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Is It Cheaper To Go To College Online

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Online College Tuition Breakdown

Is Going to College Worth It?

You will encounter different types of fees at different online colleges, such as a Document fee, or a Student Service Facility Fee.

Traditional colleges, even those with credit-hour tuition comparable to an affordable online college, come with add-on expenses.

The cost savings from taking courses at affordable online colleges can be substantial. At an Arizona state school, for example, the total undergraduate resident tuition and fees is $891, compared to $563 for a student enrolled as an online student.

But the cost difference between a traditional degree program and online program at the same school, is oftentimes smaller than the cost difference between schools. For example, our revealed that there is over nine times the difference in tuition between these two schools nursing programs:

  • Most Expensive: $75,600 Georgetown University

The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

  • Annual tuition: $15,474

A third university in Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong is ranked No. 6 among Asian universities by QS, with high-ranking electrical engineering and social sciences programs. This school carries the same tuition costs for non-local students at the City University of Hong Kong. Lodging is paid as a hostel fee thats around $1,500 for a year.

How Do You Stay Safe When Shopping Online

Shopping online is relatively safe, but there are things you can do to add extra protection. These include knowing the warning signs for online scams, keeping your computer and mobile operating systems up to date, only shopping on encrypted websites, and not reusing passwords across multiple sites. It’s also wise to avoid sharing credit card or other sensitive information over public Wi-Fi networks.

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University Of Central Florida

  • Orlando, Florida

Students pursuing a degree online at the University of Central Florida receive instruction in a format tailored to the needs of the online student. The university indicates that it is a leader in innovation.

Students choosing a bachelors degree program pursue a degree in areas such as B.A. in Anthropology, B.S. in Health Services Administration, a B.S. in Health Informatics and Information Management, or a B.A. in International and Global Studies. Prospective nurses likely pursue the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program . The school also offers a BA in Latin American Studies. There are more than 20 bachelors degrees offered completely online at the University of Florida.

Complete an affordable masters program and earn an MSAE in Aerospace Engineering, an MS in Civil Engineering, an MA in Educational Leadership, or an MSN degree. There are more than 30 graduate degrees offered at the school. Some students continue their online education by completing their doctoral program at the school.

Out-of-state students pay the same tuition as in-state students, making this school one of the cheapest online college options.

School Overview


Paying For Online College

School life

While the average cost of online college can be cheaper than a traditional school, many online learners rely on financial aid to pay for school. Online students qualify for many of the same financial aid opportunities as on-campus students. This section outlines several types of financial aid and scholarship opportunities for online learners.

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The College Value Proposition

Itâs easy to see why college is so valuable: a wide variety of general classes and opportunities to discover oneself, a degree and skillset that increases your value in the eyes of employers, and a built-in network of like-minded peers and experienced professors. Add in extracurriculars, internships, campus amenities, and recruiting activities and you can quickly see the value that college offers to young adults.

However. College is not the only path to self-discovery and increased value. Itâs certainly not the only way to a strong network. And for a price tag that frequently exceeds $100k? The cost can often outweigh the benefits.

Programs like Global Citizen Academy starting â fall semester 2020 â can be a smarter investment for you to increase your value and build a powerful network while discovering whether you want to pursue the university route or not. Following is a list of things to do instead of college, when you think the traditional straight to college route may not be the right path for you.

These alternatives to college will help you discover yourself, build your skills, and make connections with valuable people â without the four-year degree price tag.

New Jersey William Paterson University Of New Jersey

  • Out of state tuition cost: $19,654
  • Total tuition cost: $35,711

The biggest strength of William Paterson University when it comes to students is helping them find their own individual strengths. In an environment that is supportive and challenging enough to push students ahead, students are able to develop the confidence and knowledge that remarkable things are in their reach. Located in suburban New Jersey, William Paterson is home to more than 10,000 students and offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Among the schools distinguished faculty are 41 Fulbright scholars and two Guggenheim Fellows. This shows that the school is definitely not lacking in academic credential and that students will receive a high-quality education.

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Online Students Typically Pay Less Than Their In

It’s a common belief that online degrees are more affordable, which draws many students to distance learning. This is partly fueling the push for lowered costs from campus-based institutions teaching remotely during COVID-19.

But do schools typically charge less for online classes? We checked tuition rates at 100 universities that offer online and campus-based programs to determine overall trends.

We found that, overall, most schools do charge less for online than in-person programs 80% of public schools offer lower rates for online out-of-state students, and 96% of private schools have cheaper online programs. For in-state students, more than one in three public schools charge students less to enroll online.

