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What To Study In College For Real Estate

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Why Should You Study Real Estate In College

Humber Real Estate Course 2 Study Tips and Strategies

A bachelors degree in real estate offers direct preparation for a career as a real estate broker, agent, appraiser, or assessor, as well as a property or leasing manager. It can also provide a foundation for becoming a real estate or property lawyer and other roles.

For students looking to gain practical skills in a potentially lucrative field, real estate can offer a lot of potential. Students will learn business, finance, and economic concepts and study issues related to property, management, and more.

While some institutions offer concentrations in real estate as part of finance or business programs, a small number award bachelors degrees in real estate. These programs enable students to gain specific knowledge that is directly related to their future careers.

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Re 120 Real Estate Practice

  • Units:3
  • Prerequisite:None.
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course covers practices and techniques of residential real estate brokerage and sales, including ethics, fair housing agency, goal setting, prospecting, listing, advertising, escrow procedures, financing, taxation, marketing, property management, leasing and business opportunities. This course applies toward California Department of Real Estate education requirements for the broker’s examination.

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What Can I Do With A Real Estate Degree

Do You Need a College Degree to be a Real Estate Appraiser?

A real estate major acquires the knowledge and skills needed to pursue several careers in the property industry. The following table illustrates potential occupations graduates pursue with a real estate degree. These professionals possess organizational and problem-solving skills, and rely on their ability to interpret business jargon and communicate clearly to clients. Interpersonal skills allow them to establish clientele and develop working relationships with real estate attorneys, mortgage lenders, and home inspection agencies.

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Can Chiropractors Teach College

Many people are unaware that doctors of chiropractic are qualified to teach at the undergraduate level. According to Tannah Broman, coordinator of the kinesiology program at Arizona State University, DCs are qualified to teach any subject at the undergraduate level that they have personally taken at the graduate level.

University Of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado, Boulder Leeds School of Business offers a BS in Business Administration in Real Estate that ranks as one of the best real estate programs in Boulder and beyond. The required immersive coursework for UMs best degree for real estate program includes real estate finance economics, the principles of real estate, real estate law investment analysis, and real estate development topics, to name a few. Graduates of these best degrees for real estate find rewarding careers in management, sales, or real estate development, among others.

The University of Colorado was founded in the mid-1870s as a public institution of higher learning. The University of Colorado now operates as the flagship campus of the UC system and a space-grant with a student enrollment that exceeds 35,350 students every year.

What We Like: The University of Colorado is considered one of the few public ivy schools in the country.

Degree: BSBA in Real Estate

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Re 360 Real Estate Economics

  • Units:3
  • Transferable:CSU
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course covers the nature and classification of real estate and real estate investments. Topics include economic development of real property, real estate cycles and market trends, and governmental and private sector influence on the economics of real estate. It is recommended that this course be taken last in the real estate series. This course meets one of the educational requirements to qualify for the California Bureau of Real Estate broker’s examination.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • explain the fundamental concepts and principles of real estate economics
  • evaluate economic impacts of income and property taxation on market value
  • analyze national, regional, and community trends in terms of their effects on real estate
  • formulate income processing scenarios through the use of break-even analysis, cash equivalents, capitalization theory, and internal/fair rates of return
  • define the economic principles that govern real estate markets and buyer/seller behavioral patterns
  • describe sound real estate investment strategies through an analysis of real estate economic trends

Is An Online Real Estate Program Right For Me

Humber College Real Estate Course 2: Breakdown & Exam Tips

Commonly promoted as convenient, flexible, and accessible, online programs allow students to earn their degree from home while saving money by eliminating commuting costs. Online programs frequently offer distance learning discounts, such as flat tuition rates for out-of-state students. An online real estate degree features the same rigorous content as on-campus degrees, and students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to gain employment in the real estate industry.

Aspiring and current real estate professionals can benefit from real estate degree and certificate programs that emphasize training in the latest practices, including contemporary appraisal methods and the implementation of data analysis software for property risk management. An online real estate college promotes student engagement through interactive tools such as discussion threads, video conferencing, and virtual group projects.

