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Where To Bet College Lacrosse

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National Collegiate Athletic Association Ncaa

Lacrosse Betting 101 | A Professional’s Guide to Lacrosse Betting

The NCAA lacrosse division was founded in 1910, and it has a three-division system that was first presented in 1973. The league features both NCAA mens lacrosse and NCAA womens games.

The college lacrosse Division I had 74 male and 117 female college lacrosse teams in the season of 2019/20.

The Second Division had 74 male college lacrosse teams and 114 female lacrosse teams for the same year.

Division 3 on the other hand featured 247 male college lacrosse teams and 292 female college lacrosse teams.

NCAA Online Betting

The betting lines of NCAA online betting are rather popular once the season kicks off.

Naturally, the First Male Division is by far the most prestigious league in the lacrosse championship.

Hence, you can place all kinds of bets on individual games, as well as on the tournament overall.

Betting Types And Odds

Moneyline bets are going to be the most common one you are going to run into, regardless if it is lacrosse or not. American sports try to make it a point to use the money line odds instead of others that have the potential to be listed.

Team A
Team B +90

Team A would be the favorite, as shown by the minus symbol. Bettors would have to bet $160 to win $100. By placing a bet on Team B, you would need to bet $90 to receive $100 profit if that pick wins.

The First Lacrosse Bets

French Jesuit missionaries were the first Europeans to see lacrosse in the New World, circa 1637. They opposed the sport because it was violent and because the tribes bet on the games. Therefore, its one of the oldest betting past times currently in existence today.

Over time, lacrosse developed into a popular sport in US high schools and universities. The establishment of professional leagues in the 1980s saw the sport move from the fringes to the mainstream, with many family garages in America and Canada containing equipment.

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Which Players To Pay Attention To

Of the top players remaining in the bracket, three are Tewaaraton Award finalists.

  • UNC attackman Chris Gray Tewaaraton Award finalist
  • Maryland attackman Jared Bernhardt Tewaaraton Award finalist
  • Duke attackman Michael Sowers Tewaaraton Award finalist
  • Virginia attackman Connor Shellenberger
  • Virginia goalie Alex Rode

As was previously mentioned, Michael Sowers against a strong Maryland defense and Jared Bernhardt against a Duke defensive unit of the same caliber should be matchups to watch.

While Chris Gray will certainly be a factor in the UNC-Virginia game, UVA attackman Connor Shellenberger will attract some eyeballs especially after his quarterfinal performance. The freshman put up six goals and one assist for seven total points in the crucial victory over Georgetown.

Virginias success on the defensive end could be greatly determined by the play of netminder Alex Rode, who recorded eight saves on 11 shots faced for a save rate of 73% against the Hoyas after racking up 18 saves against Bryant in the first round.

Air Force Forces Cleveland State To Surrender

Colorado College Lacrosse

Air Force just bounced back when they took down Marist by doubling their score. The 12-6 victory was highlighted by Trey Lervicks four goals as the Foxes couldt fight off the Force. This puts Air Force at 1-1, and theyre in a great position to go positive against Cleveland State in the Faceoff Classic.

Cleveland State is making the long trip out to Colorado, and the elevation might bring their game down below sea level. The Vikings just notched their first win over Bellarmine on February 16th after losses to Michigan and Ohio State. CSU is a scrappy young team but they might not be able to outwork the Air Force this high up in Colorado. After all, the Falcons are used to being way up in the sky and Vikings never perfected the art of aviation.

Out of the two games CSU is playing in Colorado, this matchup is the one they have the best chance of walking away with. That being said, I still dont know if theyll be able to out-muscle the well-disciplined Falcons. Prediction: Air Force +3 goals. Result: Air Force +3 goals.

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How To Bet On Lacrosse Faq

Whether youre betting on college or professional events, neither form of betting is better than the next. The only difference is, you will have the NCAA exposure with tons of teams per day as opposed to professional lacrosse. You just have to be sure that its legal to bet on collegiate events where you are.

This betting format is where you place a bet on how high or low the score will be once the event ends. So if an over/under score of eight is given, that means you have two options.

Either you think that the combined scores of the two teams will be more than eight, which is the over. Or, if you think it will be a low-scoring game, then you can bet under, and the score would have to be under eight for your bet to win.

Maddie Meyer / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP

Filter For Those Value Nuggets

Im not a gambler, but I know portfolio theory, and this only works if you think about your bets as a portfolio. If the value is always on underdogs, then this value filtering is essentially saying, I dont think these teams are likely to win, but I think they are more likely to win than the lines suggest.

On average, over a long enough horizon, those sorts of bets should work out in your favor.

