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What Kind Of College Majors Are There

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Computer Science And Engineering

What is a College Degree

– Early career pay: $79,400- Mid-career pay: $131,300- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 44%

Combining computer science and engineering gets students ready for all aspects of building computer hardware and software. Focusing on software can offer better job prospects since the field is constantly changing, though hardware engineers make slightly more. Adding government clearances and professional certifications can enhance a graduates pay and chances of finding a job.

– Mid-career pay: $131,300- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 60%

Marine engineering majors learn about all the internal components of a ship, from steering and power, to refrigeration and lighting. To graduate, students master aspects of calculus, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, and algebra. Over the next decade, there is a projected 1% growth rate for jobs as marine engineers, who often spend a semester on the water.

Graduate Degrees: Mm Ma Mfa Ms Dma Phd

Many students with an undergraduate degree choose to continue studying at the graduate level. There are many degrees available, often with a more specific focus than at the undergraduate level. There are also graduate certificates, as mentioned above.

Now that you have an idea of the types of music degrees and credentials available, lets take a look at the different types of schools and then the major areas.

Let us know which career you are most interested in. Start hereStart here

Colleges Offering Music Majors

While its helpful to know all of the different music majors you can pick in school, you also need to know the details of the schools themselves.

Some of the most popular and prestigious schools in the US with respected music programs include:

  • Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University
  • Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University Bloomington
  • Yale University

You can click on any of the schools below, which offer music programs, in order to request more information directly from them so you can start getting a frame of reference for how they operate.

There are many schools out there with talented instructors and high quality programs that don’t cost an arm and a leg, or you can choose the most prestigious schools and try to mine the most value out of them as possible.

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Your Personal Interests Strengths And Experiences

This combination of factors is probably most important in finding the right major for you. What are your passions? Where do you thrive? What have you achieved in both your academic and extracurricular life? While you can certainly change course in college and try something new, your background can play a pivotal role in shaping your path forward.

Operations Research And Industrial Engineering

The College Degrees And Skills Employers Most Want

– Early career pay: $84,800- Mid-career pay: $170,400- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 28%

Utilizing an operations research and industrial engineering degree means using mathematical models, statistical analysis, and real-time observations to design, optimize, and modify complex systems. Managing the flow of guests through an amusement park or scheduling a citys bus routes are both examples of large scale and highly complex operational systems. As an industrial engineering and operations research degree holder, you can find work in a wide array of industries that require decisions to be made around safety, optimization, and efficiency, including transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and entertainment.

– Mid-career pay: $187,300- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 67%

Finding and removing oil and natural gas from the Earth falls under the well-paid direction of petroleum engineers. They analyze, design, and implement plans for extraction when a reservoir is found, requiring skills in math, science, mechanical engineering, and physics. The push toward renewable and clean energy may have an adverse effect on job prospects for graduates with a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering, though additional certifications and cooperative programs can boost job prospects.

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What Is An Associate Degree

An associate degree is an equivalent to a foundation degree for US students. Its the academic program thats completed at an undergraduate level after finishing secondary-level education. Associate degrees are becoming increasingly more desirable as they are quicker to complete and cost a lot less than the common Bachelors degree.

What Is The Best College Major To Study

Choosing the best college majors for the future may seem like a balancing act as you contemplate the job market, your personal interests, and abilities. But as you could see with the up-to-date salary data and projected industry growth rates, there are quite a few great options for bachelors degree holders!

Which college major is the best major? The choice is yours.

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What Majors Will My College Have

While most colleges and universities have similar majors, the specific majors you can choose from depends on the college you go to. Some places have similar types of majors that have different names .

If you’re curious whether or not your college has a specific major, the best thing to do is check your college’s course catalog. You’ll be able to see all of the specific majors you can choose from, as well as what courses you can take in of the different majors.

Do You Know How To Improve Your Profile For College Applications

what different college majors would wear if they had proper sleep & decent fashion sense LMaO

See how your profile ranks among thousands of other students using CollegeVine. Calculate your chances at your dream schools and learn what areas you need to improve right now it only takes 3 minutes and it’s 100% free.

With so many majors and programs available, how do you know which one is the best pick for you? It can be hard to decide when youre still in high school, honing your interests and figuring out your career goals.

But, knowing what major youre interested in can play a role in determining the right college for you so its an important factor to consider. Thats why weve compiled a list of 200 college majors.

NB: Few schools offer all the majors on this list. Use our school-search tool to find colleges with the program that interests you.