Although an online degree offers many advantages to traditional face-to-face programs, not everyone thrives in this environment. The best candidates for an online real estate program possess self-discipline, the ability to engage in self-directed learning, and strong time-management skills. Online programs require as much time and dedication as on-campus programs, and students complete ongoing assignments with deadlines throughout the semester.

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Pick Your Real Estate Degree Level

When choosing the right school for you, it’s important to arm yourself with all the facts you can. To that end, we’ve created a number of major-specific rankings, including this Best Real Estate Schools list to help you make the college decision.If you’d like to restrict your choices to just one part of the country, you can filter this list .

In addition to our rankings, you can take two colleges and compare them based on the criteria that matters most to you in our unique tool, College Combat.Test it out when you get a chance! You may also want to bookmark the link and share it with others who are trying to make the college decision.

If you want to learn more about how we derive our rankings, see College Factual’s Methodology.

+ Multiple Choice Questions

How It Works

Each multiple choice question includes detailed explanations for all four answer options. Our MCQs range from testing basic knowledge to complex scenarios. You’ll know why the correct answer was right and the incorrect answers were wrong. Topic Tips and Solution Details are included, where appropriate, to ensure your full understanding. A handy location tag is located at the bottom of each question telling you exactly where to find the topic in your Humber course materials.

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What To Expect With A Real Estate Career

At the surface, most people know real estate agents help people sell homes. You want to take a much closer look at the tasks you will perform each day before deciding if this career is right for you. Knowing what to expect is the best way to prepare yourself for your new career and the projects for which you will be responsible.

As a real estate agent, you meet with clients looking to sell their homes or find renters for their property. Based on the condition and location of the property, you help set a price depending on the local real estate market. Some of your clients might disagree with the price you recommend and want to name their own price. You can tell them why you came to your conclusion, but the client has the final say in the selling price.

Once you have agreed on a price, you take pictures of the property that highlight its best features. You then use everything you have collected to promote and sell the home. When you enter a career as a real estate agent, you also show homes to prospective buyers in addition to answering any questions they have. You record offers and show them to the sellers. In some cases, sellers will want your advice on whether they should sell the property or hold onto it for a little longer.

Types Of Real Estate Degrees

Real Estate License Canton: What Are the Continuing ...

Although a real estate degree is not required for a career as a real estate sales agent, earning a certificate or degree gives professionals a leg up in this competitive industry. Professionals with a 20-credit certificate in real estate share comparable incomes with those holding a 60-credit associate degree. A significant jump in pay occurs between associate and bachelor’s degree attainment, with bachelor’s-level professionals earning approximately $17,000 more annually. While a real estate bachelor’s degree consists of double the credits as an associate degree, the extended time in school translates to higher earnings.

A graduate certificate in real estate equips professionals with diverse academic backgrounds with the knowledge necessary to lead a real estate career. This brief program generally consists of 12-20 credits. Pursuing a graduate degree in real estate provides the most career opportunities. A 36-credit MBA in real estate takes roughly two years to complete, and professionals with this credential earn an average of $72,120 annually.

Average Salary for Entry-Level Professionals by Degree Level

Certificate, Real Estate
Master of Business Administration , Real Estate $72,120

Source: PayScale

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Real Estate Agent Requirements

Choosing and getting into a career is a daunting task, and you dont want to give up before you give yourself a shot. Instead of looking at the whole picture, break your mission down into small, easy-to-do pieces so that you dont overwhelm yourself. Grab a pen and sheet of paper to write your goals down, and hang the paper up somewhere you will look every day.

Depending on your state, you must complete between 60 and 90 hours of real estate training to begin. Most real estate classes cover soft skills, such as time management. You also learn real estate basics and discover how to list, price and sell properties. Qualified courses go over the laws related to real estate so that you dont find yourself on the wrong side of a legal dispute. If you would like to become a real estate broker, most states require you to have several years of experience as an agent and to pass an additional exam.

Although you dont need a degree to become a real estate agent, having one lets you stand out from the crowd when looking for places to work. The skills you learn in these degree programs can make you a much more effective real estate agent, increasing your earning potential.

