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Does Apple Give Discounts To College Students

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Does Apple Offer Student Discount

Can Students Get Discounted iPhones?

Apple offers student discounts to current or newly accepted college students, parents of students, and faculty, staff, and home school teachers of all grade levels.

With the education discount, students, school staff, and students parents can save up to $400 on an iMac Pro desktop, $200 on MacBook laptops, $100 on select iPads, as well as extended trials and discounts on student music and Apple TV +. Additionally, when you buy Mac and iPad models with education pricing youll get AirPods and 20% off AppleCare+.1

Spotify + Hulu + Showtime

Back when I was in college , students could get Spotify Premium at half price.

Now, however, the deal is even sweeter: you can get Spotify Premium, Hulu, and SHOWTIME for just $4.99/month. Plus, you get a free 3 month trial of all these services before you have to pay a dime.

Granted, the Hulu you get does have limited ads, but it still beats watching cable TV.

How to get the discount: Enter your .edu email address when you .

So maybe you dont care about Hulu, and you really need to listen to Taylor Swift and Jay-Z. Totally understandable. If thats the case, you can get Apple music for just $4.99/month .

How to get the discount: and then enter your .edu email address.

How Do I Sign Up For A Student Membership Discount For Apple Music

The Apple Student Membership System offers Apple Music a 50% discount for full-time educational enrollment.

In the UK, this discount reduces the monthly cost of Apple Music membership from £9.99 / $9.99 to £4.99 / $4.99. But identical schemes exist in Ireland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Denmark, each offering half the usual price.

To qualify for the student discount, youll need to prove that youre enrolled at an eligible university or college.

The Student Membership tier is the third membership tier Apple has offered to UK consumers, alongside Individual Membership and Family Membership . Visit Apples site for more details and to sign up.


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Save On Apple Products With These 15 Discount Secrets

Save on Apple Products with These 15 …

Apple charges a premium for everything, so if youre looking to save on Apple products, Ill show you how to do it with these shopping tips most people dont know about.

Or, you can look out for deals like free AirPods with a brand new MacBook Pro purchase. Otherwise, strategies like Apple price matching or getting a discounted price on older phones is your best bet.

for more money-saving deals, tips, and coupons.

When Will I Receive My Trade

How to get Apple

If youre trading in online, it generally takes 23 weeks. But the sooner you send us your device, the sooner we can verify its condition and apply the trade-in credit to your order. If youre trading in at an Apple Store, youll receive either instant credit toward your next purchase or an Apple Gift Card you can use anytime.

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Health And Beauty Student Discounts

1-800-Contacts will give you 10% off with UNiDAYS.

EyeBuyDirect gives you a 20% off student discount and free shipping with Student Beans.

GlassesUSA offers 60% off non-premium and non-clearance frames with UNiDAYS.

At Helberg Diamonds, you can receive a 10% off student discount online or through the phone with an eligible student email.

MAC will give college students a 10% off student discount.

Sigma Beauty gives a 10% off student discount with UNiDAYS.

How To Use Your Apple Student Discount Through Unidays

To get an Apple student discount through UNiDAYS, take a look at Apple’s current offers. If you find one you want to use, UNiDAYS either generates a coupon code for you to use on the Apple website, or the site gives you an activation link that automatically applies the promotion and takes you to the Apple website.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Navigate to the UNiDAYS Apple portal and browse the available offers.

  • Select Get Now on the offer you want.

  • Select Redeem Code if there’s a coupon code, or select Activate Promotion, whichtakes you to the Apple website with the discount automatically applied.

    The type of discount offer varies. Sometimes coupon codes are available, and other times you’re given the option to apply a discount.

  • If there is a code to redeem, copy it, then select Launch Website. Apply the discount code during your regular checkout process on the Apple website.

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    International Student Identity Card

    The International Student Identity Card is an option worth looking into if youre going to be studying abroad. It offers some exclusive deals to cardholders, which you can see here. Most of the deals relate to travel, so they could be worth it even if youre just taking your own trip. The only downside of the card is that its not free. It costs $20/year.

    I will note that some of the deals they offer are available to anyone with a student ID . However, if you think youll use the discounts it offers, it could be worth it.

    How to get the discount: for a fee of $20. Youll also need to verify your identity with a valid drivers license, state-issued ID, or valid passport. And youll need to prove your full-time student status with a copy of your student ID, course schedule, or tuition receipt.

    The Best Apple College Student Deals

    How To Avail Student Discount on Apple Products

    On top of all these special offers, you can find discounts on all sorts of products with the Apple Education Discount. Heres a selection of some of the most exciting offers from Apple Education.

