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How To Sell My College Textbooks

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Where To Sell Textbooks For Extra Money

How I Buy and Sell My College Textbooks

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Sell Your College Books Online

Selling textbooks online is now the easiest and hassle-free way to make a profit. You can use websites like to sell textbooks to other students and get the highest offers. The entire process is transparent, and all you have to do is package your books and send them. Most bookselling sites provide free shipment.


Websites such as make it simple to compare buyback prices. That way, you will not get ripped off. Selling online is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is enter your books ISBN and get your payment.


If you do not live close to a post office, shipping textbooks can be inconvenient. The good news is that some sites like will pay for your shipping costs.

How To Sell Used Textbooks For Cash

You generally have three options when it comes to selling used textbooks for cash.

  • Sell Used Textbooks In Person
  • Sell Used Textbooks Online
  • Buy Used Textbooks to Resale Them Online
  • To sell used textbooks online for cash, first, you have to get a quote for a used textbook you intent to sell from one of these used textbook buyback sites. Next, if you agree on the price or buyback offer, most used book buyback sites will provide you with a free prepaid shipping label so you can ship the book out to the vendor for free. Once the used textbook buyback site receives your book, they will send you payment via check or PayPal, depending on the site and your choice.

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    How To Find Out How Much My Used College Textbooks Are Worth

    According to The New York Times, college students spend an average of $700 to $1,100 a year on textbooks. Unfortunately, many of those books collect dust on dorm room shelves after finals. But there is a way to get some cash from last year’s books. Many reliable websites that sell textbooks also will help you sell yours on the open market for a much better price than your college bookstore will give you. Get on the internet to find out how much your college textbooks are worth.

    Sell Your Textbooks To Other Students

    How I Buy and Sell My College Textbooks

    As a student, you may already have access to your customers: Your fellow peers. By networking and getting to know your classmates, you may be able to sell them your textbooks for a decent price. This way, you can also skip out on having to pay fees or shipping costs that you may have to pay when selling your textbooks online.

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    Decide How You Will Fulfill Orders

    • Merchant Fulfilled Network You store inventory, pack, and ship books independently.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon You ship books to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, and they do the rest for you. FBA includes storage, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns. Using FBA to ship your products is also the easiest way to get the Prime badge for most offers. Many Amazon customers look for products with the Prime badge because it represents fast, free shipping.

    Easy Cash In Your Pocket Upon Inspection Of Your Books Opt For A Mailed Check Or Paypal

    Once your books arrive, we carefully inspect them to ensure quality and quickly send your payment off to you!

    Why let those old books continue to gather dust? Give your used books a good home and get cash in your pocket today! Our process is risk-free and honest, we tell you exactly which books we can receive, what they are currently worth at that moment, and you have the option to see your overall quote before accepting. You can even click below to download our mobile app so that you can scan the ISBN codes with your phone!

    Have textbooks from past semesters cluttering up your dorm room or apartment? Sell them to us and give the next student the opportunity to save some money!

    Are you also looking to purchase books? Head over to our sister website and search for millions of titles, new and used!

    • 900 Knell Rd, Dock 15, Montgomery, IL 60538


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    Other Tips For Selling College Textbooks

    While it makes sense to wish you could get back some of the money you spent on college textbooks, Dr. Rikki Turner says it’s crucial to keep resale in mind once you start using your book at the beginning of the school year.

    “In order to sell books, you will need to keep them in good condition,” says Turner. “The condition of your book can also affect how much you can make selling your used books.”

    For the most part, this advice requires you to avoid writing or highlighting in your books, and to take special care not to bend or rip any pages. At the end of the day, you should use your book lightly and with care in order to keep it in excellent condition.

    Also, make sure you know that time is of the essence if your goal is selling last year’s books for top dollar or at all. In other words, don’t wait any longer than you have to.

    “Course materials can change over the years, and bookstores are more likely to purchase your book if the school they serve are still using it in classes,” says Turner.

