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What College Is In Jacksonville Florida

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Institutional Accreditation & Licensure

Jacksonville University, other Florida colleges receive threats

Accreditation and licensure are an important part of an academic institutions operation and a resource for current and potential students and employers.

  • Concorde Career College’s Jacksonville Campus known as Concorde Career Institute is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges , a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

Programmatic Accreditation:

  • The Dental Assistant program is approved by the Florida State Board of Dentistry to certify dental assisting students in expanded duties and radiology. Department of Health, Board of Dentistry: 4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin C-08, Tallahassee, FL 32399-3258 850-488-0595.

Enrollment And Registration For Certificate Programs

Florida Community College offers many postsecondary training programs which prepare students to enter a new career. Each of these programs prepares students to enter a specific occupation or one of a cluster of related occupations. To complete a program, students must demonstrate that they have mastered specific jobrelated performance requirements as well as communication and computation competencies. Upon the completion of a program, students will be awarded a postsecondary training certificate.

Postsecondary job preparatory programs vary in length from 20 to 1,500 hours. Students entering programs which are 450 hours or more are required to be assessed in basic reading, mathematics and language skills. Prior to the completion of their respective programs, those students who score below the prescribed grade levels on the Test of Adult Basic Education will be required to enroll in basic skills training and be retested to demonstrate attainment of the prescribed skill level for their respective programs of study.

Enrollment procedures for students entering vocational programs are as follows:

  • Membership Application Complete and submit a Florida Community College Student Membership Application, along with the $15 records origination fee. Applications are available through the enrollment services office at each campus or by calling the Collegewide Information Center at 904.646.2300 or visiting our Web site.
  • Vocational Preparation Instruction

  • tutoring, and
  • Title Iv Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

    Students are only allowed to attempt a limited number of credit hours under federal financial aid guidelines. Credits may include college or workforce credits, transfer credits, remedial credits and all other credits attempted at FCCJ. All students receiving Title IV financial aid funds must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to receive Title IV funds. Academic history is reviewed for all students applying for financial aid, regardless of whether financial aid has been previously received.

    All students receiving aid must successfully complete a minimum of 67% of cumulative credit hours attempted. For example, a student attempting 35 credits must complete 23 credits successfully . Students must also maintain at least a 2.0 G.P.A. SAP will be evaluated yearly, after the spring semester, for the following academic year. Students enrolled in oneyear or less certificate or vocational programs will have grades reviewed at the end of each term. Failure to meet these standards may impact the students eligibility for financial aid and ability to register. Please contact the enrollment services/financial aid office on your campus for further information.

    150% Rule

    Appeals Procedure

    Remedial Courses

    Financial aid will not pay for more than 30 remedial credits attempted.

    Audited Classes/Challenged Exams

    Financial aid will not pay for audited classes or challenged exams.



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    How Do I Reach The Department Of Education And/or Veterans Affairs

    Department of Education:

    Visit to review your remaining eligibility for certain federal student aid programs.

    Important Note: Remember that you can no longer use your Federal Student Aid PIN. Youll need to create an FSA ID a user name and password to access your loan history.

    If you have further questions, feel free to call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID.

    Veterans Affairs:

    Contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Education Call Center at 1-888-442-4551 for information on GI benefits and remaining entitlement.

    Types Of Financial Aid

    Jacksonville » College of Pharmacy » University of Florida

    Programs require an enrollment of at least six credits per term unless otherwise indicated.

    Pell Grant: A federal grant awarded when the student does not have a B.S./B.A. degree or equivalent. Amounts range from $890 to $4,731 per academic year. The amount received depends on the Expected Family Contribution , the cost of attendance at Florida Community College and enrollment status.

    Academic Competitiveness Grant : A need based federal grant program for students who are U.S. citizens and enrolled in the first and second year of an undergraduate degree program. Students must be a Pell Grant recipient within the same award year and attend full time. Students must have completed a rigorous secondary school program of study, as determined by the state or local education agency and recognized by the Secretary of Education. An eligible student may receive an Academic Competitiveness Grant of up to $750 for the first academic year of study and up to $1,300 for the second academic year of study.

    Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant : A federal grant that is awarded when a student demonstrates exceptional need and does not have a B.S./B.A. degree or equivalent.

    College Work Study Program : A federal work program that provides jobs to help pay for educational expenses. This program encourages community service and work related to the students course of study. Students will be paid at least the federal minimum wage and can work 10 to 20 hours per week.

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    Jacksonville University Asun Basketball Opener At Kennesaw Postponed

    The opening ASUN game for the Jacksonville University men’s basketball team at Kennesaw State on Wednesday has been postponed because of COVID-19 protocols within the KSU program.

    JU’s scheduled game on Sunday at Campbell University was canceled and will not be made up.

    JU and KSU is working with ASUN officials to schedule the game for a later day. The JU women’s game at Kennesaw, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, is still on.

