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What Are Good Majors For College

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Ology For Best Value College Majors

The Best Major for Undecided Students: 10 Best Majors for Those Undecided in College

Our methodology for this article on the best value college majors uses four categories for scoring. These categories are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a major and minor, especially if you plan to go straight into the workforce instead of earning a graduate degree. An explanation of each category and its importance follows. Ties were broken by awarding the better ranking to the degree with a higher median salary among its best value jobs.


The flexibility of the degree was determined by the variety of job opportunities available to graduates. How broad is the field? How many different types of positions are available? How many industries make use of graduates with this degree? How much can you do in the field without education beyond the undergraduate level? All these factors combine to indicate how much flexibility a given degree has.


Starting Pay

Starting pay is an obvious factor to consider. This is the baseline pay for entry level positions available to those with the given degree. When there were multiple high-paying jobs available, we listed the starting pay as a range between the lowest and highest paying jobs.


Other Factors That Determine Whether College Major Is Easy

Several other factors will determine how some work feels. If you feel some certain subject makes you more creative and innovative if you cant evaluate it objectively and its something you truly love to do. Additionally, if you find yourself spending less time on completing tasks, exercises, tests and homework assignments that means that major may be easier for you. If you enjoy doing group projects at a particular matter, perhaps its time to think about taking that career and educational path.

What is the easiest college major for you?

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The Top Majors For The Class Of 2022

Greetings, class of 2022! I realize that right now you’re not even thinking about your careers, or even college. After all, you’re eight, and there are video games to play, cooties to avoid, and homework to do. But in a world where there are competitive preschools, it’s never too early to start thinking about your future.

First of all, it’s a sad fact that a college education will remain expensive. The Student Loan Debt Riots of 2016 and the rise of online education will slow the growth in tuition, but budget cuts and competitive admissions are keeping tuition high. What’s more, businesses will still be dominated by people who don’t trust online education and regard an in-person degree as superior. So just as they are today, universities will be vital career preparation in a decade.

No matter what career you decide to go into, there are two things that you need to learn no matter what. The first is a second language – and based on demographics, we recommend that language be Spanish due to the influx of Hispanics into the United States or alternatively Hindi or Portuguese to deal with businesses from the India and Brazilian powerhouses. The second thing you need to learn is how to program. Programming skills are vital in this ever-shifting economy, because no matter what you’re doing, it’s a virtual certainty that computers will be involved. If cost or time is an issue, forget learning Spanish and focus on C++ or Java instead.



Agricultural Engineering

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A Guide To The Different Math Majors In College

Math majors are a diverse bunch. Pure math majors wrestle with mathematical theories and concepts to create elegant proofs. Applied math majors take the concepts learned in the classroom and apply them to real-world situations, in sectors across a wide range of industries.

Potential math majors have several options for their specific field of study, as math can mean anything from pure math to statistics to computer science.

If youre interested in earning a math degree, but unsure which math major to choose, keep reading for insight into the various majors and career paths certain degrees can set you on.

Chemical And Biomolecular Engineering

What are good college majors...?

– Early career pay: $76,800- Mid-career pay: $121,900- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 48%

Fusing molecular biology, biophysical chemistry, and chemical engineering to create new products is the main area of expertise for a chemical and biomolecular engineer. Biomolecular engineers have a hand in everything, from life-saving pharmaceuticals to innovations in the food industry. This field is expected to see steady growth over the next decade.

– Mid-career pay: $122,000- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 40%

Students in applied mathematics will learn how to use equations in their studies to find solutions to engineering and science problems. The field is expected to explode over the next decade, growing at a rate of 30%, bolstered by a surge in data storage. There are a wide range of fields to enter upon graduation, including finance, business, engineering, and government.

– Mid-career pay: $122,100- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 45%

Engineering science alumni become researchers, electronic technicians, and field engineers, among other related occupations. Common major courses include cell and molecular biology, nanoengineering, quantum electronics, and thermodynamics of materials. Engineering science graduates are guaranteed employment in several states, including Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

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What Majors Will My College Have

While most colleges and universities have similar majors, the specific majors you can choose from depends on the college you go to. Some places have similar types of majors that have different names .

If you’re curious whether or not your college has a specific major, the best thing to do is check your college’s course catalog. You’ll be able to see all of the specific majors you can choose from, as well as what courses you can take in of the different majors.

Religious Studies Major Positions With Good Salary

We mentioned above how it can be difficult to find the right job position with the religious studies major because there are no end goals set by the educational institute and the major requires constant seeking for the answers of mysterious questions. Students will need to get additional expertise from other fields to be fit to positions that dont only revolve around religion. Nevertheless, we found some positions that pay well.

