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Is It Worth Getting An Ipad For College

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Pros And Cons Of Using An Ipad Pro For University

The BEST iPad for Students in 2022 ? – iPad 10 for College

One of the most important parts of school is taking notes. Everyone does it differently and when youre just starting university it can be a little hard to figure out which method works best for you. Personally, I love to hand write my notes, but find it annoying to carry around notebooks and a laptop, which I need to access online class materials. Thats why Ive started using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil along with an app called Notability, which is where I keep all of my notes. Having used it for awhile Ive learned a few things, so here are a few pros and cons of using this method of note taking!

Ipad Or Macbook For College: Which One Is Better On Your Wallet

As a student, getting value for money is always going to be a top priority. However, with all the different models of iPad Air and MacBook Air available, a direct price comparison isnt easy. But lets press on and find out which is better for college, iPad or MacBook, when it comes to price.


MacBook Air has the most variation, with an almost $1,000 difference between the cheapest option and the most expensive . iPad Air keeps things simple with just two choices, 64 GB and 256 GB version, $150 separating the two.

For our comparison, we need to level the playing field as much as we can. Taking price and hardware into consideration, the smallest difference is between the entry model MacBook Air and the higher model iPad Air, both with 256 GB storage.

And here we have a clear winner in terms of price: the iPad Air, at $200 less.


Heres where things get tricky. To get the most out of an iPad and use it as a laptop replacement, most people would agree you need to pair it with a stylus and a keyboard. Now the question of price changes, especially if you choose to pair the iPad with the official Apple accessories. The Apple Pencil 2 and the Apple Magic Keyboard take the original price up a whopping $400, which would now make MacBook Air $200 cheaper.


That just leaves the question of whether its worth paying another $100 for that extra 4 GB of RAM in the MacBook Air.

Best Overall

Winner: iPad Air

Pros And Cons Of Using An Ipad For University Lectures

First thing first, you should know that I am not an Apple fanboy. In fact, if there was any better competitor I would probably choose the other brand because I do not like the idea of buying stuff individually for what I already bought in the first place. I have been using an iPad with the GoodNotes app as a multifunctional device in lectures for 6 months and here is the list of advantages and disadvantages of using an iPad for lessons.

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Notes Can Be Transferred To Your Iphone

If your iPad dies or if you are out and you want to study you can transfer your notes from your iPad to your iPhone. Enabling iCloud Drive and GoodNotes will allow for your notes to be shared between your iPhone and iPad.

If you dont have an iPhone, you can always take screenshots and send them to yourself that way you will have your notes with you at all times.

The iPad has made it easier than ever to study no matter where you are!

Pros Of Using An Ipad For Nursing School

discounteddesignermenswear: Should I Buy An Ipad For College

1. Good Way to Take Notes

There are two primary reasons students look at getting an iPad. The first reason is that they are great ways to take notes during school.

There are a couple of different ways you can take notes using an iPad. The first is by writing out your notes with a stylus.

Styluses and dedicated note-taking apps have gotten so much better since I was in nursing school. Because of that taking notes on a tablet and keeping track of them is easier now than ever before.

If youre not into writing you can attach a Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad and type out your notes. Thats what I did when I was using the iPad .

If youre not into writing and typing you can also record your notes with the iPad as they come with a built-in mic.


2. You Get to Buy Digital Textbooks

If taking notes is the first core benefit of an iPad then being able to buy digital textbooks has got to be the second.

Eventually, Im going to do a video on my love and hate relationship with digital textbooks but all that aside there are some benefits to buying digital textbooks.

Ill talk a little about those below, but to be fair about this you can buy digital textbooks without a tablet Im just not a fan of that. To me, digital textbooks are more user-friendly on a tablet.

3. Keep Your Notes and Documents Organized

With all those notes youre taking having a good way to keep them organized is a must and luckily you can with an iPad.

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Digital Text Books Are A Marvel But Theres No Secondary Market

Your child will make the argument that an iPad can display digital textbooks and, since the device is lighter than a stack of dead-tree tomes, youll be preventing years of backache and possibly a future addiction to painkillers / chiropractors.

After a cursory examination of eBook prices, youll notice that theyre generally cheaper than their printed counterparts. Dont be fooled! Theres no secondary market for digital textbooks. That price you see for the digital version is the only price youll get. You cant buy them used or at a discount, and you cant sell them back once the semester is over.