    Jacksonville’s next scheduled game is Saturday against Florida Gulf Coast at Swisher Gymnasium, beginning at 6 p.m.

    Special Programs Offering Financial Aid Tax Credits

    The federal governments Taxpayers Relief Act of 1997 provides new tax benefits to help families meet the cost of postsecondary education. The TRA 97 contains the Hope Scholarship Tax Credit for students in the first two years of post secondary education and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit for other students. Because each persons tax situation is unique, students interested in these tax credits should consult their tax advisor to determine eligibility. More information can also be obtained by calling the IRS at 800.829.1040 and asking for IRS publication 970 or logging on to the IRS Web site or U.S. Department of Education Web site.

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    Payment Of Student Accounts Due The College

    Florida Community College prohibits the registration of, release of transcripts to, or the issuance of a certification of completion or diploma to students whose accounts with the College are delinquent. Students who fail to pay shortterm loans, veteran deferments or other debt by the date established by the College may be disenrolled, subject to additional charges, reported to a collection agency and the credit bureau, and will not be able to register and receive transcripts.

    Firsttimeincollege Degree Seeking Students

    University of Florida College of Medicine Jacksonville

    Applicants in this category are those who intend to earn a college degree from Florida Community College and have never attended Florida Community College or any other institution. If this describes your situation, please take the following steps to enrollment at Florida Community College:

  • Membership Application and Fee Call 904.646.2300 to have an application packet mailed to you or at visit our Web site. Submit a completed membership application and the appropriate records origination fee. The nonrefundable records origination fee is $15 for U.S. citizens and certain legal immigrants and visa holders. An $80 nonrefundable records origination fee is required of international students. Be sure to indicate in the Educational Plans section of the application that you intend to earn your degree at the College. The application and fee may be submitted online or to any campus enrollment services office.
  • Welcome Letter Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a welcome letter from the College. Included with this letter will be information outlining steps new students are required to take before enrolling in classes, such as placement testing and College orientation. As your records are reviewed, you will receive additional information regarding your admissions approval. See admissions criteria.
  • Career Goal If you havent already decided on a career goal and program of study, make an appointment with a counselor at the Career Development Center on campus.
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    Concorde Jacksonville Campus President

    For over a decade, I have found inspiration from helping counsel and guide those in need. Some during their darkest moments and others at a cross-roads.

    The opportunity to help people change their lives drew me into higher education and now to Concorde. Working with the dedicated Jacksonville faculty and staff we are redefining what it takes to support our students during these challenging times. Our goal is to help you pursue a quality hands-on healthcare career focused education so that you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of the patients you will care for in the future.

    Juggling home with work and now school isn’t easy. So on the days when you just need someone to talk with, know that I am ready to listen.

    Take the next step, visit our campus and talk with our admissions team about a healthcare education program that can help change your life. And when you do, be sure to knock on my door too.

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    List Of Colleges And Universities In Florida

    The following is a list of accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Florida. Many of these schools have multiple campuses, and therefore only the location of the main campus in Florida is specified. Most public institutions and traditional private institutions in Florida are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools religious schools are accredited by the Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools , the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada , the Association for Biblical Higher Education , and the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools .

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    Incoming Transfer Students To Florida Community Colleges Degree Programs

    If you have attended and received college credit from institutions other than Florida Community College and desire to complete your degree at Florida Community College, please take the following steps to enrollment:

  • Membership Application and Fee Call 904.646.2300 to have an application packet mailed to you or visit our Web site. Submit a completed membership application and the appropriate records origination fee. The nonrefundable records origination fee is $15 for U.S. citizens, including certain legal immigrants and visa holders, and $80 for international students. Be sure to indicate in the Educational Plans section of the application that you intend to earn your degree at the College. The application and fee may be submitted online or to any campus enrollment services office.
  • College Transcripts Have official transcripts from all colleges attended sent to the Student Records Office, Florida Community College, 940 N. Main St., Jacksonville, FL 32202. If these transcripts are not received within one term, subsequent registration will be blocked. All transcripts must be evaluated before a student can be approved for financial aid.
  • Financial Aid Application If you are interested in receiving financial aid, call or visit the enrollment services office on campus. The Collegewide Information Center can also mail you an application for federal student aid. All prior college coursework must be received and evaluated before you can be considered for financial aid.
  • Enrollment Procedures For College Credit Programs

    State Senators Back College System Revamp Amid Graduation ...

    Enrollment procedures for students entering Florida Community Colleges college credit programs are different for students in varying circumstances. Below is a list of admissions categories. Find the one that best describes your situation and go to the section indicated to learn what is required for enrollment.

    Type of Student

    Earn college credit as a visiting foreign student

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    Enrollment For Continuing Education Programs

    Through its continuing education program, Florida Community College offers a wide variety of continuing workforce education and recreation courses. These courses are offered throughout the community college district wherever the need exists and adequate facilities are available. Courses are taught in public schools, industrial plants, commercial office buildings, on all the campuses and centers of the College, and other suitable locations. The length and frequency of meetings for classes differ and are determined by the type and objectives of each course.

