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How To Get Recruited To Play College Football

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How To Get Noticed

How To Get Recruited For College Football | 3 More Tips

Some high school football players have a leg up because they get to play on a top-ranked high school football team. Such an advantage already lets college recruiters know about them, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your own strengths and advantages work just as well for you. Be proactive even if you don’t yet anticipate that the recruiters will come knocking on your door.

Supervising Your College Football Recruiting Process

The college football recruiting process can be very frustrating and confusing at times. You might feel stuck or unsure of what the next step is for you.

This time period is one of the main reasons we created College Athlete Insight. We want you to keep moving forward and worry more about improving your game rather than all the recruiting stuff.

Heres what you need to be doing during this time phase:

  • Keep communicating with college coaches especially the ones showing you the most interest.
  • Feel free to add new schools to your list that might have contacted you. Make sure to remove schools as you move on as well.
  • Update your highlight videos and continue to send them out to college coaches and third parties that will distribute them.
  • Take the ACT and SAT. Have an idea what scores you will need for all the schools on your list.
  • Go on unofficial visits as well as official visits. At this point your list should be getting narrower with a decision to be made in the near future.
  • Stay on top of your grades and academic requirements.
  • Check on deadlines whether for financial aid or the eligibility center.
  • Be sure to update everything including highlight tapes, stats, and grades.

The Importance Of Star Ratings In Football

Star ratings are splashed across all the major football recruiting websites: Rivals.com, ESPN, Scout.com and 247Sports.com. While each of these organizations has slightly different criteria for how they evaluate high school athletes and rank them, they generally all analyze film footage, live games, camps and combines, and overall athleticism to make their decisions.

Just as the methods for assigning star ratings differ, what they signify will be slightly different from platform-to-platform, as well. These star ratings are meant to signify how a recruit is expected to impact a D1 football team. Heres an overview of what the star ratings generally mean:

  • Five stars: These are very rare, elite prospects, who will likely be difference-makers on a D1 college team as a true freshman.
  • Four stars: Outstanding prospects, these recruits are expected to make significant contributions to the success of their team as a young collegiate player.
  • Three stars: Good prospects, these athletes might need a little more development before they make a significant contribution to their college team.
  • Two stars: An average recruit, two-star athletes need the most time to fully develop their skills, but they still have the potential to become a major contributor later in their college career.

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The College Recruiting Guidebook

The college recruiting guidebook is the ultimate manual to earning an athletic scholarship for student-athletes and parents.

How would a $50,000/year athletic scholarship change your families life?

Inside the guidebook youll have access to:

  • step-by-step instructions freshman through senior year
  • every single college coaches email in the country
  • sample email/dm/text templates you can use
  • a manual for parents on how to negotiate scholarships/financial aid with college coaches
  • access to an array of bonuses you wont find anywhere else

Parents will pay $20 just for admission in to their kids game. You can get this guidebook for the same price.

The college recruiting guidebook could literally change your families future!

College Football Recruiting Tips To Help You Get Signed To Play Ncaa Or Usports Football

Play College Football

The competition to play NCAA and U Sports football is incredibly high. The number of student athletes seeking spots on teams across North America, let alone gaining a scholarship, is immense. Many student athletes expect coaches and college programs to come to them. Yet, most programs do not just recruit players with little to no information about them.

So, how do you get coaches and college football teams to come calling? Here are 5 college football recruiting tips to help you get signed to play NCAA or U Sports football. If you are a college football fan and like wagering on it, get the latest betting promos from and wager on football with confidence.

  • Start the college recruiting process early
  • Waiting until the summer between your junior and senior years of high school to start the recruiting process is too late. You need to begin the process far earlier. In fact, it is never too early to start the process. The competition to play college football is higher than it has ever been before. Student athletes make commitments earlier and earlier every year.

  • Be realistic
  • Online profiles wont do all the work
  • Have a highlight video ready
  • Consider non-D1 schools
  • Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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    How To Respond To An Athletic Scholarship Offer

    With that being said, and that’s pretty much the tip that I can think of right now, I’m going to allow you guys to use me as a tool. Like I said, just the personal experience, me getting recruited. Me and my dad, we sent off almost 1000 emails, just different schools, searched enough schools, searched enough places to play, all this stuff.

