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What Colleges Offer Biology Majors

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Biology Major / Master Of Education

Life as a “Marine Biology Major” at Florida State University // Marine Biology Major Colleges

You can also earn a Biology Major from the College of Science and Technology and a Master of Education from the College of Education and Human Development. Qualified students can earn a masters degree in five years, instead of taking the usual six. Learn more about pursuing this accelerated degree.

University Of Florida: $5656 $27933

The University of Florida has a popular biological sciences program. In a typical year, over 7 percent of the graduating class will earn a Biological/Life Sciences degree.

Students working towards their Bachelor of Science in Biology at UF choose one of six tracks designed to prepare them for a future career in the sciences:

  • Pre-professional
  • Neuroscience
  • Plant Biology

The University of Minnesota actually has a separate College of Biological Sciences so students have an entire set of administrators and faculty dedicated solely to their education. This College graduated 469 students in the 2011-2012 school year.

University Of New Hampshire

interdisciplinary school

  • As its name suggests, the school aims to provide students with interdisciplinary training in marine science and ocean engineering. With that, students are expected to contribute and be involved in scientific policies and the management of marine resources.
  • The school also has various research facilities and laboratories that further enhance the students marine experience.

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University Of The Sciences

Philadelphia, PA

The University of the Sciences low student-faculty ratio and high availability of undergraduate research opportunities makes it a top small college for biology majors. With just over 1500 undergraduates in the entire school, biology students at USciences are all but guaranteed to receive the attention from faculty and administrators they need to succeed. This personalized approach to education also extends to minors and degree specializations, which cover popular topics like Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, and Neuroscience. Whether youre interested in pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry, or even veterinary science, a degree in biology from USciences is a tried and true pathway to graduate school and beyond.

Net Price: $31,997/yr

Net Price: $31,010/yr

Wm Keck Science Center


Claremont, CA

Representing three of the five members of the Claremont Consortium, Pitzer, Scripps, and Claremont McKenna Colleges all share degree programs within the prestigious W.M. Keck Science Department. Although certain majors in the biological sciences technically belong to individual schools, it will be a superficial distinction from your perspective. After all, any student within the consortium can take science classes at any of the five colleges. And yet, the academic programs themselves are anything but superficial. With top undergraduate biology programs in fields that include Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Human Biology, and Molecular Biology, you are free to pursue whatever field of study your biological heart desires.

Net Price: $30,464/yr

Like the Claremont Consortium, Simmons Colleges is host to a number of degree programs that full under the banner of the biological sciences. From General Biology to Public Health, Environmental, and even Exercise Science, students at Simmons have an exceptional opportunity to explore their interests within the realm of biology. But despite the diverse nature of the colleges bioscience curriculum, all of its programs share a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and that includes laboratory work and internships. And at the end of the day, its this commitment to both educational breadth and depth that makes Simmons one of the best colleges for a biology degree.

Net Price: $30,232/yr

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How Long Does It Take To Earn A Biology Degree Online

Online biology programs are designed to be completed in four years of full-time study, although many students take longer. Whether students are pursuing a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Biology, they will generally need to complete 120-126 credit hours. Typically, half of these credits are for general education courses and the other half are for biology courses.

Students may find it helpful to look at the graduation rates at individual schools and programs to gauge how long it might take to earn their degree.

Students may find it helpful to look at the graduation rates at individual schools and programs to gauge how long it might take to earn their degree. These rates indicate how many students graduate within a given time frame. Many graduation rates measure how many students have completed their degree after 6 years of enrolling in a bachelor’s program. You can look for this information on individual school websites or by using the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator tool.

How To Get Into A Marine Biology Program

Some students assume that because the earning potential isnt especially high or because the job growth isnt over the top that marine biology programs wont be especially selective. While there is a broad range of selectivity from one program to another, in general programs in the STEM fields require a strong foundation. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Take High Level STEM Classes

It should go without saying that if you want to pursue a STEM field in college, you should start by taking STEM classes in high school. The more challenging classes you can take, the better off youll be. AP Biology and AP Chemistry should be near the top of your to-do list if youre capable of succeeding at that level. A good score on those AP exams could mean placing out of introductory level classes when you start your degree.

Pursue Extracurriculars that Highlight Your Appreciation for the Environment

Build a Strong Admissions Team

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The University Of New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, NMWebsiteScore: 94.11

Located in Albuquerque, NM, the University of New Mexico is a public research university with over 25,000 students enrolled in its over 215 different degree programs. UNM is comprised of 12 different colleges and schools including the College of Arts and Sciences which houses the Department of Biology. The DB offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. The BAB degree requires a total of 32 credit hours including the four-course introductory sequence of Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular, Principles of Biology: Genetics, Ecology & Evolution, and Plant & Animal Form & Function. The BSB degree is similar, except that students are required to complete 37 credits to graduate. Both degrees include significant coursework in chemistry, mathematics, and physics and both degrees require all coursework in biology to be passed with a C or higher.

