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How To Get Off College Mailing Lists

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In The Absence Of Consent Can You Rely On The Soft Opt

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If you can show that:

we have obtained the contact details in the course of a sale of a product or service to that person and

we are only marketing our own similar products or services and

we gave the person a simple opportunity to refuse or opt out of the marketing, both when first collecting the details and in every message after that and

the texts or emails you want to continue sending are marketing products or services ,

you can then continue to send such commercial marketing emails after 24 May 2018.

Why Are You Getting College Emails In The First Place

When taking the PSAT test, future college students can opt to share their email addresses with the College Board. Colleges can then purchase the list of PSAT-takers from the College Board to gain access to students contact information and send them promotional material and information regarding scholarship programs.

Most students dont want to miss out on scholarship offers, and they see no harm in sharing their contact information. The trouble is, there are over 3000 colleges in the United States, and some of them have well-established marketing programs. Many of them even hire marketing agencies to manage their email marketing campaigns and track students’ responses.

According to College Transitions, a number of colleges believe that purchasing hundreds of thousands of email addresses and casting a wide net will yield the best results. Other colleges only buy email addresses of students that have offered specific indications regarding particular educational programs.

For example, suppose you have filled out that you are interested in a particular field, and you start receiving emails from colleges that offer programs that meet your interests. In that case, you can be sure that at least those institutions are reaching out to you in response to your stated interest.

Get Off The List Of All Direct Marketers

There are several smaller list brokers and direct marketing firms in the U.S. besides the DMA. Youll recognize a lot of them on the list below. Just as you did with the DMA in step one, send or phone in all the variations of your name and address to the list brokers and direct marketing firms listed below. Start saving the labels of all the variations of the names and addresses, which come to your mailbox. Every variation, no matter how small , is another name on a list, which gets sold to literally thousands of businesses, so include all variations! If you prefer to go the snail mail route in removal, cut and paste actual mailing labels onto a sheet, make copies, add your signature beside each name variation on each sheet, and send them off to each of the 5 addresses below. Indicate the following: “Please remove my name and address from your mailing lists and do not rent, sell or trade my name or address.”


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The Origins Of College Mailings

It began in the early 1970s when the College Board and the nations universities realized they were primed for synergistic marketing marriage . Names and contact info of test-takers was sold to the schools so they could engage in direct marketing to their prime audienceU.S. teenagers. In the early days, victims of this practice were generally limited to the countless forests worth of trees slain and the worn down spines of a nations mail carriers. In general, the schools motivation was fairly innocent and straightforwardYou need a college. Were a college. Whaddya think?

Fast-forward 45+ years and the college marketplace is a high-stakes battlefield. The institutional aims and expectations placed on admissions office in 2021-22 would be wholly unrecognizable to an admissions professional of a bygone era. The mail that you receive today has a multi-pronged and layered purpose behind it and its important that applicants understand precisely what that purpose is.

How Does It Work

So youve been waitlistednow what?  Joseph (JC) Chang ...

Simply select the type of mailing list you wish to purchase. We offer three types of mailing lists: Business Lists, Consumer Lists, and New Movers Lists. You will be asked to select your campaign type, geographic selects, and demographic selects. Upon retrieving counts you may add, change, or delete your selects. Once you are satisfied with your list criteria, you will be able to review the available quantity of your list and pricing. At this point you may still edit your list criteria by clicking ‘Back.’ Once you are satisfied with your list counts, purchase the list. Within a few minutes you’ll be able to download your mailing list. If you cant find what you are looking for, ask one of our List Experts.

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Laws That Govern Email Subscriptions

If you’ve agreed to receive an email newsletter but have nowchanged your mind, it’s easy to get the company to stop sending you emailmessages. In many countries there are legal requirements that organizations whosend out mass email messages must follow.

Here are four laws that apply to email subscriptions:

  • CAN-SPAMAct . This act applies to commercial messages. It coversseveral aspects of commercial email messages, including the header informationand subject lines. Most importantly, it requires the email sender to explainhow to opt out of receiving messages. And, it requires that the sender honorany opt-out requests within ten business days.
  • CASL. The act prohibits the sending of unauthorized commercial electronicmessages through any type of telecommunication including SMS, VoIP, and severalother means. Every email you send messages to must be opted in.
  • PECR . This act covers marketing by phone, email, text, or fax as well aswebsite cookies. It requires that individuals must have a clear chance to optout of receiving emails.
  • TheSpam Act 2003 . This act bans commercial electronic messagessent without consent that originate in or are commissioned in Australia. Italso covers messages accessed in Australia. It requires commercialmessages to provide a way to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe requests must be honoredwithin five working days.

