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What Are Good Courses To Take In College

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Parenting Skills To Raise Responsible Mature Children

How to choose Elective Courses in College?

Current rating: 4.6 stars 723 ratings

Good parents want their children to grow up to be responsible members of society. This course will show you how to do that, as well as how to create a loving home in which to nurture young people.

The things you willlearn in this course include:

  • Establishing a loving home environment
  • Building a relationship with your children based on trust and respect
  • Recognizing and getting rid of parenting habits that are harmful to childrens self-esteem
  • Enforcing discipline without using corporal punishment
  • Teaching children the value of responsibility and accountability
  • Conflict resolution

Dr. Roger Kay Allen willbe your instructor. This course is 5. hours long. It has a five-hour on-demandvideo, a couple of articles, and 18 resources for download.

Support During Your Course

Its worth researching the help and support that would be available to you at different universities and colleges. This may vary widely depending on which university or college you go to and the type of help and support you need. For instance, many universities and colleges have study skill centres to help students adjust to academic life.

All universities and colleges will have support staff to help you with practical problems such as issues or personal problems.

What Classes Do Colleges Want To See

Luckily for you, most colleges expect to see the same core classes for admission that high schools do for graduation. This means that simply by fulfilling your high school’s curriculum requirements, you will most likely have all your transcript ducks in a row for applying to college!

As always, of course, not every college’s admissions requirements are exactly the same, so definitely make sure you find out exactly what classes your target school wants you to have taken in high school by looking at its admissions info online. Search Google for ” admissions requirements” to get the full scoop.

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Easiest College Classes For Success

Take a look over this list and see if anything suits your interests. If so, be sure to check out your colleges catalog to see whats offered. Also, it may be the case that the difficulty level of these classes vary based on where youre learning. You can always check online forums or ask peers about their experience in such classes before enrolling.

That being said, heres a look at some college classes that tend to be easier than some core classes.

Standard Honors Or Ap/ib

5 Classes You Should Take in College

With the choice to challenge yourself, comes yet another question. Should you take the standard, honors, or AP version of a class? It all depends on your skill level and ability in each subject. To find out how you measure up, you can talk to a teacher to see whether in their opinion you are ready for a higher level course or, if your school offers this, you can take a placement test to see whether you qualify for honors.

If you are deciding between honors and AP, AP is the better bet for improving college applications. If you do well on the AP test, this national comparison will help colleges understand your skill level, and potentially either give you college credit or at least to the ability to place into a higher level college course.

If you are having trouble , let us help you make that decision with our explanation of the differences between the two.

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Philosophy And Political Science

Philosophy studies offer students a thorough understanding of the history of philosophy and the thinkers who shaped how society views philosophical problems and challenges. Aside from that, they come into ethical issues related to philosophy.

On the other hand, political science is concerned with the study of various forms of governance and how political systems operate. Students who double major in philosophy and political science have a deeper grasp of the ethical implications of political strategy and the many elements to consider when proposing political acts and remedies.

Create A Schedule That Works

Aim to sign up for four to six courses a semester. Try to spread them out over the week so you have time for studying and other activities each day, and note when classes meet so you don’t double book yourself. If you find your schedule isn’t a good fit once school starts, you can change it during the first few weeks of classes.

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Northern Michigan Universitymarquette Michigan

With the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, the substance is legal to some degree in more than half of the U.S. With legalization comes questions of law, medical distribution, and, of course, big business, and universities across the country are offering classes to keep up.

Northern Michigan University doesnt just offer a cannabis class but a marijuana major! In 2017, NMUs Medicinal Plant Chemistry became the first program to offer a 4-year degree student Alex Roth told The Washington Post, When my friends hear what my major is, laugh and say, Wow. Cool dude. Youre going to get a degree growing marijuana. But its not an easy degree at all.

Extra credit: Many cannabis classes deal with law and medicine, such as UC Daviss Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Physiology and Medicine class and Vanderbilt Law Schools Marijuana Law & Policy. The University of Cincinnati is offering an Intro to Cannabis horticulture class this fall, created by professor Sue Trusty after attending a cannabis conference. That is definitely a job avenue now that the legal cannabis industry is coming to Ohio, she told local news channel WLWT.

What The Experts Say

Taking Notes: Crash Course Study Skills #1

Public speaking is a must. Regardless of your major area of study, students will be required to present their work in some kind of public forum: a business meeting, research presentation, job talk, etc. A course in public speaking offers students strategies and tactics to gain confidence, connect with audiences, make persuasive and compelling presentations, and, most important, perhaps, develop an altogether different skill set: critical listening.While not all public speaking courses are created equal, those that have a dual emphasis on speaking and listening are most beneficial.Dr. Kevin HowleyProfessor of Media Studies at DePauw University.

