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Does Ups Pay For College

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Step Up to College: Paying for College

The United Parcel Service, or UPS, ships freight and parcels from numerous facilities throughout the United States. Each one of these facilities has its own separate full-time management staff that oversees day-to-day operations and local employees. Since full-time managers are at the top level of employment for each UPS office, they are generally at the top of the pay scale as well.

How Tuition Is Paid Each Semester

If you are a new MC student and sign your agreement before your schools payment deadline, your tuition will be deferred. Half is paid by UPS and the other half is paid by federal/state grants or the MC program.


Each semester, MC students must sign a MC Student Agreement prior to the institutions published tuition payment deadline in order to avoid paying out of pocket for tuition. The bursar’s or cashier’s office at each institution is notified of a students status as a MC/UPS participant at the beginning of the semester.

Please note any federal and/or state grants, loans, scholarships or any other financial aid in an amount equal to tuition and other charges owed for the semester will be held in the students school account until the agreement period ends and MC/UPS have processed tuition payments to the schools. Before payments are processed, federal and/or state grants will be deducted from the tuition benefit offered by MC/UPS. If the student receives any federal and/or state grants , loans, scholarships or other financial awards, the school will refund those excess monies to the student after payment has been received from MC/UPS and all other financial obligations have been met by the student.

50% tuition + 50% tuition = 100% tuition

We Invest In Our People

The Earn & Learn Program is a great start for a college student, but the training does not stop there. UPS provides many other training opportunities. After all, our employees’ career goals are important to us and tuition assistance is just one way we can help. By aligning the right talent with the right training to succeed in today’s business world, not only do we grow as a company, but we create a better work environment in the process. From earning extra cash during the holiday season to enjoying a full-time permanent position with a competitive benefits package, your career journey here can go far beyond a UPS package car it can evolve into a fulfilling experience.

UPS takes pride in developing new talent, from the packaging facilities to the corporate office. Just like Joseph Lawless experienced, “UPS offers a tremendous amount of opportunity and benefit for a college student. Consider the long term possibilities within a company that invests heavily in such technical disciplines as Information technology, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research just to name a few. Combine that with a proven track record of promotion from within, UPS could just well be the place for you. It was for me.”

*Eligibility begins the day you’re hired and benefits are prorated accordingly in case you’re hired mid-semester.

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Reasons For The Ups Program

The following are some of the reasons for this program

Recognizing that building a better future for the company goes hand-in-hand with equipping their staff for a better future as well, this educational assistance program and additional training that UPS provides to employees aims at motivating the staff and making their world work better.

UPS employees are hard-working/dedicated people who often start as part-time workers. From operations, marketing, human resources, etc., the UPS team plays an integral role in every facet of business. As such, UPS is committed to training part-time employees.

Ups Will Provide Up To $25000 In Tuition For Select Schools

9 Ways to Pay Off Student Debt

UPS’s Earn & Learn Program allows our part-time employees to earn up to $5250 a year in tuition assistance, up to a max of $25,000 for education over five years. There is no waiting period for UPS tuition assistance benefit – eligibility begins the day of an employee hired and the benefit can be used at over 100 locations all over the country. The Earn & Learn program first began in 2014, and according to UPS, they have provided over $200 million to help around 120,000 students get their degrees.

Bonus benefit: In addition to their generous tuition assistance program, UPS also offers opportunities for learning and networking, including skill-development courses through UPS University, as well as Business Resource Groups, which pair employees with career mentors in senior management positions. The program started as a Womens’ Leadership Development initiative, but has since expanded to provide mentorship and career support tailored for employees that belong to a variety of groups, including African American, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino employees, as well as employees who identify as LGBT & allies, millennials, multicultural, veterans, working parents and more.

Remember, before applying to a job because you think it’ll help you pay for college tuition, make sure you can answer these 9 important questions about their educational benefitsor tuition reimbursement.

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Tuition Rate And Grade Requirements

We don’t place a limit on the number of credit hours you can take, but you must pass with a “C” or better*, and we do cap the maximum tuition benefit at the current, full-time tuition rate at UofL.


MC participants are permitted to enroll in up to the maximum number of credits allowed by their academic institution in the fall, spring and summer terms . Students should meet with an academic adviser at their school to determine the appropriate number of credits for their individual academic plan. The tuition benefit will be limited to the regular per credit hour undergraduate Kentucky resident tuition rate applicable for the institution in which the student is enrolled . The commitment for the tuition benefit for students at either institution, or for those who are dual enrolled at JCTC and UofL, may not exceed the equivalent of full-time regular undergraduate Kentucky resident tuition rate at UofL . Tuition and fees in excess of the full-time regular Kentucky resident undergraduate tuition rate will be the students responsibility. Students must fulfill the work commitment stated on the student agreement and pass coursework with an eligible grade to receive the tuition benefit. Students will assume financial responsibility for course work in which a D, Withdrawal, Audit, Incomplete, No Grade, MP or Failing Grade is earned.*

Benefits For Ups Employees

UPS will pay tuition directly to IU Southeast on your behalf!

