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How To Find The Right College To Transfer To

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Miami Starting Dt Nesta Silvera Enters The Transfer Portal


Miami senior DT Nesta Silvera, a two-year starter for the Hurricanes, has officially entered the transfer portal. Silvera, an On3 consensus national top-75 player in the 2018 signing class, is from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He had 38 tackles and 5.5 tackles for loss this season, and ends his UM career with 103 tackles and 16 tackles for loss.

Two More Buffalo Starters Enter The Transfer Portal

Buffalo fifth-year senior QB Kyle Vantrease and redshirt junior RB Dylan McDuffie are in the transfer portal. Vantrease, an Ohio native, was a three-year starter for the run-heavy Bulls he threw for 1,865 yards this season, which was a career-high. McDuffie, who is from Buffalo, ran for 1,049 yards and 11 TDs this season he had run for 224 in his career before this season.

Western Kentucky Wr Mitchell Tinsley Enters Transfer Portal

Western Kentucky WR Mitchell Tinsley, who was one of the most productive receivers in the nation this season in the Hilltoppers pass-happy attack, has entered the transfer portal. Tinsley had 80 receptions for 1,299 yards and 12 TDs. The receptions total was tied for 17th nationally, while he was seventh in receiving yards and tied for sixth in TD receptions. Western Kentucky offensive coordinator Zack Kittley, who just completed his first season with the Hilltoppers, has accepted the Texas Tech OC job. Tinsley, a Kansas City-area native, is a former JC transfer who also started for Western in 2020.

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Oklahoma State Star Cb Jarrick Bernard

Oklahoma State senior CB Jarrick Bernard-Converse, a first-team All-Big 12 selection this season, has entered the transfer portal. Bernard-Converse, from Shreveport, La., led the Big 12 with 11 pass breakups and also had 51 tackles. He was apart-time starter in his first two seasons on campus before becoming a fulltime starter in 2020, when he had seven pass breakups. In his four seasons with the Cowboys, Bernard-Converse had two interceptions and 24 pass breakups.

Personal Statement And Supplement

college scholarships senior year High Schools # ...

These are two of the most crucial parts of your transfer application. As I said before, you need to tell your story of deciding to transfer, and this is your opportunity. If you do not tell it in your personal statement and/or supplement, the admissions officer will not know why you should be invited to attend their school. Be open and honest about why you are deciding to transfer and why you NEED to transfer. Try to explain why their school is truly your perfect fit.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a quote from the Yale University Admissions Office:

How do you explain how their school is your perfect fit? Here is a sample mini-transfer personal statement:

In addition to the personal statement, most schools require a supplementary essay , and in the supplement, you have to address a school specific question. Typically, the supplement asks, “Why Our School?”

You really need to have a great answer for that question. These two essays are very similar, but there is an important distinction between the two. The personal statement needs to show who you are through a story and explain why you, as you are, want to transfer or did not belong at your former school . On the other hand, the supplement needs to explain for what academic reason you want to transfer.

Here is a transfer supplement prompt for the UC Schools such as UC Berkeley and UCLA:

Here is the transfer supplement prompt for Boston College:

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How To Make Your College List

Okay. You have worked your tuchus off and used all of the college search criteria in this guide to find schools that meet all or most of your needs. First, high five! Second, its time to come up with a list of five to 15 colleges that seem like a good fit for you. If you have far more options than that, keep digging with your research to eliminate choices that dont feel right or dont check off all your boxes. Otherwise, this is the time when your college search spreadsheet becomes your best friend, hero, and favorite thing ever.

Will My College Credits Transfer

The most obvious risk of transferring colleges is that you will lose existing college credits that you have earned. The most likely scenario is that some, but not all, of your college credits will transfer. Additionally, many universities have minimum grade requirements for a course to count for transfer credit.

You can select a university from the list below to see a breakdown of its minimum grade requirements:

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Washington Leading Tackler Jackson Sirmon Enters Transfer Portal

Washington fourth-year sophomore LB Jackson Sirmon, the Huskies leading tackler with 92 this season, has entered the transfer portal. Sirmon, who went to high school in the Nashville area, is the son of former NFL and Oregon All-America LB Peter Sirmon the elder Sirmon is the defensive coordinator at California. Sirmon redshirted as a true freshman in 2018, was a key reserve in 2019, then started for the Huskies the past two seasons. He was an honorable mention All-Pac-12 selection this season.

Arkansas Starting S Joe Foucha Is In Transfer Portal

Finding the Right Fit – Transferring to Concordia

Arkansas redshirt junior S Joe Foucha, a three-year starter for the Razorbacks, has entered the transfer portal. Foucha, from New Orleans, was fourth on the team in tackles this season with 74 he also had an interceptions, five pass breakups and a forced fumble. Foucha, who was a team captain this season, had four picks and 12 pass breakups in his Arkansas career.

