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What Colleges Offer Army Rotc

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Paying For Your Program: How Rotc Scholarships Work

How the Military Can Pay For College | ROTC Program

While there are tons of reasons to join the ROTC, one of the major ones is the incredible scholarship opportunities available to you. Scholarships last up to four years, some provide stipends and allowances, and requirements and benefits vary by branch. Below is an overview of whats available in ROTC scholarships for paying for your program.

What Is The Rotc

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps is one of the top leadership programs in the nation, and is the United States Army’s primary officer training program. As an ROTC program student, you can complete all of the requirements of Army officer training while simultaneously attending college and earning your degree.

Why Choose Uaf For Your Rotc Program

In The Last Frontier, there are opportunities for challenge and discovery you wont find anywhere else on Earth. Join Army ROTC at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and start your adventure.

  • UAF is a military friendly college and leads the only Army ROTC program in Alaska. Our student community includes a large percentage of active military and veterans.
  • We are located less than 10 miles from Fort Wainwright, offering Army ROTC students unique access to a wide range of military resources including the Medical Simulation Training Center, Engagement Skills Training , Call for Fire , Military Style Rappelling, Basic Rifle Marksmanship Ranges and more.
  • With small class sizes and a small student to instructor ratio, we offer an exceptional level of support and one-on-one interaction that will enhance your educational experience.

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What Kind Of Student Succeeds In Rotc

Every branch of ROTC is looking for students with good grades, decent standardized test scores, and leadership skills. Kids who successfully held any type of leadership position in high school have the potential to perform well in both ROTC and as a future military officer. Having a good moral character, life skill competencies, and a commitment to self-assessment, learning, and service, are also traits that are highly valued.

On the practical side, there are certain ROTC requirements mandated by the military. Students must pass their branchs physical fitness exam, be completely drug-free, and be able to complete and pass specified academic and training courses and any qualifying exams.

List Of Rotc Colleges

#RAATinTo: UP Diliman ROTC Declared Champion in RAATI 2019 ...


The Reserve Officers Training Corps has been in colleges and universities since World War I. Students enter into an ROTC program knowing that when they finish, they will command troops, perhaps in combat. Many colleges and universities have ROTC training programs. Students who are interested in joining the ROTC have many choices, not only in institutions, but in types of programs.

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Students Discuss Rotc Benefits And Challenges

College life as an ROTC cadet or midshipman can be demanding and requires good time management skills.

Jack Jepson, a sophomore in Navy ROTC and an Honors College student in Finance at the University of Arizona, has his sights set on becoming a Marine Corps officer. He shares this about his experience so far:

I have more responsibilities compared to a regular college student, but I still am able to enjoy all a University has to offer. The camaraderie within my ROTC unit is great as well. I have met many new friends and have been able to learn from active-duty military officers. With the price of a college education so high today, the option of having the military pay for a great deal, or all, of a students tuition is certainly enticing.

jack jepson, university of arizona

Jenna Ball, a junior Psychology major at Georgia Southern University, is currently in her third year of Army ROTC. She says,

Jenna plans on joining the National Guard after graduation and getting a masters degree so that she can help soldiers suffering with mental health issues.

In addition to the financial benefits for ROTC students on scholarship, the high-quality leadership training and future career preparation is invaluable. Learning from professional military officers and driven peers is a unique part of ROTC programs.

Theresa Whitfield is a junior English major in Navy ROTC at the Catholic University of America. She explains that her

Drawbacks To Joining Rotc

Joining ROTCespecially if you receive a scholarshipis a serious commitment. You must sign a legally-binding contract that could last up to 12 years. Under some circumstances, you must make this decision before even beginning the program.

If you drop out or are expelled from the program, you will face serious consequences, including potential legal action. You will also be required to pay back your scholarship if you have received one.

If you commit any violations of ROTCs standards or your schools, or drop below ROTCs academic requirements, you may be asked to leave the program, and you will still face consequences and potential legal action.

While there is no service obligation for the ROTC Basic Course, you must serve in the army if you receive an ROTC scholarship or enroll in the ROTC Advanced Course. These ROTC members must commit to a three-year active duty, usually directly after college. Scholarship students must serve four years on active duty, with a total of eight years of military service.

Ultimately, this means you need to be certain that serving in the military is something you really want to do. Remember that this also means youll need to delay other career or education aspirations until your active service is complete, though you can pursue them while you are fulfilling non-active service requirements.

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Opportunities For Graduate Studies

Army ROTC Cadets pursuing graduate degrees in certain professional fields can seek an Educational Delay to complete their subsequent education. Upon completion, those individuals practice their respective career fields as US Army Officers. Additional scholarship funding may be available through the US Army Health Professions Scholarship Program .

Military Colleges & Universities

ARMY ROTC Q& A!! Scholarships, Basic Camp, Free College and Grad/Med School!

Joining Army ROTC at a Senior Military College or a Military Junior College has many benefits. The valuable leadership and people skills you need to be successful in life will become second nature after attending one of these historic schools. You may choose any major you wish and commission as an officer into the Active Duty Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Aside from providing superb leadership skills and a job after college, ARMY ROTC also provides monetary incentives and scholarships.