Use It As A Personal Planner Calendar

Last but not least, an iPad will also replace your physical planners and calendars and help you become more organized. You will be able to add as many things to your calendar and planner as you want and it wont look cluttered as a normal one would. An iPad is an investment that will save you money in the long run because you wont have to get new notebooks and planners as soon as you fill out your current ones.

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Is It Common For People To Use Ipads For College

So, is it usual to see students using iPads instead of laptops in college nowadays? The answer is yes! As mentioned above, in the last couple of years, Apple has developed an advanced Operating System and combined it with solid performance builds for the iPads to become stronger and much more comfortable than their ancestors.

f you add to that, the bigger screens they now have, the supreme portability, and some unique new functions like drawing and writing notes with the pencil, it can be said that iPads are, and will continue to be, a great purchase that will cover your needs as students.

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What Ipads Get Right

iPad 10th generation – A Student’s Perspective!

The iPads appeal starts with portability. Most weigh about 1 pound. The slimmest new MacBook is 2.75 pounds.

And then theres price: Compare the $500 iPad Air plus $160 keyboard offer to Apples entry-level laptop, the $1,100 MacBook Air. You could spend hundreds less on a Chromebook or Windows laptop, but for many students a cheaper Apple computer that automatically syncs up with an iPhone is a draw.

For the Ohio and Kentucky officials who are going all-in on iPads, there was another important appeal: technology that a wide range of students already know how to use. Everyone is already expert in operating a touch-screen smartphone. The iPad levels the playing field, Kirsten Turner, Kentuckys associate provost for academic and student affairs, told me. This is how our students interact and acquire information.

For the past few years, the albatross around the iPads neck has been software that treated a powerful device like an oversized iPhone. iPadOS breaking off from iOS signals an important fork in the road. It comes with a zillion tweaks: a spot for informational widgets on the home screen, a keyboard you can resize and move around, and support for custom fonts.

A few of these changes raised the bar for the kind of work I could get done with my iPad:

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Maintain Your Sanity And Never Miss A Beat With Istudiez Pro $299

This app is a true one-stop shop for the college student. An excellent scheduler, this tool will help you manage time better than ever before. A single calendar and task list to track classes, meetings, assignments, grades and social events will keep you on-task no matter how busy you become. Simple syncing across platforms keeps you organized and ready for anything using your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Everything Is In One Place

Obviously you have all your notes in one place, but what else?

All my course material is accessible from my iPad.

Textbooks, worksheets, syllabi, you name it. This small device gives me access to everything I need whenever I need it.

As Im taking notes or doing a worksheet I imported, I can always refer to my textbook or other notes right from my device. With multitasking capabilities, I can also have two apps side by side, which allows me to search the internet or use other apps simultaneously.

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Its Not The Best Solution For Note

A virtual keyboard, like the one that pops up on the iPad, doesnt have any tactile feedback. Thats fine for a quick text on a smartphone, but the iPads keyboard is a bit awkward. Further, if your kid does manage to struggle through writing an entire term paper on the tablet, editing is another headache completely. Using a fingertip for fine placement of the cursor is next to impossible, and itll take a few tries to land it in the right place. After several failed attempts, your kid will be wishing for a laptop with a real keyboard and mouse.

Youre An Artist Or Take A Lot Of Handwritten Notes

Which iPad is best to buy now in 2019?

If youre an artist or enjoy doodling in your free time, the Apple Pencil is a game-changer. It essentially turns the iPad into a drawing tablet, and the latest version even wirelessly charges when magnetically connected to the iPad. Its also tremendously helpful if you take a lot of handwritten notes for your job or any other purpose, as it makes it easy to jot down notes and organize them for quick access later.

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Who Should Get An Ipad

An iPad may replace your need for a laptop or just in specific situations. You should consider an iPad if you:

  • Participate in a lot of video calls
  • Are a creative who could benefit from the Apple Pencil
  • Need to take a lot of notes in a variety of situations
  • Want to get work done on the go without a bulky laptop

What Ipad To Get For Studying

There are different iPads available for purchase.

Choosing one is definitely difficult at first. I was certainly overwhelmed.

I wanted to make the best possible decision, especially if I was investing that much into my education.