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An Engineering College Major

Engineering is a broad major that covers a wide range of courses. You will likely need to choose a more focused topic once selecting your engineering major, such as mechanical, aeronautical, computer technology, or biomedical.

No matter what type of engineering college major you choose, it will combine math, science, and technology. The aim is to teach you how to create solutions to the different problems that you may face in real-life situations.

A college degree in engineering can prepare you to work in so many different fields, from military and government roles to software creation. A college degree in engineering is also a great base to have for those that want to continue onto postgraduate studies in engineering.

Types Of Associate Degrees

  • A. Focused on liberal art areas like music, history and English. This degree involves 60 hours of coursework to achieve a pass.
  • S. Common A.S. programs include biology and chemistry.
  • A.S. This broad subject includes programs in business, mathematics and related topics.
  • E. Focuses on engineering.
  • A.A. Deals with applied arts only.
  • P.S. Deals with political science only.

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Mechanical And Aeronautical Engineering

– Early career pay: $70,900- Mid-career pay: $126,900- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 60%

Understanding how to build, fix, and maintain machinery falls to a mechanical engineer, while those who add aeronautical engineering to their major focus on airplanes, missiles, and weapons systems. Skills learned during this four-year degree include extensive math, physics, drafting, and computer courses. Both types of engineering are expected to grow at about the national average for the next decade, while combining the two can push a candidate to the top of the hiring list.

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– Early career pay: $71,100- Mid-career pay: $127,500- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: data not available%

Training officer, deck cadet, merchant marine, third mate, and seaman are some of the job titles these college majors have. Marine and other transportation management jobs have been on the uprise since 2004, averaging 0.41% growth annually. ZipRecruiter reports marine transportation jobs and annual salary vary, noting career growth is directly related to skill and location.

– Mid-career pay: $127,700- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 54%

– Mid-career pay: $127,700- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 36%

– Mid-career pay: $129,400- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 62%

College Majors That Are Worth It

Types of College Degrees: Quick Guide

The job market is a competitive place to be and, in the working world, a college degree certainly opens doors and opportunities that a lack of degree would prohibit. However, with an increasing number of people attending college, what then is the determining factor in regards to who gets a job? One important thing that can set one graduate apart from another, particularly those who didn’t attend an Ivy League school, is the major they chose. So, in a time when obtaining a college degree no longer equates with receiving a job, choosing the right major is one of the most important decisions a student can make.

Luckily, you don’t have to just guess which major will land you a job, nor do you have to choose a major that isn’t a good fit for you. Many people have done research on which college majors are “worth it” in terms of finding a job and earning a good salary upon college graduation. With a plethora of college majors to choose from, the following is a list of a variety of valuable college majors, one of which might be the perfect pick for you:

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Music Majors Are Full Of Career Options

As you can see, there are tons of types of music majors available from a range of schools. Students interested in music have plenty of degrees and universities from which to choose.

If youre excited about the idea of a career in music, or you want to pursue your love for music and see where it will lead, any of the music majors above can open the door to an exciting future while doing what you love.

How Many Years Does It Take To Study A Common College Major

Students have the choice of either studying for two years, and receiving an associates degree, or four years, and receiving a bachelors degree.

For those who want to further their studies even more, there are graduate programs that advertise a more in-depth study and take about two more years to earn after completing a bachelors program.

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Where Music Majors End Up Working

The choice and completion of a major when earning your music degree will likely play into the type of employment you look for right out of college. Sometimes an internship could lead to a permanent position. Musicians work in all kinds of fields, and not always in the music industry.

For example, with a music business degree, you could end up working in any kind of business, since youve proved that you can learn and know about business. If youve studied music education, you might be able to apply your knowledge of teaching and learning to other subjects taught in schools. Some musicians end up teaching English as a second language, mathematics or sciences, or even coaching the basketball team.

Music Producers often work in advertising, and some Songwriters and Composers serve as Music Supervisors, finding and placing original music in films and TV shows. Music Therapists find jobs working in hospitals or rehab centers as a member of a clinical care team. There are roles in management, research, journalism, travel, and hospitality the list goes on.

Your major in college may influence your work choices and opportunities after you graduate, but only to a certain degree. You can consult our career pages to learn more about many of the job possibilities for music majors after college.

In addition, youll find a list of music-related careers, grouped according to general areas of interest, below:

What If I Change My Mind

what different college majors would wear if they had proper sleep & decent fashion sense (part 3)

U.S. Department of Education data points from the past decade indicate 30 percent of undergraduates change their majors and that 1 in 10 do so more than once.

