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How To Word College Graduation Announcements

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Graduation Gifts And Thank You Notes

Graduation Announcements

Graduation announcements donât require your recipients to send gifts in reply. That said, if people do send gifts you shouldnât consider the announcement the last word on giving thanksâpersonalized stationery is a perennial graduation gift for a reason, after all. Have your grad put that book-learning to use by handwriting a thank you note to every gift-giver.

How To Write A Classy Newspaper Graduation Announcement

When sending an announcement to the local paper to celebrate the graduation of your son, daughter or grandchild, keep in mind that many people in town will be reading it and clipping a copy for their scrapbooks. By keeping a few things in mind, you can write a classy announcement that future generations can enjoy.

Medical School Graduation Announcement Wording

Celebrating a medical school graduation? Youâll almost certainly want to share the exciting news with family and friends. Hereâs a bit of advice on how to word your med school graduation announcements.

Medical school graduation announcement wordingGraduating from medical school is a particularly admirable accomplishment and one thatâs very much worthy of highlighting. In addition to your typical graduation announcement wording, mention the medical school and program your graduate is leaving behind. You can also include cute, punny statements like âThereâs a doctor in the house!â or something directly related to the field of medicine the graduate will be practicing.

Medical school graduation announcement wording when husband and wife are both graduating doctors

First of all, congratulations on this incredible achievement. Just like before, be sure to clearly state the names, schools, programs, and graduation year of the new doctors. If they have a healthy sense of humor, you might want to include a cute, clever quip about how they can help each other out using their respective new medical fields.

âOliver Park I â by kate spade new york for Paperless Post

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Why You Should Invest In Double Major Graduation


Let everyone know of a party taking place, whether they should be there in advance, presents or no presents, etc.! Informative is essential.


An accomplishment such as a graduation is something that should be honored + put on display for everyone to see. Be pleased with your graduate’s successes + showcase merit!

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Why One Should Create Off To College Graduation Announcements & Invitations

interiorartisticdesign: How To Word College Graduation ...

Let everyone know of a graduation taking place, whether they should be there in advance, gifts or no gifts, and more! Informative is key.


An accomplishment such as a graduation is something that should be showcased and put on display for all your friends and family to see. Be satisfied with your grads successes and shed light on all of their many accomplishments!

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Best Graduation Party Invitation Wording Ideas

A graduation is an important event to celebrate the academic achievements and accomplishments of any individual. To help in the planning process for their graduation party, the following invitation wording ideas are listed below to help inspire your unique message. These have been used by others and intended to inspire your own unique verbiage.

is graduating from . Celebrate with us , at . Picnic and barbecue fare to be served.

Hats off the Class of on a job well done Now its time to celebrate with some graduation fun. Please join us for a graduation celebration honoring .

Hats off to the Class of Year . Join us for a Graduation Party in honor of . .

I, announce my graduation from . Class of . Please join me in celebration Commencement Exercises held .

Lets celebrate the graduation of from . Join us at the . , .

No doubt about it, were gonna shout about it. Hip, hip hooray for the graduate today. You are invited to a graduation party in honor of on .

Please come celebrate, we would be honored if you could join us for a graduation party in honor of our daughter, on .

Please join us for a Graduation Celebration honoring . Open House. .

Please join us for an Open House celebration of Graduation from on , at .

Please join us to celebrate the graduation of from . .

The faculty and senior class of announce the graduation of . .

The Graduating Class of . Proudly announces the graduation of from . Join us for Commencement Exercises on .

Ideas To Write The Most Pleasing Graduation Invitation Wording

Finding the perfect wording for a graduation party invitation can be a daunting task. This PartyJoys article provides some suggestions on wordings for graduation invitations.

Finding the perfect wording for a graduation party invitation can be a daunting task. This PartyJoys article provides some suggestions on wordings for graduation invitations.

Graduation is a special occasion in every students life. Schools and universities arrange special functions to congratulate the students for their success, and wish them good luck for their future. It is a ceremony of mixed feelings, and it is necessary to create beautiful, unforgettable memories on such occasions.

You require graduation invitation wording, when you are inviting your friends and relatives for the graduation ceremony, or when you are throwing a graduation party for your graduate son or daughter. It is necessary that you choose the right wordings for inviting the guests, since graduation comes once in lifetime, and you cannot afford to go wrong with the wordings. So, do you want to invite your friends for your commencement exercises, or are you planning to throw a graduate party? Be it anything, here are some sample invites that go with both.