As the majority of schools we checked offer lower online tuition, most students at colleges with in-person and online programs make a fair point in asking for tuition cuts. These students would also benefit from enrolling online instead of enrolling as they regularly would for in-person classes, especially at out-of-state or private schools.

To examine how much cheaper these programs are, we took a deep dive into tuition prices at 30 popular colleges that offer both online and on-campus degree options.*

What Does It Mean When A School Is Accredited

You Should Take a Gap Semester in 2021 | Alternatives to Online College Classes

An accredited school provides its students with career-building opportunities and high-quality programs. Depending on whether a schools accreditation is regional or national, the opportunities a school provides and the quality of its programs vary. Accredited degree programs are often more valuable to employers than non-accredited degrees.

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Lauren Verno Finds It Might Be Better To Go Shopping In Person If You Want To Save Some Money

Lauren Verno, Consumer investigative reporter

Being a parent is hard enough, but most parents would agree back-to-school shopping adds a new level of stress.

You have a long list, and you cant find it and its just a lot, said mother Ernestine Goodman.

If you are planning to brave the crowds for supplies, the next week would be the time to do it.

READ MORE: Florida back-to-school tax break teed up as students return to classrooms | FULL LIST:Whats eligible for the back-to-school sales tax holiday

The list of tax-exempt items includes clothing, shoes, and certain accessories for $60 or less per item, school supplies for $15 or less per item, and the first $1,000 for a personal computer and certain computer-related accessories.

In addition to saving money through the sales tax holiday, we wanted to see if you could save some extra dollars by bundling supplies.

I found two bundles on Amazon: one that had 32 pieces designed for grades K-5 for $29.99 and a 51-piece set for secondary school essentials for $37.99.

We grabbed three different school supply lists from three different counties: Argyle Elementary School in Clay County, Fletcher Middle School in Duval County and Fruit Cove Middle School in St. Johns County.

But is it worth it? Lets compare the numbers.

Bending The Tuition Curve Online

Thinking about pricing online tuition recently, Ive had a change of heart. I no longer feel that online and on-campus degrees should cost the same, especially because some online degrees are bending the so-called cost curve, finding ways to scale education in ways that lower production costs and allow for steeply discounted tuition. Any effort to reduce the cost of college is an admirable move that promises economic justice. If online can make it easier for low-income students to attend college, then Im all for discounted virtual tuition.

Two recent trends are proving that virtual education can stall or reverse the nations continuously climbing tuition escalator. A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that colleges with a greater-than-average share of remote students largely charge lower tuition than their on-campus counterparts. As prices rose at most post-secondary institutions over the last decades, tuition at these colleges fell.

For example, two colleges with the largest online populationsWestern Governors University and Southern New Hampshire University also post among the lowest online bachelors degree tuition of any of the predominantly online colleges in America .

With some online degrees taking the lead, its now even possible to imagine higher ed prices falling in the years ahead, rather than continuing their climb.

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Employees Of Specific Companies

Forbes reports that many major U.S. companies offer employees debt-free college.

Target now covers 100% of tuition and books for employees getting undergraduate degrees at 40 participating schools. Walmart offers a similar program. Starbucks and Chipotle also help their employees avoid college debt.

Many other companies feature tuition reimbursement programs. The National College Attainment Network and the Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation work with companies and organizations to increase education access.

Go To Community College

7 Tips to Make Your Online Learning More Productive ...

If youre still stubborn and think you need some kind of college degree before youre qualified to work, have you considered an associates degree instead of a bachelors?

An associates degree requires half the time, much less than half the money, and opens doors to some high-quality jobs including:

  • Radiation therapist
  • Police officer
  • Aerospace engineer

Many of these median salaries are in the high five figures and sometimes six figureslike air traffic controller.

Plus community colleges have some unique benefits like smaller class sizes, more of the professors attention, more flexible schedules, and the ability to work while youre in school.

For example, youd struggle to get to know your professor if youre at four-year state school with 250 people in every class.

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Which Affordable Online College Is The Best

In many cases, the best way to obtain affordable education is to start locally. Community colleges are highly likely to offer a variety of different options when it comes to foundational coursework in your field of interest, and at such a low cost, they are no doubt worth looking into. According to EDsmarts 2021 cheapest online colleges ranking, Great Basin College is the best, affordable online college to offer a cheap online degree.