Wouldn’t it be great to earn $25,000 for your college education?

Join the UPS team in a part-time or non-management position and you can do just that with the UPS Earn and Learn program. This program is just one way UPS helps employees better their lives by attaining their educational and career goals.

Part-time management and non-management employees receive tuition assistance as follows:

  • $2,625 per term
  • $5,250 per year for tuition books and fees
  • $25,000 lifetime maximum

Did you know that most UPSers start their careers at UPS as part-time employees? That’s right. The company’s strong commitment to promoting from within means that they are constantly training today’s part-time employees to become tomorrow’s executives.

Apply now for a package handler position and graduate debt free!*

Find out more at or contact the UPS job line at 359-1877.

*Must meet program guidelines. Designated shifts.

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Ups Offers Employees A Full Package: A Job Education And A Place To Live

Some employees at UPS say if it wasn’t for their job shipping packages, they wouldn’t be able to get a degree. Logan Newsome is one of those students.

Debt free! Debt free! Newsome said.

Newsome is getting his associates degree at JCTC while working at UPS, and he’s not paying for much.

That’s what you want to do as a kid at 19 years old, Newsome said.

Not only is he getting some help with tuition and books, but UPS is now paying for housing too.

It’s awesome because it covers $325 a month, so that’s $325 a month that I’m saving, Newsome said.

It’s part of a new deal with UPS because Logan is from out of town in eastern Kentucky.

Now that UPS is paying rent, more students across the state who are from certain counties are able to take advantage of the education benefits.

For those in the state, housing was really what was missing, said Patrick Murphy, the UPS Workforce Planning Manager. A person could have a job and have their tuition paid for, but if they didn’t have a place to live, that’s a significant barrier.

Logan works at night as a part-time package handler because that’s what fits his school schedule.

College students are our target. That’s who we really try to recruit, because their need for a part-time job really meshes with our needs from an operational standpoint, Murphy said.

Logan says it’s hard work, but it’s manageable, and he still has time to focus on his studies.

Step : File Your Fafsa

MRE MUKBANG AND ARMY Q A | Did you know how to do push ups? Does Army pay for school? Etc.

Complete the current year Free Application for Federal Student AID by going to You will need your tax information. If you are under 24 years of age you will also need your parents tax information and your school code .

Learn more about the MC FAFSA requirement or complete the Interactive MC Financial Aid Worksheet to learn how financial aid affects your tuition benefits with Metropolitan College.

Note: This is the only free website to file the FAFSA and you must be a U.S. citizen or federal student aid eligible non-citizen to participate in the Metropolitan College program

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A Career In The Making: Promoting From Within

One such employee who’s had great success at UPS is Joseph Lawless, Senior Director of Systems Programming.

Joseph started at UPS in 1983 as a part-time package handler in Edison, NJ. He was a college student at Seton Hall University and wanted to find a summer job to help pay for school. “My college major was in Computer Science with a heavy emphasis on mathematics. I worked at UPS while I was going to school and when I graduated, I was offered a full time position in Information Services,” Lawless says.

We’ve always had a strong commitment to promote from within, that’s why UPS is consistently training part-time employees of today to be the senior executives of tomorrow. Joseph agrees, “We were all here to solve business problems , and hard work and results were quickly recognized. That type of atmosphere combined with a policy of ‘promotion from within’, is a great enabler for career advancement.”

Save On Freight Shipping Costs With Inbound Transportation Management

With college and university departments needing a variety of supplies, you’ve got freight shipments coming in from numerous vendors and locations. Instead of paying shipping costs to each merchant, we can be your single shipping provider and help you create an inbound transportation management plan that encourages vendor compliance and leverages your transportation spend. You can increase on-campus efficiencies while cutting shipping and handling expenses by up to two-thirds. Our range of less-than-truckload and truckload freight services offers flexibility for your deliveries, whether you need them the next day or the next semester.

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Ups Pays For School: A Way Out Of The High Cost Of Education

Ups Pays for School: Going to school and also working part-time is a necessity for some people who do not have enough money and sponsors. Sometimes it seems this is not possible but here is the good news. You can actually work part-time and pay for your education. This can happen with UPS help.

Over the years, as the cost of education keeps rising with the incessant effects it is having on the less privilege, concerned companies are offering to pay for education as a workplace perk in an effort to attract and retain workers, UPS happens to be one of such companies.

In other words, in a bid to curb the rising challenges associated with the current high cost of education, UPS is providing college tuition programs to assist students. UPS also provides the opportunity for students to work and also go to school.

It is important that before we go further, an elucidation of what the UPS earn and learn program really means is carried out. This will help create a better understanding of the imperative of the program.