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How To Address A Grad Announcement

Unsure how to address a graduation invitation or announcement? Here are a few quick tips and examples. Use the link above for more detailed instruction.

The mailing envelope of the announcement should be hand addressed and legible in blue or black ink. This might show as:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

1235 Clarabelle Dr.

Desoto, TX 75115

You can address people informally in the inner envelope. This holds the announcement. Informal addressing may look like:

  • Grandma
  • Aunt Brenda and Uncle Troy
  • Lee and Kim

Rules For Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcements – grad-announcements.com

The first thing to decide before writing your announcement is whom to invite, or whether you intend to invite anyone. Unlike high school graduation, not everyone is going to attend the commencement ceremony or expect a party. It is not uncommon for college graduates to omit the date and location of the graduation from the announcement. This may seem odd, but in this case, the announcement is just that: an announcement of your achievement.

If you do intend to invite guests to the graduation ceremony, you’ll need to include a few vital pieces of information:

  • The salutation or greeting
  • The commencement ceremony date and time
  • The location of the ceremony or party

In a formal graduation announcement, the salutation takes on a very specific, formal tone, usually mentioning the president of the college or university, the faculty, and the graduating class as the parties that are actually inviting guests to attend. These three parties are, in essence, hosting the event and extending a formal invitation to your guests on your behalf.

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Own Graduation Announcement Messages

Determination and hard work aided me in achieving this wonderful honor. I am overjoyed to announce that I have graduated.

With the help of Gods grace, my parents, and my teachers, I finally accomplished my graduation.

Announcing my graduation is like a dream come true. Dont know how all these years passed away. Its a great journey and yes, Im a graduate now!

Finally, the day has come! Announcing proudly my graduation. It wasnt possible without the constant support and guidance of my parents and teachers.

Days and nights were the same late night and early mornings were common matters the determination was strong and the mission was set. Holding my graduate cap and announcing it proudly.

With gratitude towards my parents, teachers, and friends who were there always for me and enriched me with their constant support and guidance announcing my college graduation.

It is a dream come true to be able to announce my graduation. It was a fantastic journey.

I believe in learning with pleasure whatever you learn and with this motive, I went on my way. And finally making public that Ive completed my high school graduation!

With the grace of God and the support of my parents and teachers, Ive achieved my graduation. Keep me in your prayers.

The new sun has raised bringing very good news to me that Im graduated now! All the credit goes to my parents, teachers, and friends!

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What To Include On Graduation Invitations

Once youve chosen your invite, youll want to put some thought into the wording. Invitations are more than just plopping down a date and time on a card just like high school and college are more than just acing exams.

When creating your graduation announcement or invitation, consider tone and etiquette. In general, graduation announcements are brief, specific in terms of the accomplishment, and can be formal or casual.

If the event is a formal celebration of a student receiving a doctorate, youll want the language on the graduation party invitation to reflect that. These events tend to be ceremonial, so use language such as announcing the graduation of or honoring the graduation of. If youre writing a formal invite, avoid using contractions and include full names when addressing the graduate and the attendees.

For more casual events like a backyard BBQ, use language such as Jane is graduating! or Were having a party for the new grad, Jane. Feel free to have a conversational tone and include puns while celebrating the new grads accomplishment.

Regardless of the tone you choose, make sure to include the following details in your graduation invite:

  • The graduates full name
  • The name of the school, college, or university
  • The full title of the degree, including any honors received
  • Graduation year
  • Location, time, and date of the graduation celebration
  • Information on dress code if required

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How Many To Send

Graduation is an important milestone in a person’s life, so send announcements to more people rather than fewer. Graduation is an exciting time in a young person’s life. It marks the end of childhood and the beginning of a bright future. Even acquaintances will be happy to hear of the accomplishment.

Wording Examples For Graduation Announcements And Invitations

Free Graduation Announcement Templates ~ Addictionary

School is outperhaps for good. And once you find that perfect announcement or invitation design, you can begin customizing it with your graduates special details. Whether youre planning a party befitting all their hard work or simply spreading the word, make sure your friends and family are in the know. Weve got examples on how to best word your graduation announcements and invitations below!

