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What Are The Courses In College

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Quick Guide: Types Of College Courses

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Youre going to have a lot of new experiences in college. And one thing that might surprise you is the many different kinds of college courses offered. You may be part of a large lecture class, find yourself doing research or get hands-on education in a lab. Heres an overview of college course types.

Style And Types Of Learning

You’ll need to think about the style of learning that best suits you and your commitments as there are quite a few options, including:

  • learning full-time
  • learning part-time
  • flexible learning routes like elearning or distance learning courses

While its important to study a subject you enjoy, if one of your reasons for entering higher education is related to career progression, its worth thinking about what type of career you want when youve finished your course.

If theres a subject that you particularly enjoy but you want to follow a career in a different area, you may want to consider doing a joint honours. This allows you to take the subjects you want to learn, and join them in to one degree. Many degree courses are modular which means that they are made up of different subject blocks which deal with particular areas of interest.

Modules may be delivered using a range of lectures, seminars and/or workshops and you may have some say over some, or all, of the modules you study.

Some courses may include:

  • placements – spending time working for an employer and carrying out duties or tasks as any other employee of the company
  • ‘sandwich years – where between the start and end of your degree, you gather experience working in an area related to the course you are studying
  • years abroad studying or gaining work experience

Foundation degrees also include work-based learning.

Information About Abm College Courses & Programs

Meet Industry Standards

At ABM College, we offer a variety of courses both online and on campus, in the business and health care industries. Our programs are meticulously designed with your success in mind. We continuously develop the most relevant and up-to-date course material for our individual programs based on the latest best practices in the industry.

Career Focused

The courses offered at ABM College include practicums and work placements for students to ensure they gain appropriate work experience within their field of study, and preparing them for their respective industries. Our instructors also focus on individual student needs at the classroom level. This then allows students to develop industry skills faster, and gain confidence once they reach the job market.

“ABM College is number 1 in the region, kind and sociable people to deal with, fantastic teachers, and well trained overall staff. I recommend ABM College to everyone who is planning to pursue a career, you cannot lose, nothing beats the best.”

“ABM College has a great selection of courses, where classes are designed with the studentsâ needs in mind. Also, the staff there are very friendly and genuinely want to help their students succeed. They take care of their students during their studies and after graduation, in terms of finding a practicum or a professional job in their designated fields.”

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Students enrolling in Real Estate education courses having a criminal history, may be ineligible for the license they seek. Students may request a criminal history evaluation prior to enrolling in courses or applying for a real estate, inspector or appraiser license. Students who are potential applicants may request a criminal history evaluation, by submitting a completed Moral Character Determination Form to the Texas Real Estate Commission prior to applying for a license. Students should refer to the criminal history eligibility guidelines set out in Texas Occupations Code §53.025 and TREC Rule 541.1.

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College of the Mainland is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate and baccalaureate degrees and certificates. Contact the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of College of the Mainland.

College Courses In The Philippines


College courses can have a lot of say in the employment prospects of job seekers, so its important that incoming students like you take some time to evaluate your options.

If youve made up your mind a long time ago, thats well and good, but if youre still not sure about what course to take, below is a brief overview of the available college courses in the Philippines for your reference.

Please keep in mind that this is only a partial list. We update them from time to time, so do try to come back again if the course you are looking for is not yet on the list.


Humanities is a field of study that deals with the ways human think and feel and how they express themselves. Examples of courses that fall under this category are:

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Why Apply To A Program

Applying to a program lets the college know you intend to complete the program as it is outlined in the program design. Choosing to apply to a program:

  • allows Conestoga to offer courses when you need them, and
  • ensures that courses you have successfully completed are applied to your credential even if the program outline changes.

Types Of Programs At Ontario Colleges

  • Applying
  • Program Types
  • With close to 850 learning sites in 200 communities offering over 5,000 programs across the province, Ontario college programs offer diversity unmatched in Canada. As the demands of the workplace have evolved, so have the types of credentials being offered by the colleges. Most colleges are currently offering a variety of program types to suit the needs of both students and employers.

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    Support During Your Course

    Its worth researching the help and support that would be available to you at different universities and colleges. This may vary widely depending on which university or college you go to and the type of help and support you need. For instance, many universities and colleges have study skill centres to help students adjust to academic life.

    All universities and colleges will have support staff to help you with practical problems such as issues or personal problems.

