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Do Community Colleges Have Sports

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The Importance Of College Athletic Programs To Universities

How Do Athletic Scholarships Work In Junior College?

College athletics programs represent a multibillion dollar industry and are integrally linked to school branding and reputation. And while individual sports programs — even in Division I schools — dont necessarily turn a profit, the many other benefits to colleges have far-reaching implications for students, faculty and community. Athletics programs drive enrollment and heighten college profiles, often resulting in financial windfalls for the institutions that happen far away from fields and arenas.

Do I Qualify As An Amateur

Amateur players are those who engage in sports for the physical, mental, or social benefits they derive in participation and to whom athletics is a vocation and not a source of personal monetary gains. Be sure of your amateur status by checking the NJCAA Rules of Eligibility or checking with a NJCAA athletic director.

Why Are Intramural Sports Important

Many people enjoy playing sports and games, but not everyone can play at the level of competitive intercollegiate teams. College intramural sports provide students with the chance to play, have fun, and meet new people. These activities also give learners a way to relieve the stress of their studies, which can help improve mental health.

College intramural sports also promote physical health through exercise and physical activity. These programs keep students engaged in on-campus activities and make good use of campus recreational facilities.

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The Difference In The College Division Levels

According to the NCAA, there are 351 Division I schools, 308 Division II schools, and 443 Division III schools. To give you a better idea of size and how these divisions compare, about 176,000 student athletes compete at the Division I level. A little more than 118,000 student-athletes compete in Division II and Division III has just under 188,000 student athletes on its various rosters. And thats just the NCAA divisions. Theres also the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics with more than 250 schools and of course many options at the junior college level for high school athletes. While there are some similarities, youll find each college option is somewhat unique.

For example, one difference is that all DI and DII athletes must meet certain eligibility requirements set by the NCAA. Division III eligibility requirements are set by the school.

Mission And Goal Statement


It is the mission of the Northwest Athletic Conference to foster athletic participation in an environment that supports equitable opportunities for student-athletes consistent with the educational objectives of member colleges.

To this end, the NWAC will promote the importance of character, competition and community by:

A. Teaching student-athletes how to achieve individual success while contributing to the objective of a group.

B. Providing student-athletes quality opportunities to compete ethically with honor and sportsmanship.

C. Supporting academic and athletic growth.

D. Instilling a respect for diversity within the development of team.

E. Promoting positive relations within the institution, between the colleges, and their communities.

F. Teaching the importance of preparation and the balancing of an active schedule.

NWAC horizontal logo

Above are several versions of the NWAC logo. If you have questions regarding proper usage of these logos, please contact the NWAC office at .

Do not alter either logo in any way.

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Is Community College Right For You

Going straight from high school to a four-year college or university isnt always possible, and its not the only path to a bachelors degree or to a successful and fulfilling career. Many successful people, including astronauts, judges, well-known actors and playwrights, business executives, and Ivy League graduates, got their start at a community college. If you didnt get into any colleges that excite you, are looking to cut the cost of a bachelors degree, or you need more time to explore career options or improve your academic record, attending a community college might be the right choice for you.

Division I And The Ivy League 8

Some of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the country make up the Ivy League. Brown University, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Dartmouth rank among the top 20 NCAA Division I schools. More than 8,000 student-athletes compete every year for these schools. Most choose the Ivy League for its ultra-high level of competition in both athletics and academics. If an Ivy League school is on your target list, just note that these schools do not award academic or athletic scholarships. Financial aid is based on need determined by the Financial Aid Office at each school.

Insider tip: Time management is key. Learn from a former DI how you can manage your workload better with these Nine Time Management Tips.

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Sports And Human Performance Program

ACC’s Sports and Human Performance program reflects the growing national interest in prevention of disease through achievement of optimal health and physical fitness. The program provides graduates with the knowledge and skills to function effectively as health educators, who design, implement, manage and evaluate health promotion and wellness programs in diverse settings such as the workplace, schools, hospitals and the community.

Small Class Sizes Big Support

KCC Volleyball vs. Moraine Valley

Compared to many large universities, community colleges may have smaller class sizes, which can make it easier to interact with and get to know your instructorsand for them to get to know you. Instructors at community colleges are generally focused on teaching instead of research and you might find them to be more accessible than some professors at large research universities. Like four-year schools, community colleges have a wide range of student support services available, including tutoring, study groups, and academic advising. But they also have programs designed to help students gain admittance toand thrive ata four-year college

4. Campus Life exists, but on a smaller scale

While most community colleges dont have dorms or other on-campus housing, the few that do generally have a small number of students who live on campus. According to the American Association of Community Colleges, about 28 percent of all community colleges offer on-campus housing, but just one percent of students take advantage of it. Community colleges dont have fraternities or sororities, either.

