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How To Ship College Stuff Home

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What If My Student Has Really Valuable Items

How To Ship/Mail Stuff from Korea (Korea Post – Korean Post Office) | University Life in Korea

We see a lot of students and parents that are very concerned about shipping valuables. We see very expensive handbags and shoes, jewelry and watches, video game consoles, and expensive electronics.

These items can be handled with special care and specific shipping instructions. You can control every step of the way ensuring that theyre handled by a certain level of care. You can request that they are shipped separately overnight to ensure that they are in your hands as quick as possible. You can add extra protection add ons like a delivery signature from everybody whose hands it passes through. This ensures a nice paper trail so no unauthorized people access it.

These additional tools help you feel more confident that any valuable item you ship in the mail will be delivered safe and secure on time.

We always recommend that you simply talk with your local shipper about the item, to discuss the delicate nature or value of it and your options.

Theyll be able to walk you through the whole process and recommend different services and add-ons that will help you make the best decision possible.

Is Dry Ice Needed To Ship Perishables

When people ask us how to ship perishable food, they often bring up dry ice. Theres a common misconception that any time youre shipping perishables youll need to use dry ice. This just isnt true.

If your items only to remain refrigerated, gel or ice packs will be more than adequate. This is good to know, as there are a number of restrictions around shipping dry ice.

The only time you need to use dry ice when sending perishables through the mail is when youre shipping frozen food, which well cover below.

Know What The School Provides And Prohibits

. The dorms may come equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, or not. Think through what electronics you could possibly need while living on campusa game system for entertainment, a flash drive for class presentations, etc.

Also find out if there are any items you are prohibited from bringing. Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are the obvious exclusions, but your school may also prohibit items such as hot plates, space heaters, and extension cords.

Your school will prohibit very few items, but that’s still not a reason to pack and bring everything you own or think you will need.

For example, there is no need to pack school supplies. You can buy them at a office supply store near campus. The same rule applies to anything else you can instead purchase once you are living on campus.

Only pack one season of clothing at a time if you plan to go home on breaks. You can switch out items while you are at home.

Verify with your future roommate what they plan to bring that you can share such as a refrigerator, TV, or microwave. No dorm needs multiple appliances or electronics if you can share one.

The end goal is for you to feel at home even though you are away from home without bringing too much unnecessary stuff. Use the checklists we’ve provided to help you narrow down what you absolutely need to take, and use our suggestions for packing and organizing.

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How Do You Send Stuff Home From College

The united states post office can definitely help you ship your college items home. If youre in need of an affordable option they will give you some good price choices. Just know that they wont pack anything, so youll have to get it ready yourself. Youll also have to take it to the nearest post office.

Commandments Of Dorm Shopping

Oneonta Family YMCA Collecting School Supplies

Outfitting a dorm room might be just one more shopping trip if it werent so imbued with expense, confusion, and nostalgia. Its easy to get it wrong and wind up wasting time and money. We gathered our cadre of experienced moms and offer up these 10 Commandments, okay guidelines, to help parents just embarking on the college journey.

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What College Shipping Services Are Available To Me

DHL is primarily used for international shipping. So if your college is overseas, youre going away for a summer abroad, or if youre moving to a new country, you may want to think about DHL as an option for shipping all your items with you.

This can save you money because you dont have to take a bunch of extra luggage on the plane.

Additionally, you can schedule a pickup with DHL.

Youll still have to pack and prep all your items for shipment. DHL will need to know the weight, size, and delivery location before they can give you a price.

How To Ship Your Stuff Home From College

First, congrats! Youve survived the semester!

While youre thinking about your well-deserved break right now, its never too early to think about how youre going to get your stuff home when the semester ends.

Youll be too busy cramming for finals to think about it then and, honestly, were not a big fan of packing, either. It can be a major pain. Actually, the whole moving process can be a pain, but it doesnt have to be!

Want to successfully ship your suitcases and boxes home after the semester without any headaches? Our tips will guide you so you DONT have to lug everything with you on the flight back home and pay extra baggage fees. Legit, who has time and money for such nonsense?

Were not about that life.

After youve packed, donated and partied , its time to consider your shipping services. LugLess has been specifically created to cater to college students and travel addicts who love experiencing life at a great rate!

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No1 For Student Shipping

My Baggage provides convenient, reliable and low cost student and college shipping services. We can help you to get your luggage to and from university or college safely, easily and – more importantly – at a price you can afford!