Public speaking might be offered from the communications department, she says. Take it! It will help you communicate to sell yourself, to connect with others, to persuade and to be a leader.Dr. Erin Goodnowcollege admissions consultant

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Which Foreign Language Should I Take

As far as college is concerned, what matters is not the language but the amount of time you spend studying it. For example, four years of French is more impressive than one year each of Latin, Chinese, Sanskrit, and Spanish.

One wacky jump is interesting, but five? That’s commitment to challenging yourself.

Our recommendation is to take four years of the same foreign language. To see which language would be the best fit for you, check outour guide to which foreign language you should take in high school.

New York Universitynew York New York

At the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, the class name stands out among the list of descriptions: 100 Years of Courting, Dating & Hooking Up on College Campuses. The course was full and had a waiting list last yearit was a really, really fun courseI think the best one Ive ever taught, says instructor Julie Avina. The class will be offered again in Spring 2019.

The syllabus states that the classs objective is to examine the romantic and sexual behaviors of college students over a century of time within the context of the university and its role as loco parentis and will consider how, since the development of youth culture in the early 1900s, college students interactions mayor may nothave changed and the pace at which Americas universities responded. Despite having hooking up in the name, the class examines thoughtful topics: how war and public health events such as HIV affected student behaviors, the influence of the Greek system, and technologys influence on intimacy.

Extra credit: Boston College philosophy professor Kerry Cronin gives her students you guessed it extra credit for asking someone out on a date. Known around campus as the dating professor, Cronin told the Washington Post that the hookup culture has become so dominant on college campuses that going on a date has become a weirdly countercultural thing to do.

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Financial Aid Andmilitary Education Benefits

We are a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, an agreement between Veterans Affairs and the University that allows eligible students to have 100% of your tuition covered.

If you need additional financial support for your education, assistance is available to those who qualify for Federal Grant Programs, and/or the Direct Loan Program.

Also, there are many types of VA education benefits and you should consider your preferred type of training and the amount you will receive under each benefit to decide which option is best for you. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

You may be eligible for Tuition Assistance . The program is funded by the DoD. Each branch of the military, including the DoD itself, administers its own TA program and has its own eligibility requirements that its service members must meet in order to take part in the program. Likewise, each branchs program has differing funding limitations, so it is important that anyone considering the use of TA make themselves familiar with their program by visiting their branch website and by visiting their designated education center.

Our Military Advisors are ready to help you navigate your enrollment process every step of the way. Contact a team member to set up a time to discuss your goals.

Certain degree programs may not be available in all states.

Does It Cost More To Double Major

Reasons Why You Should Go to Class in College

A double major is an impressive credential, but there are financial considerations you should pay attention to before taking the plunge. Naturally, you should ask if a dual degree costs considerably more than the traditional single-degree program.

Dual degree programs entail more classes, which means higher cost. Your schools requirements and the individual program of each major will determine how many classes you must attend. In most cases, you wont need to repeat your core studies. However, youll also have to complete a minimum number of credits to graduate with a second major.

Also factor in the periodic rise in college tuition, which could be relative to the duration of your double major program.

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Meal Planning Masterclass: Create Your Own Meal Plan

Current rating: 4.4 stars 848 ratings

If you are tired ofstarvation diets or wasting money on exercise methods that dont work, thiscourse may be the solution.

This seven-hour courseteaches you the following:

  • Fundamentals of good nutrition
  • Realistic setting of expectations about weight loss
  • Breaking through weight-loss plateaus
  • Best nutrition for workouts
  • Making a lifestyle out of meal planning

Your instructor for thiscourse is Brad Newton. The course requires you to have a food scale and a tapemeasure. Furthermore, you need to download apps for tracking your weight lossand fitness progress. The course has a seven-hour, on-demand video and 39articles.

Start During Your High School Years

While you can have a double degree during college by the time youre in college, its a wise idea to start your program during high school so you can make the most of your time later. How can you do that?

  • Take AP/IB Courses. Commonly referred to as college prep courses, AP/IB courses are designed not only to help you prepare for a college workload. This also allows you to test out and even earn credits for certain college courses.
  • Take Dual Credit Courses. High schools allow their students to concurrently enroll in a local college so they can earn some freshman course credits for basic classes such as math or composition. Programs like this can easily help you earn transferable college credits that will count to your university core.
  • Try to Test Out. If your high school doesnt offer college preparatory courses, you still have hope. Most universities today offer exams such as the CLEP test. You take this exam in the summer before your start your college freshman days.

