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How Do I Use My Florida Prepaid College Plan

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Florida Prepaid Plan Options Include:


2-Year Florida College Plan

The 2-Year Florida College Plan covers tuition and other specified fees for 60 lower division credit hours at a Florida College. This plan offers a child the opportunity to earn an associates degree or trade certification in any number of fields, and is an excellent springboard to a fulfilling career or further education.

4-Year Florida College Plan

The 4-Year Florida College Plan covers tuition and other specified fees for 60 lower division credit hours and 60 upper division credit hours at a Florida College the amount generally required to earn a bachelors degree. Most Florida Colleges now offer bachelors degree programs in growth industries like nursing and teaching. With diverse course offerings and convenient locations, this offers tremendous flexibility and multiple degree options should a child wish to attend school close to home or anywhere throughout the state.

2 + 2 Florida Plan

The 2 + 2 Florida Plan covers tuition, tuition differential fee and other specified fees for 60 lower division credit hours at a Florida College and 60 credit hours at a State University. Your student can earn the same degree in the same amount of time as if they had completed all four years at a State University, and will do so knowing both of you have saved money.

1-Year Florida University Plan

4-Year Florida University Plan

College Is Here Now What

So, youre entering college and youve got your Florida 529 Savings Plan and/or Florida College Prepaid Plan in hand. Thats a very good thing, but you may be wondering how to take advantage of your college savings, particularly how to use it and what your plan covers. No problem, were here to help.

When Is Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment

Its time to start planning and preparing for the future, and not just your future but your childrens educational future as well. If you put off starting a savings plan to pay for your kids college or university expenses you could end up spending a LOT more than you should have to. Beyond that no parent wants their children to have to start their adult life after college with a mountain of debt.

Open enrollment for Florida Prepaid College Plans begins on February 1st and Florida Prepaid College Plans start as low as $45 per month.

The pricing of the Florida Prepaid College Plan is directly related to a state law that was passed in 2014 that restricted the amount of increase of the Tuition Differential Fee to six percent for preeminent State Universities, and zero percent for all other State Universities. Before this law was passed, the increase could be as much as 15 % each year.

You can read more about open enrollment in my Florida Prepaid College Plans Open Enrollment Begins February 1st post.

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Which Florida College Plan Is Right For My Family

It all depends. What works for your family might not work for your neighbors. Read through the specifics of both plans and review your finances before making any decisions. Consider your income, job stability, your willingness to accept risk, the number of children you have, your kids ages, and your educational preferences.

For example, if you have a stable job, solid income, and do not want to assume a lot of risk, the Florida Prepaid College Plan is a good option. Just choose a plan type and payment plan you can afford.

If you are unsure about what you want for your kids, but you want to at least start saving something, the Florida College Savings Plan might be right for you. How much you put in is completely up to you.

For many families, using both plans makes sense. The Florida Prepaid College Plan can cover tuition costs and the Florida 529 Savings Plan can help cover additional expenses like a computer, books, supplies, and housing.

Want to learn about all your college saving and college financing options? Click here.

Perks Of The Florida Prepaid College Plan

Florida Prepaid

Sure, you could prepay for your childs education on your own, adding money to a savings account each month. But, by doing that, youd be missing out on the many benefits of the Florida Prepaid College Plan:

  • Even if the future cost of college rises more than anticipated, your plan still wholly covers tuition and eligible fees for your student. If the future cost of college is less than anticipated, you get a refund for the difference.
  • The money is guaranteed by the State of Florida. You will never lose the money that you pay in, even if your child decides not to attend college.
  • You wont be tempted to spend the money intended for your childs college on other things.
  • You can sign up for automatic payroll deduction with participating employers, making it even more convenient to save.
  • Friends and family can contribute to your childs plan, knowing that their gift will go directly toward your childs future.

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Current Rates For University Plans

  • Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan$115.08 per credit hour
  • Florida Prepaid Local Fees Plan$41.32 per credit hour
  • Prepaid Housing PlanCost of shared room housing

Students with a 2+2 or College plan will be billed automatically at the University rate. This will cause the hours in those plans to be utilized faster. Students using a 2+2 or College plan are encouraged to look at their master contract to determine the rate at which their hours will be converted.

Any student that is using Florida Prepaid to pay their tuition and fees is required to pay the balance that Florida Prepaid does not cover by the payment deadline , unless the student has other aid/awards to cover the balance due. Failure to pay non-covered fees by the payment deadline will result in a late payment fee of $100.

Students who choose to opt-out of the Florida Prepaid Plan must notify the Student Business Services prior to the first day of class for that semester. A new form will be required for each semester that the student wishes to opt-out of Florida Prepaid.

Students may use both Florida Prepaid and a Bright Futures Scholarship to help fund educational expenses. Florida Prepaid is applied to the student account first based on the number of credit hours.

If you have questions concerning your specific prepaid plan or how many credits you have available please contact Florida Prepaid directly.

