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What Colleges Offer Medical Assistant Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions: Medical Assistant

Inside Look: Medical Assisting Career Program at Antonelli College

The Medical Assistant programs are designed to prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive , psychomotor , and affective learning domains. This is accomplished by providing curriculum relating to patient care skills, general study, and administrative/business skills.

Students in the programs gain experience in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Clinical procedures such as electrocardiography , venipuncture, and specimen collection
  • Medical office administration
  • Medical terminology
  • Pharmacology and human diseases

Graduates are prepared to meet both the clinical and administrative challenges of todays rapidly changing healthcare environment.

The Associate in Applied Science degree program is an extension of the career-track Certificate program.

Graduates of the Medical Assistant programs are eligible to sit for a variety of certification examinations, including:

  • Certified Medical Assistant – CMA
  • Registered Medical Assistant – RMA
  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant – CCMA
  • Certified Electrocardiography – CET

Online Medical Assistant Program Curriculum

All medical assistant programs have laboratory and classroom components that provide a foundation in medical terminology and human anatomy. A typical online medical assistant program also includes coursework in administrative procedures, clinical processes, medical ethics and law, pharmacology, and medical communications. Most online medical assistant programs require a supervised externship, which typically involves 160-200 hours of training at a clinic or a physician’s office.

Students completing medical assistant programs online learn administrative skills including appointment scheduling, records management, and basic computer skills, such as word processing, database management, and insurance coding. Clinical skills training varies by state, but most programs teach students to take patient histories and vital signs, collect laboratory specimens, and explain treatment procedures. Graduates of medical assistant online programs work in physicians’ offices, insurance companies, and hospitals.

Medical Law and Ethics

This course introduces students to the legal relationships between patients and physicians, and the impact of law on paraprofessional practice. Topics include legal terminology, death, malpractice, informed consent, bioethical issues, and professionalism.

Skills Learned:

  • Application of Ethical Standards to Medical Paraprofessional Practice

Clinical Procedures

Skills Learned:

  • Wound Care

Laboratory Procedures

Skills Learned:

  • Blood Collection

Anatomy and Physiology

Best Medical Assistant Schools In Idaho For 2021

Not only the program but the name of a reputed school on your resume is crucial to becoming a successful medical assistant. Make sure you evaluate all the distinct factorials before making your choice. Things to consider include the schools campus and facilities, the lab quality and infrastructure, faculty employed by the school, the accreditations the school holds, the goodwill it enjoys, and its association with prospective local employers.

Thus, picking the ideal medical assistant school out of the vast array in Idaho can be quite puzzling. Here is a list of the top 8 MA Idaho colleges to help you start just right. Please note that you should always enquire about more specific details from the respective college coordinator before enrolling.

Boise, ID

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Laboratory Studies Jobs And Salaries

Whether you graduate as a laboratory assistant, technician or technologist, career opportunities will exist in a variety of disciplines, from research and development to medical diagnostics, and in a number of different facilities, from hospital, clinic or research labs to government agencies and consulting firms.

Salaries in laboratory studies jobs will depend on your particular role. Technologists are at the higher end of the pay scale, with an average starting salary of $50,000 a year. Technicians and assistants will see salaries between $30,000 and $35,000 a year to start.

Medical Assistant Programs Online

Colleges That Offer Medical Assistant Degrees

Online medical assistant programs prepare students for a variety of roles in the healthcare field. MAs may hold an associate degree or professional certification and can transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree in health science or healthcare. Applicants to associate programs must typically possess a high school diploma and a minimum 2.0-3.0 GPA They may also need satisfactory standardized test scores.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , medical assistants earn a median annual salary of $34,800. The BLS projects employment for these professionals to increase 19% from 2019-2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. Associate degree-holders can pursue careers in radiology, medical billing and coding, and nursing.

Graduates with an associate degree can also apply to bachelor’s programs in fields such as nursing,medical laboratory technology, and medical laboratory science. A bachelor’s degree may lead to increased job prospects and earning potential. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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What Will I Do As A Medical Assistant

Once you have completed your American Career College training and earned your college diploma, you’ll be ready to pursue exciting career opportunities as an entry-level Medical Assistant.

As a Medical Assistant, you will often be the first person in an office or clinic to interact with a patient, and you will most likely be responsible for keeping the office organized and running smoothly. Your employer will be counting on you to fill an important position in their hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office.

Your day-to-day responsibilities may include:

  • Preparing patients for exams
  • Assisting doctors with patient exams
  • Recording vital signs
  • Scheduling patient appointments

Medical Assistant Degree Finder In Idaho

Please observe that you should always evaluate the degree being awarded by your chosen school or program. Certificates, diplomas, and associates in medical assistance are offered across different institutes. However, particular kinds of placements mostly layout specific degree requirements, thereby making the degree you graduate of immense focus.

