holistic Health or Herbal Studies. Earn a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition and learn the most up-to-date research in the art of nutritional healing. Complete our Masters Degree in Herbal Medicine, and become a trusted authority in educating clients and consumers about a mind-body-spirit approach to health and wellness.

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Workplace Wellness Equals Healthy Productive Employees And Reduced Company Cost

We at the American College of Healthcare Sciences, take the needs of employers seriously. Our graduates can be found in leading holistic health organizations and corporations across all industries around the United States and worldwide. Our courses are some of the very few accredited programs available in complementary alternative health, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and wellness coaching.

Meeting The Changing Demands

Over the past year, ACHS witnessed growth and innovations in the integrative health and wellness sector. The demand for integrative health services and products increased significantly in 2020. Telehealth services, for instance, have emerged as a viable healthcare option as well as an in-demand, accessible, and cost-effective way to provide access to a wide range of healthcare services, including integrative health and wellness services.

During the pandemic crisis, some of the ACHS graduates leveraged their education to start a holistic health business, while some upgraded their pre-pandemic business models to provide telehealth services, virtual classes, and wellness self-health services that have helped communities thrive.

Furthermore, the recognition for the importance of knowledge and access to dietary supplements has been continuously growing since the pandemic. Catering to the growing demand for trained integrative healthcare and dietary supplement professionals, ACHS is launching a new online, on-demand micro-credentialthe Certified Dietary Supplement Professional Exam Preparation Program. This program is the first in the country to prepare graduates for national certification as a Certified Dietary Supplement Professional through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, adds Dorene.

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We Practice Holistic Sustainable Values

As a Certified B Corporation® and registered benefit company, part of our ongoing mission to make the world a better place. American College of Healthcare Sciences and Apothecary Shoppe College Store continually strive to reduce its environmental footprint, follow a holistic philosophy that is core to our mission, and maintain a commitment to green practices. As a virtual campus, ACHS is inherently

Average Grant & Scholarship By Family Income

College of Health Sciences – Simulation Center Accreditation

Aid awarded based on the family income.

To aid the students in bearing the educational expenses, the college and other institutions offer financial aid to the students, in various forms such as scholarships, loans, grants, federal loans, and work-study programs.

To avail the financial aid, the students must fill the FAFSA form. American College of Healthcare Sciences federal School code is 041944.

The several Institutional Aids and Scholarships available for the students are the ACHS Military Scholarship, The Essential Oil Experts Scholarship, ACHS Adult Scholarship, AmeriCorps Education Award, and Organic Aromas Scholarship.

The Federal Aids consists of Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Direct Loan, Federal PLUS Loans, and many more.

The Military Aids consists of Yellow Ribbon Program, Military Tuition Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Military Spouse Career Advancement Account.

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The Students First Motto

ACHS was founded by Dorene Petersen with a firm commitment to the life-changing benefits of education and integrative health coupled with the flexibility provided by distance learning. Accessible education for everyone and holistic wellness were the cornerstones of Dorenes passion. She always wanted to serve students like herselfstruggling, the first to go to university in their family, and with no financial aid or assistanceand had an innate desire to work towards a finer future for all.

For 43 years, ACHS has provided global access to integrative health modalities training via traditional distance and online studies. We are always guided by the students first motto and our ACHS mission and vision to foster competence, professionalism, and cooperation in holistic healthcare, and preserve and share knowledge in natural medicine with a commitment to sustainable practices and principles, asserts Dorene.

American College Of Healthcare Sciences Accreditation

The American College of Healthcare Sciences is based in Portland, Oregon and specializes in online holistic health distance education, founded in 1978. ACHS is a Certified B Corporation and accredited, for-profit college with accredited online certificates, degrees, and microcredentials in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, wellness coaching, and integrative health modalities.

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American College Of Healthcare Sciences

American College of Healthcare Sciences

Former names Australasian College of Herbal Studies, Australasian College of Health Sciences

The American College of Healthcare Sciences is based in Portland, Oregon and specializes in online holistic healthdistance education, founded in 1978. ACHS is a Certified B Corporation and accredited, for-profit college with accredited online certificates, degrees, and microcredentials in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, wellness coaching, and integrative health modalities.

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