Do Real Estate Agents Need A Degree

Are you thinking about a career in real estate? It may be a good choice, especially if you’re a go-getter with a great network of people and a knack for sales. There are a number of different opportunities in the industry, but one of the most popular is, by far, the real estate agent. This is the first professional that comes to mind when people think about buying and selling their properties. But just what does it take to become an agent? This article outlines the kind of education and training you need if you fancy a career as a real estate agent and want to work with a brokerage firm.

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The Best College Degree For Real Estate

If you know for sure that you want to work in real estate, you might as well jump right into the industry by choosing a real estate major. Real estate is a relatively new college major, and you wont find dedicated real estate programs at nearly as many schools as you would find broader fields of study with a more longstanding history. During the 2017 through 2018 school year, just 977 bachelors degrees in real estate and 60 bachelors degrees in real estate development were awarded to students in the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

However, more colleges and universities are starting to offer degrees in this subject specifically. Real estate degree programs are usually offered out of a school or department of business, but the curriculum of a real estate degree is often interdisciplinary, drawing from fields as far-flung as land use, architecture, policy, marketing, civil engineering and project management.

Real estate majors can expect to take classes in real estate fundamentals, real estate practice, real estate finance and financial modeling, real estate asset analysis, real estate investment, real estate mortgage markets, real estate development and the management of residential properties and corporate real estate assets.

University Of San Diego

Humber College Real Estate Course 3

The University of San Diego offers a BBA in Real Estate degree program is one of Southern Californias best real estate programs. The core curriculum for the University of San Diegos best degree for real estate program includes financing residential real estate, the legal aspects of real estate, and commercial real estate financing and investments, to name a few. Degree candidates enrolled in USDs best degrees for real estate must maintain a C- in lower-division coursework to enter the real estate major.

The University of San Diego was founded as a womens school in the late 1940s. Currently, the university operates as a private research school with a student enrollment of approximately 5,600 undergraduate & postgraduate students.

What We Like: The University of San Diegos urban campus is ranked first for the most beautiful urban campus by Best Choice Schools.

Degree: BBA in Real Estate

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Re 110 Legal Aspects Of Real Estate

  • Units:3
  • Prerequisite:None.
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course introduces California Real Estate law. Topics include: the sources of law and the judicial system agency duties and responsibilities of licensees contracts and their application to real estate property ownership and management real estate security devices property rights, liens and homesteads and landlord-tenant law, land use controls, and title insurance and escrow. Completion of the course applies toward the California Department of Real Estate education requirements for the broker’s examination.

Master Of Business Administration

It may seem that an MBA is a rather general degree that prepares you to be a business generalist. However, you can focus your studies on real estate through the right program. Look for programs that offer this and other specializations so that you can be sure to focus on the area that most appeals to you. Here are some courses you might find that specialize specifically on real estate:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

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University Of Northern Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa offers a Bachelors in Real Estate that is ranked among Iowasbest real estate programs. Graduates of UNIs best degree for real estate enter the workforce as a land broker, commercial leasing broker, commercial asset management, or commercial appraiser, to name a few. The featured coursework for the University of Northern Iowas best degree for real estate includes real estate finance, real estate law and brokerage, intermediate financial management, and corporation finance, among others.

The University of Northern Iowa was established as the Iowa State Normal School in the mid-1870s. The University of Northern Iowa also operates as a space-grant school with more than 10,400 undergraduate and postgraduate students each year.

What We Like: Student-athletes at UNI play as Panthers in the NCAA Division 1.

Degree: Bachelors in Real Estate

Top 10 Colleges For Real Estate Degree Programs For 2019

Real Estate School

Regardless of where you live, a career in real estate requires substantial knowledge of the real estate market and finances, as well as a familiarity with zoning and tax laws, insurance, and mortgages and banking. Careers in a complex field like real estate demand a thorough understanding of finance, analytical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, which is why online real estate degree programs emphasize crucial business and finance concepts for real world application in the field. With the housing market not only stabilized since the Great Recession, but reaching record highs in 2015, earning an online real estate degree can be a bold move toward starting a career in the industry.

Graduates of real estate programs are highly sought after by employers for their negotiations, finance, and valuation skills, especially within the fastest-growing housing markets, currently in Colorado, New York, Illinois, Florida and West Virginia. Depending on their specialty, real estate professionals may work in a variety of business, finance, and investment-related fields.

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