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Is Taking Online College Classes Good

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Some Employers Remain Skeptical Of Online Coursework & Degrees

My Personal Experience Taking Online Courses at Rasmussen College

Employer perception of online degrees has improved over the last decade. But many remain skeptical of applicants with online degrees due to negative publicity around for-profit diploma mills and the lingering perception only sometimes backed by reality online instruction is inferior to traditional classroom-based learning.

Evidence suggests that outside perceptions of a program may vary based on factors like field of study and the pedigree of the degree-granting institution. A 2012 study published by the University of West Georgia indicated that half of hiring managers felt there was no difference between an online or on-campus Master of Business Administration , which is excellent news for midcareer MBA candidates. But an analysis by Drexel University found that employees much preferred candidates with online degrees from accredited, well-respected brick-and-mortar institutions to graduates of lesser-known online-only schools with questionable reputations.

Advantages Of Taking Online Classes

In recent years, with a struggling economy, more people are enrolling in online courses in hopes of advancing their careers or earning a degree in an alternative field. The benefits of taking online classes are numerous and a degree from an online institution can be just as valuable as one granted by a traditional college or university.

Online Learning May Create A Sense Of Isolation

Everyone learns in their own manner. Some students possess the ability to work independently, while others find comfort in their community on campus with easy access to professors or their fellow students. The good news is online virtual classroom platforms have been working to bridge those gaps, recreating the feeling of community in the virtual space by producing a series of tools that encourage learners to actively participate in live sessions. Online education must support the social aspect of learning to match the effectiveness of traditional classes.

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Not Everyone Thrives In A Distance Learning Environment

According to an analysis by Inside Higher Ed, students enrolled at institutions that deliver most or all instruction online were significantly less likely to graduate within eight years than students at institutions that provide some or most instruction in person. The studied data included recent high school graduates and adult undergraduates enrolled in mostly online programs, hybrid programs, and mostly on-campus programs, suggesting that distance learning issues cut across age and demographic lines.

Meanwhile, researchers at Columbia University find that community college students who take online courses are less likely to complete or perform well during the courses. These results were more pronounced for certain subgroups of students, including males, Black students, and students with lower prior GPAs.

The factors responsible for such outcomes are undoubtedly complex. But its fair to surmise that online courses are best suited for self-sufficient, self-motivated students with effective time management skills the sorts of students who naturally need less support from faculty, academic support staff, and classmates. Midcareer students with years of workforce experience under their belts could be better suited to online learning environments than younger students used to closer supervision in the classroom.

Familiarize Yourself With The Learning Platform

Three Good Reasons For Enrolling In An Online College ...

Once you register for an online class, you also want to make sure you familiarize yourself with the platform itself. Make sure you know how to view the classes and assignment lists. Check for features that allow you to submit questions to your professor or communicate with other members of the class.

Some teachers might also have you use a platform to submit assignments, so spend time navigating the online learning options so that you can fully understand how to use it to the best of your ability. Your comfort on the platform will help you engage with your class as optimally as possible and maximize your learning potential.

Along similar lines, make sure you understand how your professor will communicate with you about assignments. For example, you might have a professor who emails you while another posts them in an online classroom. Knowing how information about the class will appear, where to find it, and setting up alerts to ensure that you regularly check this communication to make sure you do not miss anything will help you boost your success in the program.

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Advantages To Taking Online Classes

Both recent high school graduates and nontraditional learners can take advantage of online classes. Online courses offer flexibility, affordable tuition, and a variety of academic opportunities. Distance learners who want to experience learning on campus can enroll in hybrid courses, which blend classroom instruction with online learning.

In 2019, Santa Clara University surveyed hundreds of distance learners about how online learning impacted them. Respondents answered questions regarding their ability to interact with peers and professors, how well they could study in a virtual environment, and whether they would recommend online learning to others. For most questions, more than 50% of respondents recognized and appreciated the benefits of online classes.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of online education and how it can help you achieve your education and career goals.

You Can Be In Class At Any Time

Online learning is ideal for a student with a busy schedule. With no set class time, students are able to fit classes in late at night, early in the morning, or even between work meetings. Fitting school into your schedule means that you are able to work at your own pace and find a balance that works for you.