Net Price:

WebsiteScore: 95.48

Classes from these areas include Computational Neuroscience, Environmental Microbiology, Central Nervous System Evolution and Development, Sensory-Neural Systems and Behavior, and Molecular Basis of Disease. There is also a capstone course which is built around a student research experience and includes training in how to write grant proposals and manuscripts, and how to make presentations of findings to the general public. The BAB has a similar structure, but only requires 32 credit hours in biology classes.

Net Price:

WebsiteScore: 100

University Of North Carolina

University College Degrees and Majors: Biology
  • While the school specializes in its graduate programs, it also offers introductory courses to students pursuing undergraduate programs.
  • To encourage more students to enroll in the program, the school funds Teaching Assistantships for graduate students who are in their first years. Aside from that, the school also offers partial funding for staff that assists students.

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Online Bachelor’s In Biology Admission Requirements

Although many excellent online bachelor’s in biology programs also accept the GED, some require that applicants possess a high school diploma. These programs ask applicants to pass high school course prerequisites, mainly math and science courses. Fortunately, many schools that have this requirement also admit transfer students, even those who passed the GED.

Many colleges and universities require that applicants who graduated or left high school within the previous five years submit ACT or SAT scores. Schools use standardized test scores to make admissions decisions and award merit-based financial aid. As a result, you should create an ACT or SAT study plan so you can earn the highest score possible.

Competitive online bachelor’s in biology programs use a GPA minimum for both recent high school graduates and transfer students. Most schools have a 2.0 minimum GPA cutoff. In some cases, a college or university may extend conditional admission to an applicant whose GPA falls below 2.0 but who can show academic potential in other ways.

Like with the GPA minimum, many colleges and universities use a GED score minimum for applicants who do not possess a high school diploma. This requirement means that even if you passed the GED, your passing score might not meet a school’s cutoff. However, you can still receive conditional admission in some cases.

Biological Sciences Major Careers And Jobs

Marquette’s Department of Biological Sciences offers three bachelor of science degrees: the biological sciences major, the biochemistry and molecular biology major, and the physiological sciences major. It also offers two specialized majors: a track within physiological sciences for direct-admit physical therapy students, and biology for the professions, which is for College of Education students who plan to teach high school science. A major in biology prepares students for a variety of careers, as well as professional schools and graduate schools.

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University Of Texas At Arlington

ARLINGTON, TXWebsiteScore: 84.83

Located midway between Fort Worth and Dallas, the University of Texas at Arlington is part of the UT system and is the largest university in North Texas with over 41,000 students enrolled annually. A public research university, UTA is comprised of 10 colleges and schools including the College of Science where the Department of Biology is housed. The DB offers a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. The BSB degree is designed for students who want to conduct research, teach in secondary schools, or enter careers in specific allied-health fields. There are two different concentrations that students can pursue: either General Biology or Forensic Science. The GB concentration requires 42 credit hours in biology as well as significant coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Students can take classes like Cell Physiology, Evolution, Microbiology, or General Zoology. The FS concentration is designed for students who are interested in the rapidly developing fields of DNA testing, biological forensics, and police department laboratories. This program also requires 42 credit hours in biology as well as coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. But required courses shift in the direction of forensic science and students take classes like Forensic Biology and Methods in Forensic Lab.

Net Price:

Complementary Or Supporting Science Requirements

Accredited Online Biology Degree  Earning It At Home ...

An understanding of math, chemistry, and physics is required for completing a Biology major. What courses a student takes depends largely on their career interests, and is best discussed with their advisor or our Student Services Office.


Biology majors complete two semesters of calculus and/or statistics. Choice of college impact a student’s mathematics requirements per the options below:

Math/Stats Option

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Slippery Rock University Of Pennsylvania

SLIPPERY ROCK, PAWebsiteScore: 90.10

The Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania is located in Slippery Rock in the western part of the state. The school enrolls over 8,700 students annually and has one of the largest campuses in western Pennsylvania. The Department of Biology is located in the College of Health, Environment, and Science and offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Both the BSB and BAB programs have several concentration options and SRU also offers multiple accelerated programs for students to enjoy.

The BSB program offers concentrations in Biomedical Sciences, Cytotechnology, Histotechnology, Medical Technology, and Professional programs. There is also a Pre-Masters in Education program combinable with either the BSB or the BAB. The various BSB programs each have specific requirements for the different concentrations, but the average size of the major is around 62 credits which include a mixture of core requirements, major electives, and upper-level course work. The BAB program is more flexible and only requires 39-40 credit hours making it ideal to pair with another major or minor.