  • Florida Prepaid Toll-Free Number: 1-800-552-4723

So How Do You Use Your Florida 529 Prepaid College Plan

Florida Prepaid sends you all the details when the time comes, they get the bills, we just have to sit back and be thankful we opened a Florida 529 Prepaid College Plan. And miss our babywho isnt much of a baby anymore

If you still have questions about Florida Prepaid, be sure to give them a call! The Florida Prepaid College Plans phone number is 1-800-552-4723. You can also check out these Florida Prepaid FAQs. I also welcome your questions! As a satisfied customer, I definitely know a thing or two about the plans and am happy to help you in any way I can. We actually have plans for our son and our daughter, so I have been through Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment and successfully paying off our Prepaid Plans twice now

Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment is now through April 30th.

Use Florida Prepaid Promo Code TRACY2021 to get your Florida 529 Prepaid College Plan application fee completely waived. That means you can get started on saving for tomorrowtodayfor free.

Learn more about Florida Prepaid College Plans online and feel free to follow Florida Prepaid College Plans on , , and to stay up to date with information on Open Enrollment but get tips on college and more.

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With The Florida 529 Savings Plan:

  • You can enroll your child at any age or grade
  • Any U.S. resident can enroll
  • You dont have to commit to a set payment structure. Just contribute what you can when you can.
  • You can use the funds to cover qualified K-12 expenses and/or higher education tuition, fees, housing, books, and supplies at any qualified public or private institution.
  • You accept a higher risk because your money isnt guaranteed.

Who Is Eligible For A Florida Prepaid Refund

529 College Savings Plan Tips

So, is your Florida Prepaid College Plan eligible for a refund? Heres how to tell if you may be eligible:

  • You must have purchased a Florida Prepaid College Plan in 2008 or later .
  • Student must be projected to be enrolled in college for the year 2020 or later.
  • Note that this may apply to multiple plans per family. More plans equals more refunds!

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What Happens To Your Florida Prepaid Plan If Your Child Doesnt Go To College

Both of my children have the amazing opportunity to go to college thanks to Florida Prepaid College Plans. We have successfully paid off both of their plans. What a proud moment as a parent. Knowing that my kids can go to any college that they would like is a huge relief. A financial burden has been lifted.

My kids are doing great in school, in fact, they are both honor roll right now. My husband and I talk about the importance of schooling, sports, scholarships, and college all the time. We also let them know that they can follow their dreams, that they can do anything that set their minds to. The sky is the limit!

But what if their dream doesnt include college? What if one of them doesnt go to college? What if one of them decides that a vocational school is what is right for them? What happens to our Florida Prepaid College Plans if they decide not to go to college?

My son is the brilliant creative type. I may be a bit biased, as he is my son, but what he can build with his hands from just an idea out of his head is absolutely amazing to me. He has built a remote control airboat from foam that we bought at the craft store, wires, copper, and a computer fan. He loves cars, their engines, seeing how they work and thinking about he can make them better.

Well, it would be okay. We want our son to be happy and successful at whatever he decides to do.

Head HERE and use Florida Prepaid College Plans Promo Code SAVING20 to save on your Florida Prepaid College enrollment.

What Are Some Last Minute Gift Ideas For Kids

The holidays are here and somehow we always run out of time before finding that perfect gift for everyone. Here are a few last minute gift ideas for kids that they are sure to love.

Apps You can purchase apps on the app stores like GooglePlay, and guess what? There are tons of apps that are free!

E-books Yet another purchase you make away from the crowds from the comfort of your couch. Just like apps there are many E-books out there that are free.

Florida Prepaid College Plan Contribution With a contribution of just $1 you can start a child in your life on the path to receiving a college education. You can make additional contributions anytime.

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What Is The Florida Prepaid College Plans Scholarship Giveaway

Throughout the years the Florida Prepaid College Board has given away numerous scholarships to Florida Residents. Most recently they gave away 10 scholarships that included 2 years paid tuition and LEGOLAND Florida tickets. The overall value of each prize was $8,200! Learn more about the most recent Florida Prepaid College Plans Scholarship Giveaway.

I hope this answered your Florida Prepaid College Plan FAQs, but if you have any additional questions about Florida Prepaid College Plans or 529 Savings Plans, please feel free to comment below! If I dont have the answer to your Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Prepaid College Plans I will make sure to point you in the right direction. We have been customers for over 12 years and I can honestly say that starting prepaid college plans for our children was the best financial decision we ever made.

You can also give call Florida Prepaid customer service, their staff has always been very helpful.

The Florida Prepaid College Plan Phone Number is: 1-800-552-4723.

Learn more about Florida Prepaid College Plans online and feel free to follow Florida Prepaid College Plans on , , and to stay up to date with information on open enrollment but get tips on college and more.

