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Who Can Help Me Apply For College

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What’s Ok To Get College Application Help On

19 College Application Tips (To Help You Stand Out)

The short answer to what parts of your college application its okay to get help with is pretty much everything. The key word is helpgetting someone to do the work for you is a big mistake. But if you want assistance, including guidance, brainstorming, or even some constructive criticism, you shouldnt be afraid to seek it out.

Create An Admissions Theme

A standout college application will present a clear picture of a student with well-rounded academic pursuits but specialized interests and experiences. Generally, to get into a selective college, you will need to perform well across the board in your academic classes, but you should also show some specialized interests, ideally ones that relate to your goals for the future. Your application theme is essentially your unique, comprehensive story of who you are as a person and a student.

For example, if you want to be a doctor, your application theme may revolve around this ambition. You would include STEM-heavy extracurriculars and perhaps a service project in the medical field. These are areas to highlight specifically on your application, especially in your essays and on your list of activities and honors.

Dont Just Learn Within The Classroom Explore & Roar

Confidence Creates Success!

Every academic year is an opportunity for transformative experiences both within and outside the classroom.

Success is not only measured by college admission acceptances, but is evidenced by learning, motivation, personal character and the impactful connections young adults assume within communities.

Likewise, no middle or high school student should become so lost in an overloaded calendar of courses and activities as to have overlooked the joy of the actual learning taking place in coursework and carefully selected extracurricular pursuits.

Experiences both within and outside the classroom greatly impact the likelihood of a academic and college admissions success and a seamless transition to the undergraduate experience.

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Undergraduate College Admissions Assistance

Serving clients in Florida, Colorado & Nationwide

As a Professor Emeritus with 30+ years of experience, I can tell you without qualification that the single most important goal of high school is for each student to develop a love of learning both within and outside the classroom. This is often accomplished by creating meaningful connections with others: collaborating on projects at school, in community organizations, and in extracurricular pursuits.

Creating Your Educational and College Admissions Plan Results in Motivated, Self-Directed and Confident Young Adults Ready to Succeed! DO YOU HAVE A COLLEGE PLAN FOR SUCCESS?

Busy parents and overwhelmed students require accurate information and personalized attention to navigate high school curriculum choices and understand the details surrounding the college application and financial aid processes. Your college admissions plan not only includes a curriculum mapping of challenging, relevant and manageable high school courses, but should also include student-selected extracurricular activities.

College Admissions Assistance & Financial Aid Tips: The Role of Your College Advisor

Learn More! Is Your Student on Target? Do You have a COLLEGE ADMISSIONS PLAN?

Research & Visit Colleges

Social and Emotional Learning for Middle School Students ...

The first step to applying to college is deciding where to submit those precious applications. Researching colleges is vitally important to decide where you want to apply. Much of this research can be done online now, with some sites even offering 3D tours of campuses and live forums to ask questions from real students.

If possible, visit the schools near the top of the list to get a better feel for campus life and the student body. Another good route to learning more specific colleges is attending college fairs, info sessions with visiting admissions representatives, or talking to current students. You can begin researching colleges at any point, but by 11th grade the process should be underway.

To learn more about researching colleges, check out our comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Researching Colleges.

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Ways To Make Your Activities List Awesome

Ever ask yourself, “what extracurricular activities should I do?”. Bottom of the ninth. Fourth quarter. Two minutes left in the game. Only 150 characters per activity and a small section for a title. Read this guide to writing about extracurricular activities in high school that takes your application to the next level.

Compelling Letters Of Recommendation

Most colleges require at least one letter of recommendation from either your high school counselor or a high school teacher .

The 2019 NACAC survey indicates that 54% of colleges consider teacher recommendations at least moderately important, while a higher 55% consider counselor recommendations the same. Therefore, we can say it’s pretty important to secure great recommendation letters for your application.

If you’re asking for a letter from a teacher, make sure to choose someone whose class you got a high grade in and who is familiar with your abilities, ambitions, and interests. Typically, you’ll need to submit at least one letter from a teacher who taught a core class .

It’s a good idea to also get a letter from a teacher who works in the field you plan to major in. So if you got an A in AP English and plan to major in English, asking that teacher for a recommendation letter would give a great boost to your application.

While you don’t have to be best buddies with the teacher you ask, they should definitely know you well, beyond the classroom, so they can effectively explain to admissions committees what makes you special, that is, what makes you worth admitting.

