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Can You Do College Completely Online

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Will Colleges Accept Late Transcripts

How to Use Online Courses to Complete College Prerequisites

They will usually accept the official transcript if it arrives late but only if it is in time for reviewing file. There is usually a week or two grace period so to speak. Just make sure everything else is submitted with an unofficial copy of transcript with note that official transcript is being sent.

Could I Receive Credit Towards A Community College Or Associates Degree

Yes! Our courses have earned a recommendation for credit from NCCRS whose recommendations are considered by over 1400 accredited colleges and universities in the United Statesmany of which are community colleges that offer an Associates Degree, and many 4-year Universities that offer Associate Degrees. Weve also organized direct relationships with universities like Ashworth College and Southern New Hampshire University that offer online Associate Degree programs and have agreed to accept our courses for college credit. This provides our students with many options around the country, and were working to add more universities all the time.

El Paso Community College

El Paso, Texas

El Paso Community College provides students with an extensive menu of online courses they can take towards their free online college degree. The school is a member of the Virtual College of Texas, which is a collaborative effort between fifty community college districts that allow students to take distance courses at any of the member institutions and receive distance degree support from one school. Financial aid opportunities are funneled through one school, making it a simple process to qualify for aid. In addition to federal and state financial aid, students can complete one application and qualify for various El Paso Community College Scholarships based on need, merit, and demographic characteristics.

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Pros And Cons Of Taking Online College Classes

In the past decade, online learning has become more accessible as potential students discover that no matter what their daily obligations, they can find ways to obtain degrees while staying within their work and life schedules. Many accredited colleges such as Florida National University are now offering online learning programs, and the federal government recently started making data about online enrollments and academic performance available to researchers.

According to a published by Inside Higher Ed, more American private schools are embracing online education as a way to reach students whose socioeconomic status and life situations do not allow them to enjoy traditional campus programs.

Online learning transcends the realm of higher education. In 2018, technology giant Google invested $20 million into an initiative to create educational content on its popular YouTube platform these videos will range from explanations about science topics to step-by-step cooking, programming, and foreign language acquisition tutorials. Google is financially motivated with this project for two reasons: First of all, the company is looking for a safe place where brands can place advertisements second, data analytics and surveys indicate that online audiences are increasingly searching for educational content.

North Hennepin Community College

Completely Online Community College: Can You Get Grants For Online Colleges

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

At North Hennepin Community College, students may earn a degree online for little to no cost. In fact, thanks to NHCCs financial aid awards and scholarships, students may earn a free online degree. Online degree offerings include AA, AS, or AAS degrees in accounting, business computer systems and management, computer science, finance management, marketing, and more. Online certificates may also be earned in areas like accounting, business, computer information systems, and computer science. Types of financial aid programs available at North Hennepin include both state and federal grants and work-study. While need-based, Pell grants may offset the cost of tuition and allow students to earn their degree at North Hennepin free of charge.

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Online Classes Could Be The Missing Piece

I wish I would have known how awesome the experience was, says attorney Alexis Moore.

Traditional school is stressful in comparison to online education because of the precious time wasted for students: the drive to and from class, finding a seat and the endless distractions. So much is involved just getting to the classroom, whereas online you are in your own environment, safe from germs and the stress of driving. Online classes save you so much time that you can never get back.

Moore, who obtained her undergraduate and law degrees online, enjoyed the convenience and time-saving aspects of online education. She also thought they allowed her to learn more effectively.

The education is more effective and efficient because you can interact with professors more comfortably. You can choose whether to send them a private message or to speak aloud to ask a question during class.

What About Ivy League Schools

Even though the University of the People isnt exactly what it advertises, the option of a free degree is still entirely possible. Reputable schools all over the United States, including every Ivy League university, offer at least one full-ride scholarship or free tuition program to their students based on financial need.

For example, If your family makes less than $60,000 per year , there is no financial barrier between you and a degree from Cornell, Brown, Yale, or even the most esteemed university in the world, Harvard.

While the idea that a scholarship or grant could get you a free degree is undoubtedly a more difficult pill to swallow, this full-ride scholarship has to go to someone! Scholarship opportunitiesespecially for elite Ivy League universities with significant endowments exist and can significantly aid students. This is especially true of low-income or first-generation college students who have unique access to scholarship funds at many of these universities.