Trust us – were the student shipping experts! We specialise in shipping students personal belongings across the UK, USA, throughout Europe and to 200+ countries worldwide. We deliver luggage across the globe for 30,000+ students every single term.

Ship Your Stuff By Bus

how to make desi ship || home made ship || experiments with home made things

Another option for shipping stuff is to use a bus service. Most bus companies will ship goods from one destination to another and you could find that it’s your cheapest option–in particular, if you’re moving a small amount of stuff.

But before you start driving your things to your local bus station, there are a few things to consider and stuff you need to know. Find out more about shipping your things by bus in this new feature article that’s perfect for people with little possessions or students on the move.

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Fedex For College Shipping Or Ups For College Shipping

Many people wonder if they should do FedEx or UPS when dealing with their shipping scenarios. We work with both FedEx and UPS every day and their service options are very comparable.

It really depends on your personal preference. Both companies will ship your packages no matter the size or weight, and both give you a variety of shipping routes to provide options for delivery time .

Both FedEx and UPS have shop locations, so youll still need to pack and take your shipments to their stores to complete the transaction.

Definitely choose a local company that you trust, that provides excellent service, and provides you with good communication so that you can always touch base and check the shipment status and get answers to any questions you might have.

Why Use Dorm Room Movers To Ship Your Things Home

Do you have items that you plan to bring back home, but don’t want to lug everything with you on the flight and pay the extra baggage fees? Sign up for our Ship Home service, and we’ll send empty boxes to you. Just pack and schedule a pickup with UPS through our website, and we’ll ship them to your home. At select campuses we’ll even pickup your packages from your dorm room.

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If You Need Boxes To Pack With

With our Ship to School option, If you need boxes to pack with, We can ship you a box kit of 6 lg and 2 med boxes, plus a roll of tape to pack with to your house. The cost is $45 plus Shipping cost. If you need more let us know. We can ship you as many as you want.

We can also make UPS labels for you from your home to our office and send them to you via email, along with $500 of insurance on each box. Once you’ve packed your moving boxes, attached the lables to them. we can help schedule a pickup with UPS. UPS will come to your home and pick up all your tagged boxes and items and ship them to our office. At CSS, we’ll be ready and waiting to receive your boxes and items and put them in storage in our warehouse until you need them delivered to your students new address when they return to school.

Stock And Discuss Medications

Best Unique Care Package Ideas · The Typical Mom

It helps to send your teen off with a well-stocked first aid/medicine chest. The first time they will need these things will be during their first semester at 2 am and there will be no place open to shop. Some of the suggested basics might include band-aids, headache remedies, stomach remedies, decongestants, thermometer, throat lozenges, or anything that will be useful to someone with a minor injury or illness.

BUT before handing over these medications, even if they are all over-the-counter, have a discussion with your student about their uses and dosage. One of my kids caught a nasty cold and was taking decongestants and a night flu remedy, thinking they were different drugs, but essentially doubling his dosage.

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How Should I Ship My Personal Belongings To Carleton

  • During Summer and Winter breaks we forward mail and parcels home for students until about two weeks before the next term starts. If you want something to arrive before that, and stay at Carleton, please contact us and mark the parcel as HOLD FOR NEXT TERM.
  • Pack bed linens in your suitcase if your arrival time does not match up with Campus Post Office service hours.
  • Do not ship any box larger or heavier than you can carry comfortably to your room.
  • Boxes should be firmly packed with cushioning around items and reinforced with packing tape.
  • E-mail notifications will be sent the day parcels arrive, and are ready for pickup at the Post Office. An alphabetical list of assigned student mail boxes is posted in the lobby outside of the Campus Post Office.
  • Carleton College cannot assume responsibility for items stolen or damaged during shipment or while in storage. Items lost or stolen after arrival at Carleton are the responsibility of the student, not the College.

Do Not Buy Anything That Your College Student Might Use

Each room and each teen is different. If you think it is something your college kid might use, rather than is certain to use, hold off buying it. With every retailer delivering to campus, on-site campus stores, and Amazon Student, there is no reason to crowd up the tiny dorm space with extra items that can be ordered later, if needed.

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Shipping Packages Before Move In

Students may ship packages to campus before they move in. We start accepting packages 7-10 days before your move-in date. Please make sure your name and campus mailing address are on the package. Once we receive the package, we log the package and you will receive an email notice that it has arrived. You will pick up packages either in the North Area Office or the South Area Office .