For example, if you did research with a particular teacher, are part of a club this teacher coaches or leads, or helped out this teacher with a project, this would be a good person to ask to write a letter for you.

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College Application And College Essay Consultation Services For High School Seniors

As a former Admissions Officer and current Cornell University Alumni Admissions Representative, I know that the content of your college admissions essay is just as important as is the presentation of your unique voice on other evaluative factors in your college application. In some of the most selective of colleges, there are as many as seven qualified applicants for every available spot in the freshman class. What distinguishes you from your peers is the essay!

During collaborative sessions, youll be guided to carefully consider the college essay prompts and together we will brainstorm topics to best position you for success, highlighting your unique strengths and passions. When complete, youll have a polished final draft that allows you to stand out and make an impression.

In our June and fall WRITERS BLOCK WORKSHOP SERIES you will dedicate time to completing your college essays within a supportive small group setting guided by College Admissions Counselor Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D. and her team of educators.

Complete The New Student Orientation

3 FAFSA secrets to help you get the most financial aid

All students should complete our online orientation that provides students with information on the programs offered at the college, students support services available, how to register for classes, and additional important information for students.

Once you complete your application and your application has been processed , you should be able to login to WebAdvisor. For help logging into WebAdvisor video tutorial .


Advanced Placement Exam

If an AP exam has been passed with a score of 3 or higher in the following classes: English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Calculus AB or BC, or Statistics, students can submit the appropriate documentation through theprerequisite clearance online form for possible English and math placement.

Course from Another College

If an English or math class has been completed from another college or university within the United States, students can submit the appropriate documentation through the prerequisite clearance online form for possible English and math placement.

You can also visit the Counseling Center to request English/Math placement using unofficial transcripts from another college. The Counseling Center is located in Building 10.

* Official transcripts from other colleges and universities must be submitted to Admissions and Records at Grossmont College.

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Can I Afford This

LCC’s average one year , full-time enrollment cost is around $4,300 for an in-district resident and $7,800 for an in-state student. At four-year universities, you could be paying upwards of $10,000 a year in tuition alone. A cost comparison is featured below.

LCC offers scholarships, grants, work-study and tuition payment plans to help you fund your education. Learn more ways to cover your education costs at

College Grants Vs Scholarships: Whats The Difference

Both grants and scholarships are forms of gift aid. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, grants and scholarships are different from one another.

Scholarships are typically awarded based on merit or certain qualities, such as academic excellence or athletic performance. You can qualify for a scholarship based on your talent, regardless of your economic circumstances.

Unlike scholarships, grants are usually need-based and awarded based on the students economic status. If you are a low-income student with financial need, you can qualify for grants to reduce your education costs.

Some grants have requirements you must meet in order for them to remain as gift aid. If you fail to meet the requirements, some grants are converted into student loans and must be repaid, so its important to carefully review grant criteria.

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When Do You Have To Decide On A College

The process of choosing a college can be divided into two stages. The first takes place during the application process in the fall as you figure out which schools you want to apply to, and the second occurs in the spring after you’ve received admission decisions.

The national college decision deadline is May 1.

In the fall, most high school seniors apply to several colleges that interest them, though it’s common to have a single top choice. You can use the factors below to help you narrow your list of schools to a more manageable number.

In the spring, once you’ve received admission decisions from all of the colleges you’ve applied to, you’ll need to start thinking hard about which school you wish to attend. The following factors can help you choose the best school for you. The national deadline by which you must submit your college decision and nonrefundable deposit is May 1 .

Covering College Costs With Grants

Help me to go to University

Generally, your school will pay out your grant money in at least two payments called disbursements. Typically, the college applies your grant money toward your tuition, fees, and room and board. Any money left over is paid to you for other expenses.2

Most grants are not guaranteed for all years of college. For example, you may become ineligible for a need-based grant if your familys financial situation changes dramatically from one year to the next. Similarly, merit-based grants may not be guaranteed every year either. You might be required to maintain a certain GPA or meet other criteria to qualify for the grant.

If youre offered grants for college, make sure you understand all the requirements and how you can qualify in the futureand remember to fill out your FAFSA every year.

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Should You Get Help With Your College Application

If you feel like youre not understanding your college applications or that you arent really doing as well on one portion as youd like to be, you should absolutely seek outside help. Theres nothing to be ashamed ofcollege applications are difficult! Because theyre meant to be one-size-fits-all, sometimes your needs and questions may not be addressed.

