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How To Get Free College Textbooks

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How To Address The Issues Of Expensive College Textbooks

How to Get Free College Textbooks (Working 2021)

Trying to figure out where to put the cost of free college textbooks could be a daunting task, but it might be possible with more open source educational resources, as long as quality control remains in place to ensure that textbooks are up to snuff.

Another way to keep the cost of course materials down, even if you dont agree on why textbooks should be free, is to require publishers to offer access codes separately from the physical textbook. That would reduce the overall cost of bundling. Publishers might not make money on selling new textbooks, but they could make money on the access codes.

Some professors are increasingly cost-sensitive as well. When professors pay attention to the course materials they choose, they can decide to use textbooks that dont come with access codes, or focus on open source materials that are free.

Theres no easy solution to this issue, and the cost of textbooks, along with the rising cost of other aspects of higher education, might increasingly price out lower-income students who need college to change their socio-economic situation.

Where To Get Cheap Or Free College Text Books

I wanted to pass along some info that I found very helpful while my son was in college. When we went for his open house we were told all about getting their textbooks from the campus bookstore and warned to not get them anywhere else because we might get the wrong book and end up paying more in the long run.

Well even buying used at the campus bookstore, youre going to pay through your nose for their books, some close to $400 or even more.

The school will give them a list of all the books they will need, including the ISBN numbers.**Not to worry, as long as you have that ISBN #, you will have the correct book** Get those numbers and then go to and look up the numbers and get the books there.

Faqs On Free College Textbooks Pdf Download

How do I find the PDF version of a textbook?

Using the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search bar with the keyword above can easily help you find the PDF version of a textbook. In this blog post, we have listed and discussed all of the websites where you find the PDF version of any college textbook.

How can I download college textbooks online for free?

The websites for free college textbooks pdf download are provided in this article, click on the website of your choice, look for the textbook you want, and download them into your device.

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Bottom Line: There Are Plenty Of Ways To Save On College Books

As you can see, you have options for saving money on the cost of college textbooks. You may also be able to find grants for college books or scholarships to help you cover books.

Also, paying for books with federal or private loan funds is a legitimate use of your student loan money, so dont worry if some of your student aid needs to go towards helping you cover this big expense.

Your College Or Universitys Library

How to Get Free College Textbooks

One of the best places to get free books is at your colleges or universitys library. It should have a lot, if not all, of the books that are required for your course.

Getting to the library as early as you can before the semester begins is so important, otherwise, other students might have already borrowed the titles that you need.

Of course, since theyre library books, you wont be able to make notes on them or highlight them, so keep that in mind!

The library is definitely your best option if youre looking to get physical copies of textbooks of textbooks for free.

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When The Time Comes Tell Them You Love Them

Love is the foundation for the strongest relationships that we will ever have. You can love your friends just as much as you love your family, perhaps even more so. If you feel this way about your friends, do not be afraid to let them know!

This can be very difficult, as it can be hard to admit your true feelings for them, but if you know that you can trust them, take the risk. If they love you as well, they will reciprocate your affections and appreciate your openness and honesty.

Remember Details From Past Conversations

Friends need small indicators to know that you truly care about them. This includes showing how you have been paying attention to what they say, how they behave, their likes/dislikes, their wants/needs, and so on.

Furthermore, you can recall details from past conversations. For instance, if your friend is asking for your opinion on what color of shirt they should wear, you could respond with How about ___? Thats your favorite color, right? Or, perhaps on your friends birthday, you could wish them well.

They will appreciate that you are thinking about them!

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Free Pdf Search Engines

PDF search engines like Z Library and Library Genesis are popular among college students, and you can use them to search for your textbooks and download free PDFs.

Though PDF search engines are among the fastest and easiest ways to find free textbooks online, there are some caveats:

  • Free PDFs dont come with access codes and other supplemental materials you might need to complete your coursework, such as homework assignments and online exams
  • You face potential legal issues if the PDFs are pirated and infringe on the publishers copyright
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Get Gift Cards On Instagccom

BEST GUIDE 2021 | How To Get FREE (College) Textbooks!

InstaGC is a rewards website that pays you in gift cards.

Youll earn points for doing tasks, like:

  • Completing surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Searching the internet

And, you can redeem you points for gift cards to bookstores, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

So, you can use your gift card to pay for a textbook and essentially get it for free!