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How To Phrase Graduation Announcements

  • Correct Way to Write an Acceptance for an Invitation to a Bridal Luncheon
  • How to Phrase Graduation Announcements. Graduation from high school or college is a proud event that most graduates want to share with family and friends. Selecting the best way to phrase a graduation announcement using a few guidelines along with a personal touch and creativity makes this task simple.

    Choose an announcement, not an invitation phrasing. An announcement informs family and friends of the graduation and can be mailed close to the graduation date. A graduation invitation differs because it invites people to attend a party or the actual graduation.

    Start the announcement phrasing with an opening that grabs the reader’s attention such as “We are proud to announce the graduation of our daughter,” or “We are proud to honor our graduate.”

    Include the graduate’s full name, school they’re graduating from, degree if it is from college, date of graduation, and the school’s city and state. Also present achievements such as “Graduating Magna Cum Laude.”

    Close the announcement with a phrase emphasizing the graduate’s completion and sense of achievement. For high schoolers, state the graduate’s future plans, “Plans to Attend State University in the Fall” and for college grads say, “Is Beginning a Career as a Junior Analyst with KPMG.”

    How To Put Together Graduation Announcements


    Formal graduation announcements alert friends and family to a momentous achievement. They are important because many high schools and most colleges strictly limit the number of guests who may attend the actual ceremony the announcement is a courtesy to include interested people in the good news, although they may not be present to share the occasion in person. Announcements have a few parts to assemble and a protocol for putting them together properly.

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    College Graduation Announcement Wording Ideas

    Graduating from college is a large milestone in many peoples lives. Finding a way to celebrate this academic accomplishment will allow you to continue to encourage the individual as they move into their newly founded career and professional life. The below college graduation announcement wording ideas serve as some great samples to the types of messages you can use while planning your party.

    A time to remember a time to share. A time to celebrate with friends and family. Please join us in attending the commencement ceremony of on .

    Each of us has different talents, different dreams and different destinations, yet we all have the power to make a new tomorrow. With great happiness, we the graduating class of announce the graduation of on .

    Every dream can be reached if you have the courage to work for it. It is with great joy and pride we announce the graduation of .

    Hard word and perseverance have prevailed. is graduating from on . Please join us for our celebration.

    In growing, we have shared in learning, we have found friendship. The faculty, administration, and students at . Commencement will occur on .

    The family of proudly announces his graduation from , , the .

    To succeed is to set a goal and achieve it. We proudly announce the graduation of from on .

    Watch out world, is graduating. We are proud to announce her graduation from on .

    We are pleased to announce the graduation of from . , the .

    How To Write Graduation Announcement Wording

    Design Your Graduation Announcement (DIY)

    You donât need to do any voluminous writing hereâjust focus on the key details: the graduateâs name, class year, and school. Feel free to include a personal touch, like an inspiring quotation the grad likes, or words of gratitude or congratulations, too. If you have a senior portrait or a treasured photo from their time at school, by all means include it.

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    Who To Send Graduation Announcements To

    A good starting point for your graduation announcements mailing list is anyone youâd send a holiday card toâclose friends, extended family, and important acquaintances. You may also consider important teachers, tutors, mentors, counselors, and scholastic colleagues for the mailing, as well. It takes a village, as they say, so make sure everyoneâs contributions are recognized.

    âPainted Circleâ by Paperless Post

    Uses For Basic Invite Graduation Announcements And Graduation Invitations

    High School Graduation Announcements

    Any of the cards above can be used to create a memorable high school graduation announcement. Add your school information, graduation date and even your school colors for an instant preview.

    College Graduation Announcements

    The text on any of the cards above can be changed to fit your college as well as degree. Add additional lines of text if needed to your announcement to fit any additional information you want to share.

    Graduate School Graduation Announcements

    No matter what graduate program you are graduating from you can find a card to fit at BasicInvite.com. You can personalize your design with your colleges colors as well as you can choose from over 150 fonts to help find the look that matches your style.

    Graduation Invitations

    Graduation invitations are slightly different that an announcement. An invitation will by used to invite friends and family to attend your actual graduation ceremony. You will need to include all of the appropriate information such as the date, time, and address of the event.

    Graduation Party Invitations

    Graduation from college or high school is a major accomplishment. So It only makes sense to celebrate. Basic Invite makes it easy to invite your friends and family to help celebrate such a big accomplishment with hundreds of designs that can be personalized with your text.

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