  • Clergy
  • Executive Director

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What Makes A College Major Easy

As weve pointed out, easy is a subjective term. Whether or not a particular major is easy depends on your aptitude, experience, and interests. This will, of course, vary greatly from one person to the next.

One way we can get a sense of how easy a major might be overall is by looking at how well most of the students in that major are doing. If a lot of students are doing well in a field, it may be because it is easier than in other fields.

The University of Las Vegashas compiled a list of degree productivity, showing how many degrees were awarded and the average graduating GPA for each major.

Here are some of the fields with the highest average GPAs:

College Major
Nutrition Sciences 3.40

A variety of things could contribute to the higher GPA scores in these majors. The fact that many students perform well in an area at one school doesnt necessarily mean that is the case at all schools. But this data does offer a point of comparison when trying to identify easy college majors.

Some other factors that may make a college major easy include:

  • Work that cannot be objectively evaluated
  • Fewer hours spent on homework/papers/studying
  • More group projects, rather than requiring individual students to be accountable for their own success

While none of these criteria guarantees that a major is easy, each offers a point of comparison that can help identify majors that are easier for a majority of students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Urban Studies A Good College Minor

5 Best College Majors (2021)

Because it draws courses from various disciplines, urban studies, as a minor, can complement a wide range of majors. It prepares students for many career possibilities as it helps develop all kinds of must-haves in the workplace, such as research, problem-solving and communication skills.

Urban studies is a multidisciplinary minor. This means that it obtains courses from an assortment of majors. Because of this, it makes for a wonderful complementary minor for just about any program of study.

You can benefit a lot from having urban studies on your transcript as your college minor if you plan to get into real estate development, historic preservation, and economic planning and development. Minoring in urban studies is also ideal for you if you dream of venturing into urban politics and city administration.

Benefits of minoring in urban studies:

  • Hones planning, problem-solving, communication and research skills.
  • Serves as a complementary minor for majors like political science, environmental science and architecture.
  • Gives students who wish to enter the public administration sector the knowledge base and skill set.

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Is Statistics A Good College Minor

Many industries are on the hunt for people with sufficient knowledge in statistics, which is why its a good college minor. Some of the best account executives, data analysts, business system analysts, international account managers and quantitative analysts possess a background in statistics.

Are you looking forward to having a career that requires you to think like a scientist? Consider minoring in statistics. Thats because it will help develop data collection, hypotheses formulation and result presentation skills. Its the ideal minor for any college student who is very much into science, technology and business.

A minor in statistics can increase your job market value in industries where a sharp mind is considered an asset. So, in other words, your employment opportunities are practically endless.

Benefits of minoring in statistics:

  • Opens doors for employment opportunities such as account executive and data analyst.
  • Develops ability to communicate key statistical concepts.
  • Prepares students for a wide variety of undergraduate programs.

Drawbacks Of Creative Writing Major

  • Writers can experience writers block and find a blockage in their inspiration flows which can affect productivity and meeting deadlines.
  • If youre sensitive, responding to critics could be extremely challenging for you.
  • Writing also requires a lot of researching. Sometimes youll be pushed into writing something, but you wont have the best idea of how certain mindsets work. May require knowledge from psychology and other functions.

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Business And Information Technology

– Early career pay: $60,100- Mid-career pay: $116,900- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 44%

While a computer forensic analyst averages more early career pay, a network architect makes even more than the mid-career pay for graduates of the major. The business end of the major teaches students finance, marketing, operating systems, and web administration. Students who attain a graduate business and information technology degree, and earn more annual pay, learn disaster recovery, managerial accounting, and systems project management.

Drawbacks Of Psychology Major

The Best College Degrees if You Want to be a Billionaire
  • This may not be the right path for you to take if youre not a fan of writing, reading, analyzing and making statistical calculations. Psychology uses data to recognize behavior that may be valid or not. It also indicates long and exhausting research.
  • It requires higher forms of education like Masters and Ph.D. to be a certified psychologist or psychotherapist.
  • If you will work as a therapist, you may find yourself drained after dealing with difficult clients. Also, while you can create a flexible schedule for yourself, being over-productive can exhaust you if you have poor time-management skills.

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Philosophy Major Positions With Good Salary

While philosophers arent exactly sought after, there is a plethora of jobs which screams for skills that philosophy major graduates have. They are especially wanted in the medical field as well as technology. Many companies are looking for applied mathematicians who can solve complex statistical problems, answer some underlying issue and apply logical thinking to solve any problem. With the development of big data and artificial intelligence, philosophy major offers a lot of assets used in these disciplines.

