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What Can You Go To College For

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Why Choose Online Education

Can you go to college as Active Duty?

A big reason for the growth in online education and online universities is demand. Online degree programs make college more accessible to a much larger population than traditional on-campus learning. Thanks to technology, you can earn an online associate degree, online bachelor’s degree or online master’s degree without having to sacrifice your job or time caring for your family.

In the 2021 Online Education Trends Report conducted by BestColleges, over 1,800 students, both remote learners and online students cited COVID-19 as the top motivator for choosing an online format, whereas online program graduates and prospective online students cited flexibility and convenience as the top motivator.

These respondents were also less concerned about employer’s perception of online education or access to campus support services. While traditional factors such as affordability, flexibility, and academic excellence remain major determining factors, our survey results suggest that a majority of students chose to take courses online because online education was the only option available to them due to COVID-19.

Many students choose online classes due to flexibility surrounding their family’s scheduling demands.

About 65% of online students are also employed, so the convenience of distance education works in their favor, allowing them to complete classes around their employment schedule.

What Efforts Are These Schools And Organizations Making To Help Ease This Transition Back To School For This Population

It varies by location, but returning students should look first at state-level resources. In Florida, they have a group called Complete Florida, which exists to help students who want to return to school find the right institutions for them and follow all the right procedures to get back into the classroom, and they complement these efforts with a small amount of scholarship dollars. Many states have resources through their departments of higher ed, and there are some at the school level. Within institutions, Id advise adult students to find out if theres a coaching program in place or, if there isnt, to find a faculty member on their own who will take the time to help them navigate the institution and advocate on that students behalf if they run into trouble.

Many cities across the country also are part of The Graduate Network, in which there are volunteers mobilized in the community to help students find the resources they need, and they will work with institutions to get these students enrolled and finishing their degrees.

Can You Go To Harvard With A Ged

Yes, some students go to Harvard with a GED. According to Harvards own website, they give careful, individual attention to each application they receive, meaning there are no set guidelines for admission to Harvard.

Therefore, if your SAT/ACT scores were high enough, you could potentially be accepted into Harvard as a freshman with nothing more than a GED. However, this isnt the most likely way for GED students to gain acceptance into Harvard.

If you only have a GED, your best chance at becoming a Harvard student is to first attend another school for at least a year preferably two and then apply to Harvard as a transfer student.

As is true with most universities, after youve received your associates degree and apply as a transfer student, your pre-college status no longer matters. It doesnt matter what you scored on the ACT it doesnt matter that you dropped out of high school.

After youve started college, your college scores are what matter when transferring.

So, if you really do want to go to Harvard, dont be discouraged, and dont give up on your dream. Start a little smaller somewhere local, and work your hardest.

If you can maintain a solid 4.0 throughout freshman and sophomore years of college, you not only have a real chance of being accepted at Harvard, you might even have a chance at getting some scholarship money too.

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Online Degree Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you will make. We want to help you navigate the college selection process by offering school rankings that are transparent, inclusive, and relevant for online students.

Our rankings are grounded in a few guiding principles and use the latest statistical data available from trusted sources. Read our Ranking Methodology. We hope our approach helps you find the school that is best for you.

What Should I Study In College

Why Do People Go To College

Ever wondered what you should study in college? Stop overthinking it, and take this quiz instead! The answer may surprise you, and give you a push in the right direction!


If you’ve been struggling to select a college major, then this quiz is for you! It can give you the exact major to go for, or at the very least, a push in the right direction.


This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever.It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously 🙂


Do not think about the answers too long. If you think you answered incorrectly, you can always go back to any question and change your answer.

Enjoy and share

At the end of the quiz we will give you the result. You can share it with your friends 🙂

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What Should Older Adults Know About Paying For College

First, Id say to fill out the FAFSA . Theres often a lot more financial aid available than people know, but the way to find out whats available at the federal and state level is to fill out that FAFSA as soon as possible. In terms of whats available for students, it depends on the state, although all students across the country can qualify for federal Pell Grants. Many states have need-based programs, and many states are looking at ways to change their eligibility so that more adult students can access those funds. And in some states, such as Tennessee, groups are lobbying to make tuition free for older adults. College Promise programs across the country, when they first started, were geared toward high school graduates, but more of them are looking at ways to give those funds to older adults as well.