But no matter what questions you have, you should ask them! Regardless of your circumstances, you deserve the opportunity to go to college. Dont let fear or a lack of understanding stop you from applying.

There are lots of reasons to want or need help. The process can be pretty opaque, even with lots of tutorials and guides.

And if you feel like you dont need any assistance with your college application, its still not a bad idea to look into it! With so many resources available, you might as well take advantage of them.

College applications can feel a bit like climbing a difficult wall, but help is available!

What If You’re Struggling With Grades

Grades are one of the most important parts of your college education. But if yours arent where they should be, that doesnt mean you cant get into college.

The earlier you get started on fixing your grades, the better. But even if deadlines are looming, its never too late to make changes in your work process and study habits to improve things.

Dont be afraid to reach out for help from teachers or counselors. If you can demonstrate that youre serious about improving, your teachers may be able to help you make a plan for how to do better.

Obviously, you cant just change your grades. But working hard to improve them is totally possible, and colleges want to see you actively working on self-improvement. If you can show that you’re putting in the effort through an upswing in your GPA, a year of bad grades may not look as bad to admissions offices.

If youve experienced a slip in grades because of outside circumstances, be sure to address that in your college application. Transparency and honesty are good things, especially when you can show through improvements that youre working to do better.

Aside from teachers and counselors, a tutor may also be valuable. Tutors can help you identify weak points in your knowledge and address them, not only helping you fix your grades right now, but also preparing you with improved study habits and learning foundations that will help you in college, too.

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How To Get Help With Your College Application

But there are all kinds of resources for college application helpyou just have to know where to look.

Not all help with the college application process is created equal. Some are a little too hands-on, which can mean your application doesnt sound like you. Others may not offer the kind of help you need. When youre looking for assistance, you need services that help boost your own skills, not ones that do the work for you.

Its perfectly okay to get college application help. This guide will walk you through some options for assistance, including what you should seek help for, what you shouldnt, and some of the best places to find reliable assistance with your college application.

Where Can You Get Help With Your College Application

How to Get College Scholarships | Tips, Tricks, and My Experience!

There are so many resources available that it can be difficult to figure out which ones you should pursue. Do you need an all-around coach for your application? A tutor? Will a visit to a guidance counselor cut it, or do you need to spend money on a complete assistance package?

Dont panic. Take a moment to outline what problems youre having so you can better solve them. Even if you feel like youre writing down every single thing about your application, its worth doingif you can see the problem, you can come up with a plan to fix it.

Depending on what problems youre having, you have a few options to handle it. Some common hangups are:

  • You can’t figure out what colleges to apply to
  • You don’t understand your application
  • You’re not sure you can afford college
  • Your grades aren’t where you’d like them to be
  • You don’t know who to ask for letters of recommendation
  • You’re not sure how to write your essay
  • Your standardized test scores aren’t ready to apply
  • These problems may all feel insurmountable at first, but there’s always help available. No matter what you’re struggling with, there are resources availableif you need help, consider asking:

    • Your school guidance counselor
    • The admissions office of the school you’re applying to
    • Teachers
    • A tutor

    They may not have all the answers, but chances are that they can point you in the direction of someone who does. Don’t let fear or embarrassment keep you from seeking the education you dream of.

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    What Makes A Good College

    When evaluating schools, there are a number of factors to consider. The size, location, and culture of the campus are all important. Knowing what you want to study also helps, particularly if you are very passionate about a particular subject. Most larger schools offer a wide variety of majors, but some smaller colleges will have slimmer pickings, so keep that in mind.

    Affordability will be important for many students. You shouldn’t entirely dismiss pricier schools right away, particularly if you have a strong academic background and could earn a large scholarship. Still, if cost is of primary concern, you’ll probably want to limit your search to public schools within your state and states with reciprocity agreements.

    Grants For Specific Professions

    The greater the need for talent in an industry, the more grants you may find available. For instance, the shortage of nurses and nursing related professionals has been a problem for many years. The strong demand has spurred different organizations and corporations to give generous scholarships to nursing students. If healthcare is in your area of interest, looking into nursing scholarships will be something worthwhile.

    The country is also in great need of teachers. If you can see yourself teaching children in the kindergarten through twelfth grade, you will also find yourself with a lot of financial assistance.

    In many cases, the benefits of choosing one of these professions extends beyond tuition grants. Many municipalities offer housing subsidies to teachers who want to own homes close to where they teach. Before pursuing a college career, first look at life outside it. What is it that people need? From there, you can find the resources you need to fund your studies and build your career.

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