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How Much Does It Cost To Apply To College

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Make A Balanced College List

How much does it cost to apply to colleges in USA? | US College Application Fees

To cut on costs, carefully research the schools that you have on your shortlist. You need to have a list of schools that you are seriously interested in attending. Identify your likely, target, and reach schools.

  • Likely looking at the middle 50% of the students who are typically admitted in this school, you have a stronger academic profile
  • Target looking at the middle 50% of the students who are typically admitted to this school, your academic profile is almost similar
  • Reach looking at the middle 50% of the students who are typically admitted to this school, your academic profile is not as strong

Given these criteria, aim for target schools but you may also send applications to reach and likely schools. The point of creating a balanced college list is, you only need to apply to schools that are likely to accept you, and that you will strongly consider attending. Applying to multiple schools may be considered a smart move, but it pays to have a plan with a clear objective.

What Does A Fee Waiver Cover

SAT Fee Waivers cover a variety of costs completely and reduce some others. Lets take a detailed look.

The SAT fee waiver includes the registration price for the SAT. A single waiver code covers two SAT registrations. If youre in the U.S. or U.S. Territories, this even includes any late fees for registering after the regular deadline. The SAT fee waiver covers unlimited sends of your score report to colleges. Additionally, for participating schools, it can also cover college application fees and CSS Profile applications for financial aid.

But wait, theres more

The SAT fee waiver also pays for two Question-And-Answer Service reports. If youre a U.S. student living abroad, you wont need to pay any regional fees. The SAT fee waiver even provides fee reductions for score verification reports.

However, there are a few things the SAT fee waiver does not cover:

  • Change fees
  • Waitlist fees
  • Scores by phone

Scenario : Apply To Five Schools

Say you plan to apply to five colleges that have $50 application fees. You plan to take both the SAT and the ACT tests once. Two of the colleges want you to submit the CSS Profile. Heres how much you can expect to pay:

SAT test = $47.50

Application fees =

FAFSA = $0

CSS Profile for two schools = $25 + $16

Total = $389

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How One Application Can Cost As Much As $4688

Factor in test prep, taking the SAT and ACT multiple times, rushing score reports and tutoring and you can end up with a nearly $5,000 bill for that first college application. Heres how it breaks down:

Grand total $4,687.50

Want even more tutoring, AP exams and subject tests? Apply to more than one school? You might have to pay even more.

A Final Word On The Cost Of Applying To College

How Much Does It Cost to Apply to College

At a bare minimum, you’re going to pay at least $100 to take the SAT or ACT and apply to a local college or two. If you’re a high-achieving student applying to 10 highly selective colleges in a wide geographic area, you could easily be looking at $2,000 or more in costs for application fees, exam fees, and travel. It’s not unusual for students to spend more than $10,000 applying to schools because they hire a college consultant, fly to schools for visits, and take numerous standardized tests.

The application process, however, does not need to be prohibitively expensive. Both colleges and the SAT/ACT have fee waivers for low-income students, and things such as consultants and expensive travel are luxuries, not necessities.

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Cost Of Books And School Supplies

The average price of books and school supplies for students at both public and private colleges in 2021-2022 is $1,240.

Textbook prices have risen 812 percent since 1978, according to a 2019 report by Follet, an educational products company. Borrowing books from the library or purchasing digital or used textbooks can reduce your costs, but students still find budgeting for textbooks to be a major source of stress, according to a survey of current and former college students by textbook publisher Cengage. Thirty-one percent of the students surveyed said they took fewer classes to save on textbook costs, and 43 percent said they skipped meals or took out loans to pay for course materials.

Vehicle And Parking Costs

Driving may be necessary especially during the clerkship years. You will need a reliable vehicle, which means car payments, gas, and insurance. Parking costs at hospitals can be significant and you may have to drive to work every day during your clerkship years, depending on the location of your medical school. Hospital parking can cost hundreds of dollars, especially in urban centers for downtown hospitals.