    And we got a lot of responses. And that’s really how I got a lot of my scholarship offers just to that. I want to give you guys opportunities to watch. If you’re coming up, and even if you’re not underrated or something like that, if you’re coming up to high school and you want to get recruited, and you feel like you’re not getting the exposure you need and stuff like that, hit me up. Hit me up on my social media. Hit me up on Instagram, and I will help you get recruited by a school.

    I guarantee you. I’ll find you at least three places to play. No matter if you’re a D3 caliber to D1. I can find your three places to play in. You could have no offers, and I’m telling you that you’ll have an offer from somewhere by the time I get done working. No matter what the level is. I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and I will go through and email your film out to every school if I have to.

    Use these tips on how to get recruited to play college football and read the process of becoming a college athlete.

    Marketing Yourself As A College Athlete

  • 1Achieve as much as you can as an athlete in high school. The best way to stand out amongst your competitors and position yourself as a competitive athlete is to perform your best during your high school career. Train hard and stay dedicated to the sport while balancing your athletic achievements with academic success.XResearch source
  • Building a strong, concrete resume as a high school athlete, through outstanding personal statistics and establishing yourself as a team player will set you apart from your competition.
  • 2Showcase your athletic ability through a video or resume. Throughout your high school career, enlist someone to videotape your best performances so that you can create a showreel of your high school athletic achievements. Create a brief highlight video that can be shared with college recruiters, and post the video on YouTube. Make a brief athletic high school resume detailing your achievements and statistics while playing high school football.XResearch source
  • Creating these things early in your high school career will allow you to start the application and recruitment process before your competitors.
  • As you get closer to graduation, send your video and resume directly to the programs of your choice.
  • Before committing to a service, ask the program how much they cost, how many schools they guarantee exposing you to, and what kind of services they plan to provide.
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    Sign With Your Top School

    To formalize a scholarship offer and make it legally binding, the athlete needs to sign with the school. About 650 NCAA DI and DII schools use the National Letter of Intent , and NAIA and NHCAA schools have their own version of the NLI to sign. The NLI is a legally binding document, so families should doubleand triplecheck they know what theyre agreeing to before putting pen to paper. By signing this document, an athlete agrees to compete at the school for one year, and the school is promising to provide the recruit with the agreed upon scholarship for that one year.

    Families should note on January 15, the National Letter of Intent extended their signing dates for D1 football to give athletes until August 1, 2021 to sign their NLI due to the coronavirus.

    And now the recruiting journey is over! Dont forget to celebrate this important moment as you look ahead to the next chapter of your life.

    Ways Freshmen Can Help Themselves Get Recruited To Play College Football

    How To Get Recruited For College Football


    We are in the midst of wild times when it comes to college football recruiting. Over the last 5-6 years we have witnessed more changes than perhaps all the years that existed before it. With the rapid onset of more freedom for college football players, the unintended and probably unforeseen victims have been high school football players. If you want to put yourself in the proper position to secure a scholarship when you are senior, its best to make the right moves as a freshman. In this article, I discuss the five important moves you need to make.

    Along with the changes in college football, prospects are facing increasing pressure to be noticed sooner in the recruiting process. The early signing period has ramped up the need for colleges to identify potential signees earlier in their high school career so that the relationship building can start. I have received more questions lately about how to get recruited as a freshman than I have ever before. Getting offers as a freshman are not always something that you can control but I can tell you how to put yourself in the best position possible to get offers when they count. Lets look at the 5 best ways to help yourself when you are in your first year of high school.

    1. Run Track

    2. Get Serious About the Weight Room

    3. Buckle Down on Your Technique

    4. Guard Your GPA Like Your Life

    5. Collect the Email Addresses of Coaches & Join the GridironStuds App

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    Regional And National Analysts Are Giving Out The Stars

    The people that give out the stars and make decisions on rankings are usually the regional and national recruiting analysts. I cant give out the exact details. But, I do know that its usually not just one person who makes the final call on stars or rankings. So, what does that mean? It means that you would need to be seen by a regional or national recruiting analyst to have the best chance of receiving any stars or getting a bump in your star rating.

    Make A Football Highlight Video Well More Like Videos

    Notice that I said highlight videos . making one every week can give you that much exposure and let coaches see how you are doing over the season . So your best bet is after those Friday night lights is get with those Saturday morning edits . The more video that you have , the more exposure you can get and the more chances you have of someone seeing you , to recruit you .You will later need these to send to coaches . Also, you need video to get to the best invite only combines and showcases such as Army All American Combine , The Opening , Rivals , Under Armour All American .

