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What Online Colleges Provide Laptops

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What If The Laptop Is Lost Or Stolen

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In the event of a stolen laptop, its up to you to take the necessary next steps. As noted, free laptops for college students are the property of the school, not the student. Thus, students must report an incident of theft quickly. Note that you may have a limited amount of time to file a police report for example, some schools stipulate students must file within 10 days.

After filing the report, notify the school. At this time, the school can help secure you a loaner laptop and file an insurance claim. Eventually, youll need to get a replacement computer at cost to you. However, the insurance claim could help with this unexpected cost, and you can also buy from programs that specialize in providing discounted or cheap laptops for school.

Reasons Schools Provide A Free Laptop

Many online institutions understand that students need a computer to complete coursework and some schools decide to provide this necessity. Providing a free laptop to students removes a factor that may hinder enrollment in online programs due to added expenses. This way, students do not have to worry about an additional expense to complete their education.

Choosing an online school that offers a free laptop is a wise choice for students looking to reduce the costs of higher education. It is one less expense for the student. However, if a students chosen school does not offer a complimentary device, there are often programs available that enable students to rent laptops for reasonable rates.


Online Schools That Offer Free Laptops

There are numerous online institutions that offer free laptops or related devices to students. Stevens-Henager College is a four-year institution based out of Ogden-Haven, Utah and it was founded in 1891. It is a nonprofit institution that is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. It offers online programs in healthcare, business, information technology, and graphic arts. Students receive a laptop upon enrollment. Bethel University is a four-year Christian university based out of McKenzie, Tennessee. It was established in 1842 and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It offers online programs in organizational leadership, management, and business administration. Students receive a free iPad to use as part of the technology initiative started by the university.

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When To Consider An Ipad Or Tablet

An iPad or tablet lacks the power and versatility of a laptop, but these compact, portable devices offer other advantages. For example, students may find a tablet to be convenient for reading digital textbooks or watching video lectures during commutes.

Additionally, a tablet can be ideal for completing coursework in certain fields. Learners studying digital animation or visual art may use a tablet’s touch screen and a stylus for drawing. Students may also use a tablet and stylus to take notes.

Colleges That Offer Discounted Laptops

The 10 Best Online Colleges that Offer Laptops 2020
Villanova University

Villanova partners with Apple and PC Connection, Inc. to provide higher-education discounts on Apple and Dell computers. Available to students and their parents, the discounts apply to laptops, desktops, and tablets. Through the programs, students can save up to 10% on purchases, which can equate to $100 or more.

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Online Schools Offering Free Laptops And Ipads

COLLEGE AMERICA This school offers all of its students laptop rentals. If for some reason you are unable to complete your courses and graduate, they must be returned to the school immediately. They are considered rentals until you graduate. After graduation, however, it becomes yours! ALL yours! Masters students do not qualify for this program at all. Not sure if its included in tuition costs or not, this is not something publicized by the school.

STEVENS-HENAGER COLLEGE This college offers all of their students a laptop when they enroll in the online hybrid course programs. Make sure your intentions are to graduate, however, or its labeled as a loaner. If you graduate from their courses, you get to keep it as a graduation gift! How cool is that?

BETHEL UNIVERSITY: This college offers iPads to each and every online and full-time student who enrolls. Rumor is, you are allowed to hang on to your iPad after you graduate, but Id definitely want to check this out with the school before you start believing something that could be nothing more than a barrel of monkeys kind of story! They also do not advertise what their tuition costs cover, so we are not positive if this one is free or not. The point is, they do have them, and you can get your own!

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    When Do Students Receive Their Free Laptops

    Its common for online colleges that provide laptops to send the computers out after the student officially enrolls. To account for students changing their enrollment plans, online schools tend to follow rules that minimize unnecessary shipping costs. On-campus students can often pick up their new computers on the first day of classes.

    Rochester College Free Apple Macbook Or Ipad

    online colleges that offer laptops

    Rochester College offers all full-time undergraduate incoming freshmen an Apple MacBook or iPad completely free. Students who transfer to Rochester with 29 credits or less are also eligible to receive a free MacBook or iPad. Rochester was recently ranked #59 in Regional Colleges Midwest by US News & World Report. Graduates will earn a 20-year net ROI of $59,800 on average. Rochester College offers undergraduate and accelerated degrees online.