Remove Yourself From Redplum

Next time you get a book of coupons in the mail, take a look at the sender. Its most likely RedPlum. The good news: they make it painless to remove yourself from their list online. The bad news: if your mail carrier is as careless as mine, youll still receive RedPlumjust with someone elses name and address.

Update: You can also opt-out of Share Local Media, which is used by Indochino among other companies.

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Pick A College To Attend And Submit Your Deposit

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to stay on the waitlist or not, you’ll need to pick a college you’ve been admitted to that you want to attend, even if it’s not your top choice and you’re still hoping to get off the waitlist at the other school.

Go through all the schools where you’ve been accepted and, for each, consider important factors, such as what kinds of majors it offers, what kinds of professors teach there, what extracurriculars are available, what its campus is like, where it’s located, etc.

You can do research on the schools you’re considering attending bylooking at their official websites, visiting their campuses, and talking to current or former students. If you’re struggling to make a decision on where you should go to college, check out our guide for tips on how to choose the best college for you.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go to collegeeven if you’re holding out hope that you’ll get admitted off the waitlist at your top choiceit’s time to accept your offer of admission and submit your non-refundable deposit. Both your acceptance of admission and deposit must be submitted no later than the May 1 deadline.

How To Get Removed From Catalog Mailing Lists

What To Do If You’re Waitlisted: More College Application Tips

Unwanted catalogs can be a major annoyance. Not only that, but they also represent a huge waste of paper and resources that will only end up in the trash. Several environmental groups have teemed up to create Catalog Choice, a free online service that allows you to remove your name from catalog mailing lists. In addition, you can also stop catalogs by using the free removal service provided by the Direct Marketing Association.

Visit the Catalog Choice website and click “Get Started.”

Create a free account by entering a username, password and your name and mailing address in the spaces provided. Click “Next.”

Enter the customer number if you have it available. The customer number is usually displayed on the mailing address of the catalog. If you don’t have it or can’t find it, do not worry. Click “Submit.”

Repeat steps to remove your name from each catalog you receive. The 400 participating businesses have agreed to remove your name from their mailing lists within 12 weeks, so you still may receive a few catalogs while the request is processing.

Visit the Direct Marketing Association website. This is another free service that allows you to remove your name from 1,500 catalog mailing lists. It is a good idea to complete the DMA process in addition to Catalog Choice because not all businesses participate in both programs.



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Using A Tool To Manage Your Subscriptions

You can also use a third-party tool to manage your emailsubscriptions. One example of a subscription management tool is This tool allows you to unsubscribefrom unwanted emails quickly. At the same time, it lets you consolidates emailsubscriptions you want to keep into a single email digest, the Rollup.

Note: Keep in mind, though, that while is a popular andeasy-to-use service, its business model may involve selling anonymized user data to othercompanies. This is something to consider carefully before signing up. Learnmore about the issue as covered in the New York Times.Also, if you’ve got Unroll.meset up on your Gmail account but would like to remove it, here’s how.

You don’t necessarily need a tool to manage your emailsubscriptions. You can use the tools built right into your own email providerto control where your newsletters go and which messages appear in your inbox.

One common strategy to keep newsletters out of your inbox isto use email filters to automatically sort your newsletter subscriptions into afolder . Learn how to use Gmail’s filter tool to manage your inbox in thistutorial:

How To Get Rid Of Physical Junk Maildonotpay Steps Up To The Task

Both spam emails and physical junk mail can be more than irritating. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of your physical junk mailpractically in no time. All you should do is take a snapshot of the physical junk mail you received and send it to DoNotPay. The process is quite simple:

  • Go to the DoNotPay in your web browserand choose the DoNotMail option
  • Click on the Enroll Now button
  • Upload a photo of unwanted mail and send it to
  • That’s it! You’re soon to be free from any unwanted physical junk mail that is making you crazy. Using the DoNotMail option, you’ll protect the environment from unnecessary junk and yourself from scams. In case of a successful class action settlement against the sender, you may even get compensationup to 500 dollars!