Use this quick widget to navigate across the degrees for medical assistants offered near you.

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St Augustine School Of Medical Assistants

Before enrolling in this online medical assistant program, make sure to check out the reviews on Better Business Bureau. If you are uncomfortable with the reviews, try some of the other fast-track medical assistant programs online below. Theyre not six weeks but they are fast.

Time Frame: 6 weeks, self-paced so this MA program can be longer or shorter per your paceCourse Type: Online

Course Cost: $1215, offers reduced rates at different times

Certification Awarded: Certificate

Accreditation: NACB

At St Augustine School you have the ability to take the Medical Assistant course at your own pace. This course does not have any deadlines or time limits, so you can study as your time allows. The average time a student finishes this course is 6-8 weeks. This is the way to become a medical assistant in 6 weeks.

During this course, you will take classes such as medical terminology, medical billing, infection control, and more. You will learn how to process insurance claims, how to give injections as well as emergency procedures, and how to provide CPR. This course allows you to secure employment with a Medical Assistant Certificate. However, St. Augustine also offers certificates in Medical Billing and Coding.

What Is The Difference Between A Medical Assistant And A Cna

Remington College Medical Assisting 9-Month Program

A CNA provides basic care and helps patients with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, using the toilet, and helping them eat. 4 A medical assistant works with patients in both a clinical and clerical capacity. Some duties of a medical assistant may include recording patient history, taking vital signs, and scheduling appointments. The main distinction between CNAs and medical assistants is that medical assistants complete clerical work.

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Bryant & Stratton College

Bryant & Stratton College offers an associate of applied science degree in medical assisting. This two year program combines liberal arts courses along with medical and clinical coursework. Students have the opportunity to complete externships before completing the program. Bryant & Stratton is fully accredited and helps students sit for the AAMA certification exam and with career placement.

Bryant and Stratton College has locations in Ohio, Virginia, New York and Wisconsin. Find out more about Bryant & Stratton here:

Get Certified And Become More Employable

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be eligible to write the Examination for Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians with Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario . Earning this certificate shows that you meet the high professional standards that MLPAO has set, and makes you more employable. For more information regarding the MLPAO exam, please .

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Do Medical Assistants Need A Degree

You do not need a degree to work in medical assisting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, although there are no formal educational requirements for becoming a medical assistant in most states, employers may prefer to hire assistants who have completed a training program. Carrington College offers a Medical Assisting certificate program that can be completed in as few as nine months.

Online Medical Assistant Degree Tuition

Medical Assistant Programs in Lawrenceville, NJ

Option 1: Pay semester in full

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  • Pay the full cost today
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Need more info or ready to enroll?

Looking for more information on transfer credits, military benefits, or our refund policy? Find this information and more about tuition and enrollment here.

Our Proven Healthcare Learning Model


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Certification And The Impact It Has On Your Employment

Unquestionably, Certified Medical Assistant certification is required for any future Medical Assistant, and this comes right from the AAMA. Furthermore, the American Registry of Medical Assistants regulates a federal registry. Job eligibility, greater pay, and much more is possible when you get credentialed and listed.

It is important to bear in mind that only a few states have the same requirements for certification or for job eligibility. Make sure to determine what is needed with your program and state board.

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is a leading technical college in Wisconsin that offers medical assisting in New Richmond, Rice Lake and Superior, Wisconsin. The medical assisting program consists of 33 credits in a mixture of clinical and general education courses. Students will also complete clinical and administrative externships as part of program completion. WITC requires that prospective students have valid cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification and a clear criminal background check before applying to the program. Students with a dedicated class load can complete this fully accredited medical assisting program in one year. You can find more information about the WITC medical assisting program here:

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Courses In Medical Assisting

Medical assistant schools focus on in-demand skills. Learners study insurance basics and medical terms. Students also explore professionalism and ethics. Graduation requirements vary by school. Typical courses include medical terminology and an introduction to billing and coding.

Medical assistant programs require clinical rotations in different healthcare settings. Students complete supervised externships and end the program with a capstone course.

See below for common courses in medical assistant programs.

How Is A Medical Assistant Different From A Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant Programs

The roles of a medical assistant and physician assistant are often confused by people outside of the medical community. This is likely because they both have the word assistant in the title. However, these two positions are very different and require different levels of education. As a medical assistant, youll focus on both primary patient care and administrative work. However, as a physician assistant, youll primarily focus on caring for and treating patients. A physician assistant has much more responsibility in the care of patients than a medical assistant does. These two positions are vastly different in the following ways:

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Is A Medical Assistant Certificate Worth It

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if a medical assistant certificate is worth it. Medical assisting is a rewarding career in which you will be able to work with patients and healthcare professionals. According to the BLS, employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 18% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations,6 which may suggest it is a good career choice.