How To Find Grants For Online College

While searching online, it helps to enter keywords like Adult Skills,Non-Traditional, or Continuing Education when youre searching. Other scholarships will require a bit more reading of the description, to identify them as non-traditional. For instance, many memorial grants are named after a person, but do not include other specifics in their title. You can also tailor your search based on personal characteristics. Here are some examples to filter your search by:

  • Ethnicity-based grants: If you have the slightest bit of this ancestry in your family tree, its worth checking for grants and scholarships .
  • Grants for online college for single mothers: Raising children as a single parent presents a tremendous challenge for many, and as such, many grants are available to help alleviate the burden .
  • Grants for gender: In an effort to help recruit women into male-dominated fields such as STEM, many scholarships and grants are available for women. The Association for Women in Mathematics provides a list of scholarship and grant sources, as well as annual travel grants for members and student members.

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Scholarships And Financial Aid

As college tuition has increased, so, too, has the value of scholarships and grants. While online students are eligible for many of these funding opportunities, they may not have access to all of the resources available to their on-campus counterparts. Scholarships and grants are important for you to research as you develop an estimate of what your college costs will be.

Like traditional students, online students typically qualify for federal financial aid. No matter your program’s format, you’ll start the process with the FAFSA. If you’re interested in applying for assistance with an online program, connect with admissions and financial aid counselors at your prospective schools to learn more.

City University Of Hong Kong

Is College Worth the Time and Money?
  • Annual tuition: $15,474

The City University of Hong Kong is another high-ranking Asian college. English is this overseas colleges language of instruction, which makes it an accessible option for U.S. students looking to go international.

This school requires just over $15,000 a year in tuition fees from international students, and housing starts at around $700 a semester.

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Connecticut Central Connecticut State University

  • Out of state tuition cost: $22,914
  • Total tuition cost: $37,904

As a regional public university, Central Connecticut State University is a leading university dedicated to learning in the liberal arts and sciences and education for the professions. This school offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Known for being a community of learners dedicated to helping students achieve their potential, CCSU focuses on grooming students into becoming globally aware students that will contribute to their communities. CCSU is a school thats extremely popular with citizens of Connecticut More than 85% of CCSU graduates choose to remain in the state and integrate into the community at large.

Understanding The Exceptions And The Expenses

Attending a campus college is more expensive for out-of-state students than for state residents, and attendance at a private school usually is more costly. Graduate credits usually cost more than undergraduate credits, making it essential for students to precisely compare the details of each program.

Teaching an online course requires considerably different skills than those typically used in face to face education. Development of online course content is a costly investment, according to a senior fellow at AASCU. Mastering computer technology is essential for online instructors, a skill that is not always desired or possessed by professors. Support services for online instruction are extensive, including these:

access to online grades

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What Are Cheap Out

First off, it’s important to keep in mind that public colleges are the only schools where the moniker “out-of-state” will have any meaning for you tuition-wise. Public colleges usually offer far higher tuition rates for out-of-state students than they do for in-state students, whereas private colleges aren’t concerned with students’ residential statuses.

Therefore, you’ll only see public colleges on this list .

I decided that the cutoff for “cheap” colleges would be schools with net prices lower than $13,000. Currently, the average public school tuition and fees for out-of-state residents is $22,698, and I wanted to pick schools that cost significantly less than average for students hoping to attend from out of state.

I’ve included the cost for room and board at each of these schools because tuition is often less than the price of room and board. I’m hoping this will give you a better idea of the real cost of attending these colleges.

I’ll also provide statistics on how much aid is typically offered to students at each college so you can see how generous these schools are in helping out students who can’t afford to pay full tuition.

Finally, I’ve included stats for admission rates and enrollment to help you get a better idea of the size and competitiveness of these schools. I did not include schools with open enrollment, so these colleges all have some degree of competitiveness .

Grants For Online College: How To Get Paid To Go To School

21 Very Real Reasons Why Students Are Afraid To Go To College

College costs are rising, whether for distance learning or traditional campus study and grants for online college exist just like they do for traditional on-campus education. But, did you know there are specific classes of grants just for online students? These grants are best way to cut the cost of your online degree. Read on for expert tips on how to get awarded free money and potentially even get paid to go to school.

An online college grant is a one-time award of money, based on merit or financial need. Unlike online student loans, grants represent free money that never needs to be paid back.

Grants are the best type of financial aid for both residential and online students. Grants are essentially free money to study online.

You can get free grants from the federal government, state government, your college, and a variety of private sources, such as trade and professional associations.

The online education experts at GetEducated outline some of the most popular federal college grant optionsavailable to online education students as well as campus students. Use this list to explore the best free money grant programs available from the government and private sources to boost your online school financial aid portfolio.

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