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Become A Superlearner : Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

Current rating: 4.3 stars 19,458 ratings

A SuperLearner issomeone who possesses the ability to learn a huge amount of information withina short period of time. This person can read faster, comprehend a largepercentage of what he or she has read, and retain this information longer thanaverage.

Being a SuperLearner isbeneficial, whether at school or in the workplace. The great news is that beinga SuperLearner is a learned skill. This course can show you the techniques andstrategies.

Some examples of thethings youll learn in this course include:

  • How to read at thrice the speed of the average reader
  • How to apply techniques for comprehension
  • How to internalize information
  • Memory-enhancing strategies used by world champions in memorization

Join over 122,800 people who have taken this course and improved their learning skills. The course is nearly six hours long. It contains a five-hour, on-demand video and 12 downloadable resources.

  • Floating point division
  • And more

The course is 3 hourslong. There is a 3-hour on-demand video, 9 articles, and 9 downloadableresources.

Business Administration And Public Health

Online Classes: A Survival Guide

This dual degree program prepares students for administrative careers in the complex and rapidly changing healthcare industry. Graduates of this dual degree program are exposed to relevant business and health concepts. They get internship and networking opportunities that highlight how business management principles apply to the healthcare industry.

Dual degrees in these fields are often offered at the masters degree level. Rutgers School of Public Health offers a dual degree program in Master of Public Health and Master of Business Administration .

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Learn How To Communicate Effectively

Participation in discussions is a mandatory portion of most college classes, so its very important to understand how to communicate effectively and also respectfully. Its highly unlikely that youll always agree with your professors or your peers, so this course that teaches Communication Skills for Bridging Divides from CatalystX will be extremely helpful in preparing you for lectures, debates and discussion groups.

Learn Optimal Sleep To Improve Your Health Energy And Mind

Current rating: 4.4 stars 720 ratings

This course providestips and strategies for hacking your sleep, and feeling energized and focusedeven with less than eight hours of sleep.

In this course, you willlearn the fundamentals for getting good quality sleep, regardless if it is lessthan experts recommended number of hours.

Your instructor for thiscourse is Scott Britton. The course runs for 4.5 hours. It has a 1.5-hour,on-demand video, a couple of articles, and seven downloadable resources.

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How Do Credit Hours Work When I Study Double Majors

When it comes to a bachelors degree, standards dicate that dual degree students must complete 120 credit hours, just like students who declare one major. When students plan accordingly, they wont need more time to complete a second major. Obviously, dual degree students must meet twice the number of requirements in a conventional college program.

Major program requirements vary from school to school. Consult with your advisor to determine what classes satisfy the requirements for both majors. The same minor courses might be required for both majors, so you dont need to take them twice.

Top Tip #: What Are You Really Interested In

Online Courses

Its really important to think about what you are interested in, and what course you want to study. Is it because you can see your exciting, glittering career ahead? Or is it because its what your parents want? By questioning yourself now, you can work out the exact path you want your course to take you on.

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Top Tip #: Do Your Homework

You need to narrow down all your options to about five real, practical choices. That takes a lot of research. A StudyLink course search is a good place to start! Read student blogs to see what its really like. Glossy prospectuses dont always tell you the full story, so talk to people you know who have studied in that country or city about what its really like.

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And Once You Have Your Generals In There

Take a class or two that ties into a passion of yours. Scratch a personal itch. Pursue a curiosity. It wasnt until the second semester of my sophomore year that I took a class I was genuinely excited about. It was Scriptwriting, and it changed everything for me.

I would suggest not waiting that long.

Test the waters and have some fun your freshman year. That seemingly random class might be all you need to figure out what you want to major in. Even if its not, every major has electives that you get to take. As long as you play it safe, youre not wasting time or money.

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What Am I Interested In

After you schedule all of your required classes, you will still have lots of space on your schedule for electives. Electives are entirely up to youthis is where it’s time to listen to your heart and find your passion.

Whether you use your elective spaces to pursue the performing arts, the visual arts, engineering, computer science, or anything else, the advice is the same as for the core courses: find what you love, stick with it, and pursue it at the highest level of your ability.

In order to give you a sense of the possibilities, even though no school could possibly offer all of them, we have rounded up the complete list of all high school electives.

One of the single most important parts of your college application is what classes you choose to take in high school . Our team of PrepScholar admissions experts have compiled their knowledge into this single guide to planning out your high school course schedule. We’ll advise you on how to balance your schedule between regular and honors/AP/IB courses, how to choose your extracurriculars, and what classes you can’t afford not to take.

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