List Of Employers That Will Help Pay Off Your Student Loan

Scholarship &  Grant Opportunities for College Students

Student loan debt is one of the financial problems the U.S has and will continue to have for many years to come. In 2016, the U.S. recognized the student loan debt to have reached $1.3 trillion in total for 40 million borrowers. With the student loan debt increasing each year, companies are proposing student loan payment plans for top talents to start their adult lives on stronger financial footing. Companies are offering education assistance to attract and recruit hard-working millennials. The assistance consists of education reimbursements, discounted tuition, etc.

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Step : Complete The Stp

The STP is a series of online modules that provide you with program information and campus resources.

  • Log in to My MC
  • Select STP under the CAPP Requirements section
  • You will need to complete each online module, being sure to print the TypeFocus Assessment Results report and the STP Completion Verification form to bring with you to sign your agreement.

The Following Companies Offer Education Assistance For Student

  • Aetna Matches full-time employees student loan payments up to $2,000 a year, with a total cap of $10,000. Part-time employees receive $1,000 a year, with a cap of $5,000
  • AllSource Offers employees a monthly contribution toward student loans.
  • Alternatives ABA, Inc.The organization offers its employees a monthly contribution toward their student loans.
  • Andersen TaxThe company provides any regular, full-time employee $100 per month for 60 months with a $6,000 lump-sum trailer at the end of the five-year period, or a total of $12,000, toward their student loan debt.
  • Apple Depending on your position, you might be eligible to qualify for around $5,000 toward your education.
  • AT& TOffers tuition reimbursement to full-time employees. For an undergraduate degree, AT& T is willing to pay one sum of $20,000 and for a graduate degree $25,000.
  • Bellco Credit UnionA Denver-based credit union, Bellco works with student loan repayment program facilitator Gradifi to provide its employees loan contributions that let them pay their student loans off more quickly.
  • Best Buy Offers up to $3,500 for undergraduate courses and $5,250 for graduate classes.
  • Blach Construction a commercial builder and construction manager in California. The company has been providing a student loan repayment program to its employees since 2017.
  • CarvanaOffers its employees up to $1,000 a year to pay off their student loans.
  • ChevronOffers tuition reimbursement for up to 75% of employees educational pursuits.
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    At Ups Hub Touch A Package Pay For College

    By Helen Chernikoff

    6 Min Read

    LOUISVILLE, Kent. – In the depths of what United Parcel Service calls its Primary Matrix, not a soul stands alongside the intricate grid of belts 155 miles long conveying more than a million packages into and out of the hub here daily.

    United Parcel Service employee Chelsea Coleman works to load packages into air containers during the next day air sort at the UPS Worldport All Points International Hub in Louisville, Kentucky May 26, 2010. REUTERS/John Sommers II

    Just one month ago, the worlds largest package delivery company announced the completion of a $1 billion upgrade to its primary hub, the Worldport in Louisville, which at 5.2 million feet is now 30 percent bigger.

    The 4,000-member crew whose job it is to bring order to this mass of packages does so by touching them just twice, once on their way in, and again on their way out.

    Worldport raises automation to an eerie art, but the hub has a human side. Its also a sort of second dorm room for 1,800 students, who trade parties and the library alike for the rigors of the overnight shift here.

    UPS not only pays them to do it, it pays their tuition, too, at local schools like the University of Louisville.

    You always need a Mountain Dew to keep going, said David McDaris, 22, a Kentucky native. He has been working for UPS and studying on their dime since 2006 and expects to keep doing so until 2014 as he earns a second degree.

    Do You Need A Degree To Work At Ups

    FREE Money For College (How To Pay For College 101)

    There are no specific education requirements for UPS drivers and handlers. In fact, many handlers are college students looking for part time work. However, if youre aiming to eventually move up and become a driver consider getting a bachelors or associates degree in a field like automotive engineering.

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    How Do I Get Started

    To learn more about the Metropolitan College program, log on to our website:

    You can also refer to our program checklist to learn the steps to enroll in the MC program.

    Learn about additional UPS educational programs including Earn and Learn, Kentucky LOOP, and School to Work, by logging on to UPS website

    How Does It Work

    • Work 3rd shift as a part-time package handler at UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky.

    • Get paid a regular wage from UPS starting at $14.50/hour.

    • Get your in state tuition paid at Jefferson Community and Technical College and well even pay for your degree at the University of Louisville upon completion of your associate degree.

    • Youre eligible for bonuses based on your academic progress ranging from $350 to $1400 and book reimbursement up to $65 per course.

    • Receive customized career coaching to assist with resume writing, interviewing and job search skills.

    • Receive High Five financial literacy services to help you create a budget, save money, make sound financial decisions, and build your wealth.

    • You, along with your spouse and/or dependents, receive health, dental, vision, prescription and life insurance coverage after 9 months of employment. In addition, you receive paid vacation and holidays after one year of employment and the ability to purchase UPS stock

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