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The Importance Of Staying Motivated

For some students, the convenience of online courses can encourage poor study habits. Without a set class schedule, as students would have in a traditional course, the temptation to procrastinate may be stronger. With no in-person interactions with the instructor or with fellow students, it can be easy to forget assignments and deadline unless the student keeps organized. Online courses often require just as much work as traditional college classes, so putting off coursework can leave students struggling when important deadlines approach.

Because online courses are not supervised in the same way traditional college classes are, the student must stay motivated and organized to succeed. Some students find that designating specific times for coursework helps them. They may treat these self-appointed times as a student in a traditional degree program would treat class times. Keeping an accurate schedule in a day planner and checking it frequently can make sure students dont miss assignments or deadlines. You can succeed in an online class, but it may take more self-discipline, a greater commitment to staying motivated and better study habits than a traditional course would require.

Time Management Skills And Trust In The Program

How to Get Good Grades in Online College Classes : 4 ways

Taking online classes requires time management skills to help you stay on task. Additionally, if you do not trust that the courses you have chosen are indeed essential for the knowledge you need in your given field, you may drop out through lack of interest. When you evaluate online courses, it helps to keep a visual calendar of the tasks and assignments you are expected to complete the idea is to avoid surprises that you may end up rushing to complete.

Taking online courses requires a certain amount of trust in the program and a steadfastness that comes with discipline and drive. A good way to avoid this from happening is to discuss your interests and goals with an admissions counselor. Trust in the program also means trust in the institution to this effect, you should know that FNU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to grant degrees at the associate, bachelor and master levels.

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Build An Accountability Program

As we already discussed, creating a schedule will help you stay on track with your studies and complete assignments on time. However, an accountability system will help you take this a step further. If you struggle to keep to your schedule, finding it a bit too easy to put off studying when you do not have any hard deadline outside of your own calendar, an accountability system can help considerably.

It will give you some outside motivation, similar to what students in a traditional classroom setting receive when their professor reminds them of upcoming assignments and assessments. Asking a friend or classmate to help you stay on track can help. They can inquire if you have hit your productivity goals for the day and give you extra motivation to reach your own personal goals.

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    What I Wish Someone Told Me Before Taking Online Classes

    By Hannah Meinke on 07/27/2020

    The perks of taking online classes are numerous. They offer additional flexibility for busy students, especially for those balancing school with work and family. They can attract professionals looking for career advancement, parents seeking to better provide for their families and returning students looking to pick up where they left off. Some online programs even provide additional control over the pace of learning.

    But if youve never taken one before, you might not know exactly how they differ from on-campus courses. Are they harder? Whats the best way to stay on track?

    Learn from those who have been in your shoes. Keep reading to get some insider knowledge about what to expect when taking classes online.

    Hybrid Online And Traditional Classes: Are They An Option For You

    What Is the Best Time of Day to Take Classes?

    If you are still unsure whether online classes or traditional classes are right for you, you may consider both. Some higher ed institutions, such as Goodwin University, offer a blended or hybrid format for students needing flexibility. This means that some college classes are offered on-campus, while others can be taken online. All classes, no matter the format, count towards your degree.

    Hybrid degree programs allow students to get the best of both worlds. Online resources are readily available to students, supplementing traditional instruction . Students can meet with professors in person, collaborate with peers in class, and still benefit from the flexibility of online classes. And, research shows they work. As reported in one study, students do just as well in hybrid classes as they do in traditional classrooms.

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    Are Online Students Being Set Up For Success

    Before enrolling, learn as much as you can about the types of support you can reasonably expect from your institution. Columbia Universitys Community College Research Center offers an array of recommendations for students and practitioners in the online learning space. Their most relevant suggestions for students include:

    • Assessing the availability of technical support and tutoring, including after-hours
    • Assessing course design quality, including whether the institutions online course offerings funnel through a central online learning portal and the rigor with which they adhere to a standardized online course template
    • The quality and extent of online faculty development

    I Think It’ll Look Good To Colleges

    Taking an online AP course may or may not look good to colleges depending on your individual circumstances. If you are taking it because it’s not offered at your school or you have a conflict and you’re really interested in the material, it’ll signal that you are self-motivated and invested in learning, which is a great thing!

