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How To Unenroll From Ashworth College

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This Location Operates On Central Time

Please keep this in mind when scheduling appointments. Thank you!

In addition to the advisors listed below, you also may contact:

General Studies, Liberal Studies, Exploratory/Undecided, Computer Science, Cyber Security Information, Database Management, Informatics, Information Technology Supply, Software Development, Healthcare Specialist

Healthcare Specialist, Medical Assistant, Physical Therapist, Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, Practical Nursing

Accounting, Advanced Automation & Robotics, Business Administration, Business Operations, Building Construction Management, Building Construction Technology, Criminal Justice, Entrepreneurship, Homeland Security, Human Services, Legal Studies, Manufacturing, Machine Tool, Paralegal Studies, Supply Chain Management

Accounting, Automotive Tech, Business Administration, Business Operations, Computer Science, Cyber Security/Information Assurance, Database Management, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Tech, Informatics, Information Technology, Machine Tool, Software Development, Supply Chain Management,

Healthcare Specialist, Medical Assistant, Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant, Respiratory Therapy

So Glad I Found Them 2004

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I got my high school diploma in 6 months. Went off to College with no problem. Now teaching College. I am so happy I enrolled in this Program. I also removed my teens from Shelby county schools here in Memphis. They are now full-time students. I have no problems so far with my teens. Some times books are slow and we have to send out an email to speed up the process. Other than that we love Ashworth.

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Why Do Colleges Charge For Orientation

Why do colleges charge for orientation? Orientation fees are typically due during registration for first-time, incoming students and sometimes involve attending a special preregistration session. Orientation fees are typically due during registration for first-time, incoming students and sometimes involve attending a special preregistration session.

Why do I have to pay for orientation college? Orientation is mandatory because its designed as a foundational program to help prepare students for a successful first quarter at UC Davis. The fact that so much information is available online and the lack of engagement with a physical campus has some students wondering what theyre paying for.

Whats an orientation fee? An origination fee is typically 0.5% to 1% of the loan amount and is charged by a lender as compensation for processing a loan application. Origination fees are sometimes negotiable, but reducing them or avoiding them usually means paying a higher interest rate over the life of the loan.

Do I have to pay for college up front? Most schools do not require you to pay tuition for the entire year up front. However, if you receive financial aid, the grant or loan you receive typically covers a full academic year.

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Great Program But Not For Everyone

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People who cant keep up with the course are obviously going to complain, you have to be able to learn and teach yourself, as well as follow along with the material in order to succeed at Ashworth college. I never face any issues, but f youre looking for a college where the teacher will teach you everything step by step this is not or you. With a lot of effort ad persistence a good degree is deinately possible from this college.

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The Paralegal Program Is Great But The Transcript Department Sucks

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I believe Ashworth College is a good school with a great paralegal program. However, I believe their customer service is lacking in the transcript department. Overall, it is a better school than most people realized and many of the stuff are friendly. It is better than Penn Foster…which gave me the run around after trying to take my money.

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School Of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering & Applied Sciences

School of Advance Manufacturing Engineering & Applies Sciences A – F
School of Advance Manufacturing Engineering & Applies Sciences G – M
School of Advance Manufacturing Engineering & Applies Sciences N – Z

All are at the Downtown Indianapolis campus, except Rob Smith is at Lawrence.


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Great Program Great Price

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I needed to get a degree to get a promotion at my job. after some research i came across Ashworth and it was amazing. It is an extremely affordable program that simply gets the job done. classes are informative, support staff is helpfull and the degree is achievable. i would definitely suggest going to Ashworth to anyone that is considering it!

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Good For The Lone Wolf

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I consider myself a lone wolf and and independent learner, have been since I was a child. Learning in a classroom with others was never for me. Being homeschooled growing up to help myself learn better, for college online school was the best option for me and my learning style. Studying business online has been great for me and I’m really learning what I need to know and I’m doing in my own environment that I enjoy. If you are someone like me who is better working alone Ashworth College is a great choice. Like anywhere there are flaws but I feel I’m getting a great education how I want it.

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Horrible Experience I Regret This Decision

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Ok well first off the customer service is horrible I took the graphic design course and received 4 books . Two the size of a small magazine. Very hard to understand and when you call to speak to a teacher you never will. You will get customer service reps who tell you to Google the answer . So I decided to cancel. I was told that I could cancel on a payment plan since my husband just deployed to Iraq but they never made a note of it and when I contacted them about this they threaten me with collections when I have never missed a payment and want topay it off . Oh and of you change your mind you will get charged 225.00. This school is horrible they don’t respond to online questions either and when they do its not Much help. Only good thing is the price bit I guess you get what you pay for. Take my mistake as a learning experience and take your business elsewhere.

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Penn Foster Cancellation Policy

At Penn Foster, we know our students might have to cancel their program for a range of reasons. The details of the cancelation process will depend on which school you are attending. Please find your school below for guidance. For full details on how to cancel your program, visit the student handbook for your school or the “Contact Us” area of your Student Portal.

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Ashworth Is Not Worth The Headache Complete Scam

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I attended Ashworth before I read reviews and clearly that was a mistake. I attended Ashworth for two weeks before I realized they were a scam. They don’t actually have books, they have “Ashworth” college books that they send you. I wish I could post a picture because this book looks like the little workbooks I used to make for my cousins when we played pretend school. I was never able to get ahold of anyone, my teacher, customer service, no one. When I finally got into contact with Ashworth, I asked them to cancel my classes, cancel my payments, everything. I did not want to attend that school. They said they would and I kept getting bills. I called and called, never got an answer. Finally, I check credit karma and they sent me to collections, claiming I owe them $600 for classes. WHAT?!!! Now my credit score has dropped and I was working very hard to get that where I need it to be and Ashworth scammed the hell out me. I know I am not the only one, I’ve seen that I am not the only one. Do not do it to yourself.