    The primary purpose of these courses is to provide individuals with the training needed to upgrade or broaden their present skills and enhance their occupational opportunities. This training also provides the business and industrial community with trained personnel.

    The College maintains close liaison with outside agencies to facilitate the educational and training needs of the community. These groups include: program advisory committees, professional and civic organizations, governmental agencies, business and industry as well as various other groups.

    A high school diploma is not required for enrollment in most continuing workforce education courses, but students must be at least 16 years old.

    New participants in the Colleges continuing education programs must submit a membership application and the $15 records origination fee.

    Professional Development And Selfenrichment

    A variety of courses are offered for professional development and self enrichment. Brochures are available for a wide variety of courses that provide new skills, help develop new and exciting interests and offer opportunities to have fun while in pursuit of lifelong learning goals. For information call 904.646.2300.

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    Graduate Open This Tooltip To Learn More About What Graduate Programs Are

    ‘Graduate’ can be used to describe a degree or a student.

    A ‘graduate degree’ is an advanced degree that has a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite. It could be a master’s degree , a professional degree , or a doctoral degree .

    A ‘graduate student’ is someone who has earned an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree and is studying to earn a graduate degree.

    If you have already earned a 4-year-degree, and you’re looking to pursue more advanced study, our graduate programs are for you.

    Propel Your Education Further

    A Masters degree from Jacksonville University builds on your existing education for an even stronger academic foundation. We offer graduate and doctorate degrees in several areas, from public policy to nursing. Pursue your passions and enhance your future with dynamic courses and real-world experiences.

    Florida State College At Jacksonville

    FSCJ Downtown Campus Tour

    Jacksonville, FL

    • Offers College Credit for Military Experience
    • Awards Credit for CLEP Exam
    • Awards Credit for DSST Exam

    We at Florida State College at Jacksonville are strong advocates for active military, veterans, military spouses and dependents ensuring their unique needs and challenges are met as you pursue your educational goals.

    Military and Veteran Costs
    • Military Student Cost
      $ 0
    • This GI Bill coverage is based on full benefits remaining. Any potential costs and coverage should be verified by the university before applying.

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    Undergraduate Open This Tooltip To Learn What ‘undergraduate’ Means

    ‘Undergraduate’ can be used to describe a degree or a student.

    An ‘undergraduate degree’ is generally a bachelor’s degree, a degree requiring about four years of study at the university level .

    An ‘undergraduate student’ is a student who does not have an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree but is studying to earn one.

    If you have never gone to college, or if the most advanced education you’ve completed so far is a high school diploma or its equivalent, our undergraduate programs are for you.

    Students in Motion Stay in Motion

    For more than 80 years, Jacksonville University has offered active, hands-on undergraduate academics that encourage exploration and ingenuity. From aviation to kinesiology, biology to business, marine science to dance, youll encounter challenging new concepts and generate exciting ideas both in and out of the classroom.

    Military Personnel Seeking College Credit

    Service Members Opportunity Colleges

    SOC is a consortium of some 1835 colleges and universities dedicated to meeting the voluntary educational needs of members of the military service. SOC member institutions act as home campus for service members who, by prior agreement, earn academic credits elsewhere. Service members desiring to participate in SOC may do so by calling 904.633.8134.

    Service Members Opportunity Colleges Navy

    SOCNAV is a network of some 126 colleges agreeing to accept in transfer, with previous approval, courses applicable to the students degree program.SOCNAV students/applicants must coordinate all activities through the Florida Community College office at any of the Navy bases or through the Open Campus Military Education Institute office by calling 904.633.8134.

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    Best Colleges In Jacksonville Area

  • University of North Florida. 4 Year. Jacksonville, FL. 2,677 reviews. Sophomore: My experience at UNF has been amazing overall. The courses are very informative and actually teach you valid information.
  • Jacksonville University. 4 Year. Jacksonville, FL. 733 reviews. Alum: Jacksonville University has a good but rigourous undergraduate nursing program. I was accepted into the program directly from high school.
  • Flagler College – St. Augustine. 4 Year. Saint Augustine, FL. 986 reviews. Niche User: When attending Flagler College I loved it. When I visited the school, the campus as breathtaking, and the students there were extremely friendly.
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville. 4 Year. Jacksonville, FL. 2,137 reviews. Sophomore: My experience at Florida State College at Jacksonville was wonderful!
  • Students With Degree Seeking Second Degree

    Jacksonville University partners with national sports ...

    Students who have earned an associate in arts degree or higher from a college outside the state of Florida may enroll at Florida Community College to pursue a bachelor of applied science, associate in arts, associate in science or associate in applied science degree. Students who have completed an associate in arts degree or higher from a Florida public or private college may not pursue the same degree at Florida Community College, but they may pursue a bachelor of applied science, associate in science or associate in applied science degree.

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