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Weighing In On The Betting Implications Of Nll Las Vegas And Previewing The Week 3 Pll Betting Lines

On this episode of the Bet On Lacrosse Podcast, hosts Dan Neubert and Doug Greenberg discuss the NLL’s announcement that it has awarded a Las Vegas expansion franchise to Joe Tsai, Wayne Gretzky, Dustin Johnson and Steve Nash. They highlight the betting implications of the announcement, some big news for Canadian fans looking to bet on the NLL and PLL and what their favorite nicknames are for the Las Vegas NLL team. They also p…

How To Place A Lacrosse Bet On The Total

College Lacrosse Weekend Previews & Betting Lines (LaxFactor Lacrosse Podcast #81)

Totals bets are made on the total amount of points to be scored in the game. Your bet would be placed on either the teams combining to score more points or less points than the given number. Going back to the Redwoods-Atlas game, the total or over/under was set at 21.5. If the final score is 12-10, thats a total of 22 goals, meaning a bet on over the total would win. If the total points scored ends up being less than 22, then it would hit the under and you would not win. In the rare circumstance where a total does not include a half point, like in the Waterdogs-Chrome game above, if the total number of points equaled the total set by the sportsbook , then the result would be considered a push and the amount that a bettor wagered would be returned to him or her.

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Online Sportsbooks Lacrosse Betting Tips & Tricks

Lacrosse is a team sport that has been first played as early as the 17th century. Nowadays, there are four versions of the sport, where male and female Canadian players compete in their respective lacrosse tournaments.

Regardless of which league youre following, there are several factors that should always be part of your betting strategy.

The gambling strategy that is most likely to lead you to a positive outcome consists of 4 main steps:

  • following your teams games
  • get familiar with the star players
  • compare the teams head to head
  • trust the numbers

Placing a lacrosse bet is just like any other sport you need to pay attention to the games and the stats.

Taking The Vancouver Warriors On The Moneyline And Other Best Bets For Nll Week 6

On this episode of the Bet On Lacrosse Podcast, host Dan Alexander gives his favorite NLL Week 6 total, best bet and “extra money opportunity” for the NLL’s return after a two-week hiatus.

As the sport of lacrosse grows, so does its presence in emerging markets, particularly the sports betting and gaming community. With DraftKings and various other sportsbooks offering lines, spreads, totals and future odds on…

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Picking The Underdogs And Previewing The Pll Week 6 Betting Lines

On this episode of the Bet On Lacrosse Podcast, hosts Dan Neubert and Doug Greenberg are joined by Front Office Sports reporter and friend of the podcast Justin Byers. Together they talk PLL trends through five weeks, some intriguing underdog plays in Week 6 and their favorite player props for this weekend. They also give their picks against the spread and provide their “best bets” and “extra money opportunities”

On this episode of the Bet On Lacrosse Podcast, hosts Dan Neubert and Doug Greenberg recap the PLL’s stop in Minneapolis, including an upset win by the Cannons that helped Dan and Hutton cash in on the moneyline and a low-scoring Redwoods-Whipsnakes matchup that stayed well under the goal total just like Doug had predicted. They also preview the PLL All-Star game, discuss player props and revisit the PLL future odds in order to…

Selecting An Event To Bet

2016 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Final Four, Championship ...

There are a few championship lacrosse events worth your time to watch and bet on. Since the sport continues to grow, the amount of events increases as well.

The World Championship is an event to determine who is the best lacrosse team in the world. Since growing in popularity, it has been sanctioned by the Federation of International Lacrosse.

The National Lacrosse League is a Canadian indoor league that features just eight teams. The most common exposure of the event is the NCAA, with 61 Division I Men’s Lacrosse teams and 88 women’s teams. With the plethora of events to choose from, this leaves the door open to great betting chances.

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Towson Takes The Fight To Georgetown

Both of these two teams are sitting at 2-0, but Towson has the more impressive resume at the moment. Also, Towson is really just shooting the lights out of the ball this season. Its very difficult to keep the Tigers under ten goals in a game, and Georgetown will need to slow down the Towson O if they want to win. Towson will be looking to keep the pace of the game up and run Georgetown ragged by the fourth quarter.

Georgetown has taken down both Sacred Heart and Robert Morris this season in games that showed the Hoyas can ball. Theres a lot to be said about their potential, but every great team will have speed bumps. I expect this game to be a loss for the Hoyas before they show off for a great season. This should be one of the more competitive games of the weekend though, and I wouldnt be surprised if it goes to OT. I still feel that Towson has the edge, and that theyll be the ones walking away happy. Prediction: Towson +2 goals. Towson +6 goals.

How Do We Choose The Best Lacrosse Betting Sites

When choosing a new lacrosse betting site, the choice should be focused on a few essential attributes. Selecting a new lacrosse betting site is not easy, as youll have to look for a place with free bets, top-rated odds, and other bonuses and promotions. Many online gambling sites have their sportsbook, where you can bet on any global and national tournament, and some of them are focus on world lacrosse. Now, lets explore those attributes and find out how we choose the best sites for lacrosse betting.

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Loyola Launches Rutgers Into The Red

Loyola is deservedly the #1 team in the country and will be winning this weekend. That right there is a fact. Take it to the bank and cash it if youd like. Pat Spencer isnt going to be letting the Scarlet Knights get an easy victory, and Loyola isnt going to let Rutgers even get a victory. Loyola should win this one if they can keep the ground ball game even in the same galaxy.

