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How Do I Choose An Online College

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Small Class Sizes And Individual Attention

How to Choose the Perfect College for You.

We prioritize individual attention in our classes at Mission College. An average community college class has 23 students on average. This means youâll get ample time with your instructor, timely feedback, hands-on training, lively class discussions, and the opportunity to build relationships with your classmates and instructors.

Not only will your college experience be more enjoyable, but these connections will serve you well after college, as references to future opportunities.

As a freshman or sophomore at a four-year college, youâll mostly take general education courses. In large state universities, these have hundreds of students in them. Compare those large classrooms to one with only 20 students and itâs easy to see why community colleges are better for students looking for individual attention.

Whether you are just starting out, or returning to your degree, more individual attention in class is a win-win scenario.

  • 12:00 AM to 4:00 PM

  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  • 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

  • 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Ethnic Cuisines And The Importance Of Keeping An Open Mind

Do you like Nepalese food? Guyanese? Turkish? Youve never tried it? Youre willing to go on faith that you might like it if you had the opportunity to try it? Hold that thought.

I think its kind of funny that we ask 16 and 17-year-olds what kind of characteristics they want when they choose a college when theyve had, at best, limited exposure or experience with many of these variables to be able to respond in any kind of educated way.

So, Sam, do you want to go to a big school or a small school? Even kids who go to exceptionally large high schools cannot fathom what campus of 20,000 or more might feel like. Sitting in an introductory biology course with 400 students or engaging in an upper-level recitation class with only a small handful of other students can both be wildly intimidating experiences. But how could your high school junior predict this? They may say they want to be far from home, but on the 4th hour of an 8-hour drive, it hits them exactly how far, far really is. Theyre likely never to really know any of this, until theyve tried it, much like Nepalese cuisine.

Why You Should Get A Minor

Students can use a minor to develop a training emphasis, which leads to better career opportunities. For example, learners who major in business may choose to minor in marketing or accounting. This additional training can improve the student’s skills, expand their resume, and raise their chances of finding employment in the niche field that interests them.

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Does The School Offer Degrees That Match Your Long

The first thing you need to consider when looking at online colleges is determining if the degrees they offer match the requirements of your future professional industry. Some careers, including those in psychology, medical, teaching, and social work, require professional licensing before you can practice within the field. Find out if your schools degree program meets these requirements before enrolling at the college to ensure that you will be pursuing an education that allows you to continue advancing your career.

In addition to professional licensing requirements, it is also important to look at the advanced degrees offered by your chosen school. Do they offer masters and doctorate level degrees in your field? If not, do they have a transfer policy to make easier for you to continue your education? Many career paths now cater to those with graduate level degrees, and planning ahead for your future education is a vital step in the college selection process.

Do Their Classes Satisfy Requirements In Your State

Why Should I Choose an Online Christian College?

Some professions have requirements that vary from state to state. For instance, interior design professionals are required to take a standardized test in 24 states. To be eligible to take the test, designers must have a minimum of six years of combined education and work experience. Teachers qualifications may vary slightly from state to state, and many other professions have similar requirement variations.

Traditional colleges generally educate their students to meet requirements in the state where theyre located. Online schools have students across the country, so its important that their education program helps you to meet the professional requirements in your state. Its not a bad idea to discuss this with an online college before signing up for classes.

If you want to earn an online degree, you have a lot of options. There are many excellent schools that can prepare you for a rewarding career. Take your time in choosing schools and dont hesitate to ask questions before choosing the right one for you.

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Other Ways To Help Determine If The Shoe Fits

So you want to be an English Major . According to College Raptor, there are more than 300 four-year colleges with a large English program, so how do you possibly choose a college? After isolating your geographic region of choice, size, and selectivity, you may still find the list is longer than you can manage. You can now look at some nitty-gritty to help you determine which places are best suited for you.

Its here that you will want to begin looking at the personality of the college. Is the campus very conservative and you consider yourself pretty liberal? Is the percentage of students belonging to fraternities and sororities a number that excites you or scares you?

Wgu College Of Health Professions

Earn a nursing or healthcare degree at WGU and fill a vital role in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. Despite a changing economy, healthcare and nursing continue to experience strong job growth. This growth represents a great opportunity for you to further your career by completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a field like nursing, health information management, or healthcare management.