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Sowela Technical Community College

Known as one of the largest and most progressive public two-year community colleges in Louisiana. SOWELA Technical Community College is the best community college offering comprehensive associate degrees and transfer programs. They operate from three campuses total with Lake Charles as the main campus. They are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. They model excellence in all things, providing educational resources for their community members means making sure what they are offering is the best. The SOWELA transfer academy for high school students opens the door to high school seniors that want to get a head start on college before they graduate high school. They have to attend a four or two-year college after they graduate and can expect to earn 24-30 college credits. This program saves students thousands of dollars on general education courses before they attend college.

Highlight: SOWELA Transfer Academy Increasing Readiness for Seniors

Reasons To Consider Attending A Community College

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Many students begin their path to a four-year degree at their local community college. Is it the right choice for you? Here are 7 reasons you might want to consider it.

For some students, attending a community college before transferring to a four-year university is the right choice, even if they planned to attend a four-year college right out of high school. This might be the case for you. If your admissions outcomes or financial aid offers didnt or dont turn out as well as youd hoped, community college might be a smart option.

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Compete Against Elite Athletes

Some high schools and clubs compete against tough teams who notoriously turn out college athletes. For athletes who already compete against the elite, every game is an opportunity to level set and see how they compare to other athletes in their recruiting class. Some athletes, however, play for smaller teams and dont necessarily get a chance to compete against other college-bound athletes. In this case, its crucial to find camps, showcases, summer leagues or club teams that provide an opportunity to play against the best high school athletes.

Getting a better understanding of your talent is a great place to start when figuring out your best school. However, dont forget that a great match is about where you fit athletically, academically and socially. You may have the talent to compete at the Division I level, but that doesnt mean that will be the best fit for you academically and socially. Keep all three factors in mind as you build your target list of schools, visit campuses and do your research.

The Many Benefits Of Youth Sports In Your Community

An early start to the basketball season may not be easy ...

Participating in youth sports is a regular part of growing up, for most of us in North America. Physical activity is essential for healthy and optimal development, through childhood and early adulthood, and youth sports provide many opportunities for a physically active routine. Boosting the well-being of kids through this time can help your communitys future, as children who participate in such activities are better adjusted as they enter adulthood, with plenty of life skills and lessons under their belts.

Providing a positive outlet where kids can spend their free time can also help relieve boredom one of the biggest factors in youth crime. Finally, sporting events can be a great facilitator for community engagement and interaction, helping build stronger bonds within your neighbourhoods. Here are some of our picks for why youth sports should be embraced in your community.

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Free Community College Expected To Be Cut From Spending Bill

President Joe Bidens long-sought goal of free community college appears to be a victim of cost-cutting in his social spending plan, dealing a major blow to his vision for a historic expansion of educational opportunity to all Americans.

Biden acknowledged as much in a televised town hall on Thursday night, citing the political realities created by Democratic holdout Sen. Joe Manchin and one other person.

Still, he pledged that the fight was not over. I promise you I guarantee you were going to get free community college in the next several years and across the board.

For Biden, it represents yet another setback to a plan he has been pushing for years. He backed a proposal for free community college in 2015 under the Obama administration, made it a key issue in his 2020 presidential campaign and has remained a staunch champion of the idea along with his wife, Jill, who teaches English at a community college.

During the CNN town hall, Biden pointed to other provisions in the legislation, including increased Pell Grants for low-income students, as a way to make up some of the difference.

Without that stable funding, youre looking at potential volatility in tuition prices, she said.

Athletics Virtual Awards Show

Bristol Community Collegeâs extraordinary student-athletes were celebrated at the collegeâs first Athletics Virtual Awards Show, on Thursday, June 18, 2020, hosted on the Bristol Athletics Facebook page. The virtual, live event celebrated the success of Bristolâs fall and winter sports athletes on and off the playing field, by highlighting the personal, collective and academic success of the college’s athletics programs.

The innovative awards show presented awards for Outstanding Female and Male Athlete, Female and Male Academic Achievement, Female and Male Academic Comeback, Female and Male Newcomer of the Year as well as the GRIT Award, presented to a student-athlete that demonstrates excellence through greatness, resourcefulness, integrity, and teamwork. This yearâs awards show included new awards such as Team of the Year, Game of the Year and Most Memorable Moment.