Rutgers has been showing a strong display of promise. but their loss to Army showed some weaknesses in their armor. The Scarlet Knights are looking to prove themselves as a real competitor with a win or competitive loss, but Loyola is a wagon this year. Theres no getting past the Hounds if you dont just strangle the ball away from them from the very beginning. Dont expect the Hounds to let this one get close. Prediction: Loyola +5 goals. Result: Loyola +6 goals.

Types Of Lacrosse Events

Lacrosse Betting Is HERE, PLL Draft, & More | Update 5/18/20

The events will vary significantly from bookmaker to bookmaker, and some bookmakers wont even offer lacrosse as a betting option. The evens include both men and womens NCAA college lacrosse, which is, as aforementioned, the most popular option. You can also bet on the National Lacrosse League, and sometimes even the Canadian Lacrosse League, a professional indoor version played in Ontario. Major events, like the World Championship, the World Indoor Championship, and the European Lacrosse Championship, can also often be bet on.

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Bet On Lacrosse Teaser

As the sport of lacrosse grows, so does its presence in emerging markets, particularly the sports betting and gaming community. With DraftKings and various other sportsbooks offering lines, spreads, totals and future odds on lacrosse, the time is now for a sports betting show devoted entirely to the sport of lacrosse. Allow hosts Dan Neubert and Doug Greenberg to guide you through the betting realm and help you make informed bets o…

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    Former Toronto homicide detective Steve Ryan, who helped solve some of Torontos most notable crimes, takes us inside his old case files. Hosted by CTV Torontos Austin Delaney, The Detective is a revealing look at the underbelly of true crime in Canadas biggest city.

Princeton Pops Uva In The Kisser

Princeton really schooled Monmouth in their opener, and Virginia isnt looking like the normal Virginia we all know and love. Princeton should be playing the big brother role this year against UVA, and this Saturday should be wedgies and noogies all day long. Princetons dominant offense should put up at least 18 on Virginia this Saturday. Trust me, its gonna be a busy day at the X after all these goals.

Virginia just isnt the regular Virginia to be fearing. Teams arent writing them off as a joke, but Virginia is now looking like a possible win to a lot more teams. Their recent loss to High Point isnt anything to discredit them with, but that didnt put them back in good graces. The Tigers are gonna be striping up the goal column till the clock hits 0. Prediction: Princeton +6. Result: UVA +1.

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National Lacrosse League Nll

The National Lacrosse League was founded in 1986 and it has been active ever since. The league has 15 teams in total, out of which 5 are from Canada, and 10 are from the United States.

The NLLs regular games are played from December to June, which is unlike any other lacrosse tournament.

The current teams are separated into 2 divisions the Eastern and the Western Division.

Buffalo Bandits, Halifax Thunderbirds, Rochester Knighthawks, Toronto Rock, Albany FireWolves, Georgia Swarm, New York Riptide, and Philadelphia Wings are part of the Eastern division.

The Western division consists of 6 teams: Calgary Roughnecks, Colorado Mammoth, San Diego Seals, Saskatchewan Rush, Vancouver Warriors, and Panther City Lacrosse Club.

Moreover, an expansion to the Western division is announced for 2022, with the Las Vegas team joining the NLL.

NLL Online Betting

The NNL takes the title of the most trendy, professional league in the US when it comes to online lacrosse betting.

Canadian teams are known to be the most successful in the league, and Toronto Rock has won the championship 6 times since the inception of the league!

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NLL season was suspended for 2020.

Nevertheless, the upcoming 2022 season will have 14 teams competing in 18 regular games and online sports betting sites are expected to publish their odds, as soon as the season is ready to start.

Discussing The Archers 3

Coast Guard Academy Lacrosse Gets Victory Over Briarcliffe ...

On this episode of the Bet On Lacrosse Podcast, hosts Dan Neubert and Doug Greenberg recap the PLL’s stop in Baltimore, including the Archers’ perfect record against the spread, the multiple upsets of PLL Week 3 and Atlas rookie Jeff Teat’s debut. They also preview the Week 4 PLL matchups , give their picks against the spread and provide their “best bets” and “extra money opport…

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What Kind Of Bonuses Can You Claim On Lacrosse Betting Sites In The Uk

The best lacrosse betting sites have the most generous odds, numerous payment options, and offer a wide range of lacrosse national championships in the UK, Canada, and other countries. The sports betting pages are similar to the gambling sites, and they have bonuses for all participants. Usually, you will receive a reward in the form of a free bet on any lacrosse league and even NCAA lacrosse! The moment you complete the signup and have your deposit confirmed, make sure youve claimed a bonus that can enhance your chances to win. Every bonus youll claim from a sportsbook website can be used in your favor. You can place some wagers on total goals scored by a team or make multiple bets on various teams in countries such as Canada or the US and win big!

One of the most popular lacrosse tournaments is the World Lacrosse Championship and the Mens Lacrosse League in Canada and the US, which features some of the worlds best teams. If you look for some odds to beat, you should try these leagues to get the highest chances to win and to use your bonus rewards with no mistake.

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