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Do Colleges Do Background Checks

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The Most Popular Background Check Websites

3 Ways To Do A Free Criminal Background Check Fast And Easy

So, we answered the big question What does a background check consist of?

Now its time to talk about some of the most popular background check websites around.


TruthFinder offers one of the most unique services you can find.

Besides the standard options, it comes with a family tree builder. You can create a visual representation of your familys lineage. The tool also offers dark web monitoring it warns you when your personal information appears in darknets.

TruthFinders full one-month membership is available at $27.78.


Intelius is your go-to website for conducting basic background checks. Its database of over 20 billion public records is exactly what you need for a good report.

With the largest database in the industry, the website generates the most substantial reports.

At Intelius, you can get a basic people search report for $0.95, or you can get a monthly subscription for $19.95.

US Search

The next website US Search, is best known for its functionality and clear interface. As soon as you choose to look someone up, you get a full explanation of what appears on a background check on their website. For example, if you search by address, youll get that individuals name, age, and phone number.

Theres also the reverse phone number lookup feature that lets you locate any phone out there.

A one-off people search report is available at $2.45, while a monthly subscription is available at $19.95.

Instant Checkmate


More Background Check Result Faqs

Do traffic tickets show up on a background check?

It depends. Many CRAs report traffic infractions as part of the background check. However, GoodHire does not unless an employer specifically requests a check on your driving record . If they do, then speeding tickets and other driving infractions will appear.

Do DUIs show up on a background check?

Driving under the influence is a criminal offense and will be reported on a criminal background check. If a pre-employment background screening includes a driving record check or motor vehicle record check , a DUI conviction is likely to appear there as well.

To learn more about DUIs and background checks, see DUIs & Background Checks: What It Means For Employment.

Do misdemeanors show up on a background check?

A criminal background check can include misdemeanor criminal convictions, as well as any pending cases. Misdemeanors are less serious offenses which are typically subject to a potential prison sentence between 15 days and one year in a local prison, or a sentence that doesnt include any jail time but may include fines, probation and/or community service. Examples of misdemeanors include vandalism, trespassing, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Do arrests show up on a background check?

Do criminal convictions older than seven years show up on a background check?

Do warrants show up on a background check?

Do dismissed charges show up on a background check?

Do pending charges show up on a background check?

What Kind Of Program Will The Student Be Enrolling In At Your School

There are many types of internships and academic programs that students will be participating in through the course of their college career. In many instances there are already local, state, and federal laws that dictate how a college background check may be conducted on students or applicants. Anyone that will be around children should have a full background check done, as well as potential students working with the elderly. Having a third-party vendor like Background Check Central take care of this process gives you the confidence that no stone will be unturned, and the potential candidate will be investigated thoroughly.

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What Are The Legal Regulations Around Education Verification

When using a CRA, employers must follow federal compliance regulations and adhere to local laws when searching a candidates history and using background checks to make decisions about employment. Two important requirements relate to the FCRA, a federal law, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , a regulatory agency.

The FCRA requires employers to inform candidates that they will be conducting a background check and to obtain candidates written consent to do so. Further, if you consider not hiring a candidate based on information found in a background check for example, if there is a discrepancy found in a candidates education check you must follow the FCRAs adverse action process.

The EEOC is concerned about any type of discrimination that may adversely impact some candidates over others. You need to be consistent in conducting background checks for all applicants, not just certain applicants based on age, race, etc. Local laws may also come into play based on both the locations you are hiring for and where applicants are located.

Clearly, compliance is a critical concern for any organization. The risk of hiring somebody who provided false education credentials can be significant both in terms of potential monetary liability and in terms of negative brand or reputation impact. Choosing the right background check company is an important part of protecting your company from this risk.

Background Checks In Higher Education

Do colleges in Oklahoma check student criminal backgrounds?

One of the most basicand importantgoals of background checks is to help keep people safe, something that’s vital on college campuses filled with students, faculty, administration, staff, vendors, and visitors.

Given what’s at stake, it might be easy for the average person to assume that all colleges and universities are required by law to screen anyone employed by the institution, but the truth is only a handful of states have specific laws or mandates requiring some form of criminal background checks.

Now, we’re not suggesting that institutions outside of those states aren’t conducting background checks. Most colleges do some form of screening. This article from the Los Angeles Times quotes a representative from an HR organization as saying “most institutions do require background checks of all new employees.”