To find your campus mailing address, log in to MyHousing using your Case network ID and password.

Dont Pack Anything Thats Prohibited

How to Pack for College

Pretty much all colleges and/or student housing complexes have rules about what can and cannot be brought in. And unfortunately, things like your toaster, favorite candles, and yes, even string lights, might be on the forbidden list. Check before you pack so that you dont end up bringing something along that youre not actually allowed to have.

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Can You Ship Frozen Food

When people ask how to ship frozen food, they often start by wondering if you even can ship frozen food. The answer is you can ship frozen food to another state, but not internationally.

This is because in order to keep items frozen during shipping you need to use dry ice, which isnt allowed to be shipped internationally. International shipments take additional time as well, so its unlikely youd be able to keep your items frozen long enough anyway.

How To Send Perishable Food Through The Mail

Once your perishable food is packaged properly, sending it through the mail is relatively the same as shipping any other item.

Youll need to choose a shipping partner you trust, and whose rates fit within your budget. There is no guaranteed cheapest way to ship perishables. The cost will depend on what youre shipping, who youre shipping with, and where youre sending it. So, make sure to do your homework and find a partner that best suits your needs.

The most important part of shipping perishable food is ensuring it will arrive before it spoils. You may be about to ask how to ship perishables overnight, but while some items will need to arrive within a day, others might be able to keep for two days or more.

Do your research to find out exactly how fast your food needs to arrive, as two-day shipping is much cheaper than overnight shipping.

Check out our other services:

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Do Bring A Small Safe Box

Pack a small safe that you can keep under your bed or in your closet for storing important documents, credit cards, and other small valuables. Thefts in dorms do happen, and while you cant lock away every single thing that you own, you can at least make sure that your irreplaceable items are stowed somewhere no one can get to them.

Do Keep Your Hanging Clothes On Their Hangers

Off to College Kit

Theres no need to waste time taking clothes off hangers, folding them and packing them, and then rehanging them once youre at school. Instead, group together hanging items and slip a large garbage bag over them, starting from the bottom. Secure the bag by closing it shut over the necks of the hangers. As an alternative, you could also hang them in a wardrobe box.

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Use Collegeboxes For College Moving

  • Awesome service! All I had to do was pack the boxes and tell them when and where to pickup/deliver! Best storage and delivery company!

    Josie | StudentUniversity of Miami

  • Once again, I give thanks to all you folks at Collegeboxes! From the telephone reps to the delivery folks, your responsiveness, accuracy, understanding, and warmth made our experience a positive one. Thank you!

    Rachel | ParentFordham University

  • Best service! Used Collegeboxes to move stuff from NJ to California two years in a row and at the end of last year for summer storage. The customer service is great when you call with questions. I will be using all 4 years and highly recommend.

    Josh | Student

How To Pack Your College Essentials

Youre packing everything needed for at least one semester, so be strategic. Dorm rooms are notoriously small, which means theres not much room to stack a lot of boxes for long. So, youll want to unpack quickly. The easiest way to do that is to think about unpacking as you pack. Group items together as youll need them, then pack and load in order of last in, first out. For example, pack things like décor first . Then pack things that go in drawers and storage areas, and finally, essentials like bedding and cleaning supplies.

If youll be storing things in storage containers in your dorm, pack stuff into them for your move. Under-the-bed storage bins are great for moving shoes and bags. And plastic storage drawers are great for linens and school supplies. Its also a good idea to pack your clothing into luggage . Think about saving space by bringing things that are compact or collapsible like a smaller fan, a pop-up laundry basket and a mini ironing board.

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Final Delivery Of Ship To School Items

On scheduled delivery date, we deliver all your Ship to School items directly to your room. Free deliveries to campus are offered on select dates corresponding with school’s academic calendar. Special deliveries available for additional fee or students can choose to have their items held for pickup at our nearby storage facility, at no charge.

Finding College Moving Companies

How to make a RCC Truck remote controll at home quick view

Its not unusual for students to need help moving to college especially if its a long-distance move. While truck rental is an option, there are some drawbacks, like paying for fuel and parking a big truck on a busy campus.

Many students choose U-Pack® for moving out of state for college. Its an easy, affordable option whether youre moving to a dorm, apartment complex or other off-campus housing.

Heres how it works:

  • We deliver a ReloCube container to your home
  • You load it

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