What Does It Cover

Florida Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid â A Winning ...
  • This Plan only covers the state portion of tuition. Inside FIUs tuition charge, we include the state portion of tuition and the state fees.
  • It also does NOT cover the mandatory fees .
  • Your portion of tuition and fees are due by the last day to pay.
  • Accounts with outstanding balances after the last day to pay are subject to a $100 late payment fee.

Local Plan

  • The Local Plan will cover the total amount of FIU tuition, with the exception of the technology fee.
  • This plan will cover the Health & Athletic Fee.
  • It does not cover the Parking Access, Photo ID fee, or any other course related lab fees.
  • Accounts with outstanding balances after the last day to pay are subject to a $100 late payment fee.

What will happen if I cash out or freeze my Florida Prepaid plan in the middle of the semester?

  • The temporary credit posted will be reversed and will be subject to Tuition Differential fee.

Exemptions to the Tuition Differential

  • Students with Florida Pre-Paid contracts prior to July 1, 2007 or recipients of a STARS or Take Stock in Children Scholarships are exempt from Tuition Differential as long as the account is being actively billed by FIU and credits are available.

What do I do if I do not want my Florida Prepaid account billed?

  • If you do not want Florida Prepaid to be billed for a particular semester, you must submit an Opt-out form by add/drop period each term. For this date, please visit for the academic calendar

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Is There A Florida Prepaid College Plans Promo Code

Florida Prepaid College Plans offers promotional codes to help you save on your application fee. The promo code can save you up to $50 on your application fee, which would make it completely free to get started on saving for your childs college education. The current Florida Prepaid College Plans promo code to help you save on your application fee is TRACY2021. Learn more about Florida Prepaid College Plans promo codes.

Customer : Attending College Out

Is your student interested in attending college outside of Florida? Although we wish your student would stay in the sunshine state, rest assured that both your Prepaid Plan and your Savings Plan travel well!

  • Prepaid Plan benefits can be used at any qualified educational institution nationwide, public or private the Plan will pay the same amount as it would pay a Florida school.
  • Students planning to attend an out-of-state school must log in to their account and complete a Transfer Authorization request.
  • Savings Plan funds can be used at any qualified educational institution nationwide, public or private.
  • You have the option of requesting that the Plan pay the school directly or you can request a withdrawal directly to the account owner just log in to your online account. Tax tip: Keep receipts for all college expenses that you will pay for from your Florida 529 Savings Plan.
  • Although not every state is fortunate enough to offer cool programs like an Associates degree in diving business and technology you can use both a Prepaid Plan and a Savings Plan at many types of educational institutions nationwide beyond traditional 2 and 4 year colleges. Qualified institutions include culinary schools, the Aveda Institute, and other technical and trade schools nationwide so that your student can find the perfect fit for their dreams and aspirations.

    Congratulations to your high school graduate. We hope that they find the perfect fit for their future in-state or out!

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    Florida Prepaid Savings Code

    With all of the buzz on BIG Florida Prepaid refunds and big savings in 2020, maybe youve been waiting for the right opportunity to jump on the prepaid college plan bandwagon. This is it. With the lowest Florida Prepaid plan rates in 5 years with prices that will never increase AND $50 in savings through the end of February 2020, now is the time to invest in a Florida Prepaid College Plan for your childs college education.

    Now through May 31, 2020 you can get your Florida Prepaid application fee waived when you use exclusive 2020 Florida Prepaid Savings Code RAISFPP at checkout. Thats $50 in savings on top of the lowest Florida Prepaid rates in 5 years! But hurry, this $0 application fee savings code wont last long. The Florida Prepaid $50 promotion code ends on May 31, 2020 through the rest of open enrollment 2020. Hurry and grab the savings now and lock in your low rate before prices go up!

    Most Important Faqs Using Benefits

    Maryland Prepaid College Trust

    Prepaid Plans work great alongside Florida Bright Futures Scholarship awards to cover even more college costs! The Florida College or State University will usually bill your Prepaid Plan first without you having to do anything.

    Because your Prepaid Plan pays for the tuition and fees available under your Plan first, your Bright Futures Scholarship award will help cover any remaining costs, like lab and transportation fees, books, and housing.

    For details about the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, please call 1-888-827-2004.

    Yes. Prepaid Plan benefits may be used during any semester.

    Absolutely! The value of your plan can be applied at an accredited, postsecondary educational institution offering credit toward a bachelors degree, an associates degree, a graduate-level or professional degree, or another recognized postsecondary degree, including certain proprietary institutions and postsecondary vocational schools. The institution must be eligible to participate in U.S. Department of Education student aid programs and must qualify under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.

    Need help identifying eligible institutions? Just use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Federal School Code Search.

    When Florida school rates are available at the start of each semester, then Florida Prepaid will know the benefit amount that can be paid per credit hour from your plan to the school of your choice.

    Florida Colleges and State Universities
    Private and Out-Of-State Schools

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