  • Journalist
  • Policy Officer

Computer Science And Mathematics

– Early career pay: $70,500- Mid-career pay: $125,100- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 43%

Combining computer science and mathematics can lead to a lucrative career as a software developer, programmer, or research scientist. The job outlook for these majors is fairly strong, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting 16% growth for researchers, and 21% for developers. Additional certifications can help enhance job prospects and boost starting salary.

– Mid-career pay: $125,400- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 47%

Astronomy majors prepare to unlock the mysteries of the universe, and unlike most sciences where lab work is imperative, astronomers use mostly observation and math. Skills in physics, cosmology, and math are needed to observe, chart, and track celestial bodies as they move across the night sky. A bachelors degree in astronomy points graduates toward careers in fields like telescope operator or research assistant, while a doctorate is generally preferred to work in an academic setting as an astronomer.

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Take Control Of Your Training

The highest-paying majors are concentrated in the engineering field, but rewarding opportunities are available in many other academic areas as well. What do you consider the best college majors? Have you thought about how to pursue them? The job-driven training offered by vocational colleges and technical institutes can help you take the first step toward a fulfilling career in a huge array of occupational sectors. And it’s easy to find programs near you. Just enter your zip code into the following search tool to explore convenient training options in your area!

The Best College Majors Outside Of Technology And Engineering

Best Majors For A HIGH PAYING JOB Right Out Of College!

While engineering fields dominate the list of highest-paying majors, plenty of non-technical programs can also lead to careers with pretty good wages. The Georgetown University report found that the average salary for bachelor’s degree holders overall was $61,000 all of the majors in this section have median salaries that are higher than that. So if your interests run somewhere other than technology or engineering, here are some of the best college degrees to consider:

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Paying For Your Program: How Rotc Scholarships Work

While there are tons of reasons to join the ROTC, one of the major ones is the incredible scholarship opportunities available to you. Scholarships last up to four years, some provide stipends and allowances, and requirements and benefits vary by branch. Below is an overview of whats available in ROTC scholarships for paying for your program.

Materials Science And Engineering

  • Base Salary: $69,400
  • Median Salary : $92,390
  • Job Outlook : 2%

Although the job outlook for materials engineers isn’t that high, this major and career should still give you a good shot at making a decent amount of money in the long run.

A materials engineering program integrates the fields of math and science, allowing students to study an array of materials, from glass and plastic to metals and ceramics. A materials science major is extremely similar but normally has a bigger emphasis on improving the function and composition of materials. Some colleges combine the two majors into a single materials science and engineering program.

Classes typically include calculus, physics, chemistry, engineering design, properties of materials, thermodynamics, kinetics of materials, smart materials, and sustainable energy technologies.

  • Median Salary : $93,280
  • Job Outlook : 11%

Biochemistry is a useful science major to consider if you’re passionate about biological processes and lab work. Biochemists currently have high job growth and a median salary of $93,000.

Although you’ll need a graduate degree to become a biochemist, you can use your bachelor’s in biochemistry in positions such as biological technician or pharmacy technician, which are presently experiencing faster-than-average employment growth .

  • Median Salary : $88,190
  • Job Outlook : 33%

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Computer Science And Engineering

– Early career pay: $79,400- Mid-career pay: $131,300- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 44%

Combining computer science and engineering gets students ready for all aspects of building computer hardware and software. Focusing on software can offer better job prospects since the field is constantly changing, though hardware engineers make slightly more. Adding government clearances and professional certifications can enhance a graduates pay and chances of finding a job.

– Mid-career pay: $131,300- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 60%

Marine engineering majors learn about all the internal components of a ship, from steering and power, to refrigeration and lighting. To graduate, students master aspects of calculus, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, and algebra. Over the next decade, there is a projected 1% growth rate for jobs as marine engineers, who often spend a semester on the water.

Our 2019 Ranking Methodology

The Least &  Most Popular Majors (Infographic)

For each of the 102 college majors, compensation research firm PayScale provided median annual salaries for entry-level workers and mid-career employees . PayScale also provided high job meaning scores, which indicate the percentage of workers with each college major who say their work makes the world a better place. Workforce research firm Burning Glass Technologies supplied the number of online job postings listed between the third quarter of 2017 and the second quarter of 2018 that were seeking applicants with each of the 102 college majors. Projected 10-year growth rates from 2017 to 2027 for related occupations came from Emsi, a labor-market research firm owned by Strada Education. Emsi collects data from dozens of federal, state and private sources, including the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In finalizing our rankings, we combined some similar majors to avoid redundancy.

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