The good news is that there is a cost-efficient option for you if youre on a budget.

If youre looking for an inexpensive option where you can reap all the benefits I listed above, I recommend you get the iPad 7th Generation and Apple Pencil 1 combination.

This iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil 1 and the smart keyboard .

It came out recently in 2019 and many people I know use and love this iPad. Its fully capable of doing everything I listed above and more.

If you want an affordable and efficient device for school, this iPad is literally made for you. Its powerful, affordable, and lightweight.

To get a better picture of what iPad to get for studying and planning, read my blog post, Best iPad to get for Note-taking and Digital Planning 2020 .

If you do decide to get the iPad for studying and use it to its fullest potential, I promise that you will not regret it at all.

If you have any questions about using the iPad for school and studying, let me know in the comments below!

Paperless Student Inro Email Course

Learn how to be a paperless student in our 5-day email course! All straight to your inbox.

Youll learn everything you need to know to excel as a paperless student along with getting a free sample digital notebook!

Thank you!

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Major Reasons Why You Need An Ipad For College

I remember debating whether or not I should get an iPad for college.

Like you, I saw a lot of videos and social media posts about studying with an iPad. Photos of iPad notes, videos about digital note-taking, and more.

I saw people talking about how effective it was and how easy it made studying I was convinced but was also shocked by the price.

As a student, justifying spending a few hundred to a thousand dollars wasnt easy.

But after thinking things through, I finally decided to purchase an iPad

Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I made for my college career.

My friends from all different majors also agree that an iPad upped their studying game.

In this blog post, I will be going over the top10reasonswhy you should get an iPad for college.

This also applies to you if youre in high school, university, graduate school, or maybe even just enrolled in some online courses!

Full Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Compatible With Keyboard And Mouse

NEW iPad 10 Review (2022) – Don’t Make a Mistake…

The iPad can be used with a keyboard and mouse. If you prefer typing instead of using the Apple Pencil, there are iPad cases that will fold open with a keyboard and prop the iPad up like a laptop.

The iPad can be turned into a thin and mini computer which is great for high school, college and university!

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Should I Buy An Ipad For University

Its a brand new academic year. For most, its a return to the norm moving to the year above, seeing friends again, and handing in homework you did the night before. However, for a lot of students, its the first year of university. More often than not, that undertaking prompts the idea of buying a new laptop. In recent years however, the laptop as a students companion has met a new challenger the iPad. So, can you take on university without a keyboard and trackpad?

When You Shouldnt Use An Ipad For College

Is the glass half empty or half full? is a common expression that could be used in situations like this. Students have been using laptops for their colleges needs for many years for good reasons. It has been argued that, when dealing with advanced Google excel or doc sheets, iPads are just not as comfortable as laptops. Some also claim that iPads are not as practical as laptops when it comes to reading long papers or writing your dissertation, mainly because of their smaller screen.

iPads are just not as comfortable as laptops when dealing with advanced Google excel or doc sheets. Is the glass half empty or half full? is a common expression that could be used in situations like this. Students have been using laptops for their colleges needs for many years for good reasons.Some also claim that iPads are not as practical as laptops when it comes to reading long papers or writing your dissertation, mainly because of their smaller screen.

The lack of a mouse or trackpad has forced Apple to invent some not-always-intuitive finger moves to complete tasks. Thus, as a finger-first computer, an iPad has, according to many tech reviewers, a learning curve and this is something you should consider before purchasing an iPad for college as your main device.

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Should You Buy An Ipad For College

Yes, an iPad is great for college as you can take notes, complete assignments and its affordable. For college, iPads are super useful as they are very user friendly and portable. More and more college students are beginning to get iPads because they are great for staying organized.

In this post, I share 14 reasons why you need an iPad and what it can do. I also compare the iPad with the MacBook and the HP Envy. Finally, Ill tell you why the iPad is the best option for students.

You Find Yourself In A Lot Of Video Calls

Ipad Student Price Malaysia

Whether youre Facetiming friends and family or stuck in Zoom meetings all day for work, an iPad is the perfect solution. Instead of tying up your computer or laptop or relying on the tiny screen of your phone, making video calls on your iPad allows you to free up your other devices and increase your productivity. The latest iPads also have unique features like Center Stage specifically designed to improve video calls.

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