Average vehicle and parking costs/month: US$877

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Cost Of Living And Medical Training Fees

You must also be aware of the cost of living in the location where the medical school of your choice is situated. If it is an urban center, your cost of living will be much higher. This is the case with schools in both, Canada and the US. If you are planning to rent an apartment or a house, research the prices and calculate how this will affect your financial needs. You should also consider transportation needs, food, leisure, and study materials. You might have a completely different set of living costs if you have a child. For reference, rent is about $1750 for a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago, IL. In Springfield, IL, rent is about $650 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Your moving plans should also take into consideration taxes you will have to pay. For example, while rental prices for apartments in Quebec are quite low, you should keep in mind that you are not exempt from income taxes in Canada as a full-time student. If you have any Canadian-earned income it is always taxable in Canada. This includes summer jobs, part-time jobs, scholarships, bursaries, or grants. You will need to file an income tax return. As a full-time student, you may be eligible for several deductions that can reduce the amount you owe and may even provide a refund. These may include deductions for tuition, moving expenses, and even childcare, so make sure you keep track of these expenses.

Average rent and utilities/month: US$1,400

Other College Application Expenses

How Much Does It Cost to Apply to Medical School? | My Medical School Application Cost + GIVEAWAY

Aside from the testing fees, other additional costs include securing copies of your high school transcript and taking college essay tutorials. Online, there are sites from which you can request a copy of your high school transcript, such as Parchment and NeedMyTranscript. However, if your school is not included in the database of these third-party sites, you may check the website of the high school you attended and request a copy of your transcript online.

Another way to secure your high school transcript is by coordinating with the Department of Education office in your state. Your school district, which is searchable on the National Center for Education Statistics website, also keeps a record of your transcript.

In addition to submitting transcripts, some students who desire to excel in college application testing take college essay tutorials, which makes it another cost to consider in the overall college application budget. The cost of these tutorials ranges from $50 to $100. Check with your guidance office as some schools offer group tutorials.

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Here Is The Real Cost Of Applying To College

We all knew college was going to be expensive but what a lot of us failed to realize was how expensive just applying to college was going to be. Sure, we realized that there were going to be application fees and fees associated with taking college entrance exams, but it turns out that these costs are just the tip of the iceberg.

With tuition costs rising astronomically and the additional cost of applications, paying for it all has become a huge problem for many families and parents are under increasing pressure to figure out how to meet those rising costs.

We reached out to Grown and Flown Parents and got a true account of the cost of applying to college.

I work with a local nonprofit that provides scholarships for high performing high school students to help them with these basic costs that many of us take for granted. Many teens give up on their dream of a college degree because they cant afford the cost of the testing or the application. Or dont want to burden their parents with any additional expenses.

Here is what the REAL cost of getting into college looks like:

How Much Will I Pay Per Year

You could pay anywhere from $18,000 to nearly $50,000 per year to attend college it all depends on your financial aid package. Sometimes schools with a higher cost of attendance have generous financial aid packages that lead to a lower net price the amount you pay after you receive financial aid. It all depends on how large your schools endowment is for offering scholarships and grants to incoming students.

Your school determines your financial aid package by looking at two main factors: Whether youre considered a dependentmore info buttonmore info button and your family income.

Heres how much the average student paid for the 20152016 academic year based on different income levels:

Income level

How much will I pay for four years of college?

Its difficult to predict how much youll pay for four years of college since it depends on your financial aid package and how much your schools COA increases from year to year.

Heres how much tuition increased over the past decade by school type:

  • Private four-year school: 1.9%
  • Public four-year school: 2.2%
  • Public two-year school: 2%

Based on these percentage changes, you might expect to pay a net cost of $147,940.97 at a private four-year school and $41,898.01 at a public four-year institution in tuition and fees.

How much did college costs change last year?

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How Much Does It Cost For An International Student To Study At University In The Us

Millions of students around the world dream of studying in the US. There are a lot of famous universities and colleges to choose from. Improving their future prospects, getting a high quality higher education, and access to better opportunities are just some of the reasons why so many students want to study at a university in the US.

But to get the best quality product you usually have to pay a high price. US colleges are some of the most expensive colleges in the world, but still millions of international students apply every year.

So, how much does an international student pay to study in the US? The annual cost can reach up to five figures.

Most colleges dont have a standardized government fee system. It mostly depends on the college and the course you choose.

There are multiple types of institutions available in the US such as community colleges, private colleges, and public colleges. Most international students study at public and private colleges rather than community colleges.

Private colleges are the costliest of them all. On average public colleges charge between $35,000 and $45,000 and private colleges charge from $50,000 to $75,000 per year.

Average Cost Of College & Tuition

How Much Does It Really Cost to Apply to College ...

Report Highlights. The average cost of college* in the United States is $35,720 per student per year. The cost has tripled in 20 years, with an annual growth rate of 6.8%.