The ramifications of changing majors, including costs, depend on the academic flexibility of the school you choose and how many credits you accumulate before the change that wont support your new degree choice. At worst, the degree process could be lengthened, making it more expensive, and you might have to switch schools.

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Should You Get A Bachelors Degree

It takes four years to earn a bachelors degree. In those four years, you gain a well-rounded education in history, math, and science. You also gain technical skills and knowledge in the major you choose.

Some people go on to pursue their graduate degrees and others start successful careers after earning their bachelors degrees.

The greatest benefit of a bachelors degree is the opportunities it provides. Youll gain the skills and knowledge to find success in any field you desire.

Top 10 College Majors

College offers you many academic freedoms. You can cultivate existing passions and explore new interestsand find a major that will put you on the career path you want.

Whatever major you choose, don’t pick based on the courses that come easiest to you, or what your friends are studying, because you’ll be cheating yourself out of some great opportunities and self-discovery!

We compiled this list of best college majors based on research covering job prospects, alumni salaries, and popularity. That doesnt mean every course of study listed here will guarantee you a job, or a huge paycheckbut each of these majors does offer unique intellectual challenges and will help you develop skill sets that will be applicable in a variety of professional positions.

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Art & Design Careers You Havent Thought About

When one thinks of art, photographs are generally not considered. After all, we all snap pics with our phones does that mean we are all artists?

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

is one of the most accessible art fields, and one of the broadest: you might photograph wildlife, landscapes or cityscapes people or events. You could specialise in macro-photography shooting insects or other tiny subjects.

The median annual salary for photographers is around £35.000 you stand to make more if youre a freelancer.

Makeup is another art not traditionally associated with an art degree but, ask anyone who routinely faces a camera: they will tell you that skilful makeup application is indeed an art well worth paying for.

Makeup artists generally take home around £25.000 per year, usually supplemented by tips. Experienced freelance makeup artists can easily earn three times that amount!

Becoming an art dealer, especially in a gallery can be exciting and lucrative. You might, for instance, travel to other countries to negotiate purchases, and you would have custody of art world treasures, if only for a while.

A skilled art gallery dealer could start out at £30.000 and earn substantially more on commission.

Best College Majors For The Future Rankings

The Four Main College Degree Types

Heres the list of the 30 Best Majors for the Future rankings based on salary, expected growth, and the availability of programs from reputable, top accredited universities.

The best college majors for the future will prepare you for a number of career choices. Salaries are provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics .

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Business And Information Technology

– Early career pay: $60,100- Mid-career pay: $116,900- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 44%

While a computer forensic analyst averages more early career pay, a network architect makes even more than the mid-career pay for graduates of the major. The business end of the major teaches students finance, marketing, operating systems, and web administration. Students who attain a graduate business and information technology degree, and earn more annual pay, learn disaster recovery, managerial accounting, and systems project management.

Some Music Degree Options

This alphabetical list of music degree programs starts with some more under-the-radar majors that can help you build a career behind-the-scenes with an orchestra, interviewing artists as a Radio DJ, or studying the musical history and practices of different cultures. If youre looking for more well-known majors like Music Business or Music Performance, check out Part 2 of this article.

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Operations Management And Information Systems

– Early career pay: $66,100- Mid-career pay: $120,900- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 38%

An operations management and information major will have strong skills in design systems, research, learning strategies, oral and written communication, math, and science. After graduation, majors who focus on production and operations management and information services can become inventory managers, materials controllers, and risk analysts.

Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering

what different college majors would wear if they had proper sleep & decent fashion sense (part 2)

– Early career pay: $74,400- Mid-career pay: $130,700- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 49%

In the simplest terms, the naval architecture and marine engineering program focus on the design and construction of ships. Alumni will have an understanding of concepts like hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, resistance and propulsion, and advanced engineering mathematics, among others. Alumni can find jobs in any industry involving floating vessels. According to Webb, a leading naval architecture and marine engineering program, their graduates have been hired by the U.S. Department of Energy, Carnival Cruise Lines, Chevron, and various military programs.

– Mid-career pay: $131,000- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 46%

A computer engineering degree fuses computer science with electronic engineering, leaving grads equipped to design, develop, and monitor systems. As more common household products integrate computers and microchips, the demand for computer engineers promises to increase over the next decade despite the slowing of manufacturing. Math, science, keeping up with emerging technologies, and ongoing accreditation is imperative to getting ahead in the job market.

– Mid-career pay: $131,100- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 66%

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