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    Most Popular College Laptops For College Students

    Through partnerships and learning initiatives, online colleges that provide laptops can choose from the most popular models today. These schools can also offer free laptops for college students that meet all the requirements of a particular major. While some schools choose one brand over the other, most schools opt to go with a few models from the two top operating systems: Windows and macOS.

    In general, Apple computers are pricier than PCs, and tend to hold their resale value for longer. Apple fans claim Macs are more user-friendly, citing the fewer updates needed and seeming defense against malware. PC fans, meanwhile, will counter this by pointing to the breadth of software available for Windows. Note that computer science and engineering majors tend to work within Windows or Linux, while design, communications, and creative majors often prefer Mac.

    Before purchasing a laptop, its important to do your research. As noted, your academic major may remove all doubt as to what model you need to buy. However, if you can choose from all Macs and PCs, then you need to ask the right questions as a consumer. Important factors to consider when making your computer purchase include performance, price, size, display, RAM, storage, and battery life.

    Cost and Spec Comparison of Popular Educational Laptops

    Model Name
    Up to 10 hours of wireless usage or audio playback

    St Marys University Of Minnesota

    St. Marys University of Minnesota, Forbes 269th top private school, began the iPad Mobile Learning Initiative to issue Apple mini-laptops equipped with Skype, Adobe Connect, and Blackboard to post-grads. Apps help tackle 19 online programs, including the MEd in Learning Design, MA in Public Administration, and MBA in Sustainability.

    Average Tuition: $33,560

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    Laptop Scholarships And Grants

    In addition to discounted and free laptops for college students, some schools also designate scholarships and grants that students can use toward a tech purchase. While some schools like Widener University and Indiana University specify that students use such gift aid for acquiring tech, other schools leave it up to the student to decide. Students can also apply to scholarship programs from manufacturers like Apple and Dell. Many tech sites, blogs, and organizations hold annual competitions where the reward helps budgeting students buy laptops, tablets, and other tech devices for school.

    Laptop Scholarship for College Students

    Description: Teradatariver chooses one essay winner per school year. In their essays, students must make a case for the laptop they wish to purchase with the scholarship money and discuss why its the best computer for them and their college needs. Any student taking higher-education classes may apply.

    Amount: $1,000

    Which Laptop Is Best For Online Classes

    Online Colleges that Offer Laptops

    There is no one laptop that is best for online classes. For basic classes that dont require photo or video editing, any laptop that can hook up to Wifi will work. For photo and/or video editing, youll need a more powerful laptop, which comes with a heftier price tag.

    According to here are the best laptops for online college students:1. Asus Chromebook10. Eluktronics Editing, Design & Gaming PC

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    Wake Forest University Free Laptop Must Be Returned Upon Graduation

    Wake Forest University is a small private university that ranked #27 in the 2019 edition of USNews Best Colleges rankings. Students who earn a bachelors degree from WFU earn a 20-year net ROI of $476,00 on average. Popular majors include Economics, Communications, and Psychology. Students praise Wake Forest for having small classes, great professors, and great business, economics, communications, and political science programs. Click on the button below to request more information from Wake Forest about their loaner laptopprogram.

    Free Laptop For College Students From Government

    You cant really call the government and request a free laptop if youre a college student, no matter what your circumstances are.

    With that being said, there are some government-funded programs that provide loaner or affordable laptops to college students in need.

    In your local area, you can connect with:

    • Department of Social Health Services theyll connect students and potential students with programs and non-profit organizations that can provide assistance for getting a free laptop for college students or at least point them in the right direction.
    • This site will help you find government benefits that you qualify for.
    • If youve been a victim of hurricanes or other natural disasters, you may qualify for help from the government, maybe not in the form of a free laptop for college students from the government, but there may be other help.

    While we wish that the government would step in and provide free laptops for college students from the government for low-income or need-based students, they currently dont have a program in place.

    If the government wont give you a free laptop and the schools above dont fit what you need, you wont be stranded without a laptop.