Opportunities For Advancement As A Medical Assistant

After completing an online medical assistant program and certification, many graduates want to become more involved in patient care. Pursuing education beyond an accredited medical assistant program can open paths to higher paying jobs. The table below features median salaries for four nursing careers.

There are no formal accelerated medical assistant online programs that shorten completion time of the registered nurse credential. However, the patient care experience and knowledge of medical terminology gained through a medical assistant program provides an advantage in nursing programs.

Licensure from a state board of nursing requires a nursing degree and the national council licensure examination for registered nurses. Aspiring nurses can earn a diploma in nursing, an associate degree in nursing, or a bachelors of science in nursing, which leads to advanced careers in nursing management. Postgraduate work can open nurse practitioner career opportunities.


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Future Growth For Louisiana Medical Assistants 2016

If we speak about medical assisting in the US as a job market, rarely has such magnanimous growth been witnessed across any other occupation. Currently, 634,400 MAs approximately are working across the country. According to Career Explorer, in the next 10 years, the USA as a whole is estimated to seek 190,100 more MAs. It includes 184,000 new openings and filling in positions of 6,100 retiring MAs.

In Louisiana, healthcare, in general, has been amongst the largest employing sectors and salary providers in the state in recent times. The healthcare sector employment is treading upwards steadily and contributes to almost 16% of the total employment in the state .

The population in LA is steadily growing as well . Moreover, according to government data, more than 850,000 people are above the age of 60 and 32% are above the age of 50. The 60+ proportion of LAs population is growing, whereas that of below 60 years is shrinking. These statistics further pave the way for a higher demand for medical assistants in the state in the coming future. More people equates to more medical interventions required by the state.

An increasingly aging population equates to more illnesses and healthcare services needed. This, in turn, equates to more openings for medical assistants in Louisiana to meet the requirements.

Estimated Employment Growth for Medical Assistants LA

Projected Employment Growth in 10 Years Annual Projected Jobs

Accelerated Medical Assistant Programs Online & On

Houston Community College at Missouri City offers medical ...

Certification Awarded: Certificate

Accreditation: None. However several programs are recognized and certified by industry-specific organizations.

CareerStep Online Education & Training Solutions provides online medical assistant training, that allows you to earn a certificate in just 4 months. This program, coined The Fast Track, is all online and you work at your own pace. You will have access to the program for a total of 6 months. This allows you the ability to go back and look up information or you can use the entire 6 months to finish the program.

In the fast-track medical assisting course you will learn patient advocacy, phlebotomy, clinical care, and more. The course is taught online using exercises, images, games, and interactive tools to ensure your understanding of the material. CareerStep Online also offers other health-related courses such as medical coding and EMS education.

Course Cost: $1239 Depending on which course you choose and how you pay.

Certification Awarded: Certificate

Accreditation: DEAC, NCCT, NHA, AMT, CACCS

U.S. Career Institute offers two different options for its medical assistant course the Standard Course and the Enhanced Course. The financial difference is $10 per month. In the enhanced version you receive all of the same education that is taught in the standard version of the program, however, the school adds in a few extras: blood pressure cuff, medical watch, stethoscope, and more.

Time Frame: 7 or 9 Months

Course Type: Online

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Medical Assistant Programs Cost And Duration In Idaho

The course length depends on the program you opt for. Most associate degrees shall take you around 2 years to complete, while certificate courses take a little lesser than that .

The tuition fee differs for resident and non-resident students across most MA schools. The disparity may be as significant as $5,900 for residents and $16,500 for non-residents per year or $160 per credit for resident students and $280 per credit for non-resident students. While a few schools offer more affordable options such as the college of Southern Idaho , most others provide, on average, courses above the range of $12,000 per year.

Career Outlook & Job Placement

ASA College is dedicated to helping our students succeed in their careers, and our programs are designed to help them do just that. Our medical assisting program has a job placement rate of 80.9% for the 2018 graduation year. Medical assisting has been listed as one of the Top 25 Fastest-Growing Occupations in the state of New York, with the Department of Labor estimating a 31% growth of the profession between 2010 and 2030. In addition to preparing you for a career as a medical assistant, our program also provides a solid educational foundation for students looking to make the transition to a bachelors degree program.

For a complete overview of the ASA College Medical Assisting, Associate Degree Program,

For a complete overview of the ASA College Medical Assisting Associate Degree Program

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Is A Medical Assistant Higher Than A Cna

A certified nursing assistant is an entry-level healthcare worker who helps nurses with patient care. A medical assistant, on the other hand, works with more members of a medical team and may also fulfil some clerical duties. It is hard to say if a medical assistant is higher than a CNA, as they are separate roles.

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