The event honored the collective achievements of the collegeâs athletics teams, such as the Bristol Womenâs Basketball Team earning their way to the Region XXI semi-final and Bristol Womenâs Soccer Team finishing as runner-up in the Region XXI Tournament, following two rounds of penalty kicks in the championship game. Most important, both programs achieved a team academic GPA of 3.0+, for 2019-2020. In addition, Bristol celebrated the collegeâs 20 active student-athletes who were named to the Region XXI AD Honor Roll.

2020 Bristol Community College Athletics Virtual Award Show Recipients:

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Upon Returning To College Following An Extended Absence Must I Meet The Current Eligibility Requirements

Students who have not been enrolled in college in twelve or more credit hours for a period of eighteen calendar months or longer shall be exempt from previous term and/or accumulation requirements as set forth in First Season Academic Requirements of the NJCAA bylaws. Second season student-athletes are not exempt from the Second Season Academic Requirements of the NJCAA bylaws. Students who have served eighteen calendar months in the Armed Forces of the United States, church mission or with a recognized foreign aid service shall be exempt from the First Season Academic Requirements and Second Season Academic Requirements. This must be approved by the NJCAA National Office.Note: This is a one time exemption, available only for the first full-time term after the period of non-attendance.

What Is College 101

CUNY Bronx Community College X Head Coach

College 101 is a course designed especially to help you become a successful college student. You will be introduced to college resources, learn to develop your education plan, and revisit and/or learn new study skills, just to name a few course topics. You may even make a new friend or two along the way.

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Lack Of Competitive Sports Teams

Community colleges typically dont have competitive sports teams. If you played sports in high school and want to continue to do so in college, you may want to consider a four-year university. For highly skilled players, sports-based scholarships could help you afford your education.

However, if you still want to become involved in your school, you may be able to participate in clubs and meetings to socialize with other community college students. Keep in mind these groups may not have the same high-profile, competitive nature that university sports and music have.

One Njcaa School Can Offer Me A Full Scholarship And One School Can’t Offer Me Anything Why

Each institution belonging to the NJCAA chooses to compete on the Division I, II or III level in designated sports. Division I colleges may offer full athletic scholarships a maximum of tuition, fees, room and board, course related books, up to $250 in course required supplies, and transportation costs one time per academic year to and from the college by direct route. Division II colleges are limited to awarding tuition, fees, course related books, and up to $250 in course required supplies. Division III institutions may provide no athletically related financial assistance. However, NJCAA colleges that do not offer athletic aid may choose to participate at the Division I or II level if they so desire.

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What Are The Requirements For Participation On A Varsity Athletic Team At Bhcc

The basic requirements are: high school transcript full-time enrollment during the semester of the sport season a current physical exam clearing the student to play sports and a tryout period will be scheduled by the coach. Further requirements differ if the student has attended other colleges, played that sport at a college, and GPA/number of credits obtained at other colleges. If a student attended another college, they will need to be able to submit an official college transcript whether or not they plan on transferring any classes into BHCC, for evaluation by Athletic Department staff. Any specific eligibility questions can be directed to the Assistant Athletic Director, Sercan Fenerci at

Best Community Colleges In Connecticut


Explore the top community colleges in your area based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. List includes public junior colleges, public technical schools, and all other public 2-year colleges. This year’s rankings have reduced the weight of ACT/SAT scores to reflect a general de-emphasis on test scores in the college admissions process. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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  • Alum: Asnuntuck Community College defines affordable and quality education. I came to ACC in 2015, with the intention of taking a few credits and transferring to my dream school in the spring. Little did I know- I was already at my dream school! ACC has amazing professors-where they have extensive knowledge and infinite time to meet with you 101. The student life consists of a very active Student Government Association, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, a Gaming club, among many others. For such a small school- there are an abundance of activities happening multiple times a week. There are also many resources such as free bus transportation, free Microsoft excel, a food pantry, free in person and online tutoring, free textbook resources, and many others. I would highly recommend Asnuntuck Community College as a great opportunity for education.Read 71Reviews

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    Why An Naia School Might Be Your Best Bet

    It may come as a surprise to some but the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has actually been around longer than the NCAA. With about 250 mostly private, smaller schools, more than 60,000 student-athletes compete at NAIA colleges in a variety of popular sports. Many consider NAIA to be on par with NCAA DIII schools when it comes to life/sport balance and level of competitiveness. The NAIA awards close to $500 million in athletic scholarships every year. That, along with more aggressive recruiting is driving more talent to these schools and bringing up the level of competition. Today, top-level NAIA schools are considered to be similar to competing on a NCAA DII team. Learn more about the NAIA and how it differs from the NCAA below:

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