Two, three, and four-year scholarships are available for qualified students. An Army ROTC scholarship covers tuition and fees, a book allowance of $600 per semester and a monthly stipend of $420 per month.

Identified below are a couple of examples that make the Army ROTC Military Colleges a great choice:

  • Graduates of a Senior Military College who desires to serve as a commissioned officer on active duty upon graduation from the college, who is medically and physically qualified for active duty, and who is recommended for such duty by the professor of military science at the college, shall be assigned to active duty.
  • Graduates of a Military Junior College may participate in the Early Commissioning Program, which allows qualified cadets who complete the program to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in two years instead of four years.

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Rotc Programs: Preparation For A Service

The Reserve Officer Training Corps are armed services basic training programs at colleges and universities designed to train commissioned officers. While ROTC participants are not required to complete military service upon graduation, those who have received an ROTC scholarship incur a service obligation, with the amount of time required dependent on which type of commission they accept.

The Army, Navy and Air Force all have ROTC programs. Students interested in the Marines participate in the Navy program and the U.S. Coast Guard has its own Split Training programs similar to ROTC. Students should speak with a recruiter to determine which branch of the military best suits their needs and personality.

Requirements for ROTC programs vary depending on branch of military, but all three programs have requirements for:

  • Grades: minimum high school GPA of at least 2.5
  • SAT or ACT scores: minimum 1000 SAT, 19 ACT
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Age: Must be between ages of 17 and 23 when starting program

# 13 Iowa State University Ames Iowa

Another university with several dedicated ROTC programs. This university can trace its combined military training and educational history all the way back to 1919. The Army has recognized the Army ROTC program several times for being one of the best in the Midwest Region year-after-year. The university has all the branches of the military represented in its ROTC programs.

Army ROTC is one of the best leadership courses in the country and offers classes you can take as electives within your normal college curriculum. You can take up to the first two years of the program without having to contract to serve in the Army. There are programs for students with two, three or four years of college remaining and there is even a program for graduate students.

Every Army ROTC Cadet who enters the Advanced Course attends the Cadet Leader Course. Its a four- week summer course to evaluate and train all Army ROTC Cadets. This course normally takes place between your junior and senior years of college, and is conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Source: Iowa State University

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Rotc Application And Scholarship Requirements

ROTC application requirements include U.S. citizenship and a high school diploma. Applicants must pass the ROTC physical fitness assessment and agree to serve in the military for a certain number of years after graduation. Some branches of ROTC require a high school GPA of at least 2.5 and minimum SAT or ACT scores.

Scholarship prerequisites and service commitments differ by branch, scholarship length, and major.

ROTC scholarships can pay tuition and fees for two, three, or four years of an undergraduate program or a masters degree. Scholarship prerequisites and service commitments differ by branch, scholarship length, and major.

Livingstone To Offer Army Rotc In The Fall

Army Reserve Officers

In News by KHarrington

Livingstone College is in the business of developing leaders and so is the United States Army ROTC.

Thats why the Army ROTC program coming to the campus of Livingstone is a perfect marriage of leadership excellence.

Livingstone President Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr., announced last month that the Army ROTC program would start in the fall of 2019.

Through classes and field training, Army ROTC provides students with tools to become an Army officer without interfering with their other classes, and gives students money for tuition while enhancing their college experience.

The most important thing about Army ROTC is that it gives you a solid foundation and a stepping stone in pursuing your career path as a leader, said Dr. Curtis Dean, assistant professor who is serving as faculty liaison of the program. By graduation, students will earn not only a degree, but also a commission as second lieutenant in the Army, Amy Reserves or Army National Guard.

Army ROTC begins with a basic course of instructions taught during the first two years of college. Cadets learn the principles of leadership, Army history and Army organization and structure.

During the final two years of college, cadets participate in an advanced course of instruction that teaches the principles of military leadership and military field craft, and provides opportunities for adventure training, all designed to develop and hone a cadets leadership skills and ability, Dean said.

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Benefits Of Joining Rotc

While not all students receive scholarships through ROTC, many do, and the awards are often significant in many cases, you wont have to contribute to your college tuition at all or cover any additional expenses, such as housing. This can be an enormous relief for students who are concerned about their ability to pay for their education.

Youll also enjoy a complete college experience alongside your ROTC training. Like other students, youll attend your academic classes, participate in clubs and extracurriculars, and live in dorms. In other words, being a cadet wont make you miss out on a typical college experienceyoull just have your ROTC commitment, usually one or two classes, alongside it.

One of the most significant advantages to joining ROTC is that you will receive extensive training that will allow you to serve at an officer level upon graduation. This means youll have an enormous head start on a military career. Youll also be able to apply other skills and specialties you learned in college, such as technology, to your service.

Also keep in mind that ROTC is a very prestigious program, and its considered an honor to participate in it. Youll gain numerous important qualities, including leadership skills, discipline, and maturity. Plus, youll have no trouble staying active and healthy.