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The Collegexpress Ultimate Guide To The College Search

This guide has everything you need to find the right college for you. Learn when to start your search, how to find your perfect college match, and more!

Originally Posted: Aug 17, 2016

This is it. This is how you find the perfect collegeor collegesfor you. We created this Ultimate Guide to the College Search because we know finding a school that fits youtruly fits youis the secret to college success. When you find the right college match, everything else tends to fall into place: your chances of being accepted, your financial aid, your happiness.

Read through this guide. Follow the steps. And you will find colleges that fit you and your budget. We promise!

Heres what this college search guide covers:

It’s time to take a step-by-step walk through the entire college search process. Follow this path and youll be sending in your admission deposit before you know it.

Plan Your College Transfer

Transferring to another college is not like applying to college the first time. Your high school transcript and test scores will take a back seat to your college transcript. So earn strong grades in college if you hope to transfer .

Colleges have different policies for transfer students but typically expect you to have acquired a minimum number of credits. You’ll have a harder time transferring if you’ve completed more than two years of study, even if you abandon some of the credit you’ve accrued.

Of course, transferring can impact your intended graduation date or study abroad plans. Be aware of the policies at your prospective transfer school. Not all classes/credits are transferable and some schools won’t accept credit from a class if you earned below a C.

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Keep Up Your Grades At Your Current College

After you decide to transfer, make sure you continue to keep your grades up. Colleges want to admit transfer students who have demonstrated their ability to succeed in college. Just as your academic record in high school was the most important part of your regular college application, your college transcript is going to be the most important part of your transfer application. The admissions folks will be looking to see that you have a proven record of handling college-level work.

Also, think about your transfer credits and the time it will take you to graduate. Colleges generally won’t transfer grades that are lower than a “C.” The fewer credits you are able to transfer, the longer it will take you to graduate. If it takes you five or six years to graduate instead of four, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars of additional costs as well as an additional year or two in which you aren’t earning income.

Best Colleges/universities To Transfer

College Scholarships can be a great way to pay for college ...

The colleges mentioned below are providing an ideal combination of good quality education, affordability, and alumni success.

Youll notice colleges in California dominate our list below. Thats not surprising – the states two four-year college systems have a clearly defined pathway for community college students, supported by a statewide set of general education courses that will transfer between institutions.

Other states, like Florida, also guaranteeing admission to a public four-year college for students who start at community colleges.

University of California- Berkley

If you are feeling that your current institution isnt ideal for you, then instead of just hanging on with it, you need to move towards an institution that matches your needs and the first step to this process is the transfer application.

So, invest your time in the transfer application, as it is the first step towards studying in your dream school. Making the admission officers believe that their college is a perfect fit for you is the primary goal over here. So using the correct words and reasons is the key in this process.

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Have A Good Reason For Transferring Colleges

Before you decide to change schools, make sure you have a good reason for transferring. Struggles with bad roommates or difficult professors are likely to improve over time, and it’s important to give yourself adequate time to adjust to college life before considering a transfer.

If you’re trying to transfer to a selective four-year college, the admissions folks will be looking to see that you have a compelling reason for your transfer. They will admit only those students whose transfer applications articulate a clear and meaningful rationale for the transfer.

More Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on whether you plan to enroll at a school you have previously attended. Often, when students have taken time off from college and then start taking classes again, they are considered “returning” students, particularly if they go back to the same institution.

“Transfer students” are students who have previously attended a different college or university and hope to attend a new school.

Requirements for transfer students and declaring a major vary between institutions. For example, the University of California, Santa Cruz requires junior students to declare their majors by the second quarter, while the University of Florida requires students to declare a major when they apply.

There is a great deal of similarity between the application process for transfer students and incoming first-year students. However, since transfer students have already been through the process at least once, they may be more comfortable with it.

Some schools may require a lower grade point average for students who are switching colleges than they do for those right out of high school. However, some schools accept a lower percentage of transfer student applicants than first-year applicants.

It is possible to transfer schools midyear, but to do so you need to start the process in October. However, most students transfer schools at the beginning of the year.

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The Benefits Of Transferring Colleges

Students transfer to online colleges for various reasons. Enrolling at a new school may allow students to pursue a major unavailable at their current institution or access a greater selection of academic resources. Students may also find new research opportunities and other academic benefits at a new school.

Logistically, online learning can make college much easier to manage, particularly if students are juggling full- or part-time employment alongside school. Online courses typically offer more schedule flexibility, with many courses delivered asynchronously. Asynchronous courses do not require set meeting times, allowing students to complete coursework on their own schedule within set deadlines.

Colorado Starting Wr Brenden Rice Is In The Transfer Portal

How to Find the PERFECT College Roommate!

Colorado redshirt freshman WR Brenden Rice, who was second on the Buffs with 21 receptions this season, has entered the transfer portal. He is the son of NFL Fall of Famer Jerry Rice and went to high school in the Phoenix area. He had 27 career catches with the Buffs, and four went for touchdowns. Rice also returned one punt in his Buffs career-and took it 81 yards for a TD in 2020 against Utah.