    Skills Bootcamp In Digital

    How to Use Online Courses to Complete College Prerequisites

    Build your digital skills to get the job you want! Are you 19 or over and looking for a brand-new career? Our Skills Bootcamp in Digital is a new set of digital training courses designed to help students build sector specific skills and fast track to an interview with Sunderland Software City on successful completion.

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    Different Types Of Courses That You Can Take In The Philippines

    For most incoming students, especially those that are about to step into college for the first time, their journey starts with choosing the course they will be taking in the next few weeks, months, or years.

    There are different types of courses that you can take here in the Philippines. But before we go into those courses, lets define what courses are first.

    In the Philippines, the word course is often used by the general public to refer to a program of study that you can complete in a certain amount of time in order to get a degree. Examples of this are Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Science and Accountancy to name a few. The same goes with other countries and territories such as Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

    By contrast, the term course is used in Canada and the United States to refer to a unit of teaching that belongs to a broader program of study, much like what we call subjects in the Philippines. Some examples of these are Programming Language for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Introduction to Biotechnology for Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, and Editorial Management for Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Of course, you can always say that the difference is only a matter of preference, but it does give things a bit of a different meaning.

    For example, in the Philippines, courses or programs can be divided into two categories: degree programs and certificate programs.

    Bachelor Of Arts In History In The Philippines

    The Bachelor of Arts in History is a four-year degree program in the Philippines that deals with the study of events from the past.

    Among the topics that will be discussed during the course of your study are:

    • Major Asian and Western civilizations such as the Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian, Incan, Mayan, Aztec, and Chinese civilizations
    • Important periods in history such as the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions
    • and the different political and economic concepts that were born during these times such as imperialism, colonialism, socialism, communism, and fascism.

    It will also cover the different types of governments that existed during these periods such as empires, monarchies, aristocracies, commonwealths, and republics and the major wars and conflicts that happened during their reign such as World Wars 1 and 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and the Cold War between the USSR and the United States.

    Some of the courses that are usually included in the curriculum are:

    • Philosophy of History
    • Introduction to the Study and Writing of History
    • Survey of Asian Civilizations
    • History of the United States
    • Modern and Contemporary Europe
    • Islamic History as Global History
    • Economic History of the Philippines
    • Cultural History of the Philippines
    • Nationalism and Revolution


    AB History graduates can find employment as any of the following:

    • Professional Historian
    • Diplomatic Service
    • Professor

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    English Language And Literature

    If you find yourself generally immersed in some bookanything from Shakespeare to Cheryl Strayedyou will likely find others just like you in the English department studying the trochaic octameter of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” the stunning word choices of narrative nonfiction author Annie Dillard, or the experimental elements of the writings of Walter Abish. English programs focus on literature, language, and writing, and an English major will encounter a wide array of absorbing works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from around the world and throughout history. Analyzing the works of the greatest minds and imaginations that human civilization has produced will surely sharpen your critical, emotional, creative, and moral faculties. The study of literature also helps to shed some light on the answers to the enduring questions of the human condition. This degree is tremendous preparation for a future in law, journalism, publishing, graduate studies, and just about anything else.

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    Extended Opportunities Programs And Services

    iligan medical center college

    The EOPS program provides support services and programs for financially needy and educationally disadvantaged students to achieve their goals, including, obtaining job skills, occupational certificates or associate degrees, and/or transferring to four-year institutions. Services include assistance in textbook purchases academic and personal counseling peer advising peer tutoring and a summer college readiness program. The program also provides, based on available funding, calculators and laptops on loan computer lab and printing field trips to regional four-year universities and scholarships for transfer and continuing students.

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    Bachelor Of Science In Accountancy In The Philippines

    The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy is a four-year degree program in the Philippines that is primarily concerned with the effective management of a persons, groups, or companys financial resources including the proper ways of monitoring and documenting the flow of money or goods within the system and the applicable laws related to it.

    Among the courses that you may take under this program are:

    • Business Organization and Management
    • Cost Accounting and Cost Management
    • Fundamentals of Information Systems and Systems Development
    • Applied Auditing
    • Sales, Agency, Labor, and Other Commercial Laws
    • Management Consultancy
    • Good Governance and Corporate Responsibility
    • IT Concepts and Systems Analysis and Design
    • Accounting Systems
    • Auditing in a CIS Environment
    • Calculus for Business
    • Business Statistics
    • Accounting for Governmental, Not-for-Profit Entities and Specialized Industries

    Aside from lectures and laboratory practices, On-the-Job Trainings at government agencies or commercial establishments may also be arranged by your school in order to give you a firsthand experience of the tasks and responsibilities you will be expected to handle once youve become a Certified Public Accountant .