Net Price:

WebsiteScore: 90.44

Net Price:

The University Of Maine

  • Powered with more than 30 professors specializing in marine sciences, the University of Maine represents the largest concentrations of experts in the state and is even considered as one of the best programs in the U.S.
  • This university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of Marine Science and Marine biology , respectively.

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University Of Central Florida: $5584 $21063

The University of Central Florida is the countrys second-largest university. Its biology program is among the top 15 majors at the school, and the Colleges of Sciences enrolls over 10,000 undergraduate students each year.

Students in UCFs biology program can choose one of the following subspecialties:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Conservation Biology

A major benefit of going to UCF for biology studies is their many partnerships with nearby organizations, including the Disney Wilderness Preserve, the Kennedy Space Center and the Canaveral National Seashore.

University Of New England

Biology major at Colby-Sawyer College
  • The marine science program of the school is designed in order to provide the students a well-rounded education in both academic and research. The program is built along with the increasing needs for practical uses of marine science.
  • The school boasts its state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories that will train students not only in the core knowledge in marine science but its conservation as well.
  • According to UNE, the students dont just learn marine science they do marine science.

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Online Bachelor’s In Biology Program Overview

An online bachelor’s in biology program covers much more than biology topics. Students take introductory â and upper-level â courses in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Bachelor’s programs also include a general education core that requires coursework in liberal arts. Additionally, learners may have the opportunity to complete a second major or minor.

A bachelor’s in biology program’s learning outcomes include enhanced communication, research, and analytical skills. Also, students develop a scientific mindset, a vital tool that employers value in applicants. These outcomes prepare degree-seekers for both a career and further education.

Although graduates need not earn an advanced degree to attain an entry-level job, many enter a graduate program. Graduate programs convey the knowledge and skills required to become a doctor, scientific researcher, or advisor. Master’s and doctoral programs that admit online bachelor’s in biology degree graduates take 2-6 years to complete, depending on the degree level and whether students can learn full time.

The List Of All Us Colleges With A Marine Biology Major

For students passionate about the ocean and the creatures that live in it, marine biology is a fascinating field. Students who study marine biology generally spend some of their time in the classroom and some in the field, doing research on ocean life and ocean life processes. The ability to work outside and on the water is a big draw for many students, and as the ocean habitat changes, there is increased importance in understanding the longterm ramifications.

If you are considering a career in marine biology, you have lots of options for undergrad degree programs. In this post, well outline how to get into the marine biology program of your choice and provide a list of every college in the country offering a marine biology major.

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Biology Bachelor’s Degree Highlights

  • The right start. UToledos bachelors degree programs in biology are designed so you can complete all graduate or professional school prerequisites while you earn your undergraduate degree in the typical four years.
  • Increase your odds of getting into med school.
  • UToledos pre-med concentration in the BS degree program prepares students for the MCAT and offers extensive pre-med advising. The medical school acceptance rate for UToledo biological sciences undergraduates with GPAs of 3.5 or higher is 75% over the past 10 years.
  • Biology majors accepted into UToledos Bacc2MD pipeline program are guaranteed early interviews in UToledos College of Medicine and Life Sciences, provided they fulfill requirements.
  • State-of-the-art facilities. UToledo is one of the best public, research universities in Ohio and the country. Biology majors work in labs with the latest technology and equipment in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Students also have access to UToledos Health Science Campus, home to the UT Medical Center.
  • Field courses. Course work for biology students in the Department of Environmental Sciences includes exciting field experiences throughout the U.S., Canada, Trinidad and the Bahamas. Our courses take advantage of the immense natural laboratories in northwest Ohio: the diversity of the Oak Openings savannas, the complex ecology along the western shores of Lake Erie and the unique wetlands of the Great Black Swamp.
  • Best General Biology Schools

    The University of Tampa

    College Factual looked at 983 colleges and universities when compiling its 2022 Best General Biology Schools ranking. When you put them all together, these colleges and universities awarded 101,264 degrees in general biology during the 2019-2020 academic year.

    What’s on this page:

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    University Of Hawaii At Hilo

    • In the field of marine science, the school offers both a B.A. and B.S. degrees. Every year the school varies its course offerings, but they include the following: marine organisms, coral reef ecosystem, oceanography, and techniques in marine monitoring.
    • Recently, the Western Association of Summer Session gave the Excellence of Program Award to the Marine Science Summer Program of UH Hilo. The said association represents more than 80 academic institutions in the western U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

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