Start earning free gift cards with instaGC here.

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Pros Of Free College Textbooks

  • More affordable for students. College tuition and other costs continue to be a barrier to students, and adding free college textbooks could reduce some of the burden.
  • Better completion rate. According to some professors, free college textbooks and course materials result in better outcomes. Higher completion rates and better grades for students are results of free college textbooks.
  • Use that money for living costs. In situations like the global pandemic, textbook costs put stress on student budgets and they might skip meals or forgo other expenses. Free textbooks would free up the budget for other bills.

Stay True To Yourself

Do not change yourself to fit someone elses blueprint. If you are looking to befriend a particular person, you should not have to feel like you have to look or act a certain way to appeal to them and meet their standards.

If they are a good friend, they will like you for who you truly are, and that includes everything about you. You have to find friends who suit you, not the other way around.

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Give One Another Space

Nobody likes to feel like they are being overwhelmed, whether it is by their family, friends, or peers. As an introvert, I know how important alone time is to strengthen a friendship.

Friends do not have to talk every single day I dont talk to my best friends every day because I know we would eventually run out of things to talk about. You and your friend need time to yourselves, and it is perfectly okay to take breaks.

How To Save Money On College Textbooks

How to Get Free College Books

Whether or not you think that textbook should be free, the reality is that you might be stuck paying for course materials. As a result, its important to find ways to save money on college textbooks. Here are some ways to save money while others worry about whether college textbooks should be free:

  • Use your schools library. In many cases, textbooks are available at your colleges library. Find out how to access the textbooks that way. As long as you dont need an access code, this can be a way to save money on the physical cost.
  • Comparison shop. Dont just assume the campus bookstore has the best price. Look online to see if theres another option thats less expensive.
  • Look for textbook subscription services. In some cases, you might be able to access all your textbooks for a lower monthly price through a subscription service. Research your options to see whats available.
  • Talk to your school about grants and other programs. Some schools have grants and other programs designed to help low-income students access course materials. If you cant afford textbooks and access codes, speak with someone about your options. You might be able to get help.

Another option is to look for low-cost loans. If youre getting private loans to cover a funding gap, include your textbooks in the cost of attendance. An organization like Juno negotiates rates and terms for loans, and if youre getting a private loan for schooling, it can help you cover textbook costs as well.

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Mobilism: An Entire Textbook Library In A Tiny Forum

Mobilism is a forum where users can share the media they already own to others. There are many categories, but the ebook section is where this website really shines. You can find novels, academic textbooks, comics you name it. Also, there is the option of you requesting a title if it is not already available.

Say Hello And Goodbye

What it takes to make and maintain a friendship is through the small gestures you do. Sometimes the smallest of formalities can remind them of how polite and thoughtful you are.

For example, when you greet your friend, do not forget to say Hello or How are you. When you leave, tell them, Bye or See you later to show them that you are thinking about them as you depart.

At my job, I have a coworker who says goodbye to everyone before she leaves. I strive to emulate her thoughtfulness and kindness, and you should too.

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How To Download Your Textbooks For Free

New websites allow you to download — and even edit — your textbooks

Perhaps the worst post-secondary education scam of all time is the price of textbooks.

Students spend upwards of $200 for a hardcover textbook only to find that they cant sell it used the next year because a new edition has been issued, with extensive changes like a new cover or slightly different page numbers. Professors often pad their paycheques with textbook sales while also requiring their own students to buy the book.

Well, it seems that the online world is finally responding. A new U.S. website called Connextions uses the Creative Common license to allow students and professors to add and edit material as long as the original author is credited. Instead of organizing material in a linear manner, like textbooks that list topic after topic, the site presents content in smaller modules that are connected to larger courses or collections. This allows students and professors to access information according to topic.

According to its website, Connexions is an environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web. Professors can also build reading packages by selecting material from various sources and adding their own, creating a custom-made, downloadable textbook for their students for free!

There Are Many Ways To Find The Perfect Nickname For You I Hope That Thesuggestions Above At Least Guide You In The Right Direction But In Case Theydont Here Is A List Of Tips For You To Find The Perfect Nickname Just For You

How to Get Free College Textbooks

1. What is my personality? How could I fit my personality with a nickname?

2. Where am I from? Did I move? Could I call myself by my city name

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4. The best tip I have for you is to find a nickname that you can use around ALL of your friends. A universal nickname is the best idea since sliced bread because youll be able to use it anywhere

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Give Compliments Out Like Candy

Is there a better feeling than receiving a compliment from a stranger?