    Graduates of BS Accountancy can apply for entry level positions then later move to more advanced positions including but not limited to the examples listed below:

    • Financial Accounting & Reporting Staff
    • Chief Financial Officer


    Finding Out More About Courses Colleges And Universities

    Once youve got a shortlist of courses that appeal to you, its worth looking at some of the other sources of information about them like independent reports. These provide information on the numbers of students who finished the course, student satisfaction and more.

    You might also want to take time to look at information on the college or university’s performance. The Discover Uni website includes results from the UK National Student Survey which can give you an insight into what students think of a university or college.

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    Studying At A Uk College

  • Life as a cyber security apprentice
  • UK colleges offer all the subject areas youd expect from a university, and many colleges offer full honours degrees. UK colleges are also known for more practical, vocational courses, such as Higher National Diplomas and foundation degrees, most of which are run in partnership with a university, and often allow students to continue to a full degree through a ‘top-up’ course.

    UK colleges provide a very high level of teaching and learning support for students on higher education programmes, although some colleges dont offer student accommodation like universities do with halls of residence. With this in mind, its important you research your accommodation options before you add a college-based course choice to your application.

    Most Frequently Taken College Courses

    What Are College Classes REALLY Like?
  • U.S. Students Pursuing Study Abroad
  • While U.S. Department of Education data provide a detailed picture of the number of undergraduate students majoring in various humanities fields, information regarding humanities course-takingby humanities majors and nonmajorsis more elusive. Such data are not compiled as frequently, but those that are available reveal general trends in college course-taking over the last part of the 20th century, shedding some light on the extent to which young Americans are bringing humanistic knowledge and skills with them into civic and occupational arenas after college.

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    Course Differences And Entry Requirements

    Higher education courses are put together by individual universities and colleges, so what’s included and how they are delivered, may vary enormously as they draw on the strengths of the staff and facilities.

    When choosing your course, you should always be aware of entry requirements. Universities and colleges set their own entry requirements for higher education courses so they may vary widely. Two or more universities or colleges providing the same course may have different entry requirements so you may have to consider a different route into university or choose a different course if you don’t meet their minimum entry requirements.

    More Information About Abm College Courses & Programs

    Professional Development

    All of our programs include professional career development courses such as resume writing, Microsoft Office, and business communication, preparing students for an interview and eventually, leading to a job in their chosen field. We also offer career counselling for students who may need a little extra help to land that dream job.

    Our goal is to ensure our students have everything they need to graduate and build successful long lasting careers. ABM College takes pride in having a high rate of alumni employed within their desired career field.

    Have Questions?

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    Top 10 College Majors

    College offers you many academic freedoms. You can cultivate existing passions and explore new interestsand find a major that will put you on the career path you want.

    Whatever major you choose, don’t pick based on the courses that come easiest to you, or what your friends are studying, because you’ll be cheating yourself out of some great opportunities and self-discovery!

    We compiled this list of best college majors based on research covering job prospects, alumni salaries, and popularity. That doesnt mean every course of study listed here will guarantee you a job, or a huge paycheckbut each of these majors does offer unique intellectual challenges and will help you develop skill sets that will be applicable in a variety of professional positions.

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    Choosing the Right Classes: Importance of Course Rigor ...

    Vancouver, BC CanadaV6A 0C1


    Columbia College gathers, works, and studies on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the Musqueam, Squamish, Stó:l, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. We also acknowledge all non-status peoples and members of other tribes who live in Vancouver.

    Columbia College gathers, works, and studies on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the Musqueam, Squamish, Stó:l, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. We also acknowledge all non-status peoples and members of other tribes who live in Vancouver.

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    Choosing Where To Study

    Where you study can be almost as important as what you study. One of the first things to consider is whether you want to live at home or move away.

    It may make sense to move if you want to study a particular course at a specific university or college. Some students also value the experience of living in halls of residence, or in shared accommodation, as an important part of university life. Others want the opportunity to experience living in a different part of the country.

    For some people living at home offers the best of both worlds and it’s becoming more popular as more institutions, such as further education colleges, offer higher education qualifications.

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