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What Are High Paying Jobs Without College

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High Paying Jobs Without A College Degree (2021)

If youre entering the STEM fields, Studying will serve you well for the foundation of knowledge you need to flourish in that specific STEM career path.

In this case, education is unavoidable and necessary to achieving success in the future. The aspiring student should show natural aptitude in their chosen field, and should not be committing to college just because their parents demand they do so.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers/cardiovascular Technologists

Median salary: $70,380Education needed: associate degreeJob growth: 12%

Sonographers use medical equipment to create images of organs, tissues and blood vessels that allow people to understand whats going on inside their bodies. Cardiovascular techs work with physicians to perform complex procedures related to heart health, such as inserting stents or pacemakers. They also help perform tests to diagnose cardiac health problems in patients.

These jobs are experiencing higher than average growth, which means you should have plenty of employment opportunities if you go this route!

Lighting Media And Communication Equipment Workers

Individuals who work as lighting technicians or media and communication equipment workers are well-compensated for their services. This career finds high levels of employment in the following industries: radio and television broadcasting, motion picture and video, colleges and universities, rental and leasing services, and federal government. Jump into this career after earning a high school diploma and going through short-term on-the-job training.

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent, on-the-job training
  • Years of Experience: None
  • Projected Jobs: 1,300

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Elevator Installer And Repairer

Median salary: $88,540Education needed: high school diplomaJob growth: 7%

This is one of those random jobs that most people take for granted! As it turns out, elevator installers and repairers make good money working with their hands. Its no surprise that they often work in cramped spaces around heavy machinery. Theyre often required to be on call 24 hours a day for repairs. But if youre afraid of heights, this probably isnt the job for you!

Farmers Ranchers And Other Agricultural Managers

Is a University Degree Really Necessary Today?  Len Penzo ...

Median salary: $68,090

Your job would involve running a farm, ranch or other agricultural establishment that produces crops, livestock or dairy products. While some of your work may be in an office, much of it is performed outdoors and can be physically demanding.

You don’t need anything above a high school diploma or equivalent to become a farmer, rancher or other agricultural manager, but you will need work experience.

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Detectives And Criminal Investigators

Median annual wage: $81,920Projected job growth through 2026: 5 percent

These types of law enforcement officers collect evidence and gather facts for criminal cases. They conduct interviews, examine records, observe the activities of suspects and participate in raids and arrests. They typically specialize in one type of crime such as homicide or fraud and work on a case until an arrest and trial are completed or the case is dropped.

To become a detective, you’ll need at least a high school diploma, although many federal agencies and some police departments do require some college coursework or a college degree.

Success Without Academic Distress

As a reiterating side note to confirm the idea that a 4-year degree is not the only constituent ticket to success, think Branson, Jobs, Dell, Ford, Rockefeller, and Spielberg.

Yes, you guessed it. None of these global influencers rose to the pinnacle of success backed up by a 4-year degree. Grit, talent, street smart, and copious doses of tough work steered them to the top of the money chain.

Not that money should be the only motivation in the journey to career self-actualization, but it certainly ranks in the top three for most people.

Time to rethink your career strategy, perhaps?

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Which Of These High

As you can see, a college degree isnt always necessary to make a decent salary. These are only some of the highest-paying jobs without a degree that you can get out of high school or with some additional certification.

Maybe one of these best-paying jobs without a degree is perfect for you, or maybe youre still on the search. Thats okay!

It can also be a good idea to find individuals who work in the fields you might be interested in when searching for the best paying jobs without a degree. They can give you a better sense of what the job is like on a day-to-day basis.

Are you looking for more ideas when it comes to careers you can obtain without a high school diploma? Are you wondering whether or not you should go to college or finish what youve started? Take a look at this article to help you .

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Detective Or Criminal Investigator

11 Highest Paying Jobs Without a College Degree [2021]
  • Median salary: $83,170

Heres another childhood dream that you can achieve, even without a degree. Detectives and criminal investigators collect evidence and information for criminal cases. They examine records, conduct interviews, keep track of suspect activities and participate in arrests. In order to become a detective or criminal investigator, it is not always necessary to have a degree, but a background in forensics or criminal investigations will be a plus.

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Best Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

Lets be real for a second. Theres a stigma in place when it comes to education. People who dont go to college are often seen as less valuable. Thats flat-out wrong on so many levels! Its possible to be successful no matter your education level. And were here to prove it. Weve compiled a great list of jobs that pay well without a degree you can get without any college experience.

If youre looking for a way to make money and get paid what you deserve, one of these jobs that pay well without a degree might be right for you.