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Program Launches To Help Fill Employer Demands For More Nurses With Bachelor’s Degrees

, a leading online university based in Norcross, Georgia, is now accepting applications for its new bachelor of science in nursing program for registered nurses. Ashworth’s RN to BSN program prepares students to become leaders in a complex healthcare system providing high-quality, evidence-based, patient-centered care. Building upon the registered nursing skill set, the program integrates professional development, critical thinking, quality improvement, safety and various soft skills to foster professional practice.

A BSN is the preferred degree for hospitals and other healthcare institutions that have or are seeking magnet status. Many healthcare organizations have a BSN-preferred or BSN-required policy for advancement into supervisory and non-clinical positions. A BSN is preferred or required for most research positions, and virtually all public health positions in the United States. In October 2010, the Institute of Medicine released its landmark report on The Future of Nursing, initiated by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which called for increasing the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses in the workforce to 80% by 2020.

Ashworth College’s RN to BSN scholarship program recognizes and rewards outstanding nursing students who want to expand and enrich their career. Ashworth will award a limited number of partial and full scholarships to the RN to BSN program. Applications are due by February 21, 2016.

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Make Your Resume Get Noticed

Just like your cover letter, your . A well-designed, organized resume can help. You should keep your resume to one page and make it appealing, while also keeping it simple. Dont overdo the flare. For help, you can follow a template.

Using words that are exciting can give it that wow-factor, too. For example, instead of saying you changed something, use the word customized.

Highlighting education is important. Your resume should . You worked hard to reach your goals, so dont be shy. As a recent graduate, your education should come first. Be sure to include the degree you earned and the year you graduated. You can also include your GPA. For example:

Ashworth College

Worked For Menot A Bad Program

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I graduated from Ashworth College in March of 2014, with an AA degree in Criminal Justice. I have been a police officer for many years and never thought I would need a degree. As a supervisor I was required to obtain a degree to remain in that position. I had no problem with Ashworth College, and would recommend it to anyone with a busy schedule.

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When You Transfer Colleges Does Your Gpa Also Transfer

When you transfer, the GPA from your original institution isnt carried over to the new one. Courses that youve completed generally transfer if you have a C or higher in the course, and its consistent with courses offered at your new school. The credits for that course transfer, but not the grade.

Wanted To Express The Quality Of My Program

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  • Use of Technology:


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Kokomo Advising Appt Scheduling

New/Readmit/Transfer Student

Do NOT schedule an appointment! Students should stop by the Kokomo EEC or one of the off-sites . The local staff will verify that the student has completed all of the steps and schedule them for a new student advising appointment.

Continuing Student Students can schedule a 45 minute appointment Monday thru Friday with their assigned Academic Advisor thru MyIvy. If no appointment times are available, please have the student email their assigned Academic Advisor to schedule an appointment.
Advisors are assigned specific academic programs. Please see the list below for the breakdown by school and major.

Frankly I Never Imagine I Would Have

Frankly I never imagine i would have become one of the many victimes of this so call system. Last year I enrolled in the Graphic Design Program which was supposed to be a pay as you go process, unfortunately it wasn’t the case. I had a problem while taking my Quizzes, I wrote the education center, i had no answer from nobody. And the course stopped automatically, then 8 months later Ashworth College end-up reporting on my credit. So Friends be careful and beware of this Ashworth College, their scam system is really Bad

Reply from Ashworth College

Hi. Thank your patience. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. Your concerns are important to us and we’re here to help. We would like to speak with you regarding your Graphic Design program. Please contact our Education Department at 1-800-224-7234 so we can review your account.

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Write A Cover Letter That Stands Out

A cover letter is a necessary component when applying for a job. It can help you introduce yourself in a way that attracts the hiring manager and makes you memorable. A cover letter shouldnt reiterate what your resume says. Instead, it should expand on your experience and share your greatest career or life achievements. You should also write a cover letter for each job. The same cover letter may not apply to every company, so a unique cover letter is important. According to the Society for Human Resources, three things your cover letter should include are

  • How your work experience meets the job requirements youre applying for.
  • How your skills meet the job requirements.
  • Why you want to work at that organization.

With this information, youre conveying to the hiring manager that youre the right person for the job. Be sure to proofread your cover letter before submitting.

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Does The Ashworth College Offer Financial Aid

Well, the answer to this question is NO. the Ashworth college does not offer any financial aid. If youre wondering what is financial aid, here it is. Financial aid is basically the financial help or money that helps you pay for your education. Or you can simply say that financial aid is the money, some of which you may earn by working while some could be rapid.

Other than the financial aid, some of the educational institutes also offer or accept student aid by offering their own scholarships.

So, in short, Ashworth does not accept or offer financial aid or private student loans. This means that if you go to Ashworth college, your institute is your lender while you would be able to graduate without any debt, which is a good thing after all.

One thing that you must take care of is: FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid which is offered by many institutes except for the Ashworth. So, if you are eligible for FAFSA, then do not ignore the financial aid.

Why Is Marketing Yourself Important

The harsh reality is, entering the job field means youre in competition with others. You have to market yourself to stand out to potential employers and put yourself ahead of the other candidates. Having a well-written resume and an active LinkedIn profile may be the difference between getting a job or not.

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