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University Of Maryland Global Campus

  • Location: College Park, Maryland
  • Number of students enrolled: 40,709
  • Tuition: $306 per credit hour and $499 per credit hour
  • Percentage of students receiving aid: 63%
  • Average financial aid awarded: $10,127
  • Average initial annual salary: $47,800
  • US News ranking: #131 to #171 in Regional Universities North
  • Niche rankings: #824 in Most Diverse Colleges in America and #17 in Best Value Colleges in Maryland
  • Forbes ranking: #42 in Top Colleges
  • Number of majors: 90
  • Best majors: Information Science, Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business, Human Resources, Psychology, Computer and Information Systems Security, Criminal Justice and Safety Studies

Got an associate degree from a community college in Maryland and now want to earn a bachelors degree? Then you can enjoy guaranteed admission into the University of Maryland Global Campus. But theres more: the school will accept as many as 70 credits previously earned.

As a matter of fact, its not just graduates of community colleges in Maryland that can enjoy these perks but also graduates of out-of-state community colleges that have formed an alliance with the online school! In many instances, an associate degree holder could earn a bachelors degree from the University of Maryland Global Campus for under $10,000.

Active-duty service members, eligible spouses and dependent children can also enjoy reduced tuition, and veterans may apply for financial aid from the Veterans Assistance Fund .

Read more about UMass Global here.

Accreditation For Mba Programs


Proper accreditation ensures that a school and programs are certified and trustworthy. Accredited schools have demonstrated that they meet high-quality educational standards and undergo third-party review by outside learning commissions. Attending an accredited institution allows degree-seekers to know they are getting a quality education.

Accreditation comes in two forms: regional and national. Regional accreditation is generally considered more prestigious as schools undergo a more rigorous process. Students with aspirations to eventually attend graduate school or receive licensure should consider attending a regionally accredited institution.

Business schools, including MBA programs, can also hold program-specific accreditation. These credentials ensure that business programs meet industry standards.

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Paying For Online College

While accredited online colleges are typically cheaper than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, many online students still need financial help to ease the cost of tuition. Fortunately, an increasing number of online colleges now offer aid for distant learners in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and occasionally, work-study programs.

The process of applying for student aid at an online college is similar to the application process at a traditional school. To be eligible, students must first fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . The FAFSA becomes available online on October 1 annually students should start preparing their FAFSA form as soon as possible, as many awards are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Note that students applying for student aid must be enrolled at an online college that has been accredited by a federally recognized accreditation agency. The status of an online student may also affect their eligibility to receive aid.

To learn more about paying for online college, review our guide to financial aid for online college, or contact an advisor at your prospective school to discuss financial aid opportunities for distance students.

Ready To Start Your Journey

Over the last decade, the number of reputable online colleges has grown tremendously. Choosing from the many institutions that offer online degrees can be stressful and challenging.

To help you with your decision, we created this guide with information on deciding to attend college online or on campus and finding high-quality online programs.

Here, we examine the major factors you should consider, including cost, reputation, and academics. We also explore the application process to ensure you make the most of your opportunities.

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What To Ask Before Committing To An Online Degree Program

We receive countless questions from students who are trying to navigate the world of online schooling, and many of them center around determining which colleges are actually legitimate. Most of the online degree programs that you will find are offered by accredited brick-and-mortar universities with long-standing reputations for quality education.

After you have narrowed down a list of potential universities for your online degree program, ask the following questions to help you make a decision that is right for you:

Dont Lurk: Using The Internet In Your College Search

College Update #1: Choosing Classes, Online Shopping, Forms, etc ...

Thanks to the electronic superhighway, you could actually conduct an entire college search from the confines of your home. College websites, virtual campus tours, school-sponsored blogs and chats, and online college newspapers allow you to collect a tremendous amount of information without a school ever knowing who you are or that you exist. But, simply lurking on the internet can be the wrong approach when it comes time to make your decision.

Often influenced by college rankings, colleges seek to fill their first-year class by being as competitive or selective as possible. This is their admit rate, which they want to be as low as possible. However, they want the number of students who choose to enroll to be as high as possible. That is their yield rate. Statistically speaking, these colleges know that your odds of enrolling are better if you have shown some demonstrated interest in them. Register as a prospective student on the schools website and visit the campus.

Many schools will keep track of these meaningful interactions. They take this into account when determining how sincere your interest in them really is. At schools that need ways to delineate between similar students, your demonstrated interest could potentially push you into the acceptance pool.

So, bottom line, do your homework using all of the tools available to you . But, dont just lurk. Let schools know you exist and that youre interested in them!

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Criteria For Choosing An Online Degree Program

When Eddie Schepp started shopping for an online degree, the lieutenant at the Fairlawn, OH, Fire Department did his homework first. He realized that finding the right program and institution would require a roadmap of sorts to succeed.

“I already have an associate’s degree in fire protection technology however, I wanted to move up the proverbial corporate ladder,” he says. “I recognized the need for more management and business knowledge, so I started looking into programs that were known more for their corporate and public safety academics as opposed to a program that was built on the fire science platform.”