It confirms the positive thoughts we have about ourselves when we are given kind words from those we least expect, and we will have a good impression of people who compliment us if we see them again.

If you see someone and think, Wow, their hair looks so good! or That shirt looks really good on them! do not be afraid to voice your thoughts aloud.

The people we compliment will look kindly on us for being honest and speaking our opinion.

How To Get Free College Textbooks From Tiktok And Reddit

Social media platforms like TikTok and Reddits are filled with posts in which they show how you can get expensive college textbooks for free.

Are you confused about how to get free college textbooks from TikTok and Reddit? Paying for college tuition is already a really daunting task and buying expensive college textbooks can be another burden for your huge pile of financial problems. With all the coronavirus pandemic situations, the college season is back again.

Whether you are enrolled for the online classes or in-person classes, one thing you definitely need is textbook. College textbooks can be really expensive but only a few people know that they can download the pdf version of college textbooks for free. Yes, for free.

If you are still unaware of how to get pdf books for free then you have come to the right place. We have mentioned everything we know about how to get free college books based on the hacks provided by people on their TikTok and Reddits.

textbook PDFs from r/GetStudying

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Can You Get In Trouble For Downloading Pdf Textbooks

Its possible, but you probably wont unless you distribute pirated textbooks. If you upload your own PDFs or use a torrent site, you could unwittingly share textbooks with other students and invite potential liabilities for copyright infringement.

A person that downloads a free textbook via a website is not breaking any law by reading content that is freely accessible to the public, says David Reischer, attorney and CEO of However, if the book is not in the public domain and the person that posted the content did not have legal authority, then that person can be held liable for copyright infringement, which can have significant monetary damages.

The best method us freshmen were told by the juniors and seniors is, if possible, just download the PDF for free online on sites like and Library Genesis. Is it a bit unethical? Sure, but so is having to pay a bunch of money for a textbook that we may or may not have to use. Anonymous computer science major, Cleveland State University

Marc Misthal, an intellectual property attorney with Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C., says that each site must be evaluated on its own. There shouldnt be a problem if the site is owned and operated by the publisher however, thats not the case with most PDF search engines.

Bookboon: Science Ebooks For Overwhelmed Students

How to get free college textbooks in 2021

Bookboon is an online publishing company that also offers free books for college students. It is focused primarily on all subjects related to engineering, so it might not be for everyone. If youre getting a degree in this field, this website will be perfect for you. You can find references for the most specific topics.

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Put Effort Into These Friendships

It is scary to put yourself out there, especially if you are concerned that your feelings toward your friend are not mutual, that you care more about this individual than they care about you.

However, you cannot hope to deepen your friendship without putting in the work. Dont be afraid of initiating conversations or doing good deeds while expecting something in return.

For example, get them a small present for Christmas, regardless of if they are getting a present for you. In some cases, it may feel like youre doing too much, and those friendships are not worth keeping. Prioritize the ones that do matter and put in the effort.

Free College Textbooks: A Few Things To Consider

College students like you, no matter the age, will always try to spend their money efficiently. Here at Gradehacker, we have previously discussed other tips to improve your finances. Still, textbooks are often overlooked as an aspect of college costs. Before spending one more dollar on them, remember this:

  • Textbooks are necessary for completing your coursework. That is a fact. However, you can look for alternatives to spend little to no money on them by joining online sharing communities or archives.
  • Genesis Library is a powerful ebook catalog. They work like a college library in a way, but you dont need to have an institutional email to do so.
  • Websites like Gutenberg Project, Bookboon, and VK communities are perfect to look for specialized books on humanities, engineering, or medical topics.
  • and Mobilism grow thanks to the cooperation between students who want to share their textbooks that will be useful for you. You can also post what you have to give back to the community.

Hopefully, you are able now to find new ways to access your reading for free without needing to break the bank. Search, download, and when you can, share so others can also have a hand when they are in your same position. When you need to write about what you have read, you can find help to make your writing process easier through our learning resources related to APA and MLA formatting, and much more.

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