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Understand The Transfer Policies

Once you have a list of potential transfer schools, the real work begins. Youll need to spend some time getting a better understanding of each college and its transfer policies. I can tell you from years of experience the most common mistake prospective transfer students make: they ask if their credits will transfer to the school they are interested in, but they fail to go deeper. Credits often transfer, but theres a big difference between a college simply accepting your credits and applying them to your specific area of study. For example, lets say you are a business major who has earned 60 credits at your current school. Your transfer school may technically accept all 60 of those credits, but some of those credits may not actually apply to your major. So if your new school doesnt accept your macroeconomics credits from your former college, they essentially function as elective credits. Some schools may also limit how many credits can transfer. Far too many transfer students only come to these realizations when its too late. By doing your research at the beginning of the transfer process, you will avoid confusion and potentially some major disappointment.

Arkansas Rb Trelon Smith Enters The Transfer Portal

Arkansas senior RB Trelon Smith, who started seven games for the Razorbacks this season and was the teams No. 2 rusher, has entered the transfer portal. Smith, who is from Houston, began his career at Arizona State after playing two seasons for the Sun Devils, he left for Arkansas after the 2018 season. He sat out the 2019 season, then started for games in 2020 and led Arkansas with 727 rushing yards and five TDs. Smith rushed for 598 yards and five TDs this season the yardage total was second-best on the team, behind QB K.J. Jeffersons 664.

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Louisiana Rb Montrell Johnson The Sun Belt Freshman Of The Year Enters Transfer Portal

Louisiana freshman RB Montrell Johnson, who led the 13-1 Ragin Cajuns in rushing TDs with 12, is in the transfer portal. Johnson, from New Orleans, was second on the team with 838 rushing yards. In addition to being named the Sun Belt Conference Freshman of the Year, he also was a second-team all-conference selection. Johnson was one of three Louisiana running backs with at least 600 rushing yards this season. Included in his highlights was a 99-yard TD run against Arkansas State, making him one of 13 players in NCAA history with a run of that distance.

How To Transfer Colleges: A Guide For Success

12 Best College Scholarships Websites Plus Other Resources ...
  • Ph.D., English, University of Pennsylvania
  • M.A., English, University of Pennsylvania
  • B.S., Materials Science & Engineering and Literature, MIT

If you’re thinking of transferring to a new college, you aren’t alone. A 2015 study from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center revealed that 38% of college students transfer to a different college within six years offirst starting school.

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Transferring Colleges Freshman Year

Being in your first year of college and initiating a transfer often comes with the receiving institution placing a strong priority on your high school GPA and SAT scores. At a large number of universities, you will also have to meet the admission requirements of an incoming freshman if youve completed less than 29 college credits prior to transferring.

When transferring in your freshman year of college, follow these steps:

  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of transferring schools will you get more benefits from transferring than if you stayed?
  • Meet with an academic advisor to get a full explanation of their transfer policy and which credits are accepted for transfer.
  • If the credits earned in your freshman year dont transfer, consider if it is worth it to take the loss and start over fresh at a new school.
  • Submit a transfer application to your new school and request that an official transcript be sent from your current college.
  • Gather all necessary documentation for your application including standardized test scores and high school transcripts.
  • Secure financial aid. Once your application is accepted for transfer, apply for all forms of financial aid that you may need.
  • Withdraw or take a leave of absence from your current college.
  • Usc Rb Kenan Christon Enters The Transfer Portal

    USC junior RB Kenan Christon, who played in one game this season before being suspended by the school for a physical altercation with another student, has entered the transfer portal. Christon is a former four-star recruit from San Diego who also was a sprinter on the Trojans track team. He played in 13 career games with USC as a backup as a true freshman in 2019, he played in seven games and rushed for 373 yards and two scores.

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    Transfer Rates At Top 20 Schools

    Just like acceptance rates at top universities, transfer rates to schools such as Princeton and Harvard are very low.

    Princeton previously accepted no transfer students at all, but since 2017 has been accepting just a handful of students per year. Princeton isn’t the only onemore and more schools are increasing their outreach to college transfer students.

    Here are the transfer acceptance rates at the US News top-ranked national universities :


    These top schools are selective but definitely not impossible to get into. Vanderbilt has a 37% acceptance rate for transfer students, and UCLA takes more than 5,000 transfer students per year, despite its low acceptance rate.

    Though you’ll need to be truly exceptional to make it into Harvard or Princeton as a transfer student, that’s also true of applying straight out of high school. If you want to make it into the Ivy League, plan early and make your application stand out, and always apply to multiple schools.

    With a strong enough application, you’ll have your choice of schools to pick from, regardless of how low or high their acceptance rates are.

    Get your application in order and you’ll be feeling great about transferring.

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