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Cochise County Community College

Douglas, Arizona

Cochise County Community College offers several distance degree programs that require no campus visitation. Degrees can be used for specific workforce training or to satisfy lower division requirements needed to transfer to a four-year institution in pursuit of a bachelors degree. Degrees include business administration, economics, social science, computer information systems, and more. Generous financial aid and scholarship packages result in many students being able to earn their online college degree for free with little or no student debt. Depending on income levels, many students receive enough financial aid for their tuition and books to be covered. Additionally, the institution offers a wide variety of need-based and merit-based aid. For example, graduating high school seniors receive up to $750 based on their high school GPA. The Cochise Foundation also offers dozens of scholarships through the completion of just one application.

Truckee Meadows Community College

Unit 5 | Class 8 | Festivals | English | Nepal Online School | Complete Video | In Nepali

Reno, Nevada

Truckee Meadows Community College is listed among the 100 free online colleges thanks to its number of online degree offerings and history of financial aid awards. Truckee Meadows offers online associates degrees in areas like anthropology, business, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, history, psychology, and more. The school is also one of the few community colleges to award an online bachelors degree in emergency management and homeland security. To help students afford their college education, Truckee Meadows offers grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities. Scholarships, based on need and merit, include the TMCC Nevada Promise scholarship and various TMCC Foundation and tribal scholarships.

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We Want To Hear From You

So whether you want to earn a degree completely online or just take an online class to explore a new subject, we’re ready to help. Contact us for more information!

Need help with online degrees or courses? Call 702-651-5619 or email us.

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Online Degrees And Certificates

Online learning is growing and expanding to more fields. Read this Palo Alto Online news article to find out how a Foothill grad earned his degree online enabling him to transfer to Berkeley to complete his Bachelor’s degree.

Students can earn the following degrees and certificates by completing fully online courses.

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Free Courses Vs Free Degrees

Many people arent aware, but Harvard offers hundreds of online courses for credit and non-credit for all of their students, allowing you to pursue your degree from wherever you are.

To be eligible for the free tuition at Harvard University, your family would have to have an annual income of less than $65,000. If you meet that requirement, Harvards financial aid office will get you set up to earn your degree at no cost to you.

If you are just missing the mark for the free program but still couldnt afford the tuition on your own, students whose families earn between $65,000 and $150,000 will pay between 0% and 10% of their total tuition costs with grants from the university.

Applying To An Online School

10 Online Study Hacks for Every College Student

In general, the admissions requirements and application process are identical for online college programs and on-campus programs. To begin, you’ll submit an online application, either directly through the school’s website or through a universal college application portal, such as the Common App. Many schools charge an application processing fee, which can range anywhere from $25 to $90. Some schools only charge you the fee if you are accepted, and some are willing to waive the application fee for low-income students.

After submitting the application form, you will be given some additional time to submit the rest of your application materials. When applying to an associate or bachelor’s degree program, these additional items usually include:

  • high school or GED program transcripts,
  • SAT or ACT test scores ,
  • one or more letters of recommendation from former teachers or other adults, and
  • a personal essay or statement.

When applying to transfer into a bachelor’s program or to a master’s or doctoral program, you may also be required to submit transcripts of your previous college coursework and a resume. In rare instances, such as when applying to a fine art or computer programming degree program, you may be asked to present a portfolio of recent projects.

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Juggling School Work And Family Responsibilities

Many online students choose the non-traditional path because they have other obligations in their lives that make the on campus experience an unrealistic option. For some people with full-time jobs and families, as well as others who simply do not live close enough to their desired colleges, attending an online university allows them to earn an online degree at their own pace.

For instance, Tracey Burraston 15 not only balanced a full-time job and the duties of a mother to her five children, but also the challenges of living in a rural location. Despite these obstacles, she could still use her free time to tackle her online psychology degree in chunks.

While you may think you’ll be on your own in a virtual environment, that’s just one of several misconceptions about online college courses. Throughout your online education, you may have a support team including an academic advisor, course instructors, peer tutors and others who specialize in career services and financial aid.

Even when a snowstorm threatened to knock out her internet connection, Burraston’s academic advisor was there to make sure she could continue working toward her online degree at her own pace.

“Living in such a rural area, I really needed an online program that would fit my life,” Burraston said. ” immediately got back to me. She was able to do whatever we needed to do to get it fixed. At that moment, it was clear to me that SNHU was committed to my success.”