Rotc Program Highlights Courses & Requirements

Students enrolled in a Navy ROTC program take a series of required classes and participate in regular physical training sessions. They learn Navy procedures and participate in weekend and summer training programs. Most NROTC members join in their freshman year of college and those who join on a scholarship become Scholarship Midshipmen and are bound to service after graduation. Scholarship programs are highly competitive. Graduates of the Navy ROTC commit to at least five years of active duty in careers within surface warfare, naval aviation, submarines, nursing corps, special warfare and explosive ordnance disposal. Scholarship and non-scholarship participants in NROTC complete the same program. All NROTC students must complete a naval science course each semester. Below are just a few examples of the courses that may be required in a Navy ROTC program, in addition to general education and degree curriculum:


Army ROTC students take elective curriculum alongside their required college classes to gain real world and leadership skills that will help them in the field. The curriculum for Army ROTC is divided into two phases: basic course and advanced course.

Basic CourseAdvance Course

While Army ROTC curriculum varies from school to school, below is an example of topics that may be offered:


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Find An Army Navy Or Air Force Rotc Program

Use the search tool below to search the more than 1000 colleges and universities offering ROTC programs. While the branch ROTC programs are very similar in style and requirements, each one prepares graduates for a very different career in military service. While the Army ROTC is the largest and most popular branch of ROTC, the requirements are very similar for all branches. Applicants must meet certain age and academic requirements as well as pass a physical fitness test. Students may also qualify for scholarships based on similar academic and physical achievements.

Military Training In High School

A ROTC Cadet Discusses College Life at Columbia University

The U.S. military offers Junior ROTC programs at high schools and some middle schools around the country. This less intensive version of ROTC develops character, patriotism, citizenship, and respect for the Armed Forces. Students learn about the branches of the military and participate in group physical education.

JROTC helps students decide if they want to join ROTC in college or enroll in the military right after high school. ROTC programs accept applicants with no JROTC experience.

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Navy / Marine Corps Scholarships

  • Four-Year Scholarship: Full tuition, partial fee coverage, $750 book stipend, uniforms, and subsistence allowances are provided to students enrolling in a four-year degree program at participating NROTC colleges.
  • Deadline: Students should begin the applications process during their junior year of high school. The deadlines are at the end of January for the school year you are applying for. Contact a Navy recruiter for complete timeframes.
  • Application Requirements:
  • Select a Tier 1-3 college major
  • Receive minimum scores of 520 Math and 530 Verbal on the SAT and 21 Math and 22 English on the ACT
  • Pass the Marine Corps physical fitness test
  • Minimum combined score of 1000 on the SAT and a minimum combined score of 22 on the ACT
  • Minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test score of 74
  • Service Commitment:
  • A minimum of five years for most applicants, 12 years for medical or dental school students
  • At least four years for Marine Corps or Navy Nurse Corps scholarships
  • Two- or Three-Year Scholarships: Full tuition, partial fee coverage, $750 book stipend, uniforms, and subsistence allowances provided to students for the remainder of their bachelor’s program at a participating NROTC college.
  • Deadline: Speak with a Navy recruiter for precise deadlines. Applications are generally due at the end of January during the year you wish to enroll.
  • Application Requirements:
  • Meet the basic requirements of the four-year NROTC scholarship
  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.5
  • Service Commitment:
  • Explore Army Rotc Scholarships

    Army ROTC offers merit-based scholarship opportunities for high school students and current undergraduate students. You can either apply for the ROTC National Scholarship during your senior year of high school, or pursue scholarships at the campus-level once you join the ROTC program.

    ROTC scholarships pay 100% of your tuition or can be used to cover room and board. Each academic year, ROTC scholarships also provide $1200 for books and a monthly stipend that totals $3,780 per year to help with living expenses. Two-, three- and four-year scholarships are available, which can also be combined with some National Guard and Army Reserve benefits.

    Last year, the Army ROTC provided $376 million in scholarship money to more than 15,000 students, making it one of the nations biggest scholarship grantors.

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    Is The Rotc Right For Me

    JROTC and ROTC programs can provide teenagers and adults with excellent ways to jumpstart their careers. Some of the benefits of these programs include extensive academic funding, specialized military training, leadership development, fitness maintenance, professional development and team-driven experiences. However, students must agree to long-term service commitments with military branches, which range from 3 to 12 years, depending on scholarship acceptance, career choices, and the types of degrees you pursue. When it comes to the ROTC, you are essentially deciding whether or not youll devote a significant portion of your early adult life to military service and goals.

    Pursuing a ROTC scholarship or training program comes with a legally binding contract that obligates you fulfill the requirements of active duty service upon graduation or dropping out of the ROTC program. Think about this decision very carefully, ask questions, discuss your plans with your family, and weigh your options with academic advisors. ROTC programs are not for everyone, but those who have the dedication, drive, and discipline to make it to graduation will benefit from a stable route through college, diverse career opportunities, and a service experience certain to impact them for the rest of their lives.

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