    If youre looking for even more deals from Apple, you can always set a Deal Alert. Well notify you whenever an exciting new offer hits the web.

    justaguyintech via Unsplash

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    Apple Military Program Details

    The Veterans and Military Purchase Program is a benefit provided by Apple Inc. to current, and Veteran members of the U.S. Military, National Guard and Reserve. The Program is also offered to their immediate family members who also reside in their same household. This Program is intended for personal use only.

    Personal Discount: You may purchase or Sponsor up to three computer systems, three iPad devices, three unlocked iPhone devices, three Apple Watch devices , three HomePods, three Apple TV, three AirPods, ten iPod touch devices, ten Apple accessories , ten Apple Watch accessories , ten third-party accessories , ten Apple Certified Refurbished products, ten designed by Apple in California books and up to three AppleCare+ or AppleCare protection plans each calendar year . No more than the eligible quantity amount can be shipped to the same individual or entity , whether that purchase is Sponsored solely by you or, also, by other eligible personnel. To Sponsor means placing an order for an immediate family member.

    AppleCare+ and AppleCare Protection Plans: AppleCare+ and AppleCare Protection Plans can be purchased at special pricing.

    Trade In Your Old Apple Device For Credit Towards A New One

    Apples trade-in program gives you credit towards a new Apple purchase when you trade in your old device.

    For example, heres a breakdown of what you can expect to get when you trade in your old iPhone:

    • iPhone 11 Pro Max: up to $500
    • iPhone 11 Pro: up to $450
    • iPhone 11: up to $340
    • iPhone XS Max: up to $320
    • iPhone XS: up to $240
    • iPhone XR: up to $230
    • iPhone X: up to $200
    • iPhone 8 Plus: up to $180
    • iPhone 8: up to $110
    • iPhone 7 Plus: up to $110
    • iPhone 7: up to $50
    • iPhone 6s Plus: up to $60
    • iPhone 6s: up to $30

    If you want to trade in a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Apple Watch, just select your device from a list to see how much you can expect to receive.

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    College Student Cell Phone Discounts

    Many cell phone companies will offer discounts or a certain percentage off of bills for students. Below, I have linked to the pages for different companies on Student Rate, which updates regularly what the current promotions are

    • T-mobile It doesnt appear that they have an official discount anymore for service plans, but from what Ive read, you can save money on your phone purchase as a student.
    • Verizon This page shares the current promotions for students through Verizon. At the time of this writing, you can save $10 on a plan for one phone and up to $25 on a plan for two people.
    • Sprint Sprint is now a part of T-Mobile, but at this time of this writing, they still have their page up for special education pricing
    • Cricket I dont think Cricket has an official student savings program, but they do offer various promotions that might be appealing to students
    • AT& T AT& T didnt have a page on Student Rate, but they do say that students may be able to take advantage of their signature program for discounts.
    • There are seriously so many inexpensive cell phone companies around these days! Just took a look on Google to find them all.

    Apple Tightens Restrictions And Adds Purchase Limits On Education Discount

    Apple announces Back to College program in India, offers ...

    The tech giant is requiring consumers to register with a third-party portal to verify their status as a student or educator.

    Dan Avery


    Dan is a writer on CNET’s How-To team. His byline has appeared in Newsweek, NBC News, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, The Daily Mail and elsewhere. He is a crossword junkie and is interested in the intersection of tech and marginalized communities.

    There are new limits to how many Apple products you can get with an education discount.

    Apple is making it harder for consumers to take advantage of its discounted education pricing, which traditionally knocks 10% off the price of many Apple products for college students and educators at all levels.

    To qualify now, according to the Apple website, users have to register with a third-party site, Unidays, which will verify their status as a student or faculty member.

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    The Cupertino, California-based company is also putting a cap on how much you can buy with the discount, Apple Track reports, with customers limited to one desktop computer, one Mac Mini, one notebook computer, two iPads and two accessories per year.

    In the past, education pricing was available to students and their parents, school faculty and homeschool instructors with little verification, which left the door open to misuse.

    The new policy puts Apple customers in the US on par with those in the UK and India, which already require verification through Unidays.

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    Concerts Performances And Arts Events

    Want to take in some culture Then you should know that you can get discounts on classical concerts, jazz shows, ballet, and theater if youre a student.

    In some cases, your student status can get you in free. When I was in college, I got to see banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck perform with the Akron Symphony Orchestra. These would have been $25 tickets normally, but I got in for free because I was a student.

    How to get the discount: Just check the website of local arts organizations. Or, ask the arts faculty at your college, as they can sometimes get you exclusive discounts. Usually, all you need is a student ID.

    How To Claim Your Apple Student Discount In The Uk

    Apple U.K. isn’t quite as trusting as its American counterpart, so you’d better be willing to jump through some hoops before you can save money on any Apple products. Hoops that will verify your eligibility for discounted tech.

    The main method of verifying your eligibility is through student discount portal UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS is open to students or staff, and asks you to verify your account with the university you attend. This process can be started via a link at the top of Apple for Education website, or directly via this link.