Radiologic & Mri Technician

  • Degree or Certificate Requirements: Associate degree from an accredited radiologic technology program is required for most positions
  • Training Requirements: Most states require radiologic technicians to obtain licenses, which typically involve an initial exam and continuing education MRI technicians may need an additional certification
  • Median Salary : $62,280
  • Salary Range : $41,480 to $89,760
  • Growth Outlook : 16,800 new positions

Radiologic technicians use radiation-based techniques such as X-rays and computed tomography to image body tissues and structures. MRI technicians use magnetic resonance imaging equipment to do the same.

Most radiologic and MRI technicians work in hospitals and outpatient clinics. Duties vary by sub-specialty but generally include:

  • Preparing patients and equipment for imaging
  • Communicating with supervising physicians to ensure the correct areas of the body are imaged
  • Maintaining imaging equipment
  • Checking images for quality and coverage
  • Following radiation safety procedures

Like other health care technicians, radiologic and MRI technicians can easily find work in tightly controlled, regular-hour settings. If you prefer to work in the evening or on irregular shifts, look for work associated with emergency departments and urgent care centers.

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Postmasters And Mail Superintendents

Median salary: $78,060

Working for the U.S. Postal Service, you’ll be responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the operations of a post office. It can also include administrative, management and support services.

You can obtain this job with a high school diploma or equivalent. There is some on-the-job training, and you may also need some work experience, though typically less than five years.

The 30 Highest Paying Jobs Which Do Not Require A College Degree:

Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

1)Professional Sports Referee:

With a salary ranging between $120 000 to $555 000, this may sound too good to be true. No academic background is necessary apart from obtaining a referee certification in the sport you want to referee. The stakes are high, but so is the return if you have the nerves for putting it all out there with no guarantees of ever gaining enough recognition to join in on this multi-billion-dollar industry!

Typical on-the-job training needed: 10 years or moreTop Salary: $210.000 per yearMedian salary: $21.000 annual salary

2) Commercial Pilot:

Not your Top Gun scenario with fighter jets, white uniforms, and maverick air maneuvers but, if you want to spend most of your working day among the clouds ample opportunities are available in-flight charters, aerial photography, aerial fire-fighting to name but a few. Certification takes about 12-18 months, depending on how long it takes to accumulate your 250 flight hours. Once established, the average earnings range from $49k $160k per annum.

Typical on-the-job training needed: 1 year to 1,5 yearTop Salary: $165.000 per yearAverage salary: -$91.000 annual salary

3) Master Sommelier:

Master Sommeliers are certified by the CMS and may earn up to $160 000 per annum. However, before dusting off those forgotten bottles of wine in the cellar, be reminded that there are currently only 229 Master Sommeliers worldwide. If you want a taste of it, youre going to have to work for it.

4) Air Traffic Controllers:

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Best Jobs Without A Degree In 2022

If youre on the lookout for a new job that pays well, your timing could not be better. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, the job market is bouncing back there were 11 million job openings across the country in late 2021 and all indications point to a rise in opportunities for people with varying levels of experience, skills, and educational credentials in 2022.

Dont have a degree? Dont worry. There are plenty of well-paying jobs you can land without a four-year degree or community college experience. The best part is that instead of spending years paying off debt like student loans, you can leverage your earnings to create real wealth.

This article provides insights into some of the best opportunities for a job seeker who doesnt have a college degree. It also sets forth valuable information regarding how you can manage that extra income so you create your Rich Life filled with freedom and enjoyment.

Police And Sheriffs Patrol Officers

Median Annual Wage: $61,380

Salary Potential: $106,090

If you have a desire to protect and serve and are interestedin jobs without a degree, then you may be the ideal fit for an occupation as apolice/sheriffs patrol officer. These law enforcement professionals make upthe bulk of policemen and detectives and are uniformed officers. They aretasked with patrolling public places, conducting searches, and making arrestsamong other duties.

Employment of police and sheriffs patrol officers is growing about as fast as average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Though no degree is required for entry into the field, a bachelors credential in law enforcement or criminal justice may make an applicant more employable. Military experience or proficiency in a second language may also increase your chances of secure employment.

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Successful People Without A College Degree

Need some inspiration for what it takes to be successful without a college degree? Learn from the examples of these uber-successful business moguls and entrepreneurs who never started or finished college.

Just remember, if youre already in college and have student loans, youll still need to repay your loans even if you dont complete your degree. Think about the investment youve made so far and evaluate whether your degree is worth it before deciding its not for you.