    There are a handful of organizations that offer free laptops or heavily discounted laptops for low-income families that cant afford them on their own.

    16, 32 GB

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    Consider What Hardware You Need

    General tasks, such as word processing, email, and video conferencing, do not generally require high-end hardware. However, coursework in technical fields such as graphic design, video editing, and computer science may require students to run demanding programs. Learners in these fields often benefit from faster processors, additional RAM, and plenty of hard-drive space.

    Even casual users may consider more powerful laptops. However, these machines are often larger and less portable. Less powerful devices often boast a slimmer design and longer battery life.

    Northwest Missouri State University

    Coronavirus: LA Community College District To Give Out 3,000 Laptops Amid Switch To Online Classes

    Northwest Missouri State University issues laptops to full-time, in-person undergraduate students or undecided online-only students. The laptops are loaded with textbook rentals as part of tuition and fees. Learners return their laptops at the end of the academic year if they do not enroll in summer or fall courses.

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    Ready To Start Your Journey

    Online students need access to a computer or laptop to enroll in classes. They must also have internet access to log in and complete their assignments. But online students aren’t the only learners who rely on a computer. Increasingly, even on-campus programs require students to have laptops or tablets.

    To make it easier for students to meet this technology requirement, some schools now offer free laptops for college students. The cost of this device is often included in the school’s tuition and fees.

    The following ranking includes the nation’s top colleges that offer free laptops. Many schools allow students who complete their degree to keep this device upon graduation. In addition to complementary laptops, some schools also offer students significant discounts on software.

    Online Colleges That Provide Free Laptops

    A laptop is an important school supply for college students. Here, we outline online colleges that offer laptops in 2021 as well as how to choose a laptop. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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    Where Can I Get A Free Laptop For College

    The list below includes some online colleges that offer laptops in 2021. Each school features different guidelines. Students should carefully review eligibility criteria and contract terms.

    Some schools loan laptops until graduation. Then, students own the laptop. Learners who withdraw from these schools may need to return or buy their laptops. Some schools offer a completely free laptop for college. Others charge technology fees to cover the cost.

    Since April 2002, ANU has given free laptops and software to new domestic students. Learners receive the laptops at their homes one week before classes begin.

    Online learners can use their laptops to access Zoom software and the Canvas course management system. The devices include software that allow enrollees to access the various resources of ANU’s Global eUniversity.

    Chatham provides 13-inch MacBook Air laptops, cases, and backpacks to all first-year students. Some transfer students also qualify for a MacBook or MacBook Air. A technology fee covers computer and services costs. Learners own their MacBooks when they graduate.

    The Undergraduate 1:1 Program provides warranty, damage, and theft protection. Program participants can also access Chatham’s helpdesk repair services.

    Once DSU enrollees reach 59 credits, they can buy their laptop at market value or opt out of the program. Learners who choose to use their own computers need comparable devices.

    Colleges That Offer Free Laptops For Students

    Online Colleges That Provide Laptops

    But wait, are these laptops free? Whats the catch?

    Yes, these laptops are usually free for the students. These colleges can do this as it comes out of technology grants which allow the colleges to get digital devices like laptops for free. However, universities may offer a laptop labeled as free to their students in some cases. But, its still part of the tuition fees that you pay over time.

    You may be thinking, How am I supposed to pay for these expensive college tuition fees when Im having trouble getting my hands on a laptop?!

    Well, these universities and colleges do offer financial aid, so all you will need to do is a little research and find the best one suited for you.

    Check out these 7 universities and colleges that offer free laptops for their students.

    Chatham University

    Based in Pittsburgh, Chatham University is a top-ranked university for student support. They provide their students with free laptops. Laptops are an essential tool in the university as they try to integrate technology into their instruction. The Chatham Universitys free laptop for college students provides free laptops to new first-year students with a MacBook Air.

    The free laptop comes with free repair services, a warranty for theft or damage, and a backup laptop with the universitys logo on it. Sadly, undergraduate students do not qualify for free laptops. Still, the university does offer financial aid to help students who are unable to afford them.

    Rochester University

    Moravian College

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