    If, however, you want to take online AP courses because you are already stacked six AP courses this year and this is the only way you could possibly fit in more, possibly reconsider. Colleges like candidates who have some interests outside of classyour entire waking life shouldn’t be spent doing AP coursework and preparing for exams. Consider an extracurricular.

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    Benefits Of Online Education

    An online education is preferred by individuals who may not be able to make it for classes in a traditional brick and mortar kind of college due to various reasons. Below we’ll examine some of the benefits this exciting education provides to such students.

    Benefits of Online Education

    1. Flexibility

    Students have the freedom to juggle their careers and school because they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule. In a traditional classroom setting, class meeting times are set, and the student has no power over this, forcing them to work their schedules around these dates. Most people who choose online learning tend to have other commitments, and prefer this mode of learning as it gives them power over how they will delegate their time towards their different projects.

    2. Reduced Costs

    Online education can cost less due to a variety of reasons. For example, there is no cost for commuting. Assorted costs that are related to transport, such as fuel, parking, car maintenance, and public transportation costs don’t affect the online student.

    3. Networking Opportunities

    Online education also provides students with the chance to network with peers across nations or even different continents. This often leads to other opportunities in terms of collaboration with other individuals in the implementation of a project. At the same time, it makes them culturally sensitive and able to fit into other environments easily given their exposure to other cultures.

    4. Documentation

    Mistakes Will Be Made Due Dates Will Be Botched And Frantic Emails Will Go Unanswered

    15 Tips Taking Online College Courses & My Experience Pt.1

    Suffolk Community College

    There comes a time in every students life when they are forced to take an online class, and that time in their life will most likely be frustrating.

    There are a lot of reasons to take an online course: your school stopped offering a certain class on campus, the available on-campus options have filled up or the class time doesnt work with your schedule. Whatever the reason, youre probably going to take a class electronically and that class may easily end up being a shit show.

    Im currently taking two online courses and theyre difficult, especially because both are English courses of some sort. When given the choice to take these classes online or drive 45-minutes to another campus, I opted confidently for the online option. Now though, I dont know if I made the correct choice, because Ive already had a lot of issues arise in both courses that have caused undue anxiety, stress and anger.

    When you take an online course, you still have a professor assigning work and giving lectures just as you would in any other class. Unfortunately, some professors dont know how to use the web as a teaching forum, which hamstrings their ability to operate effectively. Their technical shortcomings are made slightly more forgivable though, seeing as how the site is constantly down for updates.

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    They Are Easier Than A Traditional Class

    In fact, online classes are often more challenging than their on-campus version because you have to read more material and you have to be more disciplined about accessing the course as needed. DO NOT take an online course believing that it will take less time or be easier: it is not!

    Online courses require A LOT of writing! Because discussions are usually written comments in an online course, you should be proficient in Standard English and comfortable with your ability to express yourself in writing. If you struggle with writing clearly, online courses are not the best fit for you.

    Online Classes Are Prone To Technical Issues

    The classic disadvantages of online learning center around technical problems. Nothing disrupts an online lesson more than audio, video, or connection issues. Many times in the past, students were required to download and/or install cumbersome apps or technology that would deliver inconsistent performances. Luckily nowadays, online classes can be accessed through the click of a link without the need to install anything. Internet connections throughout the world have improved dramatically. Additionally, peoples devices have gotten significantly better.

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    You Can Complete Your Degree In Less Time

    Online schools often function on a different schedule from traditional schools. Students may be able to spend a month on a class as opposed to 3 months in a traditional setting, plus online classes often allow you to take classes during months that are break times for traditional students, such as January and the summer months. Shorter time from beginning to degree completion means that youll be on your way to your end goal sooner

    How Do Online Classes Work With Live Instructors

    Should We Take Online High School Classes Offline?

    Because our classes are delivered live, you will be connecting live with an instructor every step of the way. The instructors at Laurus College have real-world experience in their field. You will take business classes with instructors who have worked in business, whether as entrepreneurs, small business owners, or with corporations or nonprofit organizations. Instructors in the IT Department have worked in the field, as well as instructors in Web Design, Medical Billing and Coding, and Digital Arts and Computer Animation. Learning from instructors who have been in the industry gives you added knowledge of what its like to work in the career field of your dreams.

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