Lincoln Land Community College

Springfield, Illinois

Lincoln Land Community College offers online degrees, certificates, and courses for students looking to earn an education through eLearning. Some of the online associate degrees awarded at Lincoln Land CC include business, computer science, criminal justice, English, history, liberal arts, philosophy, and psychology, to name a few. Online certificates include specialized training in computer administration and fire service and prevention. To help students afford tuition, fees, and books, Lincoln Lands Foundation offers scholarships based on merit and need. In addition to scholarships, the school offers lucrative financial aid awards that can help students eliminate any education costs associated with attending LLCC.

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Cuyahoga Community College District

Cleveland, Ohio

Cuyahoga Community College offers a wide array of online degrees including associate of arts, associate of applied business, associate of applied business and supply chain, and more. They also offer several majority online degrees ranging 95%-85% distance learning with minimal on-campus time required. With the lowest college tuition rates in Ohio, Cuyahoga already offers great value for its students to pursue their postsecondary goals. In addition to traditional financial aid grants, loans, and work-study, Cuyahoga provides different types of aid in the form of local scholarships and third-party sponsorships. Local scholarships come in need and merit-based form. The third-party sponsors can be individuals or organizations willing to pay the educational costs of those they sponsor.

A Quick Note On Transferring Schools

Can You Become a Financial Analyst?

Degree completion programs exist because thousands of students transfer schools every year. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, more than one-third of all college students transfer schools before graduating. To transfer your credits from one school to another, the two schools usually have to be accredited by the same organizations.

Make sure you understand how accreditation works before you commit to a school. The wrong choice can significantly reduce the options you have later.

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If Ive Taken Some Units At Community College Can I Still Enroll

Of course! Our courses at are free and available to everyone. Courses completed from a community college could possibly be combined with the courses you complete at to maximize the amount of credit you receive at your eventual university. You should check with your desired university beforehand though to understand whats possible to obtain eventual credit and any guidelines they have You can also see our Full Transfer Guide for more details.

How Fast You Finish A Degree Is Kind Of Up To You

The schools on this list provide some great ways to save time on your degreebut ultimately, how fast you finish depends on how hard youre willing to work. If youre determined to finish quickly and you have the time, you can take more credits per quarter or semester. Choosing the right school can make it easier to shave off months or even years of your program, but to really reduce your degree time, youll have to put in work.

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Choosing And Applying To An Online Program

Once you’ve determined the subject and degree you would like to pursue, you’ll need to decide which online program to enroll in. There are several important factors to consider when selecting the specific program that will best meet your needs, such as the reputation of the school for teaching that subject, any options for adding a concentration or area of emphasis, and the degree to which you can customize your program through the choice of electives. Another important factor is your return on investment, meaning the cost of the program as compared to your increased earning potential over the course of your career. On, we rank schools by ROI, making it easier for you to use this factor as one of your decision criteria.

As you conduct your school search, you might also want to investigate the school’s virtual learning environment before making your final choice. Some useful questions to ask are:

Are the courses entirely asynchronous, allowing you to complete work on your own time, or are elements of the courses synchronous, requiring you to be online with the instructor at specific days and times?

Does the school require you to come to campus for any live learning events, and will you have the time and resources to attend these sessions?

Will you be able to meet the expected demands of the courses in addition to your other time commitments?

Will you have access to financial aid and student support services if enrolled online?

You Can Be In Class From Anywhere

Can You Complete a Nursing Program Online?

One of the best aspects of online learning is that you can be in class anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Without a commute or worrying about parking, students are able to focus on their classwork. This also means that students from all over the world have access to education that previously was not available to them.

Plus, no one will know if youre still wearing your pajamas!

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Can You Start Online College Anytime

Start dates depend on the type of online program you’ve chosen. Many of the exclusively online colleges operate on a schedule that is different from the traditional school schedule. These schools often offer short terms of four to eight weeks in length that run consecutively year round. Thanks to their unique schedules, these schools are able to accept applications and enroll new students on an ongoing basis. New students are usually invited to begin taking classes within the next available term, which is never more than a couple of months into the future.

However, other schools, especially those that have both online and in-person programs, follow the more familiar semester-based model. Applicants may have to wait for an admission decision for several months, and newly enrolled students may have to wait for the next fall, spring, or summer semester to begin their studies. If the program is run on a cohort system, where each new class of students begin together, students assigned to each cohort are generally asked to wait until the next fall term to begin.

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