    Comparison Apps And Sites

    How to Sell Used Textbooks on Amazon

    Textbook buyback comparison apps and sites allow you to sell used textbooks fast online. It is the fastest way to get the most money back in your pocket when you sell them. These apps and sites allow you to compare textbook buyback prices from top vendors to receive the best deal for free.

    BookScouter, BookFinder, BookTrapper, and BuyBackTextbooks are some of the top textbook buyback comparison sites that will search for the top bids for your used textbooks when you use them to compare buyback offers from top vendors.

    For example, just enter an ISBN of a used textbook you want to sell on BookScouter. The site will then search for the top bids from over 35 highest quality book buyback vendors.

    If you download their mobile app, just scan the barcode of the book or books to receive the best possible prices from different vendors with a single search. You then choose the vendor that is offering the best deal. Most used textbook buy back sites offer free shipping, so you can get the actual amount offered by the vendor for your used textbooks.

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    How Do You Get Paid

    Most sites offer a few different payment options, mainly PayPal and Check.

    Other sites may offer store credit. While it may not be as popular as getting cash, you actually can sell your books for a little more.

    And you can always use this credit for next semester when it is time to buy new textbooks.

    How To Get Top Dollar For Your College Textbooks

    Where should you sell your college textbooks for the best results? There are quite a few websites set up to facilitate these transactions, but the experts I reached out to had some additional advice to offer as well.

    If you want to get more cash for your textbooks, here are four ways to do just that.

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    How To Sell Back Your Textbooks

    Bring your textbooks back to the bookstore at the end of the term to get up to 50% cash back. Finals week is the best time to get the most cash back, so sell early!

    Books must include all original materials and a valid school ID is required at the time of buyback. Buyback is limited to one copy of a title per customer. Please check with the bookstore for more details.

    If you prefer to ship the books back, we have partnered with MBS to offer you the best prices for your used books. to learn more.

    Sell Books Directly To College Students

    Rent Digital College Books Online: Where Can I Sell My College ...

    Some of the students will need the same books you used in the previous semester. You can sell the textbooks directly to them.


    You can make a profit from selling the books by removing the middleman.


    It is not easy to find a buyer. Students who want to cut down on costs might not want to pay for the textbook. Some students may not also finish the course. When that happens, they might want their money back.

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    What To Do With Old Textbooks

    As a college student, you will undoubtedly collect knowledge. Along with this knowledge, you will collect textbooks. You will likely spend a fair share of your money buying books for school, but once youve passed the class, what is to come of the used textbooks? Knowing what to do with old textbooks can help you either get save money and/or assist a future student.

    There are a variety of options for how to recycle and reuse old books. Lets take a look at some of the best resources for where you can donate, resell, or reuse old textbooks.

    Additionally, if you want to get creative, there are some ideas for what you can make out of textbooks!

    Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

    Sell Used Books Directly To Students

    Some of your underclassmen will need to get the same textbooks you bought last semester. You can sell your books directly to these students.

    Pros: You can potentially make a profit by cutting out the middleman.

    Cons: Finding a buyer isn’t always easy. Even students who want to save money might feel uncomfortable paying you for textbook. There’s also the possibility that students will drop some classes. When that happens, they may come to you for a refund. You don’t have to give them their money back, but it’s an awkward conversation that can make you look like the bad guy on campus.

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    Why You Should Sell Back Textbooks

    In fall 2020, students were paying an average of $84 for a new hard copy of a book and an average of 23% more for e-books than they were in 2019, according to the Education Data Initiative.

    Whats more, full-time, undergraduate students spend an average of $1,240 for books and supplies in one academic year. Over the course of four years of school, that means youd spend nearly $5,000 just on textbooks and thats just one of the many costs of paying for college.

    Even if the campus bookstore does accept your books, most stores often offer pennies on the dollar for your textbooks, so youre ultimately out hundreds of dollars.

    Decide What Type Of Books You Want To Sell

    How to sell your old college text books – College 101 U
    • Wholesale: Buy in bulk for lower prices online or at bookstore closings. You can also procure new books in larger quantities from distributors or publishers. You may not have total control over what you get, but you can get more books at wholesale costs.
    • Local sources: Find used books by browsing local library book sales, used book stores, yard sales, and thrift shops. You may also discover collectible books at estate sales.
    • Auctions: Seek out auctions, estate sales, or farm sales selling used or collectible books.