Choose A School That Pays You

Some schools will pay you to focus your studies in a single subject . Schools such as the Webb Institute and the Curtis Institute of Music offer a select range of academic programs and pick up the tuition cost for every student.

However, its important to think through the decision before you commit to this course. You dont want to find yourself graduating from such a program and realizing that youre not interested in pursuing a career in what youve just studied.

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Attend A Work College

A work college is another way to get a free college education or, at the very least, substantially discounted tuition. Just as the name suggests, these colleges, which are generally four-year liberal arts institutions, provide educational opportunities as well as valuable work experience.

But be aware, all students must participate in a comprehensive work-learning service for all four years of enrollment. In other words, all resident students have jobs. Often the jobs are on campus, but sometimes the employment may be off campus. Specific program details vary by college.

All participating work colleges are approved and supervised by the U.S. Department of Education and are required to meet specific federal standards.

Become An Online Entrepreneur

Can I Really Go To College Without Debt?

Getting a fellowship isn’t the only path to entrepreneurial success. You can bootstrap your own business, and there are limitless online business opportunities. Have a knack for fashion and marketing? Consider starting an online store with Shopify, or creating an eBay empire.

Are you artistic or crafty? You can make your own wares and sell them on Etsy. Are you an amazing writer with a lot of opinions? You could start a blog and monetize it with ads. Or, you could start a YouTube channel to showcase any passion you have who says you can’t be the next big YouTube star?

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Go After A Fellowship

If you are confident you have a great idea, see if there are other people out there who agree. While it’s still smart to keep your sights set on college, seek out fellowships that may offer an alternative route. These are competitive, but thats how you know if someone is willing to invest in you and your idea. The time after graduation may be the moment to take off with your vision and with the support of a fellowship, you will have the financial backup, and often the mentorship, necessary to succeed.

The fellowship gave me the financial and social capital to develop myself and my ideas in a setting like Silicon Valley and New York City, where optimists are celebrated, says John Marbach, a 2011 Thiel Fellowship recipient. I feel that taking time to vigorously pursue my interests outside of school was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned a lot about the dedication and exceptional skill required to build amazing software products, but I learned even more about myself, my relationships, and the way I want to impact the world.

How Our Editors Choice Videos Are Chosen

The team at College Majors 101 hand selects each video for our individual channels. We base our decision on key factors as: 1) How well the video educates the viewer on the REAL nature the major, and what the student will learn. 2) Quality of film making, how well the video is shot and edited. 3) How well does the video show or explain facilities. 4) The three “C’s”, is the video clear, concise, and compelling. Videos that make our “Editors Choice” list, are those that really stand out as genuinely educational first and formost. These videos clearly show all facets of the major, outcomes, facilities, but are also entertaining and well made.

  • Curriculum detailing course plans nationally
  • Employer and Internship Links
  • Professional and Student National Associations Links
  • Industry Publications

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Is A Ged The Same As A High School Diploma

No, a GED is not the same as a high school diploma. When it comes to applying to many colleges, however, the admissions departments will often accept either GEDs or diplomas.

Furthermore, if youre filling out a job application, it will usually have the two listed together in the education section as High School Diploma/GED or High School Diploma or Equivalent.

This often makes people think the two things are the same. However, strictly speaking, a GED is not exactly the same thing as a high school diploma.

A high school diploma is awarded to you after youve officially graduated high school. Its a symbol that youve achieved a formal education. You were enrolled in regular or advanced high school courses, and you passed them sufficiently enough to graduate.

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

GED, on the other hand, stands for General Educational Development or depending on who you ask Graduate Equivalency Degree.

Receiving a GED doesnt prove that you received a formal education. Instead, it shows that you were able to pass a series of tests math, science, social studies, reading, and writing equivalent to the knowledge you should have obtained in high school.

That does technically make them different. However, as weve already mentioned, one is almost as good as the other when it comes to applying for jobs, community or state colleges, trade schools, and even some four-year and Ivy League universities.

Whats My Gpa If I Have A Ged

Three specific things about me is I like American History ...

If you received your GED instead of graduating high school, you dont actually have a listed GPA. If you dropped out of high school in the 11th or 12th grade and immediately got your GED, then you could look at old high school transcripts and pull your GPA from that.