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    No More Credit Card Solicitations

    If you’ve ever filled out a product warranty card, purchased a new home or vehicle, supplied your credit information to a lending institution, or simply carried a credit card, you can be sure your name and address are being circulated among an array of credit card companies hungry for your business. Don’t despair — there is help. To eliminate credit card promotional mailings, or visit . You will have the opportunity to choose either a five-year removal or a permanent removal. For your personal credit cards, ask the company to place you on their “in house” list that is not sold or traded to other companies.

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    Don’t: Have Alumni Write To The School For You

    It’s rarely effective to scrounge around to find alumni who are willing to write letters recommending you. Such letters tend to be shallow and they make you look like youre grasping. Ask yourself if such letters will really change your credentials. Chances are, they wont.

    That said, if a close relative happens to be a major donor or member of the Board of Trustees, such a letter has a slight chance of helping. In general, however, admissions and fundraising work quite separately from one another.

    Do You Have Peoples Consent To Receiving Emails

    For example: if people have specifically signed up to receive a newsletter or emails via a web form designed for the purpose and you explained what communications people would receive when they signed up and can evidence that this has happened , then, you probably have valid consent and can continue to email such subscribers.

    However, if you put the mailing list together from an external source or you added people who gave their contact details for another purposes, then you need to find out what these people were told about the use of their information and what their expectations were about the use of their data.

    You should also consider how long you have had their contact details for and whether they have been offered an opt-out in each communication. If you are happy you have peoples consent to receiving your emails then you can carry on, ensuring that you continue to offer an opt-out in each future communication and refresh your consent or remove inactive individuals periodically.

    If you are unsure whether you have consent, consider if you may be able to rely on the so called soft-opt in explained below.

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    How To Grow Your Email List With New Content

    6. Create a new lead-generation offer.

    Create a new gated lead-generation offer, like a free ebook, and host it on a landing page that asks visitors to provide their email to download it.

    7. Create a free online tool or resource that requires sign-up.

    Free online tools make your users’ lives easier, especially if all they have to do is sign up with their email address. For example, we’ve created quite a few free tools, like Website Grader, to gather email addresses.

    8. Create additional bonus content.

    Not all gated content is worth it to a website visitor. Sometimes, to gain their interest, you need to give them free content first. You can begin with a blog post that offers beginner advice on a subject, then offer additional bonus content with more advanced tips that they can access by submitting their email address via a landing page.

    Why Schools Do It In 2021

    How to Get Off the College Waitlist – Wait List Strategies, Tips, and Persistence!

    In part, a simple equation drives this mass marketing phenomenonmore marketing leads to more applications which leads to a lower acceptance rate which leads to an increased selectivity ranking. The rankings systems such as U.S. News did include the ratio of students admitted to applicants as part of their algorithm, however, it only counted for a minuscule 1.25% of the total rating . In 2019, U.S News actually eliminated any inclusion of acceptance rate into their formula and dropped selectivity to a mere 10% of the total score. Perhaps this will lead to slightly less post-secondary junk mail, however, the push to increase applicants is about more than just a selectivity rating in a periodicalit is also about enhancing the universitys brand in an effort to increase alumni donations, recruit top-caliber professors, and keep an institutions bond rating and perception of financial health strong.

    Now, lets get to what this mail means to you. Spoiler alert: the answers are surprisingly terse.

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    How To Get Off Catalog Mailing Lists In Canada

    Sign up for the Canadian Marketing Associations Do Not Contact Service at This will remove you from all catalog lists for a period of six years. It takes about six weeks to take effect.

    If you only wish to unsubscribe from specific catalogs, you should contact those companies directly, as this is an all-or-nothing deal. Unlike the U.S. service, you can’t pick just a selection of catalogs to unsubscribe from. You won’t get mailings from any of the members of the CMA. However, it won’t stop unaddressed flyers sent to “Homeowner” or “Occupant.”

    College Waitlist: What Are Your Chances Of Getting In

    Getting waitlisted at a college certainly isn’t a bad thingyour application was good enough to not get rejected!but it’s definitely an uncomfortable place to be. After all, when you’re on the college waitlist, you don’t know whether you’ll be admitted or not, and that alone is anxiety-inducing.

    Luckily, there are many things you can do to increase your odds of getting off a waitlist. In this article, we explain how the college waitlist works, what steps to take if you’ve been waitlisted, and how to raise your college waitlist chances so you can attend your dream school.

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