  • The average in-state student attending a public 4-year institution spends $25,615 for one academic year.
  • The average cost of in-state tuition alone is $9,580 out-of-state tuition averages $27,437.
  • The average traditional private university student spends a total of $53,949 per academic year, $37,200 of it on tuition and fees.
  • Considering student loan interest and loss of income, the ultimate cost of a bachelors degree may exceed $400,000.

*In this report, college refers to any postsecondary educational institution that offers an undergraduate degree program.


*Additional expenses do not account for potential lost income nor student loan interest.

Related reports include Student Loan Debt Statistics | Average Cost of Community College | How Do People Pay for College? | Student Loan Refinancing

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Cost Of Living In Australia

As mentioned, the Australian governments Department of Home Affairs says you must prove you have AU$20,290 for living costs per year. If youre bringing a partner youll need to add AU$7,100 to this figure, and if you have children, youll need to show you have an additional AU$3,040 for each child.

As well as proof of these funds, you will also need to show you have a return air fare for yourself and every family member you take with you, as well as enough money to cover the school fees of any children you have between age five and 18.

Although the above outlines the amount required by Australias immigration standards, you may not need to spend that much once you arrive. The official Study in Australia guidelines recommend budgeting between AU$85 and AU$440 per week for accommodation, depending on whether you stay in shared accommodation on campus , or in private rented accommodation .

Other weekly expenses include:

Ways To Save On Your College Application

Its possible to avoid some fees when youre applying to college. Before you sign up for test prep or submit your application, consider these options for lowering the cost of applying.

1. Apply to no-fee schools

Not all schools charge an application fee its possible one youve had your eye on doesnt. Colleges dont always advertise that they dont have an application fee. If you cant find one listed on their website, give their admissions office a call to make sure theres no fee to apply.

Schools that rely on the Common App often dont charge an application fee, though you might have to pay one if the school requires any supplementary forms.

2. Apply early decision to your top choice

Applying early decision can potentially cut down on costs in a few ways. If you get in, you can save on the following fees:

  • Application fees to additional colleges
  • Extra score report fees
  • Transcript fees

3. Be thoughtful about your choices

The more schools you apply to, the more application, score report and transcript fees you have to pay. Think about what you really want out of a school and where you can realistically get in.

Even if youre at the top of your class, it might not be worth applying to every Ivy League school you can only attend one, after all. Experts also recommend you apply to at least one safety school, a school of your choice that you have a chance of getting into.

4. Request a fee waiver

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Estimated Cost Of Attendance

The College is required by the federal government to derive a Cost of Attendance for several categories of students. These COAs are used to determine the eligibility for financial aid. The COA represents direct costs, like tuition and fees that you pay directly to the College, and indirect costs, like transportation for going to and from class.

The COA is an estimate of these charges, based on an average for this area, and will likely vary from your actual costs in each category. The COA is different for different groups of students and may vary depending on how many credits you are taking, if you live in or out of county, if you live at home or have your own place, etc. If you are enrolled less than half-time, your cost of attendance for financial aid cannot include room and board or miscellaneous expenses.

Below are some examples of COA for Full-Time and Part-Time students:

Standard Admission

How Much Does It Cost To Apply And How Do I Pay


Once you have completed the online application, you will receive an automated email confirming your application and requesting that you mail your application fee.


Application fees are set per child.For one to three programs the fee is $60.For four to six programs the fee is $120.


At this time, application fees must be paid by check, money order or wire transfer.

Paying by check:

  • Please indicate on your check which program you are applying to so that we can allocate your application fee to the correct program.
  • Checks should be made out to: Campus Child Care, Inc. and mailed to:Campus Child Care, Inc., 44R Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Paying by wire transfer:

  • If you pay by wire please include an additional $12 with your application fee total to cover the cost of the wire.
  • The information for the CCC wire account is as follows:
  • ABA/routing number: 011300595
  • The wire transfer account number: 1538143903
  • Bank name: Cambridge Trust Company
  • Bank Address: 1336 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Recipient: Campus Child Care, Inc., 44R Brattle Street, Cambridge MA 02138 US
  • When sending a wire transfer, please, please email to notify us of parent and child’s name and the dollar amount and expected arrival time of any funds. This is because some wire-transfer services do not include any reference information and it can be hard to match the payment to the family.

If you have questions about payment, please Campus Child Care.

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