    To do this, you have to sign up for an account using your personal email address, and then disclose where you study, how long youll be there for, and what year youre currently in.

    You then get a choice to either verify your account via your institutions own online portal, or via email. Naturally that has to be the academic email address that you were issued when you enrolled on your course.

    Once thats all done, you can head back to the Apple for Education website, link your UNiDays account to confirm you are eligible, and enjoy your discounted Apple products.

    However, if that sounds like too much effort you can verify your eligibility directly with Apple. You will need a university ID or acceptance offer for this to work, but you can do it by either calling Apple on 0800 048 0408, visiting your nearest Apple store, or using the companys online chat feature. A link to that can be found at the bottom of the Apple for education website.

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    How Much Can Students Save On Macs And Macbooks

    You can save hundreds on a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro or Mac mini from the UK Apple Education Store, the US Education Store, the CA Education Store or the AU Education Store. Apple’s Pro Display XDR is also available at a discount, so there are some huge savings to be had.

    In the UK you can get the following discounts on the entry-level Macs, there are bigger discounts on the more expensive models:


    • 24in iMac from £1,124.40 – £124.60 off
    • MacBook Pro from £1,168.80 – £130.20 off
    • MacBook Air from £898.80 – £100.20 off
    • Mac mini From £628.80 – £70.20 off
    • Mac Pro from £4,948.80 – £550.20

    In the US, these are the discounts you’ll find on Macs:

    • MacBook Air $899 – $100 off
    • MacBook Pro $1,199 – $100 off
    • iMac $1,249 – $50 off
    • Mac mini $649 – $50 off

    Note that you may well be able to get better discounts if you shop elsewhere. We round up the best MacBook Pro deals, the best MacBook Air deals, the best iMac deals, and the best Mac mini deals. .

    We also have a guide to the best Mac for students that you might find useful.

    Who Is Eligible For Apple Education Pricing

    How I Got HUGE Discounts on Macbook Air & Mac Mini | Apple India Student Discounts Explained

    Unlike most student discounts, Apple’s education pricing is available to a range of students and educators across all grade levels. To qualify for Apple education pricing, you need to meet at least one of these requirements:

    • Currently enrolled at a college or university.
    • Newly accepted to a college or university.
    • A teacher at any grade level.
    • A homeschool teacher at any grade level.
    • Faculty or staff at a school of any grade level.

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    Save Up To 10% At The Apple Education Store With Your Student Or Teacher Discount

    College students and their parents, educators, school staff, and faculty can get up to 10% savings on a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro.

    To get the Apple student discount, shop the Apple Education store. When you shop online, you might not have to provide proof that youre in college, but in the Apple store, you will need to.

    Apple says to be prepared to present proof that you qualify when youre shopping online.

    PRO TIP: Active duty military and veterans can get a 10% Apple military discount as well!

    Is It Only For College Students

    Surprisingly, NO.

    Besides new and current college students, the Apple discount is also good for parents of college students, college faculty, and staff members.

    Unfortunately high school students cannot get the discount but since Apple currently does not require any proof it seems anybody can get the student discount.

    Not sure how long this will last so take advantage now if you can.

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    How To Get Discounts At The Apple Store 2021

    Many of us feel most comfortable making larger Apple purchases directly from the Apple Store, either in person or online. Of course, Apple doesn’t have a constant stream of sales and discounts like some other retailers. However, we know how to get discounts at the Apple Store or on Apple’s website. After reading this article, you will too. Tip #1: Use your Apple Card or the other credit cards mentioned below on top of any of these other methods to stack your savings.

    Apple Music Discount For Students

    How to get discounts at the Apple Store

    Apple also offers a student discount on its Apple Music service. All students can get a 50 percent subscription discount when they can prove that theyre enrolled at an eligible university or college.

    If youre a student and signing up for Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, tap where it says Are you a University Student? and youll be directed to a verification system. If your college or university is eligible, youll get the reduced subscription rate.

    Using the methods described above, you can get education discounts to purchase various Apple products and save some money in the process.

    Now that youve hopefully bought your discounted Macbook at the Apple Education Store, heres our all-important guide on what to do if you accidentally spill water on it. Students may also benefit from our list of simple drawing apps for Mac.

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    What Can You Get With An Apple Student Discount

    You can get an Apple student discount on a range of products. These include the MacBook Air 13in and MacBook Pro laptops, the top-of-the-range iPad Pro and the small but perfectly formed Mac Mini. There are also special deals on Apple Music and Apple TV, and a great bundle offer on video and audio editing apps. You’ll find the full range of discounted products on the Apple Store for Education website.

    Below, we’ve picked out some of the best offers available right now. We’ll start with the best bargains for the US, but if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic, then skip ahead to the best deals for the UK.

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