    Weekly Football Highlight Video

    Your weekly highlight should show your strong points of that game and what colleges are looking for . If you want to show your speed show your long runs . Put your agility in there show you , taking someones ankles . Even if your game was a grinder there are things you can show , good blocks . A 10 yard run where it took 5 guys to take you down shows power . Think about how you can help a team and show that . Every play is not a highlight , keep that in mind . Shoot for 3-5 minutes on all of your videos . People have other things to do besides see a 10 minute video . Here is one of my sons weekly videos . Notice its titled with what happened in the game and against who , not 3 fire emojis lol .

    Mid-season Football Highlight Video

    Full Season Football Highlight Video

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    Football Scholarship Recruiting At The Ncaa Di

    These are the top football programs in the country and besides having coaches that make huge salaries and they have the football recruiting budgets to match. These coaches jobs depend on finding the talent they need to keep their jobs and they will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year finding and evaluating talented recruits. These coaches have clear expectations of the athletes they recruit.

    1) They have to show an interest in the program coaches will send out thousands of letters to prospective athletes and get hundreds more from qualified athletes. If you dont respond they will bump you off the their football scholarship list, simple as that.

    2) You must give them multiple opportunities to evaluate you coaches recruit athlete based on their projects for that athlete. In order to make a proper assessment coaches will want to see your highlight tapes, game tapes and see you in person at their football camps.

    3) You have to take care of your eligibility a football coach cant retroactively make you eligible. It is your responsibility to take the necessary core courses, get the highest GPA you can and take care of your SAT or ACT testing.

    A Few College Football Recruiting Facts

    How To Get Recruited To Play College Football

    Football is the number one scholarship sport in all of college athletics. There are almost 900 college football teams in the United States with over 80,000 college football players combined.

    Your overall chance of playing college football after high school is around 7 %. Broken down even further the chance of playing Division 1 football is just under 3 %.

    The odds are stacked against you, so how will you achieve your goal of playing college football?

    If you truly want to play college football at the Division 1 level you have to be two steps ahead of everyone else.

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    Engage Your Current Coach To Help You Establish Contacts With College Admissions Officers And Have Them Assess Your Abilities

    Athletes should keep their high school coaches up to date on their recruiting progress at all times! High school football coaches are critical members of a student-recruiting athlete’s staff. High school football coaches can help college coaches get to know their athletes. Many high school football coaches already have connections with college coaches. They can recommend an athlete to the college coach if they think they’d be a good fit for the program.

    In addition, a recruit’s high school coach is likely to have full game film, which will be crucial for the creation of a recruit’s highlight video. As well as assisting recruits in selecting the best plays to include in their highlight video, they can also assess each player’s abilities and offer suggestions for how they can improve in order to succeed at the next level.

    Athletes should rely on their high school coaches throughout the recruiting process, as they can help them build rapport with college coaches, gain exposure to college coaches, sort through game film, and work on their weaknesses.

    How Proactive Do I Need To Be In The Athletic Recruiting Process

    4 Be proactive. While a few students are discovered being found is mostly a myth. College coaches rely on high school athletes reaching out to them for the purposes of being recruited. You need to fill out online recruit forms on the colleges website, email coaches directly and in many cases, call them to introduce yourself. Do not try to get recruited from one email or one phone call, rather focus on simply introducing yourself to them as a person who is potentially interested in their school and program. See: How do I contact college coaches?

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    You Need Something To Send To Coaches An Athletic Resume

    This should include all of the above plus your contact information, academic information and what ever lets the coach know more about you. It is easy to do, after all it’s about you.

    Times have changed, the vast majority of coaches begin their recruiting process online, after all it is efficient. So get on line and get it done. All you need to do is click on the “Increase your scholarship odd!” button, create an account for your recruiting profile for free. Add all your information online including list your upcoming games and camps where they can watch you. Keep it current as things change.

    Once you have an your recruiting profile account we will show you how easy it is to be proactive and get noticed by thousands of football coaches.

    How To Get Recruited To Play College Sports


    College coaches simply do not have the resources they need to evaluate and recruit the over seven million high school athletes across the country. Qualified athletes miss out on scholarships dollars every year because they did not do enough to get recruited. Learning how to get recruited to play college sports requires more than just being an outstanding athlete. With our college recruiting website, we give you all of the resources you need to contact coaches, write professional e-mails, and stay on top of NCAA and NAIA recruiting rules.

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