However, if you waited several years after dropping out of school to take the GED or if you were doing poorly in school before dropping out, you might not want to use your last-known GPA.

In cases like these, you can actually use your GED scores to determine your approximate GPA. Simply follow these steps:

  • Look for each of the five sections scores. Each will be between 200-800. Dont use your percentile score thats something entirely different.
  • Add up all five of your scores from each section.
  • Divide the total sum by five . This is your average score.
  • Use the below table to determine your approximate GPA from your average score.
  • Here is your approximate GPA according to your average score:

    • 299 or lower 1.0 GPA
    • 300 1.5 GPA
    • 750 3.8 GPA
    • 800 4.0 GPA

    If your average score isnt as clearly defined as these, such as a 653, then use the chart to round to the closest score and GPA combo.

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    How To Apply To Online College

    Once you’ve decided on the best online school for you, you’ll need to take many of the same steps required to apply to an on-campus program. Make note of important deadlines and submission dates before starting the process so you’ll have time to prepare and collect the proper materials.

    What You’ll Need:

    Job Satisfaction And Happiness

    If you pursue a college education, you could be more likely to find a job you will enjoy. If you need a career that brings purpose and meaning to your life, such as working in the health care industry, you will likely need a college education. For someone whose passion is improving the lives of others and caring for the sick, working as a cashier may not be as satisfying.

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    Whats The Biggest Challenge You See Older Adults Aged 40

    Challenges come when life gets in the way. Generally, its the juggling. I know many adults who are really good at squeezing every last minute out of their day, but its about juggling all their responsibilities.

    First, lets talk about how class schedules are set. We know younger, full-time students select classes based on what they want or need to take, not credit hours. Older adults look at how to balance a class or two with other obligations. Taking two classes at a time doesnt get students anywhere close to an on-time graduation. What weve seen working well is compressed class schedule so, for instance, taking two classes at a time on an eight-week structure. That type of structure is a recipe that allows students to balance class schedules with the rest of life, without having five midterms a week, and its a much better recipe for adults to have a path to an on-time, or at least timely, graduation.

    Tips On Going Twice To College

    Can You go to College with a Felony?

    Make sure its your decision-

    Dont let others make this decision for you. They can advise you but they shouldnt make the decision. Its all up to you.

    Look, its a big commitment. You are spending both money AND time. In the end, youre the one whos going to go through it, not your mom, sister, or significant other. Take some serious time to yourself to weigh in the pros and cons. If you believe going back is worth it, do it.

    Youll need to have belief in whatever you decide. If you decide to go back, the first thing you need to do is believe in yourself. Going twice to college will require resilience and that starts from believing in yourself. Which leads me to my next point.

    What will you do differently-

    A 24 year old father who sat next to me in biology scored better than me because he believed in himself. He already made up his mind he was going to succeed, there was no other outcome. After you made up your mind, the only thing left is executing.

    It doesnt matter how much you believe, if you dont do the right things, you wont succeed. That means figuring out exactly what youll do to succeed. If you failed the first time, you cant do the same tactics.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing A Major

    It depends on the school. Some students enter their first year with a declared major, while others can wait until their junior year. Individual departments may set their own rules, so make sure you ask.

    If you can’t decide on a major, you have several options. Taking classes from different disciplines can help narrow your choices, as can meeting with your academic advisor to review the pros and cons of the options you’re considering.

    Yes, you can always change your major. That said, if you complete a significant number of classes related to one major and then switch to another, you may need to stay in school longer to meet the credit requirements of your new major.

    Definitely not. Colleges want students to think carefully about their decisions and not rush into any major if they’re unsure.

    Cashing Out May Not Incur A Big Tax Bill

    If all else fails, you can just withdraw the moneyand that move may not cost you as much in taxes as you might think. The withdrawal amount will be taxed at the beneficiarys rate, which is likely to be lower if its your child. Youll pay a 10 percent penalty, but its just on earnings growth, not the whole value of the account.

    There are a few situations where you may not incur a penalty at all. If the beneficiary dies or becomes disabled or if he or she goes to a U.S. military academy, no penalty applies. And if your child gets a scholarship, you can withdraw up to the amount of the award and spend it on whatever you want. But youll pay income tax on any gains in the account when you make withdrawals.

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