Transportation Storage And Distribution Managers

7 Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

Median salary: $96,390

As a transportation, storage or distribution manager, your job is to plan, direct and coordinate activities within those areas. It can also include logistics management.

You typically need a high school diploma or equivalent and five or more years of related experience to reach this level.

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Firefighter Or Police Officer

If you feel like giving back to your community after high school, then why not sign up to be part of the local fire or police services? These community services offer free training to cadets, and a guaranteed spot on the team if you pass the tests.

While the starting salary for a rookie police officer or firefighter is not outstanding, should you choose to make it your career path and end up in an executive position, you can expect to make more than 6-figures a year.

Elevator Installers And Repairers

Median annual wage: $79,780Projected job growth through 2026: 12 percent

These workers install, fix, and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways, chairlifts and other lifts. Elevator repairers typically earn a little more as their job requires a greater knowledge of electronics, hydraulics and electricity than do installers, since a large part of maintenance and repair work is troubleshooting.

Becoming an elevator installer or repairer starts with a four-year apprenticeship program sponsored by a union, industry association or individual contractor. To enter such a program, you’ll need a high school diploma. Even after the program, on-going training is required and 35 states, currently, require an installer or repairer to be licensed.

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Aircraft Mechanics And Service Technicians

Avionic mechanics and service technicians perform routine maintenance or make repairs to aircraft. After completing high school, mechanics and technicians can get technical training and complete a certification at an aviation technician school that is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration . Another pathway is to start training on the job with constant supervision in order to gain enough experience to become certified. Responsibilities include fixing electrical or mechanical issues and repairing parts relating to the brakes, wings, and other electrical components.

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent, additional technical training
  • Years of Experience: None

Power Plant Operators Distributors And Dispatchers

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree, 2020 ...

Median salary: $89,090

Power plant operators, distributors and dispatchers manage the systems that produce and distribute electricity.

This job typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent certification, but it includes extensive on-the-job training. You’ll need an additional license if you want to be a nuclear power reactor operator.

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Here Are The Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree

In this article, weve listed the top 25 highest paying jobs without a degree. There are some interesting positions you may have never heard of before, some that youve dreamed of since childhood but thought it was out of your reach, and others that you may have overlooked as practical careers.

While some require just a high school diploma, others may require on-site training, apprenticeships, certificates, or state licensing.

Construction And Building Inspectors

Building and construction inspectors review construction to make sure all necessary building codes and zoning regulations are met and all contractual requirements and local ordinances are followed. Inspectors are required to have a high school diploma, and most states also require a license or certification. Training happens on the job, and it varies by location and type of inspector.

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent, additional license or certification
  • Years of Experience: 5 or more years
  • Median Income: $60,710

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Police Officers And Detectives

Median salary: $67,290Education needed: variesJob growth: 5%

Law enforcement is a demanding, exciting and rewarding career. Obviously, its pretty straightforward: Protect those under your care, get the bad guys, and solve the case. Most positions do not require anything beyond a high school diploma, but certain positions prefer hiring candidates with an associate or bachelors degree, so going back to college might be worth it.

Tailor Your Resume To The Specific Job Youre Applying For

Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree!! (2020)

While attitudes are definitely shifting, not having a college degree can still put you at a disadvantage when applying for certain roles. So when you dont have a college degree, its even more important to showcase on your resume how and why youre the perfect fit for the role.

Your role as a job seeker is to communicate how your experience, knowledge, skills, and passion are in alignment with the company and position you are applying for, says Elliot.

Before applying for any job, you want to tailor your resume. Use the job posting to see exactly what the employer is looking forand then adjust your resume accordingly. Consider printing out the job posting, then checking off each requirement as you add it to your resume, Elliot says.

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Wrapping Up Avoid The Student Debt Trap

While this article may paint a scenario where the reader thinks there is no value in a college degree, we assure you this is not the intention. Education serves its purpose, but the fact is that many people end up studying courses that offer no value in their future career.

Perhaps its time to take a different approach to the situation. What if people had to work for ten years after high school, and then only had the option to study in their thirties? Maybe this approach would mean the student would have enough savings from their salary to afford college without a loan?

The potential student might also be in a better position to study a course that would benefit their chosen career?

Construction And Extraction Supervisors

Supervisors of construction and extraction workers coordinate and inspect work activities and ensure that safety standards are met on work sites. It typically takes five or more years of experience in extraction or other construction trade to reach this role. However, with this area growing faster than average at 5 percent, once you have the experience, there will be plenty of job openings on the market.

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Years of Experience: 5 or more years
  • Median Income: $66,210

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