Schepp’s research narrowed his degree field, which prompted the next question: Where do I find the right online institution? Many others get to this point with little help other than a Google search and a recommendation from a coworker. According to the Sloan Consortium, an organization dedicated to online education, more than 3.5 million students took at least one online course during the 2006 fall semester — a staggering number representing 20% of all higher education courses. If you are searching for a quality online higher education institution, you have many options beyond specific degree programs to consider. In some ways, the choice is similar to the ageless question: What is the best pumper: The answers are always somewhat subjective. However, applying some measured research will narrow your choices, which should provide you with a “right fit.”

How To Change Your College Major

An individual considering changing their major should start by speaking with an academic advisor. These experts can provide helpful information and examine how the change may affect the student’s transfer credits, tuition rate, and graduation date.

Before making any decision, learners should apply the questions on this page to their new major to determine if the change is right for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing An Online College

The number of online colleges a student should apply to depends on the individual. Degree-seekers often apply to at least five schools, including institutions they know they can get into, those they can probably gain admission to, and colleges that are a reach. Using a college application system, such as the Common App, can help you streamline the application process.

To arrive at an ideal number of schools to apply to, prospective students may want to consider the time they want to spend on applications. This includes time spent researching potential schools and programs, ensuring that each school could be a good fit, and checking that they qualify for admission. Learners must then dedicate enough time to submit the best applications possible.

Identifying which online colleges are the best fits for you can be a challenge. It is not always as simple as picking the most reputable online colleges. Prospective students need to create a list of their strengths, interests, career goals, and priorities and then evaluate how each potential school measures up in those areas.

Online degree-seekers can also read reviews from former students, examine the services and resources offered to online learners, and check into the school’s graduation and retention statistics. For more information on what online schools offer, check out the online college FAQs.

Colorado State University Global Campus

Should you choose Online or Offline College Classes in 2022 ?
  • Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Number of students enrolled: 1,796
  • Tuition: $350 per credit hour
  • Percentage of students receiving aid: 49%
  • Average financial aid awarded: $9,899
  • Average initial annual salary: $37,700
  • US News ranking: #13 in Best Online Bachelors Programs
  • Best Accredited Colleges rankings: #2 in Fastest Online Degree Programs
  • Forbes ranking: #199 in Top Colleges
  • Number of majors: 70
  • Best majors: Business, Human Resources, Information Technology, Accounting, Healthcare Management, Management Sciences and Information Systems, Marketing, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

While Colorado State University Global Campus is a place where non-traditional students can earn their online degrees, the institution is particularly suitable for those who have already obtained an associates degree. Its for the fact that it accepts as much credit as possible up to 64 credits from community colleges.

Colorado State University Global Campus also offers tuition discounts and specialized articulations if you previously attended one of its community college affiliates.

And speaking of which, the online school also has employer partners where its graduates could get hired. Some of them include AT& T, Best Buy, Cochlear, DaVita, US Bank, Randstad, HubSpot, Trimble, Pearson Accelerated Pathways and the Colorado Springs Police Department.

This means no predetermined schedule that can get in the way of ones hectic timetable.

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How To Narrow Your Choices Of An Mba Program

  • Define your must-haves: Before comparing rankings, degree-seekers should determine their nonnegotiable requirements. When thinking about your must-haves, consider making a list of important program features.Some important considerations include the MBA program’s student-to-faculty ratio, location, average starting salaries for graduates, extracurriculars, and international study options.
  • Do your research: The next step is to conduct research and find business schools that meet your needs. Once you have a list of prospective schools, compare them against your list of non-negotiable needs.Rank these according to your preferences. During this stage, realistically think about your probability of acceptance. Consider dividing your list into reach and safety schools to get a better sense of possibilities.
  • Visit campus: Many schools host recruiting events throughout the year and invite interested students to tour campus, meet faculty and students, and shadow a class. This is a great way for prospective learners to picture themselves on campus and have any remaining questions answered.Students interested in pursuing an online MBA should ask if they can test out the course’s online platform and virtually sit in on a class. Does the distance learning format suit your learning style? Can you access course materials and assignments from anywhere and at any time?
  • How To Choose An Accredited Online College In 10 Easy Steps

    Considering earning your degree online? Before you put your career on the line, it’s essential that you choose a high-quality online degree program that is committed to your educational success. If you choose a subpar program, you can find yourself floundering with little direction and on the fast track to high student debt. Fortunately, there are many excellent degree programs available 100% online that can help you affordably achieve your academic goals and find career success.

    We’ve compiled a list of the ten most important questions to ask to help you choose the online college that’s right for you:

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