Our point is this: we believe every institution of higher education would benefit from having a comprehensive, campus-wide program that screens all employees. Below, we provide reasons why along with next steps for college HR departments that either want to expand into a true “program” or improve their current one.

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Background Checks Requirements And Covid

Questions have arisen regarding requirements of background checks and clearances and accessibility with the disruptions of COVID-19. There are no changes of requirements due to COVID-19. All students must meet the background checks and clearances required of their Education program. Read the following information to determine who needs background checks and any programs exempted from background checks and clearances.

Why Would People Want To Use An Education Background Check

Now you know what is an education background check, its important to realize why people would want to use one.

Running background checks on people is far more common than we realize. In terms of HR and hiring personnel, however, it can be crucial. Verifying facts on a persons CV is important as it not only means that you know you are hiring a person who is honest. You are also hiring a person based on facts and not deception. This can help make your final hire far more successful, as you will be hiring him or her on the basis that you know he or she is qualified enough for the role.

If they have lied about their education, it could mean that they dont actually have the qualifications in place to be able to do a job well. An education background check prevents this from happening. By spending time completing a simple education check, you materially reduce the risk of making a bad hire decision.

Finally, you may want to run an education background check because you legally have to hire someone with an up to date license or qualification in place. Without it, you could be opening yourself up to lawsuits and liability claims, should anything go wrong as a result of you hiring a non-qualified person.

All this can be done in house by a companys HR team. However, there is a huge drawback to keeping this type of work in house, which is why people should outsource education background checks wherever possible. There are several reasons for this:

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Portability Of Prior Certifications

Under Act 153, if an applicant for employment or to serve as a volunteer has up-to-date Criminal Background Checks for example, from a prior Pennsylvania employer or volunteer program the College may, at its discretion, elect to use these existing Criminal Background Checks if the applicant signs an affidavit that the applicant has not been disqualified from service because of a known conviction or child abuse report, and provides a copy of the Criminal Background Check clearances to the College. The applicant is required to renew the Criminal Background Checks upon the 60-month expiration date of the original Criminal Background Checks as a condition of employment.

It Helps You Weed Out Dishonest Candidates

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Background Checks

As we mentioned earlier, lots of candidates lie on their applications. You would be naive not to verify their degree credentials. By conducting an education background check, you confirm that your candidate has the education they claim to have. You also ensure that youre hiring someone honest. As a hiring manager, you probably dont want someone who lied on their resume as your employee.

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Examples Of Colleges And Background Checks

Violence, sexual assault or rape, burglary, and other types of criminal activity are disturbingly common on many college campuses across the United States. For the most part, though, colleges and universities dont require their applications to submit to background checks prior to admission. There are numerous reasons for this decision. For instance, many juvenile court records are sealed, and therefore wouldnt even be revealed by a typical criminal history background check anywhere.

There is also the subject of second chances, which many post-secondary educational institutionsparticularly community collegeswant to provide. The reasoning here is that kids make mistakes and shouldnt have their futures taken away as punishmentespecially for issues like MIPs that are common for many teenagers.

With all of that said, though, there are instances of colleges or universities running background checks or otherwise considering students criminal histories before making admissions decisions. Read on for five examples of the various types of criminal background consideration that different colleges and universities across the country already implement.

The Best Education Background Check Companies

Given that by conducting a background check on a potential employees education can confirm that they are telling the truth about their qualifications, it is a good idea to employ the best background check company possible to ensure you get the most from the process.

Here, we list our top three background check companies that specialize in pre-employment checks. They have all seen that their clients ability to hire the best and most suitable staff has increased, thanks to a more streamlined approach to pre-screening and also due to only ever employing candidates with the right qualifications.

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What Shows Up On An Education Background Check

An education background check shows whether the applicant attended the school they claimed to have attended. It also shows proof of degrees and dates of attendance.Generally, education background checks can go back as far as they need to search for official records. Employers can confirm a candidates diplomas and degrees no matter when they received them. In some cases, an education background check shows GPA and honors earned. An employer will request this information if it is relevant to the position they are hiring for . Usually, an education background check does not verify licenses. Suppose an employer needs to confirm that an applicant has certifications to work in a specific field. In that case, theyll have to use another type of background screening known as professional license verification.

What Does An Education Background Check Show

What We Need to Do to Help Our Children Get Ready for ...

Depending on the level of detail that you choose from a variety of background checks available, an education background check can show a number of different facts and figures. In the main, however, if you want to know in detail the answer to what is an education background check, you will find that an education background check will verify these facts from a persons CV.