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    Best Places To Sell College Textbooks For The Most Cash

    by Saeed – Last Updated February 13, 2018

    These days, college textbooks are one of the main expenses a student has to deal with.

    Theyre expensive!

    It doesnt make sense to let them collect dust in a box in the attic after youve finished the course.

    After the semester or class is over, selling books back to the campus bookstore is a good way to make some money back, and is also a simple of way of getting rid of books that you will no longer use.

    However, campus bookstores often dont offer the highest buyback price for these books.

    Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?Daily Goodie BoxInboxDollarsPanda ResearchKashKickSavvyConnectSwagbucks

    In the past, I have talked about selling books online.

    The good news is that there are also tons of places where students or anyone with access to old and used textbooks can make money by selling textbooks for cash.

    Here is a list of some of the best websites where you can sell your unwanted textbooks for the most money:

  • Your turn
  • Condition Of The Book

    Condition of the book is key when it comes to selling used textbooks online. Especially, if you are interested in buying used textbooks to resell them for a profit online, only buy books that are in good condition, i.e. that have no loose bindings, missing pages, water damage, no stains, etc. Also, look for used books that have been published within the last three years. Do not buy used books that are in poor condition.

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    Take Good Care Of Your Books

    Whether you decide to sell your books yourself or go through a third-party seller, do what you can throughout the semester to keep your books in good condition. While some pencil or pen marks on the inside of a book wont be a deal breaker, a buyer is likely to reject a text covered in colorful highlighter or with lengthy notes in the margins.

    Resellers will most likely turn down books that dont meet specific criteria. For example, your books need to have their covers, and those covers need to be intact. The books need to have all their pages too. If the textbook came with a CD or other supplementary materials, include those materials when you sell it.

    If you can, avoid getting your books wet or dirty. Dont bring them into the bathroom with you. If you dont have a waterproof backpack, wrap your books in plastic before tucking them into your backpack so that they dont get soaked on rainy days.

    Also avoid eating over your books so you dont spill food or drink on them. If you snack while you study, get into the habit of holding your snacks away from the books.

    Best Places To Sell Your Textbooks For The Most Money

    Where can i sell my used college textbooks for cash ...

    You’re a broke college student, and you want to get rid of the mound of books in the corner of your dorm. If you take them to the school bookstore, you know you’re going to end up earning back a quarter of what you paid, if you’re lucky. So, what other options do you have?

    If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, various online sites will help you sell your used books. You can choose to go with a book-focused online platform, a big retailer, or even your social networking apps to help you get rid of your books and build your bank account.

    If you’re interested in learning about the best way to sell used books online, you’ve come to the right place. Take the high road and sell textbooks online! Avoid the disappointment of waiting in line at the school bookstore for your pennies in return. We’ve found some of the best options to generate the highest return on your academic books for the least amount of effort.

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    List Your Books On Amazon

    • Type the book’s ISBN code into Amazon’s search bar. If the book was printed before 1970, enter the title manually.
    • Once on the product listing page, click the “Sell on Amazon” button.
    • Enter the SKU. This can be an SKU of your choice, or if you leave it blank, Amazon will generate one for you.
    • Select your price. To match the lowest price, simply click that button.
    • Enter the total quantity. The default is one unit.
    • Choose the condition. It’s vital to be 100% honest about the quality of each book.
    • Select your fulfillment channel .

    Choose The Right Shipping Method

    While resellers cover the books shipping for you, if youre going to sell directly to buyers, you must pack and ship each book one by one or per order. To cut down on shipping costs, especially if you plan to offer free shipping to buyers, send your books media mail.

    Media mail is one of the most cost-effective shipping methods. Its available from the U.S. Postal Service, and you can only use it to ship media materials such as books, DVDs, and CDs. The shipping method takes a bit longer than other options, usually between two and eight days.

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