  • Enrollment date of education center they attended
  • How long they attended that institution for
  • What type of degree or qualification they attained whilst attending that institution
  • When that qualification was attained
  • When they graduated from high school, college or other forms of centers for education.

The best background check companies will be able to do this across different countries and levels of qualification too. This means that they will be able to verify whether a person has gone to high school and obtained a diploma from anywhere in the world, as well as corroborate claims on a CV pertaining to lesser-known professional qualifications.

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Why Bother With Background Checks Dont The Schools Trust Me

The purpose of background checks is to protect all stakeholders of the MBA program from those who would falsify their backgrounds to gain an unfair advantage in the admissions process. Some schools opt to investigate the backgrounds of a relatively small sample of randomly selected admits, hoping that the mere possibility of a check will give applicants incentive to be as honest as possible. In a way, this measure therefore serves to increase the adcoms trust in its applicants.

Sb : Access To Criminal History Record Information

Under SB 146, higher education institutions can now access the Department of Public Safetys website for official information before allowing students to live on campus. Access to criminal history records may be used by the schools chief of police or housing office only for the purposes of evaluating applications for students applying to live on campus. Schools are required to notify the student of any information used to deny their application to live on-campus. Additionally, criminal history information may not be released or disclosed to anyone except by a court order or with the consent of the subject of the background check.Keep in mind that the new Texas law doesnt require public universities and colleges to perform the student background checks. Each institution has the autonomy to decide whether they will require background screening for students applying to live on campus. Unlike a similar law that failed to pass in 2011, SB 146 does not grant private colleges access to the criminal record information. to read the full-text of SB 146.

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Wont The Background Checking Process Alert My Employer To The Fact That I Am Applying To B

Since the process typically takes place long after youve been admitted, this ideally wont be an issue, as most applicants give their employers ample notice and take some time off before school. Having said that, the schools still try to conduct the checks in a discrete fashion, consulting with your HR department to verify your dates of employment and salary but not necessarily revealing that you are heading to business school.

What Does An Fbi Background Check Consist Of

Do Gun Background Checks Work?

Often used to screen candidates for jobs with federal government agencies and companies that work with and for them, an FBI-level background check uncovers any and every interaction a candidate may have had with law enforcement agencies that provide their criminal data to the FBI database. In addition to convictions, this may include arrests , traffic violations, and even parking tickets.

Applicants must submit to fingerprinting by a recognized law enforcement agency, and their prints are checked against the FBIs Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System , a vast computerized repository of fingerprints compiled by law enforcement agencies, immigration officials, and even past employment screenings. The IACIS database links personal data to fingerprints collected in both criminal and non-criminal matters.

Fingerprints are also checked against the National Crime Information Center database, a huge compilation of criminal-history information and data on wanted criminals and against databases of sex offenders and terrorists.

FBI background checks have come under some scrutiny in recent years, on grounds that bureau databases are not always complete, and because the records they contain may create disparate impacts in instances involving minority job applicants.

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Do Colleges Run Background Checks

During the application process, the majority of colleges will run some form of background check on prospective students. This may be through a background check free method, or they may use other programs. Applying for college is stressful for any aspiring student. You may be confused as to the best colleges to apply to, you may be worried about your grades, and many students worry about the possibility of not receiving any acceptances at all. Add the possibility of a criminal background check on top of that, and things can get even worse.

While not every college will conduct a criminal background check, its estimated that66 percent of colleges do conduct some form of criminal background check on at least a portion of their applicants. Having a criminal history wont necessarily result in disqualification, however, and roughly 38 percent of colleges dont actually factor the criminal history into their final decision. Many colleges simply use the common application which includes a self-disclosure section regarding any criminal history. Its always important to be honest on college applications and to avoid withholding information.

What Does A Level 2 Background Check Include

A Level 2 background check is a specialized type of fingerprint background check typically performed on candidates for jobs that involve working with vulnerable persons, such as children, people with disabilities, and seniors. Level 2 checks are also often required for volunteer positions at schools, daycares, and senior centers as well as for paid personnel. They are also often required for adults seeking to adopt or become foster parents.

A Level 2 background screen checks applicants against databases of information on arrests, convictions, and incarceration related to violent behavior and crimes against children and other vulnerable persons. A Level 2 check will even uncover relevant records that have been sealed by courts, including juvenile convictions and detention.

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